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Bureau of Equipment and Recruitment

The Bureau of Equipment was separated from the Bureau of Construction, Equipment and Repair by law of 5 July 1862, and was designated Bureau of Equipment and Recruitment. In 1889, the name was changed to Bureau of Equipment. This bureau remained in existence until 1910, at which time it's functions were distributed among other Navy Department Bureaus including the Bureau of Engineering and Bureau of Construction and Repair.

1. 1863-1863 ADM Andrew H. Foote
2. 1864-1867 Albert N. Smith
3. 1868-1870 Melcacton Smith
4. 1870-1875 COMMO William Reynolds
5. 1875-1878 COMMO Robert W. Shufrldt
6. 1878-1884 COMMO Earl English
7. 1885-1889 COMMO Winfield S. Schley
8. 1890-1892 COMMO George Dewey
9. 1893-1897 French E. Chadwick
10. 1898-1903 COMMO Royal B. Bradford
11. 1904-1904 RADM George A. Converse
12. 1904-1906 RADM Henry N. Manney
13. 1906-1910 RADM William S. Cowles

Note: ADM = Admiral, COMMO = Commodore, RADM = Rear Admiral.

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