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Dwight D. Eisenhower Library


Dwight D. Eisenhower Library 
200 Southeast Fourth Street
Abilene, KS 67410-2900


Aurand, Evan P.
Papers, 1934-1972

Officer, U.S. Pacific Fleet, 1942-1945; Commander of various fighter squadrons, 1943-1955; Executive Officer, USS Hancock, 1955-1957; Naval Aide to the President, 1957-1961; Commanding Officer, USS Greenwich Bay, 1961; Commanding Officer, USS Independence, 1961-1962; Commander, various antisubmarine warfare forces, 1962-1972.

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Beach, Edward L.
Papers, 1935-1962

Executive Officer, USS Tirante, 1944; Commanding Officer, USS Piper, 1945; Personal Aide to Chief of Naval Personnel, 1945-1947; Office, Chief of Naval Operations, 1947-1948; Commanding Officer, USS Amberjack, 1948-1949; Naval Assistant to Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff, 1949-1951; Commanding Officer, USS Trigger, 1951-1953; Naval Aide to the President, 1953-1957; Commanding Officer, USS Salamonie, 1957-1958; Commanding Officer, USS Triton, 1958-1961; author.

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Bulkeley, John D.
Papers, 1928-1984

Commander, Motorboat Submarine Chaser, Division 2, 1941; Commander, Motor Torpedo Boat Squadron 3, U.S. Asiatic Fleet, 1941-1942; Commander, Task Force 122.4.4, Normandy Invasion, 1944; Commander, USS Endicott, 1944-1945.

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Butcher, Harry C.
Papers, 1910-1959

The personal papers of Harry C. Butcher span the years from 1910 to 1959, but the bulk and most significant parts cover the period from 1942 to 1946, while he was Naval Aide to Dwight D. Eisenhower and the publication of his book, My Three Years with Eisenhower.

7 feet


Clark, A. Dayton
Papers, 1930-1963

Assistant Naval Attaché, London, 1940-1941; Operations Officer, London, 1941; U.S. Naval Liaison Officer, British Far Eastern and Indian Ocean Fleet, 1941-1942; Staff of Commander in Chief, U.S. Fleet, Navy Department, Washington, D.C., 1942-1943; Commanding Officer, Mulberry "A", 1944.

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Eisenhower, Dwight D.
Papers, 1916-1952

Pre-Presidential papers of Dwight D. Eisenhower, including correspondence with naval officers during World War II and the post-war period.

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Eisenhower, Dwight D.
Papers, 1953-1961

Papers of Dwight D. Eisenhower as President of the United States, partly on microfilm. The collection includes correspondence with naval leaders and minutes of meetings, memos of conversation, and summaries of discussion with references to naval matters.

138 feet


Eisenhower, Dwight D.
Records, 1953-1961

Records of Dwight D. Eisenhower as President, White House Central Files, partly on microfilm. The collection includes correspondence, memoranda, and reports on naval matters.

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Furnas, Clifford C.
Papers, 1918-1969

Chancellor, University of Buffalo, 1954-1962; Chairman, Guided Missile Commission, Research and Development Board, 1952-1953; Chairman, Department of Defense Advisory Panel on Aeronautics, 1954-1957; member, U.S. Army Science Advisory Panel, 1954-1969; member, National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics, 1955-1957; Assistant Secretary of Defense for Research and Development, 1955-1957; Chairman, Air Navigation Development Board, 1956-1957; member, Defense Science Board, 1957-1969; member, Naval Research Advisory Committee, 1958-1959; Chairman, Defense Science Board, 1961-1965; Vice Chairman, National Research Council, 1968-1969.

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Gruenther, Alfred M.
Papers, 1942-1983

Chief of Staff, 5th Army, 1943-1944; Commanding General, 15th Army Group, 1944-1945; Deputy Commander, U.S. Forces in Austria, 1945-1946; Deputy Commandant, National War College, 1946-1947; Director, Joint Staff, 1947-1949; Deputy Army Chief of Staff, 1949-1950; Chief of Staff, SHAPE, 1950-1953; Supreme Commander, SHAPE, 1953-1956; President, American Red Cross, 1957-1964.

41 feet


Moss, Edward K.
Papers, 1939-1970

Staff member, Office of Government Reports, 1939-1942; officer, U.S. Navy, 1942-1946; public affairs officer, National Production Authority, 1950-1953.

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Naval Aide to the President
Records, 1953-1961

The records of the Office of the Naval Aide to the President span the years 1953 to 1961 and include the terms of two naval aides, Edward L. Beach (1953-1957) and Evan P. Aurand (1957-1961). About 60 per cent of the material is related to presidential trips and vacations, and this material tends to concentrate on matters of administrative detail and physical arrangement rather than matters of substance.

