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Anderson, William K. 
Papers, 1878-1967

Series in the collection include United States Power Squadrons, which contains files about this organization and the Detroit Power Squadron in the period of 1936-1966 (mainly 1936-1940); Boating Organizations, which relates to Anderson's involvement in such other organizations as the American Power Boat Association and the Detroit Yacht Club; Writings include published and unpublished articles and speeches relating in part to the Detroit River and the defense of the Great Lakes during wartime; World War II activities includes letters exchanged with his wife while serving in the Navy during the war; Personal and Miscellaneous includes letters from his daughter Catherine who served in the WAVES, subject files on boating topics, collected family materials, and narrative account and scrapbook of visual and other materials relating to voyage from Detroit to Florida and back using inland waterways; and photographs.

3 feet and 1 oversize volume


Barrie, Robert
Papers, 1812-1831

This collection contains 18 letters written by Barrie to his mother in England from HMS Dragon in which he details British naval action on the American coast, the blockade of Chesapeake Bay, and an expedition up the Rappahannock; he comments on the quality of American forces and on rumored peace negotiations. There are 30 letters and orders written to Barrie by Admiral Sir George Cocksure. Most of these are dated 1812-1815 and describe the activities of other British ships under his command, discuss prisoner exchanges, and detail plans for the assault on Washington. The postwar letters deal with Barrie's position as Naval Commissioner in Canada.

63 items


Chew, Thomas J.
Papers, 1809-1850

Thomas J. Chew of New London, Connecticut, entered the United States Navy on March 9, 1809. He received his commission as purser three years later and acted in this capacity during the War of 1812. In the course of his service he was on board John AdamsConstitution, and Chesapeake and was stationed at various times at the Boston and Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Navy Yards and at Sacketts's Harbor, New York. Chew served as purser on USS Washington in Mediterranean waters from 1816 to 1818. He retired from the Navy in 1832 and spent the remainder of his life in Brooklyn, New York.

The collection contains approximately 200 items relating to the War of 1812. There are crew lists, pay accounts, and documents relating to Chew's agency for distributing prize money; his correspondence with his wife includes comments on a number of important naval officers. The correspondence from 1809 to 1815 is primarily related to his office as purser; full private correspondence exists for the later years.

2 feet


Daschke, George A.
Papers, 1943-1947

Serviceman in the U.S. Navy stationed in the Pacific Theater during World War II. Letters to his mother and other members of his family relating his service in the war; diary, 1946, concerning daily activities; and photograph.

0.4 feet


Denby, Edwin
Papers, 1845-1929

U.S. Congressman, 1905-1911 and Secretary of the Navy, 1921-1924.

Correspondence, 1880-1927, concerning personal matters, business affairs, and political activities; letters to Mrs. Denby regarding Denby's death; articles, speeches, notes and memoranda on various topics including the Panama Canal, Boxer Indemnity, United States Navy, and oil leases; photostats of letters exchanged between Nathaniel Denby and George Bancroft, 1845-1846; and photographs.

2.4 feet


D'Estaing Manuscript
Papers, 1780

Signal book of the French Fleet during the American Revolution.

1 item


Dudley, Thomas C.
Papers, 1852-1856

The Dudley Papers contains 83 letters written by Dudley to his young sister, Fanny, during the Caribbean cruises of Powhatan in 1852 and Perry's Expedition to Japan, 1853-1854, plus a 219 page memoir of his experiences during the Japan Expedition written in 1855

0.25 feet


Evans, Amos
Papers, 1812-1813

Prescription book of Surgeon Amos Evans from USS Constitution.

1 volume


Hawaiian Islands
Collection, 1864-1883

This collection consists of two parts.  The first includes letters, journals, notebooks, maps, and pictures by the American naturalist Horace Mann (1844-1868), during his work in the Hawaiian Islands in 1864; 50 items.  The second part is comprised of correspondence of Charles W. Christopher (1847-1884), United States Navy officer who, because of ill health, lived in Hawaii in 1876 and 1877. There are 14 letters, most written by Christopher and others from friends in the islands, 1868-1883.  The Mann Papers contain a series of photographs, some of which were taken in Hawaii. The Photographs Division contains two photograph albums that contain images of Hawaii taken in the late 19th and early 20th century and that are cross-referenced with the Hawaii collection.

