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This series of files is comprised of three linear feet of material, and furnishes data on naval facilities and other geographic locations. Among the material in individual files are: (1) official Office of Naval Records and Library, and Naval History Division correspondence and reports; (2) newspaper and magazine articles; (3) cross-reference sheets to records in Record Groups 45 and 80 at the National Archives. The arrangement is alphabetical according to geographic location.

Use and Reproduction Policy

Z File materials are unavailable for loan and must be consulted in the library. Photocopying of manuscripts, as well as fragile items, is generally prohibited, though the use of digital cameras by researchers to reproduce non-copy righted materials is permitted. Permission to photocopy a few pages may be granted by the reference staff, contingent upon the physical state of items. All photocopying of materials shall be done by the reference staff, or under their close supervision. The use of personal scanners by non-library staff personnel must be approved by the reference staff on a document-by-document basis (Reference: Naval History and Heritage Command Instruction [NAVHISTCENTINST]5070.1C.).


Abbeville, Virginia



Marine Security Guard Detachment American Embassy Lome, Togo invitation to the Marine Corps Ball. 22 November 2003.

Menu for the Marine Corps Ball. 22 November 2003.

Alabama - Fort Morgan, Mobile Bay


Annapolis, Maryland


Australia - Memory Cove

Barbary Powers


Naval Air Station Alameda Disestablishment Booklet

Cape Hatteras, North Carolina

Carlisle, Pennsylvania

Ceylon (Sri Lanka)

Charleston, South Carolina -

Order of Battle & Plan of Attack on Charleston during the Civil War

Naval Ammunition Depot-Naval Weapons Annex


              Dated May 1964

              “-Polon’s Missle Facility Atlantic”


              Dated March 1965

Recognition of service for Elmer G. Gray who served during World War II at Navy Yard, Charleston, South Carolina. 14 December 1945.

Chicago, Illinois

    World's Colombian Exposition, 1893

    Graduation Exercises program

   US Naval Reserve

   Midshipan's School, Northwestern University

   Dated 20 August 1943


China (See also Jonathan Goble ZB file for diary kept during USS Mississippi's cruise to China, 1853-1854)

American Red Cross Program from Shanghai, China 1946.



Corona, California - US Naval Ordance Laboratory

East Indies - Straits of Malacca

Edzell, Scotland, R.A.F. - US Naval Security Group Activity


Fauquier Springs, Virigina


Fort Tilden, New York


Great Lakes (Chicago, Illinois)

Honda Point, California


Change of Command Ceremony: USS Archerfish (SSN 678). 14 April 1978.

Japan (See Jonathon Goble ZB file for diary of cruise, 1853-1854)


Latin America


Mecklenburg, North Carolina


Mississippi River





Panama and Panama Canal

Christmas Card, RAD STA Balboa 15th Naval District

Christmas Card, Radio coco solo


Pensacola, Florida

8th Naval District Communications, Christmas Card. 1933

Change of Command Ceremony: Naval Training Meterology and Oceanography Facility. 2002

Change of Command Ceremony: Naval Training Meterology and Oceanography Facility. 1996.

Disestablishment Ceremony - Naval Training Meterology and Oceanography Facility Pensacola, Florida. 2004.

Commissioning Ceremony for the Naval Training Meterology and Oceanography Facility. 1994.

Potomac River

Provincetown, Massachusetts

Rhode Island

River Rouge Plant, Michigan

Russia (2 folders)

Sargasso Sea


Sierra Leone

South America - Letters of J. Pendleton, charge d' affaires, 1843-1854

South Carolina


Namtragru Change of Command. 2 August 1991.


