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University of Virginia Library


University of Virginia Library 
Special Collections Department
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Charlottesville VA 22904-4113


Bailey, LeRoy J.
Papers, 1917-1937

Photo album, possible belonging to a sailor named LeRoy J. Bailey, contains small snap shots of sailors and ships, 1917, chiefly unidentified; Brest and Paris, France; and areas near Norfolk, Virginia.

1 volume


Barron, Samuel
Papers, 1820-1899

Barron corresponds with family, friends, and naval officers about cruises, naval affairs, and politics, as well as family news, and life in Norfolk, and Essex County, Virginia. Of interest are letters written during the Norfolk yellow fever epidemic of 1855.

697 items


Brooke, Robert S.
Papers, 1792-1927

The collection consists chiefly of correspondence between Brooke and his wife Margaret Lyle Smith Brooke, written while he was serving in the General Assembly. Also of interest are letters of John F. Brooke while serving in the Navy in 1841 and a 1927 letter in support of the League of Nations.

100 items


Bunch, Tilghman H.
Papers, 1925-1940

The papers of Bunch consist chiefly of correspondence and photographs. The correspondence contains letters written home from USS Scorpion while on a tour of duty in the Mediterranean as well as letters written to him, 1925-1940. Photographs are of friends, family members and places visited on his 1926 tour.  Found in the Stuart E. Brown Papers.

500 items


Cabell, William D.
Papers, 1798-1955

Papers of the Cabell and Ellet family contain family correspondence, financial and legal papers, genealogical and biographical material and bound volumes, chiefly journals of family members, particularly William D. Cabell and Mary Virginia Ellet Cabell. Subjects in the correspondence include genealogical and biographical information on the Cabell and Ellet families; European travel, 1855; the Crimean War; collecting of supplies for the Confederate Army; anti-Southern sentiment after the war; the engineering and naval career of Charles Ellet, Jr., especially the design of the Niagara River suspension bridge, war service on the steam ramship he designed, and his death in the naval battle for Memphis.

4,100 items


Ellyson, Theodore G.
Papers, 1901-1928

30 items


Fletcher, Frank F.
Papers, 1873-1928

7,500 items


Great Britain, Naval Office
Records, 1777-1799

Approximately four hundred ships are inventoried with information on their length, breadth, depth, guns, weight, men, and place and year of building, together with remarks on their fate. The final two leaves contain a list of ships "lost, taken, or destroyed," June 1776 to [1781] including the capture of HMS Serapis by John Paul Jones.

1 volume


Hamond, Andrew S.
Papers, 1766-1825

2 feet


Horner, Gustavus R. B.
Papers, 1826-1892

100 volumes and 13,500 items


Larimer, Marc W.
Papers, 1917-1918

Diaries of Marc Winthrop Larimer pertaining to his service on board USS Cummings during World War I, detailing his ship duties, patrolling for and confrontations with German submarines off the North Atlantic coast, including a submarine patrol in the Yucatan channel, work as a convoy escort, and shore leave and social matters.

1 volume


Maury Family
Papers, 1793-1874

Collection consists chiefly of correspondence of Matthew Fontaine Maury (1835-1895), but includes correspondence of Matthew Fontaine Maury (1806-1873); and other family members. Topics discussed include Matthew Fontaine Maury's (1835-1895) appointment as an assistant civil engineer, British activity in the Confederacy, business dealings, ciphers, and an accident, 1870, on the Mississippi Central Railroad.

100 items


Minor, James M.
Papers, 1806-1901

285 items


Minor, Lewis W.
Papers, 1730-1965

Topics include Minor's life and medical experiences, especially with yellow fever on board USS Mississippi during the Mexican War; a Mexican War pension for Eloise I. Minor; life on board USS Independence, USSBrooklyn, and USS Levant; cruises to the Mediterranean Sea; a yellow fever epidemic in Portsmouth, Virginia; Reconstruction in Virginia and Alabama; Alabama land claims; and the case of Santiago Innerarity v.Merchants National Bank regarding a sugar shipment.

150 items


Noland Family
Papers, 1814-1948

The papers consist chiefly of the correspondence of three brothers, Nelson Berkeley Noland, Frank Noland, and William Churchill Noland with each other and their parents Callender St. George and Mary Edmonia Berkeley Noland. The letters convey family news and discuss farming, school, the Civil War, business and employment.

400 items


Pemstein, Bernard M.
Papers, 1943-1946

The collection contains the World War II letters of Pharmacist's Mate Bernard M. Pemstein.

91 items


Poindexter, Gale A.
Papers, 1890-1946

200 feet


Rives, William C.
Papers, 1827-1866

Senator William Cabell Rives was Chairman of the Senate Committee on Naval Affairs from 1836 to 1839.

425 items


Runk, Benjamin F.D.
Papers, 1943-1945

900 items


Sanders, James
Papers, 1813

Order book of USS Constellation, kept by a lieutenant of Charles Steward, contains "Quarter Bill," including the names of the boat crews, gun crews, and other station assignments; the standing orders for the master and the purser; and order of battle by day and by night, recorded on board the frigate.

1 volume


Shoemaker, Glen L.
Papers, 1918-1919

Scrapbook kept on board the hospital ship Comfort during World War I.

1 volume


Swanson, Claude A.
Papers, 1887-1945

Senator Claude A. Swanson was Chairman of the Senate Committee on Naval Affairs, 1918-1919, and Secretary of the Navy from 1933 to 1939.

20,000 items


Swearingen, John G.
Papers, 1864-1930

In two letters, 1864, John G. Swearingen writes home about his job in Navy ammunition supplies, a possible bombardment of Charleston, South Carolina, a plan to blow up a railroad bridge, and life after the war.

3 items


Whittle, John S.
Papers, 1838-1841

The travel journal of John S. Whittle, Assistant Surgeon, was kept on a scientific voyage to the South Pacific Islands commanded by Charles Wilkes, U.S.N. The fleet, consisting of USS PeacockVincennesFlying Fish,Porpoise, and Seagull, visited and surveyed many major island groups in the South Pacific.

2 volumes


Whittle, William C.
Papers, 1805-1878

William Conway Whittle served in the Union and Confederate navies.  His papers are found in the Whittle Family Papers.

12 items

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