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Ohio Historical Society 

Cincinnati, OH

Ohio Historical Society 
1982 Velma Avenue
Columbus, OH 43211


Bricker, John W.
Papers, 1930-1975

Attorney general and Governor of Ohio and U.S. Senator from Ohio. Official correspondence, clippings, and other papers relating to administrative, legislative, and political matters as Governor Bricker's part in the Republican national campaign of 1944, his terms as Senator, the work of Senate committees of which he was a member, the Bricker Amendment, and national and Ohio Republican politics.

180 feet


Brown, Clarence J.
Papers, 1891-1965

Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State, and U.S. Representative, of Ohio. Correspondence, speeches, reports, pamphlets, periodicals, scrapbooks, and clippings, documenting Brown's political career, relating particularly to the 1948 Republican national convention and efforts to nominate Robert A. Taft, and to the Hoover Commissions; and business records (1922-1952) of the Brown Publishing Company, Blanchester, Ohio. Includes legislative correspondence and reports (1963-1965) from the 88th and 89th Congresses.

66 feet


Brown, Symmes E.
Papers, 1803-1927

Union gunboat officer in the Civil War on the Mississippi River, businessman of Cincinnati and Columbus, Ohio, and Commodore of the Naval Veterans of the Grand Army of the Republic. Family correspondence, diaries, legal documents, and other papers relating to Browne's life, the Columbus Republican Glee Club, the Grand Army of the Republic, Freemasons, and Columbus Trinity Church.

5 feet


Carter, John C.
Papers, 1864-1866

Papers, 1864 and 1866, of John C. Carter, USN, Commander, U. S. Steamer Michigan, including annotated copy of published proceeding of a board of inquiry and his wife's statement relating to his war service on Lake Erie, where among other duties, he guarded Johnson's Island prison.

4 items


Craig, Isaac
Collection, 1791-1801

Contains selections from the Craig Collection at Carnegie Library covering Craig's service as deputy quartermaster at Fort Pitt including letters (many from Henry Knox), accounts, and stores received and issued.

3 microfilm reels


Dean, Benjamin C.
Papers, 1816-1873

Correspondence, orders, ledgers, journal, and certificates, relating to Dean's service on board the U. S. Gunboat Midnight and U. S. Schooner Dan Smith during the Civil War, and land deed indentures.

0.25 feet 

Ex-Soldiers' and Sailors' League of Franklin County
Records, 1888-1904

Minutes and rosters of the League as well as records of the Franklin County Memorial Building Association and Franklin County Republican Committee, Ex-Soldiers Bureau.

0.25 feet


Gilligan, John J.
Papers, 1938-1975

U.S. Representative and Governor of Ohio. Includes personal and elective office correspondence, correspondence from his political campaigns, and correspondence from the staff of the governor's office. The material provides a comprehensive view of the life of John J. Gilligan and his gubernatorial administration.

738 feet


Harding, Warren G.
Papers, 1888-1923

250 feet


Mansfield, Newton D.
Papers, 1933-1950

Collection relating to the Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District (Ohio), of which Mansfield was President of the Board of Directors, which constructed a system of flood control and water conservation for the Muskingum River drainage area.

0.5 feet


May, James G.
Papers, 1925

New Concord, Ohio, newspaper publisher's papers about the loss of USS Shenandoah. Includes the airships "Safety Precaution and O[rders?] for Cars and Keel," two telegrams and a letter about the disaster from his brother John B. May, private secretary to the Secretary of the Navy, piece of fabric, and clipping about James G. May.

7 items


Ohio Naval Brigade
Rosters, 1896-1904

2 volumes


U.S. Navy
Records, 1877-1881

27 microfilm reels


Willis, Frank B.
Papers, 1871-1928

U.S. Representative and Senator, and Governor of Ohio. Political correspondence, statements, and speeches, relating to Willis' congressional terms, gubernatorial and senatorial campaigns for nomination and election and service in those offices, and campaign for the Republican presidential nomination in 1928. Includes material on Ohio politics, League of Nations, World Court, armaments limitation, prohibition, immigration, blacks, veterans' benefits, postal affairs, tariff, territorial and insular possessions, Teapot Dome, patronage, and pensions.

56 feet

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