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Steamship Historical Society Collection


Steamship Historical Society Collection 

(Library collections are currently unavailable; contact the Society's office for further details.)
Society Office:
1029 Waterman Avenue
East Providence, RI 02916


Brochure Collection

The collection is organized by shipping line. Items include passenger rates and schedules, deck plans, tour information, ship descriptions, shipping line histories, geographical areas of operation, and type of vessel.


Photograph Collection

There are over 300,000 photographic images of passenger liners, cruise ships, lake and coastal ships, river steam boats, tugboats, cargo vessels, military transports, and work boats are arranged in this collection by ship name. These ships date from the mid-1800's to present.


Ship Plans

Plans range from general arrangement plans with minimal dimensional information to detailed builder plans. Ships date from the early 1800's to the 1950's.


Vertical Files

Nautical related information which includes harbor descriptions, shipyard information, military historical accounts, geographical nautical information, shipwreck and salvage information and newspaper clippings.

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