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Archibald S. Alexander Library, Rutgers University

New Brunswick, NJ

Archibald S. Alexander Library
Rutgers University
169 College Avenue
New Brunswick, NJ 08901-1163


Bent, Silas
Papers, 1853-1885

Includes a journal kept while on board USS Mississippi during the U.S. Naval Expedition to Japan.

3 volumes


Boggs, Charles S.
Papers, 1845

1 volume


Booraem Jr., Henry
Papers, 1829-1831

Nautical journal: "A Journal of a Cruise. Kept by Midshipman Henry Booraem Junr., United States Ship Warren, Lawrence Kearny Esqr. Commander," March-September 1829, in the Mediterranean; also of a cruise on board the U.S. Schooner Porpoise, John Percival commander, August 1830-April 1831, in the Caribbean.

1 volume


Bullus, Oscar
Papers, 1816-1867

Letters received and copies of letters sent relating to service in the United States Navy, including copies of letters sent to government officials on Bullus' behalf. Also included are a four page narrative entitled "Visit of the U.S. Steamer Michigan to the Sault Ste. Marie" and three documents relating to other Bullus family members.

12 items


Dickerson, Mahlon
Papers, 1779-1857

"Letters received, etc., 1799-1852, and diary, July 1, 1809-December 31, 1819. Also papers, 1779-1784, of Jonathan Dickerson (2 items) and papers, 1854-1859, of Edward Nicoll Dickerson (16 items)."

4 folders and 1 volume


Fentress, Walter E. H.
Papers, 1858-1892

Letters received relating to service in the U.S. Navy; letters concerning his death; Masonic Society certificates; speeches concerning Chinese society; printed obituary; cabinet photograph, probably of Fentress and his daughter Rhoda; and "Memoirs and Naval Life," a fictional narrative based chiefly upon his U.S. Navy service.

0.25 feet


Heath, Benjamin
Papers, 1864-1865

Journal kept while on board USS Delaware.

1 volume


Jaques, William H.
Papers, 1896-1897

Correspondence, chiefly relating to the U.S. Monitor Ajax, a ship on loan to the state of New Jersey from the U.S. Navy Department.

40 items


Newman, Frederick B.
Papers, 1900-1904

Nautical journal, October 3, 1900-May 21, 1904, containing very brief, irregular entries covering service as a sailor on board USS Kentucky, including the passage from Brooklyn, through the Mediterranean and the Suez Canal; fleet duty, January 1901-March 1904, in the Far East; and return.

1 volume


Perry, Matthew C.
Papers, 1848-1852

Materials relating to Commodore Matthew C. Perry's Naval Expedition to Japan.

10 items


Perry, Oliver H.
Papers, 1853-1854

Journal kept while on board USS Mississippi during the U.S. Naval Expedition to Japan.

1 volume


Potter, Woodburne
Papers, 1852-1856

Papers, among which are letters concerning the possible selection of a "fresh water condenser," in which Potter held an interest, for use on ships of the U.S. Navy.

42 items


Parker, James
Papers, 1827-1828

Journals kept while on board USS Warren and USS Wizard.

1 volume


Reuber, Johannes
Papers, 1776-1806

Military journal, January 1, 1776-November 31, 1806, containing virtually nothing about Reuber's non-military life. For the periods of service, however, it is essentially complete, with regular (but impersonal) entries of varying length. The 295 pages dealing with the American Revolution contain numerous interspersed drawings of British, American, and French ships. Both here and in the extended section covering 1792-1795 there are also many skeletal maps or fortification plans of cities and towns. Some or all of the text (which is in readable German dialect) appears to have been written in later years, presumably based upon contemporary diaries or notes.

1 volume


Shepard, Burritt
Papers, 1827-1830

Nautical journal, May 19, 1827-November 27, 1830, kept by a midshipman serving on board USS Lexington, cruising the Mediterranean.

1 volume


Stockton, Francis B.
Papers, 1810-1884

93 items


Van Cleaf, William W.
Papers, 1861-1897

William W. Van Cleaf served on board USS Benton from 1862-1863.

114 items


Wholesaler of Naval Stores
Records, 1829-1834

1 volume

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