United States - Western US/Territorial Expansion




Washington (State)

Wiscasset, Maine



Ascension Island

Bainbridge Isle, Washington

Baker Island (See Howland)

Bermuda - General Information

Bermuda - "The Shipwreck of Sir George Somers"

Bonin Island (Pacific)

Canton/Enderbury Island (Pacific)

Caribbean Islands

Caroline Islands

Christmas Island

Clipperton Island (Pacific)


Easter/Elizabeth (Henderson) Islands (Pacific)

Falkland Islands

Feejee (Fiji) Islands

Florida Island (Pacific)

Florida Islands - Dry Tortugas, Key West

French Frigate Shoals (Pacific)

Galapagos Islands

German Islands (Pacific)


Navy Day 1934 Guam Fair

Navy Day 1936 Guam Fair


Change of Command and Retirement Ceremony: White Plains Beach, NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii. 12 January 1984.

Change of Command and Retirement Ceremony: White Plains Beach, NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii. 1 September 1994.

Memorandum for the Secretary of the Navy. Subject: Dry docks, United States Fleet, West Coast. 29 July 1937.

Howland, Baker, Jarvis (and 1924 expedition to Fanning, Christmas, Washington, Palmyra, Necker, Nihoa)

Hull Island (Pacific)

Isle of Pines (West Indies)


Map of Tokyo Bay. May 1945.

Jarvis Island (See Howland)

Louisade Archipelago

Malden Island (Pacific)

Malpelo Island (Pacific)

Marianas Island (Pacific)

Change of Command Ceremony: US Naval Ship Repair Facility Guam Mariana Islands. 8 July 1977.

Change of Command Ceremony: US Naval Ship Repair Facility. 6 July 1984.

Marcus Island (Pacific)

McKean Island (Pacific)

Midway Island (Pacific)

New Guinea Island (Pacific)

Nu Kahiva (Madison) Island (Pacific)

Ocean Island (Pacific)

Palmyra Island (Pacific) (See also Howland)

Philippine Islands

July 4th Dinner - Officer's Mess - Philippine Islands - 1945

Subic Bay, US Naval Hospital

Samoan Islands

Santo Domingo

Solomon Islands (Pacific)

Amphibious Training Center, Tulagi, Solomon Islands, Thanksgiving Day menu - 1944.

Starbuck Group (Pacific)

Suda Bay, Crete

Boxing Program for US Sixth Fleet in Suda Bay, Crete. 31 October 1953.

Swain's Island


Thompson's Island (See Key West)

Virgin Islands

Wake Island

Washington Island

West Indies

Windward Islands

Wrangell Island (Russia)

Navy Yards and Stations

Alaska Radio Stations

Alexandria, Virginia - Naval Torpedo Factory

Algeria (Oran) - US Naval Operating Base - Information Pamphlet, 1945

Ammunition Depots:

Keyport, Washington

Alexandria, Virginia

Puget Sound, Washington

Charleston, South Carolina

Ft. Mifflin, Pennsylvania

Annapolis, Maryland, Naval Hospital


Antarctic Postal Procedures - Operation Deep Freeze - 1985
US Naval Support Force Antarctica Change of Command brochure - 1985

Change of Command Ceremony: Commander US Naval Support Force Antarctica. 24 June 1987.

Arlington, Virginia Radio Station

Bahamas Radio Stations

Bar Harbor, Maine - Otter Cliffs

Beaufort, South Carolina, Naval Hospital

Bethesda, Maryland National Naval Medical Center - Patient Guide

Boston, Massachusetts

Navy Receiving Station, Boston Massachusetts Christmas Dinner Menu - 1942.

Boston Shipyard - Commandant House 

Brest (France) U.S. Naval Base  

Brooklyn Navy Yard, New York - General Information

Change of Command of Commander, New York Naval Shipyard. 29 June 1956.

Change of Command and Retirement Ceremony. 30 October 1964.

Change of Command. 22 November 1991.

Brooklyn Navy Yard, New York - Original Correspondence On Purchase, 1799-1846

Bunker Hill-Indiana US Naval Air Station

Camp Logan Navy Rifle Range, Zion City, Illinois - The Gunner newsletter (1918).

