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Chatard, Frederick K.
Papers, 1857-1860

Commander, U.S. Navy, in command of USS Saratoga as part of the Walker Expedition to Nicaragua in 1857. The collection contains a letterbook of letters written from USS Saratoga, Baltimore, Norfolk Navy Yard, and USS Pennsylvania.

1 volume


Crandall, Warren D.

This collection contains correspondence and reminiscences of veterans of the Mississippi River Ram Fleet and Mississippi Marine Brigade to Warren D. Crandall, and also material gathered by Crandall for his book History of the Ram Fleet and Mississippi Marine Brigade, published in 1907.


Eads, James B.
Papers, 1776-1896

This collection consists of Eads' correspondence, papers relating to his interest in the Mississippi River and to Eads Bridge. The collection includes two letters of John Cadwaladar, Bristol, to the Council of Public Safety at Philadelphia relating to the Revolutionary War, copies of poems by Martha Eads, correspondence regarding river transportation, warfare, mapping, and the building of gunboats during the Civil War, several Edward Bates letters, correspondence regarding post-war business and investment in St. Louis, including letters from Gideon Welles, correspondence regarding Eads Bridge and the Bridge Company, correspondence regarding later river improvement and engineering projects worldwide, papers and essays and other commemorative materials relating to Eads, and St. Louis Bridge Company and Tunnel Railroad of St. Louis stock certificates. Also included is genealogical data on the Eads, McHenry, and allied families, and an 1881 scrapbook of clippings relating to Eads' visit to Mexico.

0.7 feet


Ellis, Edmund C.
Papers, 1864-1865

Edmund C. Ellis served in the 137th Ohio Infantry from June to August 1864. He returned briefly to his home in Cincinnati before joining the U.S. Navy. He served on board USS Hindman and Missourialong the Mississippi River.

Letters to his family contain accounts of the affairs of the 137th Ohio Infantry while stationed at Fort McHenry, Maryland, including a description and map of the fort. Also contains descriptions of his service on the gunboats USS Hindman (October 1864 to March 1865) and USS Missouri (June to July 1865) along the Mississippi River, mostly south of Natchez. Includes information on camp life, diet, and prices. Also includes a photograph of Ellis.

14 items


Monitor, USS
Collection, 1862-1863

The USS Monitor collection consists of one bound volume of official correspondence regarding USS Monitor. The correspondence consists primarily of telegrams, notes, and brief letters from various U.S. Navy officers regarding the construction, service, and repairs of the ship, including accounts of the engagement with CSS Virginia. Principal correspondents include Captain John A. Dahlgren, Captain John Ericsson, Assistant Secretary of the Navy Gustavus V. Fox, Captain Andrew A. Harwood, Secretary of the Navy Gideon Welles, and Henry A. Wise, Bureau of Ordnance, Navy Department.

1 volume, 102 documents


Phelps, Seth L.
Papers, 1861-1864

Seth Ledyard Phelps, a native of Ohio enlisted in the U.S. Navy in October 1841, and eventually rose to the rank of Lieutenant Commander. He resigned on October 29, 1864.

This letterbook consists of correspondence primarily to and from Phelps while commanding U.S. Navy gunboats on the western waters from 1861 to 1864. Correspondence contains accounts of naval operations mainly along the Mississippi, Tennessee, and Red Rivers, including the movement of gunboats to capture Forts Henry and Donelson, and operations during the Red River Campaign. The collection also contains extensive correspondence regarding repairs to USS Eastport and its eventual destruction, and repairs to USS Choctaw and USS Lafayette.

1 volume and 350 letters


Porter, David D.
Papers, 1862-1864

The collection consists primarily of correspondence to Admiral Porter from several high-ranking Union officers, including Nathaniel P. Banks, Ulysses S. Grant, John A. McClernand, and William T. Sherman, regarding operations in the lower Mississippi River Valley. Also included are accounts of the Yazoo River Expedition, the Arkansas Post Expedition, the Vicksburg Campaign, the Siege of Jackson, Mississippi, and the Red River Campaign. The collection also contains information on gunboats and the operations of the Mississippi Squadron.

138 items


Pratt, John V.
Papers, 1922-1958

The collection includes World War II correspondence from John Vernon Pratt to his parents from 1944 to 1946. Letters discuss family news, events in St. Louis, Missouri, details of naval training, life at Pearl Harbor, and general wartime news. Related correspondence of family and friends to Bessie Pratt from 1943-1945 includes war-related information and family news.

2 boxes


Tennessee, USS
Records, 1857

This journal, kept by M.G. Reynolds, was the logbook of USS Tennessee under the command of Captain W.W. Low. It covers the cruise of the ship from its commissioning in New York Harbor on May 1, 1857 through its departure and eventual arrival in Shanghai, China, by way of Gibraltar, Palermo, Port Said, the Suez Canal, Aden, Bombay, Colombo, Palo Penang, Singapore, Manila, and Amoy.

1 volume


U.S. Navy, Mississippi Squadron
Records, 1862-1865

Descriptive list of men on board USS Ouichita, 1862 to 1865, including lists of crimes and punishments.

1 volume


U.S. Navy, Shipyard Time Book
Records, 1864-1865

This volume, unidentified as to geographic locations and provenance, contains accounts of work done for the U.S. steamers E.H. FairchildIowaDianaSwitzerland, and Victor No. 2; the U.S. Wharf Boat Hill; and for Captain Arthur Edwards, Assistant Quartermaster, during the latter part of the Civil War.

1 volume


Welles, Gideon
Papers, 1861-1864

Series of letters and telegrams to S. Ledyard Phelps of the U.S. Navy, including orders for commanding the gunboats of the Mississippi Squadron.  Found in the S. Ledyard Phelps collection.


Welles, Gideon
Papers, 1865

Exchange of telegrams between Secretary of the Navy Gideon Welles and officers in command of the Washington Navy Yard and others regarding President Abraham Lincoln's assassination, patrolling the Potomac, capturing the assassins, and the body of John Wilkes Booth at the Washington Navy Yard.  Found in the Abraham Lincoln Papers.

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