64 items


Hines, Charles P.
Papers, 1944

Member of the U.S. Navy Wolverine Squadron in World War II. Excerpt from diaries of his wartime experiences.

2 items


Howard Family
Papers, 1942-1953

Family of Sumner S. Howard of Flint, Michigan. Letters from his sons Sumner Howard and Gene Frank Howard describing their experiences as students at Culver Military Academy and as sailors in the U. S. Navy during and after World War II; also letters from Sumner Howard describing his experiences as an instructor at Culver Military Academy, as a student at the University of Michigan, and as a General Motors employee in Indonesia.

150 items


Howe Brothers
Papers, 1758-1812

A collection of papers relating to the three Howe brothers: George Augustus, 3d viscount (ca.1725-1758), killed at Ticonderoga; Richard, 4th Viscount (1726-1799), Commander of British Naval Forces in North America, 1776-1778; and Sir William (1729-1814), Commander in Chief of the British Army in North America, 1775-1778.  Most of the Howe Papers relating to America were apparently destroyed when a family seat at Westport, Ireland, burned in the early nineteenth century. The Clements collection has been pieced together by gift and sale and includes miscellaneous items pertaining to military operations as well as a number of family letters. Four items concern the Seven Years War, and about half of the whole collection is dated after 1783. Important items are Admiral Howe's signal book and the manuscript of 'Reflections on a Pamphlet entitled 'A letter to the Right Honourable Lord Viscount Howe.' An orderly book of the commands of General Sir William Howe is described in the Orderly Book Collection.

51 items


Lau, James 
Papers, 1943-1960

Resident of Ann Arbor, Michigan, who served in the U.S. Navy during World War II and raised horses. Correspondence, photographs and miscellany relating to his wartime service, and videotape of the Michigan Justin Morgan Horse Association.

0.2 feet


Lindhout, William P.
Papers, 1944-1945

Member of U.S. Naval Torpedo Squadron 82, in World War II. Official history and miscellaneous papers relating to the squadron.

6 items


Malcolm, Pulteney
Papers, 1814-1817

Letters and logbooks of Sir Pulteney Malcolm, British admiral in the War of 1812.  This collection contains 45 letters written by Malcolm to his wife and sisters while he was in America. He describes the capture and burning of Washington, the Battles of Baltimore and New Orleans, and the peace negotiations. There are three logbooks bound in one volume, 242 pp.; HMS Royal Oak, June 1, 1814 through May 28, 1815; HMS Tartarus, June 13-July 25, 1815; HMS Newcastle, March 28, 1816 through August 16, 1817. This volume also contains two watercolor drawings, two pen and ink drawings, a pencil sketch, five charts, two plans, and four maps. The Royal Oak log includes accounts of the bombing of Fort McHenry during the Battle of Baltimore and gives a daily record of naval support provided for the British army during the Battle of New Orleans. The Tartarus log deals with Admiral Malcolm's command of a North Sea squadron in June and July 1815. The Newcastle log relates to the blockade of St. Helena.

46 items


Melville Papers
Papers, 1600-1851

Papers of Henry Dundas, 1st Viscount Melville, British statesman, jurist, and of his son Robert Saunders Dundas, 2d Viscount Melville, First Lord of the Admiralty.  This collection has approximately 1,500 items of Henry Dundas and 850 items of Robert Dundas. The papers contain primarily incoming correspondence, although there are some copies of letters and drafts of memoranda by the Melvilles; they are almost entirely political in content.

The papers of Robert Dundas are primarily related to his office as First Lord of the Admiralty. Of American interest are items relating to the conduct of the War of 1812. Included are two bound Royal Navy Lists: April 1, 1812, and July 12, 1817. These contain names of ships, statistics on their dimensions, the number of men and weapons carried, and information on construction. There is a volume of miscellaneous correspondence, 1792-1830, 146 pp. and a 'Précis of Mr. Dundas's Correspondence with the Several Departments of his Majesty's Government,' covering the Portland and Perceval ministries, 46 pp.

