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South Caroliniana Library


South Caroliniana Library 
University of South Carolina
Columbia, SC 29208


Bacot, Ada W.
Papers, 1860-1863

Nurse in the Confederate naval service and brother to Richard H. Bacot.

9 items and 8 volumes


Bacot, Richard H.
Papers, 1863-1866

Papers of Second Lieutenant Richard H. Bacot, CSN, are found in the Peter Samuel Bacot Papers.

8 items


Blue Family
Papers, 1873-1955

The Blue Family Papers include material on Lieutenant Commander John S. Blue and Rear Admiral Victor Blue.

50 items and 1 volume


Calhoun, James E.
Papers, 1806-1889

598 items


Confederate States Navy
Papers, 1861-1916

5 items


Cornell, Richard M.
Papers, 1862-1922

Additional material can be found in the Confederate States Navy Collection.

12 items


Dahlgren, John A. B.
Papers, 1864-1865

3 items


Davis, Warren R.

Letter written during Davis' term in Congress regarding attempts to contact "a proper person to intrust our experiement to" connected with the Department of the Navy.

1 item


Dent, John H.
Papers, 1813-1814

Letterbook of John Herbert Dent, United States Navy officer in Charleston, South Carolina, during the War of 1812.

1 volume


Drayton, Glenn 
Papers, 1814-1864

Bound volume consisting of accounts of Navy life.

1 volume


DuPont, Samuel F.
Papers, 1862-1863

3 items


E. B. Hale
Records, 1863-1865

38 items


Edgeworth Family
Papers, 1781-1984

Richard Edgeworth off the African coast, 1781-1783 and commentary on the War of 1812.

514 items and 6 volumes


Edwards, Edward H.
Papers, 1859-1863

Chiefly family correspondence from Edward Harleston Edwards, written from Camp Johnson, Mobile, Alabama, and Savannah and Brunswick, Georgia, regarding Civil War, community morale in Charleston, South Carolina, and Mobile, Alabama, and various social and military activities of a Confederate Naval officer.

67 items


Gaillard, Samuel
Papers, 1820-1824

17 items


Grimball, John B.
Papers, 1859-1888

12 items


Hamilton, Paul
Papers, 1802-1812

Paul Hamilton was Secretary of the Navy from 1809-1812.

27 items


Hardy, Joseph L. C.
Papers, 1815-1823

Papers of Midshipman Joseph L. C. Hardy are found in the William Moultrie Reid Collection.

6 items


Hayne, Robert

Senator Robert Hayne was Chairman of the Senate Naval Affairs Committee from 1826-1831.


Hopkinson, James
Papers, 1847-1917

Miscellaneous items, mostly relating to the Civil War.

402 items and 20 volumes


Izard, Allen C.
Papers, 1834-1943

Chiefly orders and correspondence regarding Izard's enrollment at the United States Naval Academy and service as a naval officer and regarding his effort to transfer from the Confederate States Army to the Navy.

93 items


Izard, Ralph
Papers, 1709-1955

300 items


Jordan, Nathan Haynes
Papers, 1944

Chiefly correspondence from brothers Nathan Haynes Jordan, Jr., Corporal, later Sergeant, U.S. Army; William H. Jordan, Radioman Second Class, U.S. Navy; and Richard H. Jordan, Seaman First Class, U.S. Navy, to their mother, Mary Frances Bailey Jordan, and sister, Audrey M. Jordan in the Second World War.

290 items


Records, 1850-1866

Records of the marine school ship Lodebar.

2 volumes


Lovell, Roberts P.
Papers, 1842-1878

Including ship rosters and duty lists for USS WaveFlirt, and Boston; manuscript poetry, and diary entries, alluding to military activities as British ships blockaded Brazilian ports in an attempt to enforce a ban on the slave trade.

1 volume


McGowan, Samuel
Papers, 1893-1903

1 volume


McLeod, Daniel R.
Papers, 1957-1983

The collection includes a volume, c. 1985, original manuscript and photocopy of unfinished World War II memoir detailing McLeod's enlistment in the U.S. Navy, his completion of an officer training course at Northwestern University, and the beginning of his tour of duty on board USS Mayo.

2,417 items and 1 volume


McNeely, Robert W.
Papers, 1886-1966

8,156 items


Middleton, Edward
Papers, 1861

1 item


Morgan, James M.
Papers, 1769-1927

67 items


Morrow, James
Papers, 1838-1938

355 items


Petit, George H. 
Papers, 1864

Letters written by George H. Petit, a Union seaman stationed on board USS Carnation at Port Royal, South Carolina, giving details of Union Navy activities in the area, commenting on excitement over the defeat of Union forces in Florida, and giving details regarding the sinking of the Union vessel Housatonic in Charleston harbor by a Confederate torpedo.

2 items


Porcher, Philip
Papers, 1845-1925

401 items


Reedy and Beacham Families
Papers, 1874-1975

The collection includes papers of naval officer Worth Beacham.

2,874 items and 34 volumes


Rootes, Thomas R.
Papers, 1864

Papers of Commander Thomas R. Rootes, a Union and Confederate naval officer.

1 item 


Sessions, Samuel C.
Papers, 1901-1904

Army veteran of Spanish-American War; enlisted in U.S. Navy, 1901; stationed on board USS TopekaIndianaColumbia, and Vixen.

2 volumes


Smith, William H.
Papers, 1883

1 volume


South Carolina
Collection, 1781-1945

War ship in the South Carolina Navy during American Revolution; first of six American ships to bear the name South Carolina; originally named L'Indien.

25 items and 1 volume


Stevens, Henry K.
Papers, 1858-1862

Lieutenant Henry K. Stevens was a Union and Confederate naval officer.

8 items


Stevens, Thomas H.
Papers, 1861-1864

4 items


Tillman, Benjamin R.
Papers, 1888-1917

Senator Benjamin Ryan Tillman was Chairman of the Senate Committee on Naval Affairs from 1913-1918.

15 items


Weber, George
Papers, 1861-1862

Seaman on board Confederate steamship Patrick Henry.

13 items


Yeadon, Richard
Papers, 1841-1870

Letter, 18 August 1862, Richmond, Virginia, from Steven R. Mallory, Confederate Secretary of the Navy, reporting naming of new steam sloop The Palmetto State and funds collected to build ships.

16 items and 1 volume 

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