Camp Pendelton, California

Charleston Naval Shipyard, South Carolina

Charlestown Navy Yard (Boston, Massachusetts)

Chatham, Massachusetts Radio Station

Cherry Point, North Carolina, Naval Hospital

Chicago, Illinois (Great Lakes)

Coco Solo, Panama Naval Air Station & Submarine Base

Colts Neck, New Jersey - Naval Weapons Station Earle

Confederate Naval Academy and Naval Schools

Corpus Christi, Texas. Naval Air Training Station

Dahlgren, Virginia - US Naval Weapons Laboratory - Welcome package (1968)

Districts, Naval

Dunkeswell, England, US Naval Air Facility (Navy 804)

East Machias, Maine - US Naval Communication Unit Cutler - Welcome Aboard brochure

Lake Erie Station

Forest Park, Ill., Naval Ordrance Station

Fort Mifflin, Pennsylvania Naval Magazine-Documents Regarding Land Acquisition, 1895-1927

Fort Mifflin, Pennsylvania Naval Magazine-Documents with Franklin D. Roosevelt Signatures

Fort Tilden, NY

Glenview, Il. NRAB

Great Lakes, Illinois - Great Lakes Naval Training Station - Miscellaneous information and Historic Building Survey

Marine Gas Turbine Propulsion Training Facility

Green Cove Springs, FL Naval Ait Station Newsletters

Guantanamo, Cuba

Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, US Naval Hospital

Gulfport, Mississippi - US Naval Home

Halifax, Nova Scotia - Naval Air Station

Hampton Roads Area, Virginia - Miscellaneous

Hastings, Nebraska-Naval Ammunition Depot

Hog Island Shipyard (outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

Indianapolis, Indiana - Naval Training School (Radio)

Iona Island, US Naval Ammunition Depot, New York

Jacksonville, Fl. Naval Air Technical Training Center The Sleeve Vol. 2 No 2 5 May '43

Key West, Florida

Key West, Florida, US Naval Hospital

Change of Charge Ceremony - Naval Atlantic Meterology and Oceanography Detachment Key West, Florida. 2003.

Killingholme, England Naval Air Station

Kings Bay, Georgia Naval Submarine Base - Archeological Sites

Kings Bay, Georgia Naval Submarine Base - Archeological Sites,continued

Kings Bay, Georgia Naval Submarine Base - Archeological Surveys

L' Aber Vrach, France Naval Air Station

League Island, Pennsylvania Navy Yard - Map in USS MinnesotaZC file

Lemoore, California, Naval Air Station - Welcome booklet

Long Beach, California Naval Shipyard

Letter from Commander Cruise Division Four to Commander Cruisers-Scouting Forces regarding ships-Navy Yard overhaul from Long Beach, California. 26 January 1935.

Event booklet for the US Fleet Air Review in Los Angeles and Long Beach Harbor. 23 September 1938.

Invitation addressed to Mr. Berle Spurlock regarding the disestablishment ceremony of Naval Station Long Beach. 12 August 1994.

Change of Command and Retirment Ceremony. 29 June 1987.

Change of Command and Retirement Ceremony. 27 June 1991.

Change of Command. 17 January 1974.

Change of Command.  21 July 1992.

Long Beach Naval Shipyard Transition and Closure Plan Report. 18 September 1997.

United States Fleet Air Review: Los Angeles and Long Beach Harbor Pamphlet.

Lough Foyle, Ireland, World War I Naval Air Station - The Ash Can Special 1, no.1 (2 November 1918).

Majuro, Marshall Islands

Mare Island, California

Holiday card/pamphlet from United States Radio Station "High Power" Mare Island, California. 25 December 1933.

Marinship Shipyard, Sausalito, California

Memphis, Tennessee

Minneapolis, Minnesota-US Naval Air Station

Miscellaneous Navy Yards & Naval Station

Monterey, California - Naval Postgraduate School

Mound City, Illinois

Moutchic-Lacanau, France Naval Air Station

Naval Academy & other Naval Schools

US Naval Academy - Thanksgiving Hop Dance Card 1916

Commemorative Program for the Christening and Launch of the United States Naval Academy (USNA) Class of 1969 Navy Crew Racing Shell. USNA Hubbard Hall Boat House, Annapolis, Maryland. 25 October 2019.

Change of Command Ceremony Superintendent United States Naval Academy. 4 June 1998.