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Norstad, Lauris
Papers, 1930-1987

Assistant Chief of Staff and Chief of Staff for Operations, 12th Air Force and Mediterranean Allied Air Forces, 1942-44;Chief of Staff, 20th Air Force, 1944-46; Director of Plans and Operations, War Department, 1946-47; Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations, USAF, 1947-50; Acting Vice Chief of Staff, USAF, 1950; Commander in Chief, U.S. and Allied Air Forces, Central Europe, 1950-53; Air Deputy, SHAPE, 1953-56; Supreme Allied Commander, 1956-63; President and Chairman of the Board, Owens-Corning Fiberglass Corp., 1964-72; Member, President's Commission on an All-Volunteer Force, 1969-72; Member, General Advisory Committee on Arms Control and Disarmament, 1969-74.

62 feet


Oral History Transcripts

  • Armstrong, J. Sinclair [OH 251] Member of Securities Exchange Commission, 1953-57, and Chairman, 1955-57; Comptroller, Department of Navy, 1957-59. [COHP] (written permission) 1972. 126pp.
  • Aurand, Evan P. [OH 127] Military officer; Naval Aide to President Eisenhower, 1957- 61. [COHP] 1967. 139pp.
  • Beach, Edward L. [OH 128] Military officer; Naval aide to President Eisenhower, 1953-57. [COHP] 1967. 473pp.
  • Burke, Arleigh A. [OH 284] Chief of Naval Operations (CNO), United States Navy, 1955-61. [COHP] 1972-73. 249pp.
  • Franke, William B. [OH 182] Assistant Secretary of the Navy, 1954-57; Under Secretary of the Navy, 1957-59; Secretary of the Navy, 1959-61. [COHP] 1972. 51pp.
  • Gates, Thomas S., Jr. [OH 183] Commander, United States Naval Reserve, 1942-45; Under Secretary of the Navy, 1953-57; Secretary of the Navy, 1957-59; Deputy Secretary of Defense, 1959; Secretary of Defense, 1959-61. [COHP] 1967-72. 99pp.
  • Handy, Thomas [OH 486] Deputy Chief of Operations, War Department General Staff, 1942; Assistant Chief of Staff, Operations War Department, 1942-44. [EL] 1972-79. 345pp.
  • Miller, Henry L. [OH 304] Naval officer with the Pacific Fleet; member, Strategic Plans Division, Office of the Chief of Naval Operations, 1953-55; Director, Progress Analysis Group, Office of the Chief of Naval Operations, 1957-59. [COHP] 1971. 59pp.
  • Rabb, Maxwell M. [OH 265] Member, Eisenhower's election campaign staff, 1952; President's Associate Counsel, 1953; Secretary to the Cabinet, 1953-58. [COHP] 1970. 39pp.
  • Strauss, Lewis L. [OH 271] Member, U.S. Atomic Energy Commission, 1946-50; Chairman, U.S. Atomic Energy Commission, 1953-58. [COHP] 1962-63. 178pp.
  • Thomas, Charles [OH 490] Undersecretary of the Navy, Jan.-Aug. 1953; Assistant Secretary of Defense for Supply and Logistics, 1953-54; Secretary of the Navy, 1954-57. [EL] 1976. 65pp.
  • Williams, Ralph [OH 503] U.S. Navy officer; speechwriter on White House Staff, 1958-61. [EL] 1988. 47pp.


Outerbridge, William W.
Papers, 1923-1969

Commanding Officer, Destroyer USS Ward, 1941; Commanding Officer, destroyer USS Cummings, 1941-1942; Commanding Officer, USS O'Brien, 1943-1945; Commander, Destroyer Division 42, 1945-1956.

11 feet


Sanders, Harry
Papers, 1944-1955

Commander, Destroyer Squadron 18, 1944-1945; Commander, USS Tucson, 1946; Chief of Staff, Alaskan Sea Frontier, 1949-1951; Commander, Cruiser Division 1, 1952-1953; Assistant Chief of Naval Operations, 1955.

1 foot


Smith, Jr., James H.
Papers, 1932-1980

Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Air, 1953-1956; Director, International Cooperation Administration, 1957-1959.

4 feet


Smith, Walter B.
Collection, 1941-1945

General Walter Bedell Smith served as General Dwight D. Eisenhower's Chief of Staff from August 1942 through 1945. While Chief of Staff General Smith maintained a file of documents that were primarily compiled by the General Staff Secretariat of AFHQ and SHAEF. Following World War II these records were maintained in the War Department Library and the Army War College Library before General Smith decided, shortly before his death, to deposit his collection in the Eisenhower Library.