14 feet


Michigan Naval Militia
Records, 1917

Roll book and duty roster for Company J, 3rd Regiment.

1 volume


Chevalier de Monteil
Papers, 1781-1782

Includes logbooks for several French ships and material concerning service under Admiral De Grasse during the American Revolution.

5 items


Morris, Charles
Papers, 1801-1851

This collection contains some items relating to Morris' activities in the War of 1812, but is primarily concerned with his command at the Portsmouth and Boston Navy Yards. Included are routine orders and letters from various Secretaries of the Navy to Morris.

65 items


Perry, Oliver H.
Papers, 1795-1864

This collection contains approximately 200 items related to Perry's participation in the War of 1812. These include an order book, July 7-September 27, 1813, 44 pp., and a notebook with instructions for troop landing and the use of rocketry as well as copies of letters written from March to November, 1813, 58 pp. There are approximately 200 letters dealing with his Mediterranean duty and the Venezuelan Mission, including a notebook with diary entries made during his last cruise, 39 pp. Fifty items concern his career before the War of 1812. A group of 35 letters, 1795-1800, relates to Christopher R. Perry. There are about 100 items concerning Perry's son Oliver Hazard Perry, Jr., and other members of the Perry family. The collection contains a considerable amount of genealogical material, financial accounts, and printed items dealing with Perry's career.

4 feet 

Porter, David and David Dixon
Papers, 1805-1908

This collection contains approximately 250 items relating to David Porter, 1805-1840; most of them deal with his War of 1812 service and his West Indian duty, although there are some related to the Mexican Navy and his diplomatic career. There are 125 items concerning the career of David D. Porter, 1847-1889, including 15 Civil War letters and 25 letters dealing with his controversy with General Benjamin Butler in 1889. Two autobiographical manuscripts, 'My Career in the Navy Department' and portions of a journal describing his Civil War experiences, are included, as well as a number of literary manuscripts--fragments of novels, essays, speeches, and biographical notes.

4 feet


Robinson, Alexander
Papers, 1813-1843

Papers of Alexander Robinson, American sea captain in the War of 1812.  The collection contains 250 items related to Fort Green, 1814-1815. They include gunners' reports, evening and morning reports, a variety of returns for men and provisions, a requisition log, receipt book, and an order book for October 19, 1814, to January 11, 1815. There is also a journal kept at Fort Green by Peter H. Schuyler, 1814, 26 pp. The collection has approximately 50 family letters, 1813-1843, and 100 items dealing with ships that Robinson commanded before the war.

1 foot


Roosevelt, Theodore
Papers, 1885-1919

This collection of Roosevelt manuscripts was assembled mainly by Paul V. Bunn, who first came to Roosevelt's attention in 1893 as a civil service examiner when Roosevelt was commissioner. A fervent admirer of Roosevelt, Bunn was a St. Louis hardware dealer and secretary of the local Chamber of Commerce. In 1912 Roosevelt described him as an old and valued friend, and a 'foursquare North Carolina ex-Democrat.' Carbon copies of Bunn's letters to Roosevelt and Roosevelt's usually brief replies are included.

A number of other Roosevelt letters are to William Rockhill Nelson, publisher of the Kansas City Star; William H. Moody, United States Attorney General and Supreme Court justice; and Henry B. Needham, journalist and special commissioner to investigate conditions in the Canal Zone in 1908. The remainder of the collection is a group of miscellaneous letters and notes related to Roosevelt's career as Civil Service Commissioner, Governor of New York, Assistant Secretary of the Navy, President, and presidential candidate in 1912.

1 foot


Sawyer, Ralph A.
Papers, 1918-1978

Professor of physics, Dean of the Horace H. Rackham School of Graduate Studies, Director of the Phoenix Project, and Vice President for Research at the University of Michigan, scientist and administrator for the U. S. Navy during World War II, technical director of atomic bomb tests at Bikini Atoll, officer of the American Institute of Physics and Optical Society of America.

