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College of William and Mary


College of William and Mary
Earl Gregg Swem Library
Williamsburg, VA 23185


Barron, James
Papers, 1776-1899

Correspondence and papers of Commodore James Barron relating to his career in the United States Navy, and especially relating to the Chesapeake-Leopard Affair in 1807 and to his duel with Stephen Decatur. Collection includes photocopies of patents issued to Barron for his inventions and a typescript of William Oliver Stevens' An Affair of Honor, a biography of Barron. Correspondents include John Adams, Jesse Duncan Elliott, Andrew Jackson, Thomas Jefferson, Amos Kendall, Duff Green and Abel P. Upshur.

2,759 items


Barron, Samuel
Papers, 1793-1942

Papers and correspondence of three generations of Samuel Barrons, all of whom were involved in naval affairs. Papers, 1793-1809, of Samuel Barron, commander of one of the Mediterranean squadrons sent to defeat Tripoli. Papers concern naval business and the War with Tripoli. Includes correspondence with his brother James Barron, Stephen Decatur, William Eaton (concerning his controversy with Tobias Lear over the Tripolitan peace settlement), Tobias Lear, Edward Preble, John Rodgers, Robert Smith (Secretary of the Navy), and Thomas Truxton. Includes letters written by Preble and Rodgers on board USS Constitution and letters concerning the capture of William Bainbridge and the seamen of USS Philadelphia.

538 items


Ewell, Thomas
Papers, 1802-1821

Papers of Surgeon Thomas Ewell can be found in the Papers of Benjamin S. Ewell.

3 items


Gilmer, Thomas W.
Papers, 1827-1844

Correspondence of Thomas Walker Gilmer, Secretary of the Navy in 1844, can be found in the Tyler papers.

34 items 


Hall, John L.
Papers, 1937-1973

Papers, 1937-1973, of Admiral John Lesslie Hall, Jr. of Williamsburg and Alexandria, Virginia and while stationed at Pearl Harbor, San Francisco and Norfolk, Virginia. The papers are both personal and professional.

23 boxes


Lewis, William
Papers, 1801-1815

Papers of commander William Lewis are found in the Conway-Whittle Family Papers.

105 items


Upsher, Abel P.
Papers, 1836-1844

Letters of Abel P. Upshure, Secretary of the Navy from 1841 to 1843, are found in the Tucker-Coleman Papers, Tyler Papers, Southall Papers, Moncure Robinson Papers, James Baron Papers, Charles Campbell Papers, and Harrison Papers.

105 items

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