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Illinois State Historical Library


Illinois State Historical Library 
Old State Capitol
Springfield, IL 62701-1507


Bock, William N.
Papers, 1864-1896

Acting master's mate, USS Rattler, and signal officer USS Lexington, Mississippi Squadron.  Letters by Bock, 1864-1865, written on Rattler and Lexington (8 items); letters containing Civil War reminiscences received from James Laning, former commander of Rattler, Woodlawn Park, Illinois, 1886 and 1890 (2 items), and from J.E. Robinson, a former crewmember of Rattler, Deshler, Ohio, 1895-1896 (2 items); notebook with entries beginning 29 November 1864 containing diagrams of Navy signal flags, the duties of various officers and men in case of fire, and a roster of men indicating their ranks and stations, and a clipping about the storm flag of Lexington.  Also includes two photographs of Bock in uniform, letters to his parents, and letters regarding treachery of Captain Daniel Glenny.

67 items


Braden, Charles J.
Papers, 1902-1908

Braden served in the Navy from 1902 until his death from tuberculosis in 1908. The collection consists primarily of letters Braden wrote to his family. They describe his ship's ports of call as well as his daily routine. Other items include an unpublished manuscript "Homeward Bound Cruise of the U.S. BattleshipOhio", a scrapbook and some memorabilia.

0.42 feet


Crandall, Warren D.
Papers, 1862-1920

Captain and assistant adjutant general, Mississippi Marine Brigade, Civil War historian, and newspaper editor from Brookfield, Missouri. Collection consists of the papers Crandall used to compile his History of the Ram Fleet and the Mississippi Marine Brigade, published in 1907.

4.58 feet


Dahlgren, John A.
Papers, 1861-1865

Items found in the Abraham Lincoln Papers.


DeNovo, John A.
Papers, 1938-1948

Correspondence and other materials reflecting periods of John DeNovo's life spent as an undergraduate at the University of Minnesota (1938-1941), as a lieutenant in the U.S. Navy Reserves during World War II (1941-1945), and as a graduate student at Yale University (1945-1948). Correspondents include his mother, Paula DeNovo of Galva, Illinois; his aunt, Pepita Watson of Hollywood, California; his brother, Joe DeNovo in the Coast Guard in Miami, Florida; and his future wife, Jeanne Humphreys of Knoxville, Illinois. Trips to Australia and New Caledonia during DeNovo's term of service during World War II are documented.

1.88 feet


Farragut, David G.

Items contained in the Christopher C. Augur Papers.

3 items


Fitch, Amza L.
Papers, 1864-1887

Army officer, captain in merchant marine. Official correspondence (Field orders and reports) with headquarters, Naval Brigade, Department of Virginia and North Carolina, 1864-1865, while Fitch was Captain of Company L, 13th Regiment, New York Heavy Artillery, commanding U.S. Army Gunboats Parke,Foster, and Reno (14 items); personal correspondence, 1867-1887, mostly from Fitch to his wife, who was at their home in Oak Park, Illinois, while he was a captain in the merchant marine on the Great Lakes (20 items); ships log, 1869-1870. Also his commission, muster-in roll, discharge, and summaries of his service record (12 items).  Photographs available: Fitch in uniform, 1864-1865; the Gunboat Parke at Appomattox, 1864; and later portraits of Fitch, his wife, and his daughter.

46 items

Foote, Andrew H.
Papers, 1861-1862

Items found in the Wallace-Dickey Papers and Abraham Lincoln Papers.


Fox, Gustavus V.
Papers, 1865

Gustavus V. Fox was Assistant Secretary of the Navy from 1861 to 1866.

1 item


Jannotta, Alfred V.
Papers, 1922-1960

15 feet


Kempff, Louis
Papers, 1860-1862

7 items


Laning, Harris

1 microfilm reel


Malvern, USS
Records, 1865

Original page from the logbook of the flagship of the Union fleet on the James River, 25-26 March 1865, recording the visit of President Abraham Lincoln and his party while traveling to Richmond, Virginia.

1 item


Pollock, Samuel
Papers, 1863-1865

Journal kept by Samuel Pollock from 13 October 1863 to 17 March 1865 while serving as paymaster clerk on USS Agawam.

1 volume


Porter, David D.
Papers, 1862

Additional materials are in the Christopher C. Augur, Nathaniel P. Banks, John A. McClernand, and Lewis B. Parsons Papers.

1 item


Price, W. H.
Papers, 1862-1864

This collection contains letters written from USS Preble, while at Mobile Bay, Alabama, 6 May 1862; Pensacola, Florida, 8 October 1862; from USS Albatross off Mobile Bar on 2 May 1864.  The letters include descriptions of naval engagements near Fort Morgan, the capture of New Orleans, the arming of blacks, the Fort Pillow massacre, and the coming national election.

3 items


Rosenmiller, D.P.
Papers, 1864-1865

Journal kept by D.P. Rosenmiller, commanding officer of USS Alexandria, a patrol and supply ship of the First Division, Mississippi Squadron, operating between New Orleans and Donaldsville.

1 volume


Smith, James L.
Papers, 1864

James L. Smith served as Acting First Assistant Engineer.

1 item


Welles, Gideon
Papers, 1860-1861

Gideon Welles was Secretary of the Navy from 1861-1869.  Additional material is found in the Abraham Lincoln, John A. McClernand, and Lewis B. Parsons Papers.

27 items


Wise, Henry A.
Papers, 1858-1870

1 box

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