Naval Districts

Naval Observatory

New London, Connecticut

Change of Command Ceremony. 23 June 1977.

Change of Command Ceremony. 28 June 1974.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Naval Station, New Orleans - Algiers, Louisiana Christmas Dinner Menu - 1942.

Newport, Rhode Island

Newport, Rhode Island - Miscellaneous Information

Newport, Rhode Island - Naval War College & other schools

Newport Naval Training Station-The Founding of Newport Naval Training Station

New York Navy Yard

New York - Pelham Bay Park Naval Training Camp

Norfolk Naval Shipyard, Virginia

Atlantic Division, Naval Facilities Engineering Command
Navy Yard, Norfolk, Virginia Seasons Greetings card - 1941-42.
Fleet Service Schools, Norfolk, VA, Thanksgiving Day menu - 1944.
Naval Training Station, Norfolk, VA, Thanksgiving Day menu - 1945.
Naval Air Station, Norfolk, Virginia Thanksgiving Dinner Menu - 1958.
Naval Air Station, Norfolk, Virginia Thanksgiving Dinner Menu - 1959.

Naval Atlantic Meterology and Oceanography Detachment Oceana Component Chambers Field Retirement Ceremony for AGC (AW) Warren Demistrice Frazier - 2003.

Norman, Oklahoma

Naval Air Technical Training Center, Norman, Oklahoma Thanksgiving Dinner Menu - 1956.


Orlando, Florida - Naval Training Center

Otter Cliffs Naval Radio Station, Maine

Patuxent River, Maryland, Naval Air Test Center - Naval Test Pilot School

Pauillac, France Naval Air Station

Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

Two charts of mooring and berthing plans.

Pearl Harbor Salvage Report, 1944 - Ship Salvage Branch.

Pearl Harbor Survivor Postcard

“Security Measures Relating to Pearl Harbor”

            Dated 1 July 1940

Change of Command Ceremony. 27 June 1995.

Change of Command. 8 July 2004.

Pelham, NY Naval Training Station

Pensacola, Florida, Naval Air Station

Philadelphia Navy Yard, Pennsylvania

Change of Command Ceremony. 17 June 1988.

Change of Command and Retirement Ceremony. 28 February 1992.

Philadelphia Naval Home (Naval Asylum)

List of Persons that Gow outside to Church (n.d.).
130 Persons Rationed (n.d.).
Regulations for the US Naval Asylum, 1 July 1851.
Muster Roll of Officers, Employees & Beneficiaries, 7 July 1854.
Muster Roll, 1 January 1857.
Statement of Amount paid Laborers and Beneficiaries for Haymaking (n.d.).
List of Female Employees, 28 May 1855.
List of Captains and Commanders (n.d.).
Captain Storer genealogy list (n.d.).
Employees list, 1 September 1854.
Memorandum of Reports to be furnished the Bureau of yards & Docks (n.d.).
Employee list (n.d.).
List of Employees and pay rate, 20 August 1855.
130 Persons Rationed (n.d.).
List of employees and pay (n.d.).
Muster Roll of Officers, Beneficiaries and Employees, 1 January 1856.
Regulations for the US Naval Asylum, 14 August 1856.

Philadelphia Navy Yard Diary, July - December 1845

Philadelphia Naval Aircraft Factory

Port Chicago

Port Royal, South Carolina

Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, New Hampshire

Portsmouth Naval Hospital
Portsmouth Naval Shipyard Cemetery

Change of Command Ceremony. 11 April 1981.

Puerto Rico/Culebra Naval Stations

Roosevelt Roads, US Naval Station Change of Command brochure - 1993
San Juan, Puerto Rico, US Naval Radio Station

Puget Sound, Washington

Change of Command, Bremerton, Washington. 9 January 1992.

Change of Command, Bremerton, Washington. 25 August 1984.

Change of Command: Commanding Officer Naval Station Bremerton. 12 July 2001.

Change of Command Ceremony: Naval Submarine Base Bangor. 17 August 1990.