The records cover the campaigns and operations directed by AFHQ and SHAEF as well as the functioning of their headquarters. Copies of some of the records are located in the Modern Military Records Division of the National Archives. The collection is arranged by series according to the type of organization that created the records and chronologically thereunder. A significant segment of this collection is the cable logs. They contain extracts or complete texts of messages received by or sent from the AFHQ and SHAEF on a daily basis. The logs were maintained in the office of the Secretary of the General Staff and were frequently initialed by General Eisenhower with occasional notes for staff guidance. Only a portion of the AFHQ logs is duplicated in the AFHQ records in the United Kingdom, and no copies of the SHAEF logs are among the SHAEF records in the National Archives.

Another valuable segment is the Eyes Only Cables. These highly classified cables were used only by the Supreme Commander, General Smith, and their superiors in Washington and London. Many of the messages have not been located elsewhere. Also included within the collection are divisional handbooks (unit histories), intelligence summaries, and material re the Casablanca and Cairo conferences, the capitulation of Italy, the BOLERO build-up program, OVERLORD-ANVIL, and the military government of Germany.

20 feet


Stanford, Alfred B.
Papers, 1944

Deputy naval commander of Mulberry "A," Normandy Invasion.

1 foot


Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force
Records, 1943-1945

The records described below, received from Modern Military Records Division in the National Archives, are duplicates of records created within the various components of Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Forces. The records, though coming to the Library in separate shipments, have been combined with records of similar origin to comprise this accession. Types of records include: G-2 Digests; G-2 War Diaries; G-2 Weekly Intelligence Summaries; G-2 Intelligence Notes; G-2 FATHERLAND; G-2 SCAVENGER; G-2 Reports; G-2 Ground Checking Notes; G-2 Neptune-Argus; Miscellaneous G-2; G-3 War Room Daily Summaries; G-3 War Diaries; 12th Army Group weekly intelligence summaries; 21 Army Group operational plans; Allied Naval Commander-in-Chief Expeditionary Force war diaries and reports; memoranda on Operations Neptune and Eclipse; and miscellaneous reports of IX Troop Carrier Command and 1st Allied Airborne Army Operations in Northwest Europe.

18 feet


White House Office, National Security Council Staff
Papers, 1948-1961

This collection contains ten separate series that are at this time wholly or partially processed and available for research.

130 feet


White House Office, Office of the Special Assistant for National Security Affairs
Records, 1952-1961

49 feet


White House Office, Office of the Special Assistant for Science and Technology
Records, 1957-1961

The primary responsibility of the Special Assistant was to keep the President informed of the progress of scientific and technological programs of various government agencies, presenting his findings, facts and evaluations to the President, including recommendations with respect to scientific and technological matters. He was also available as an advisor on scientific matters to Cabinet members and other policy-making officials of government. He was concerned with anticipating future trends or developments in science and technology, and suggesting future actions based on these trends. One of his primary concerns was maintaining good relations with the United States scientific and engineering community, and bolstering the strength and morale of the scientific community. He was also concerned with the interchange of scientific and technological information and with the encouragement of science in the Free World. The Special Assistant was served by a small professional staff which also served as the staff of the President's Science Advisory Committee (PSAC). The work of the Special Assistant and PSAC was often integrated.

The records of OSAST, primarily covering the period form early 1957 through late 1960, are organized into five series. The collection arrived at the Eisenhower Library in two separate segments. The first two series, the Alphabetical File and the Personnel File, comprise one accession, with the remaining three series, the Topic File, Name File, and Crank File, comprising a separate accession. Arrangement within each of the five series is alphabetical by subject or name and chronological thereunder.

18 feet


White House Office, Office of the Staff Secretary
Records, 1952-1961

Records of Paul T. Carroll, Andrew J. Goodpaster, L. Arthur Minnich, and Christopher H. Russell.

73 feet


White House Office, Records Officer Reports to the President on Pending Legislation
Records, 1953-1961

72 feet


Wilkes, John E.
Papers, 1944-1951

Commander, U.S. Submarines, Asiatic Fleet, 1941; Commander, all seaports, Northern Europe, 1944; Chief U.S. Naval Officer, Germany, 1945-1951 (photocopies).

1 foot


Williams, Ralph E.
Papers, 1958-1988

U.S. Navy officer; speechwriter on White House Staff, 1958-61.

1 foot


World War II Participants and Contemporaries

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