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Western Reserve Historical Society 

Cleveland, OH

Western Reserve Historical Society 
10825 East Boulevard
Cleveland, OH 44106-1777


Bacon, Frederick A.
Papers, 1835-1836

Journal kept by Midshipman Bacon on board the frigates Constitution and Shark which records shipboard incidents and observations on places he toured and on museums and historic buildings he visited in Gibraltar, Lisbon, Genoa, Florence, Naples, and Athens.

1 volume


Bailey, Eugene
Papers, 1938-1946

African American from Cleveland, Ohio who attended Virginia State College for Negroes, excelling in athletics. Bailey became physical education director at Booker T. Washington High School in Norfolk, Virginia and then enlisted in the Navy at the start of World War II. In 1942, he was killed in an explosion at the Norfolk Navy Yard.

Correspondence, certificates, mementoes, scrapbooks, and newspaper clippings pertaining to the life and death of Bailey, especially as a youth and young adult during the Depression.

0.20 feet


Benyon, B.G.
Papers, 1813-1814

Journal kept while on board HMS Menelaus during the War of 1812.

1 volume


Brickner, Barnett R.
Papers, 1919-1971

Biographical material, sermons, addresses, writings, miscellany, files from the Central Conference of American Rabbis, the National Jewish Welfare Board's Committee on Army and Navy Religious Activities, and Congregation Anshe Chesed, and correspondence from his family and from various Jewish community leaders and organizations.

35 feet


Civil War Miscellany
Collection, 1860-1875

Letters, notes, memoranda, circulars, orders, broadsides, cartoons, maps, newspaper clippings, muster rolls, patriotic cards, and other papers relating to Union naval affairs, the Army of Mississippi, the Army of Tennessee, and Union and Confederate quartermaster and medical departments; records of the Gambier Council of the National Union League, correspondence and other papers of Ohio State officials, and correspondence from the National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers.

2 feet


Coffinberry Henry
Papers, 1863

Diary of Henry D. Coffinberry, acting Ensign, U.S.N., on board the U.S. gunboat Louisville, April 1, 1863-August 28, 1863.

1 volume


Diaries and Journals
Collection, 1813-1909

2 items, 28 volumes, and 1 microfilm reel


Decatur, Stephen
Papers, 1817

The papers of Stephen Decatur include a report on the defense and fortification of the Chesapeake Bay and related British material.

2 items


Drake, Franklin J.
Papers, 1890-1929

U.S. naval officer who served fifty-two years in the U.S. Navy, retiring as a rear admiral. He engineered the first survey of the Isthmus of Panama for the Panama Canal in 1896 and assisted in charting the Bering Sea after the U.S. acquired Alaska from Russia. At one time he served on board USS Constitution.

Biographical sketch, correspondence, certificates of membership in various organizations, a speech given at a Grand Army of the Republic meeting, notes from a cruise of the Pacific Ocean, including a journal kept by Mrs. Drake, some military papers, newspaper clippings, and some diplomas of Nellie Pierson, whose connection to Drake has not been established.

0.21 feet


Morse, Freeman H.
Papers, 1861-1888

Correspondence from Charles Francis Adams, John Bigelow, James D. Bulloch, and William Pitt Fessenden; copies of affidavits made by seamen on board CSS Alabama, June 19, 1864, and a printed letter from Morse to W. L. Putnam of Portland, Maine, concerning Morse's claim of $38,189 against the U.S.

0.2 feet


Palmer, William P.
Collection, 1832-1910

Letters, telegrams, commissions, discharge papers, general and special orders, circulars, broadsides, maps, drawings, naval papers, and scrapbooks, relating to Union and Confederate armed forces and veteran's organizations and Confederate medical services; and newspaper clippings accumulated by Governor Reynolds of Missouri on politics and the Civil War, a scrapbook including speeches of Mayor Richardson of Cambridge, Massachusetts, registers of three Confederate ships, and papers relating to several military units and battles.

3.8 feet


Parson, Samuel H.
Papers, 1760-1830

Correspondence, enlistment papers, military appointments, orders, commissaries' accounts, supply orders, commissions, surveys of Western Reserve lands, accounts, receipts, legal papers, an index, a list of goods for Indian trade, and an orderly book.

0.41 feet


Roosevelt, Theodore
Papers, 1904

2 items


Royal Marines
Records, 1813-1814

1 volume


Stickney, Benjamin F.
Papers, 1775-1857

Primarily correspondence of Stickney. Includes letters from Lewis Bond, J.L. Comstock, Paul Hamilton (U.S. Secretary of the Navy), Henry Hart, Samuel Mitchill, Anthony Shane, Amos Spafford, Caleb Stark, and Two Stickney, and a declaration to the Delaware Tribe (1812) by William Henry Harrison, Governor of the Indiana Territory.

33 items


Turner, Peter
Papers, 1823-1873

Letterbook as commander of various ships, correspondence relating to naval matters, logbook kept by Turner while on board USS Nonsuch, commanded by his uncle, Daniel Turner, during an expedition which sought to end piracy near Venezuela, and logbook kept on board USS Cyane off the coast of Brazil.

0.4 feet

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