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U.S. Navy Japanese Language School

In April, 2000, the Archives launched a third attempt to gather the papers, correspondence, photographs, and records of graduates of the US Navy Japanese Language School, University of Colorado at Boulder, 1942-1946. We are assembling these papers in recognition of the contributions made by JLS graduates to the War effort in the Pacific, the successful occupation of Japan, and the creation of Japanese language programs across the country after World War II. Of certain historical interest are the activities of graduates in World War II code breaking, translating and intelligence. But the work of combat interpreters and interrogators has also attracted research attention. Those graduates who served in various capacities during the Occupation of Japan and during the attempts to gain surrender of the bypassed territories also had experiences fascinating to historians. Our new areas of interest are the post war roles played by graduates: in the teaching of Japanese language and culture in higher education, in the US Foreign Service, in the intelligence community, and in grass roots efforts to establish sister cities, exchange programs, and reconciliation projects with Japan. In many instances, the graduates' war-time experiences had only tangential effects on their careers, but even those influences are interesting to scholars. These papers are being collected for use by scholars in Japanese history, World War II history, diplomacy and foreign affairs, and East Asian language and culture.

05 February 2004

Published: Thu Jun 26 10:59:17 EDT 2014