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University of Notre Dame

Notre Dame

University of Notre Dame
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607 Hesburgh Library
Notre Dame, IN 46556


O'Hara, John F.
Papers, 1900s-1960s

Professor of religion, 1917-1934, vice-president, 1933-1934, and president, 1934-1940, University of Notre Dame; bishop serving as military delegate during World War II, 1939-1945; Bishop of Buffalo, 1945-1951; Archbishop of Philadelphia, 1951-1960; Cardinal in 1958. Correspondence, 1908-1960; sermons, lectures and editorials by O'Hara; clippings about him; notes taken by him; class records, 1917-1931; excerpts from the diary of his sister Elizabeth O'Hara, 1940-1951; correspondence, press releases, and clippings concerning his role as Military Delegate of the Armed Forces of the United States, 1940-1945; photographs, pamphlets, and medals.

14 feet


Reaney, William H.
Papers, 1894-1915

Catholic priest; chaplain in the U.S. Navy; during the Spanish-American War he served on Admiral Dewey's flagship, Olympia, beginning in June 1898, after the fleet had sailed into the Bay of Manila, before the city was taken.

Letters chiefly to Sister Catherine at St. Mary's Convent, Monroe, Michigan, concerning Reaney's Naval service and his activities with fraternal lodges; scrapbooks, clippings, and cards; one bound volume containing an article by Reaney's father on Monitor and Merrimac; and one photo album containing pictures that Reaney collected during his career in the Navy, including some pictures of Father Damien on Molokai and his work among the lepers.

8 inches

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