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Pennsylvania State University

University Park

Pennsylvania State University Library
Special Collections
104 Paterno Library
University Park, PA 16802-1808 

Annals of the War
Collection, 1877-1888

The Philadelphia Weekly Times newspaper published articles written by various people about the Civil War. Among the writers were John Esten Cooke, Abner Doubleday, Mary W. Early, G.N. Galloway, F.E. Garnett, Henry Heth, R.M.T. Hunter, George L. Kilmer, Armistead L. Long, Sarah Magruder, Henry B. McClellan, John Singleton Mosby, Thomas L. Rosser, Ella B. Washington, and Julia Wheelock-Freeman. Topics include Generals A.P. Hill, Stonewall Jackson, Robert E. Lee, James Longstreet, and George Gordon Meade; Confederate president Jefferson Davis; battles and campaigns, especially Gettysburg; the sieges of Charleston, Chattanooga, Knoxville, Petersburg, and Vicksburg; Sherman's march to the sea; African-American Confederates; prisons and prisoners; regimental actions; naval operations; the Confederacy; the British view of the war; hospitals; women in the war; songs; and civilian life, especially in Richmond.

1.29 feet


Doggett, Leonard A.
Papers, 1945

The scrapbook contains correspondence between Leonard A. Doggett and F. L. Bishop, Secretary of the Society for the Promotion of Engineering Education, concerning publishing his article, "Post war naval education for naval officers," in the March 1945 Journal of Engineering Education; a reprint of the article; letters from U.S. Navy Fleet Admiral Ernest J. King, Allan Westcott (associate editor, U.S. Naval Institute), Penn State president Ralph D. Hetzel, U.S. Navy Captain A. S. Adams, Admiral Thomas C. Kincaid, Secretary of the Navy James Forrestal, and U.S. Representatives David I. Walsh, D. Emmert Brumbaugh, and Carl Vinson thanking Doggett for a copy of the article; newspaper clippings and a Time magazine article on the U.S. Navy and Naval ROTC at Penn State.

1 volume


Fry, Elizabeth G.
Papers, 1822

In her third-person letter to Sir Thomas Byam Martin, Comptroller of the Navy, Fry recommends James Hall as a surgeon to serve on board a female convict ship.

3 pages


Gannon, Robert
Papers, 1943-1996

The collection focuses on aircraft and torpedo research for Gannon's book, Hellions of the Deep, including research notes, photographs of Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Company, oral history interviews, correspondence, illustrations, and line drawings. Also includes research material on sailplanes and soaring for his book, Half Mile Up Without an Engine.

4 feet


Parker, James L.
Papers, 1827-1848

The collection includes a journal kept while on board USS Brandywine, 1834-1837.

1 volume and 54 items


Parker, Richard L.
Papers, 1842-1861

The collection includes a journal kept while on board USS Brandywine, 1843-1845.

1 volume and 25 items


Rothrock, William P.
Papers, 1928-1931

The collection contains correspondence between Colonel William P. Rothrock and Reverend Archibald E. Mackie, U.S. Representative J. Mitchell Chase (23rd District, Pennsylvania), and Dr. Ralph Dorn Hetzel (President, Penn State) concerning the Wesley Foundation's pacifistic position on the Naval Bill and the lack of facilities for the ROTC program at Penn State. Also, includes newspaper clippings about army and navy preparedness, a copy of the act establishing the Farmers' High School of Pennsylvania, a sheet of statistics on ROTC in Pennsylvania by name of college, and four publications.

29 items


War Graphics
Collection, 1861-1980

This portion of the collection contains images of women during war including the American Revolution, Civil War (including an engraving by Winslow Homer), World War I (Russian, French, British, and American women), World War II, Franco-Prussian War; women in the Red Cross; women as fighters and soldiers; women in the Army, Navy, WAACS, and as war nurses; women on the homefront (general, World War I and II).  Found in the Alice Marshall Collection.

390 items

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