Change of Command: Naval Submarine Base Bangor, 1987 President's "Commander in Chief Installation Excellence Award" Recipient, Naval Submarine Base Bangor. 22 April 1988.

Change of Command Ceremony: Naval Submarine Base Bangor. 24 October 1997.

Queenstown, Ireland World War I Destroyer Base - "The Queenstown Patrol, 1917" (Journal by Joseph K. Taussig)

Rota, Spain, US Naval Communication Station

Change of Command. 2 September 1982.

Change of Command. 30 August 1966.

Sackett's Harbor, New York

Sampson, NY US Naval Training Station

Small booklet from Sampson Naval Training Station including how to make calls, area codes, rates, and calendar. Owner is listed in back as possibly Walter Sylvester. 1943-1945.            

San Diego, California

US Naval Air Station, San Diego, CA, Thanksgiving Day menu - 1944
US Naval Repair Base, San Diego, CA, Thanksgiving Day menu - 1944
San Diego Naval Hospital
San Diego Naval Ocean Systems Center
US Naval Communication Station, Point Loma
US Naval Training Station, San Diego, CA, Christmas Day menu - 1943

Change of Command Ceremony: Naval Regional Contracting Center. 7 July 1987.

Change of Command and Retirment Ceremony. 11 June 1991.

Change of Command. 12 April 1979.

Change of Command. 26 March 2004.

Pamphlet from Naval Undersea Research and Development Center, San Diego. 

Change of Charge Ceremony: United States Naval Construction Battalion Unit Four Two Seven. 18 September 1998.

Change of Command Ceremony: Construction Battalion Maintenance Unit 303. 3 June 2004.

San Francisco, California, US Naval Communication Station

Voice Procedure Manual: Officer of the Commander, Transport Division Fifty-Nine, Amphibious Forces, Pacific Fleet Post Office, San Francisco, California. Provides radio telephone procedures. 1945

San Pedro, Naval Supply Depot

Sayville & Tuckerton, New Jersey, Radio Stations

Seward, Alaska

Smith's Point Naval Hospital, California

St. Mary's College, California

Terminal Island Shipyard, California

Tiburon Coaling Station, U.S.  Naval Coaling Deport

Tompkinsville, Staten Island, NY U.S. Navy Section Base

Treasure Island Naval Training Station, California

Naval Station Treasure Island Booklet, San Francisco, California. 8 May 1997

Vermont The Civil War Ordnance of Mirror Lake, Calais, Washington County, Vermont

Virginia Beach, Virginia Oceana Naval Air Station

Change of Charge Ceremony - Naval Atlantic Meterology and Oceanography Detachment Oceana, VA. 2003.

Washington, DC

Washington Naval District

Christmas Card from Radio Central, Navy Department, Washington DC

Washington Navy Yard - Miscellaneous Buildings

Washington Navy Yard - Tingey House (Quarters "A")

Washington Navy Yard - Combat Information Center

Washington Navy Yard - Creation of Historic District

Washington Navy Yard - and Its Quarters

Washington Navy Yard - Glossary and Definitions

Washington Navy Yard - Histories of

Washington Navy Yard - History, 1799-1921

“Information for Officers ordered to Duty in the District of Columbia- June, 1937

Washington Navy Yard - Newsletter "The Log"

Washington Navy Yard - Newsletter "The Salro"

Washington Navy Yard - Passses

Washington Navy Yard - Photos

Washington Navy Yard - Plans of Yard

Washington Navy Yard - Renovation and Planning

Washington Navy Yard - Sources

Washington Navy Yard - Early Letters and Labor Board Reports

Washington Navy Yard - Miscellaneous Historical Information

Washington Navy Yard - Officers Attached in 1861

Wisconsin Radio Station

Naval Districts

Washington Naval Hospital - Correspondence on Construction(1/2 linear ft.)

League Island Naval Station, Pennsylvania, Orders of Commandant, 1872-1881

Philadelphia Navy Yard, Bureau of Ordnance & Hydrography Letter Book, 1842-1852

Yorktown, Virginia, Naval Weapons Station


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