Personal correspondence, publication and speech files, and topical files relating to his professional activities in the university, government and scientific societies; and photographs.

11.4 feet


Selfridge, Thomas O.
Papers, 1810-1862

Papers of Rear Admiral Thomas O. Selfridge, found in the Smith Naval Collection and Aaron Cooke Collection.


Smith, Hubert S.
Collection, 4th century-1915

Manuscripts relating to naval history collected by Hubert S. Smith, industrialist of Bay City, Michigan. The collection includes an anonymous 'Journal de l'Expedition de Mahon en 1781 et 1782; de l'Expedition de Gibraltar en 1782; de l'Expedition projetté en Amerique sous les Ordres de Monsr. le Cte d'Estaing en 1783,' a 188 page account of the campaign of the combined French and Spanish armies and fleets against the British at Minorca and Gibraltar, 1781-1783; also, orders sent to D'Estaing to prepare a fleet for America and the East Indies in 1783 and 'Journal ou campagne des armées de terre et de mer, depuis le 22 Mars, 1781, jour du départ de l'armée navale Francoise, commandée par M. Le Comte de Grasse, de la rade de Brest jusques au 31 Mai 1782, jour auquel l'escadre commandée par M. le Marquis de Chabert, est partie de la rade du cap Francois pour conduire en Europe un convoy de 126 voiles, avec les détails de la traversée de la ditte escadre,' ca.1782, 82 pp. Contemporary French account of the naval squadron under De Grasse from March, 1781, to the capitulation of the British forces in America in October, 1782. Miscellaneous manuscripts relating to English and American naval history, 1458-1915, including letters, essays, instructions, and memoranda. There are approximately 180 items concerning the British Navy in the Napoleonic Wars. The largest portion of the collection falls between 1800 and 1889.

2 feet


Taylor, George W.
Papers, 1823-1862

Papers of George William Taylor, United States Army officer.  This collection contains 19 letters from Taylor to his family during his Navy tour in the Mediterranean, 1828-1832; a journal of the same period, 144 pp. 53 letters from Taylor to his wife, written during the Mexican War and his years in California; and 5 letters relating to his Civil War service.

103 items


Ticknor, Benajah 
Papers, 1818-1852

Journals, letterbook, medical notes, and essays of Benajah Ticknor, doctor and surgeon with the U.S. Navy. Of primary importance are the journals which describe journeys made by Ticknor with the Navy to South America, the Far East, and Europe.

1.5 feet


War of 1812
Collection, 1806-1860

Collection of miscellaneous manuscripts relating to the War of 1812. Every aspect of the war is represented here and, although the items were acquired singly, they present a fine, cohesive research collection. A variety of material is included, including letters, memoranda, reports, documents, reminiscences, and returns. In addition to the separate manuscripts are these longer items: Amos A. Evans (1785-1848), daily prescription book kept on board the U.S. Frigate Constitution, March 26 ­August 27, 1812, 262 pages, and daily report of cases in Marine Barracks at the Charleston Navy Yard, and on gun boats in the harbor, August 7-October 16, 1813, 15 pages.

2.5 feet


Whipple, Abraham
Papers, 1763-1787

This collection contains letters and documents relating to Whipple's service in the Continental Navy, 1776-1780, including 100 items concerning the 1778 Mission to France; 10 letters from Benjamin Lincoln regarding operations at Charleston, 1780; a memorial of Whipple's services in the American Revolution; and Whipple's financial accounts with Congress.

180 items


Whipple, James A.
Papers, 1847-1860

Papers of James Aldrich Whipple, American submarine engineer.

This collection contains 479 letters and 211 business documents related to Whipple's work raising sunken property; other material concerns his submarine diving inventions.

3 feet


Yosemite, USS

The log of USS Yosemite during the Spanish-American War is included in the Mortimer Elwyn Cooley collection.

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