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Cornell University

Ithaca, NY

Rare and Manuscript Collections
Cornell University
2B Carl A. Kroch Library
Ithaca, NY 14853


Bancroft, George
Papers, 1811-1901

Correspondence documents his appointments as Minister to Great Britain in 1849 and Minister to Berlin, 1849-1867. There is also a series of letters to his wife in 1847 discussing French politics in detail as well as his reaction to French historians and philosophers. In addition, the collection contains a large number of autographed letters from persons prominent in public affairs and the literary world in Europe and America, 1817-1886; albums of photographs of the German royal family and others; bronze plaque honoring Bancroft; 90th birthday scrapbook; guest book, 1894-1899; and two letters, 1941, to Wilder D. Bancroft from the U.S. Navy regarding the launching of a ship named for George Bancroft. Included is correspondence by or about Ann Bancroft, Mary Bancroft, Sarah Bancroft, Thomas Bancroft, Alexander Bliss, William Bliss, T. Hartley Crawford, Jonathan Dwight, Jane Putnam Bancroft Gherardi, D. Goodwin, William Murphy, Henry Schoolcraft, Charles C. Trowbridge, Baxter Witter, and Levi Woodbury.

7 feet


Bellais, William F.
Papers, 1963-1971

Letters concerning the training of Naval intelligence personnel during the Vietnam War era at the Naval Amphibious School, Coronado, California. Includes letters from naval officers to Lieutenant Commander Walter Brubaker; copies of official letters written by Bellais while chief training officer; and letters from former students stationed in Vietnam.

1 folder


Cleve, Earl
Papers, 1966-1967

Newsletters and annotated U.S. Navy photographs of construction related to the Vietnam War. 

1 folder


Horowitz, David
Papers, 1942-1943

Diary of David Horwitz, June 25, 1942 to April 14, 1943, including descriptions of the Guadalcanal Campaign; five letters, August to October 1942, from David Horwitz to his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Solomon Horwitz. Also, one discharge certificate, May 23, 1943; photograph and five clippings; maps of Lunga area, Guadalcanal, October 1942; calendar; and poetry.

20 items


Kenyon, Albert J.
Papers, 1867, 1871

Diary entries concern Kenyon's activities on board USS Dacotah and USS Wasp and shore visits to Valparaiso, Montevideo, Buenos Aires, and other South American ports.

2 volumes


MacKay, Gladys G.
Papers, 1969-2001

Correspondence relating to Gladys Godfrey MacKay's life, including her time in the Navy as a WAVE and her concerns on various social issues.

0.1 feet


Mattice, Asa M.
Papers, 1853-1925

Correspondence, court proceedings, contracts, specifications, and other material relating to naval reorganization and improvement, between Mattice and George W. Baird, James B. Smith, Gustav Kaemmerling, and other naval officers; topics include the grounding and losses of certain vessels, and the training program for naval engineers at Annapolis. Also, correspondence with officers of the Royal Navy and others concerning British naval affairs, particularly in regard to the status of naval engineers in both navies; contracts with the Columbian Iron Works and Dry Dock Company for the construction of gunboats, cruisers, and other vessels; specifications for machinery for the Maine and other vessels; and letters and resolutions concerning congressional action on military and naval affairs.

1.2 feet


Merritt, Ernest G.
Papers, 1887-1950

Collection includes material pertaining to Merritt's years at Cornell, including a student scrapbook of photographs, programs, and pamphlets; loose photographs of colleagues, laboratory equipment, and Cornell views; Merritt's notes on lectures concerning electricity, magnetism, thermodynamics, and theoretical mechanics; four volumes of notes taken by teaching assistant Ernest Blaker (Ph.D. 1901) at Merritt's lectures, as well as undated notes on advances in experimental physics; calculations and notes; Physics Department annual reports, 1917-1933; resolutions, reports, minutes, and statements of various committees of the Graduate Faculty concerning Graduate School requirements, and elections and organization of the faculty; and correspondence and other papers concerning the Board of Trustees and the Deanship of the College of Arts and Sciences. Also, correspondence, charts, reports, and a scrapbook of photographs pertaining to Merritt's work at the New London Naval Academy, 1917-1920, including correspondence from R. A. Millikan; correspondence regarding colleagues in Germany, 1901-1949, and an autographed portrait of Max Planck; correspondence and printed material on the history of the American Physical Society and other organizations; and correspondence and reports concerning submarine detection, 1941-1942. Also included are a diary, 1887; publications by Merritt (some in collaboration with Cornell Professor Edward L. Nichols) concerning luminescence and other subjects in physics; a letterpress copybook, 1896-1904, including letters concerning the Town and Gown Club, physics publications, and other topics; snapshots of family, friends, and Ithaca, New York views; and biographical materials relating to Edward L. Nichols.

2.8 feet


Reynolds, Robert B.
Papers, 1863-1865

Correspondence written while at the U.S. Naval Academy.


Roosevelt, Theodore
Papers, 1883-1953

Consists mainly of letters by Roosevelt to a variety of correspondents, but also includes several autographs, 4 photographs, one printed item, and one document. Letters span Roosevelt's career, briefly documenting his activities as Governor of New York, Civil Service Commissioner, Commissioner of the New York City Police, Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Navy, Vice President, President, and, in his political retirement, editor in turn at The Outlook and Metropolitan magazines and the Kansas City Star newspaper. Correspondence deals with the handling of internal American political affairs, including dealings with Civil War veterans and a Governors' Conference on U.S. natural resources; letters to editors concerning books and articles Roosevelt was publishing or being asked to write; and a few letters on religious matters, including a substantial letter on the U.S. government's position vis-à-vis Catholic affairs in the Philippines. Photographs show Roosevelt and a companion on an excursion in rocky country. The printed item is an inspirational message Roosevelt wrote for U.S. troops in 1917; the document is a Thanksgiving Day proclamation issued by Roosevelt in 1899 as Governor of New York. Also included in the collection is correspondence between W.J. Crawford and Robert William Glenroie Vail concerning the building of the collection.

0.3 feet


Shoemaker, Ferris
Papers, 1861-1866

Correspondence and diaries relating to Shoemaker's service as a petty officer in the Marine Corps attached to USS Saranac on the Pacific Station during the Civil War; includes information on the French intervention in Mexico. Papers also relate to abolition, and Shoemaker's interpretation of public opinion on matters of politics and expansion. 

0.3 feet


Sicard, Montgomery
Papers, 1855-1873

Papers concerned with the interrelated Floyd, Ireland, and Sicard families. The Floyd items include the militia records (1824-1829) of Captain David Floyd, 157th Regiment, Rome, Oneida County, New York. The Ireland items include a plat book of the lands owned in New York City by the John Ireland Estate (1837). The bulk of the collection (1855-1873) relates to the activities of Montgomery Sicard, a U.S. Navy officer, and includes notes, pamphlets, and other materials on navigation, naval discipline, and the care and use of naval guns; letters relating to the shipwreck of USS Saginaw in the Pacific, November 1870; and letters relating to Sicard's duties at the Brooklyn Navy Yard (1870s).  Found in the Floyd Family Papers.


Sterling, Archibald
Papers, 1924

Two typescript carbon copies, with some pages missing of the unofficial diary of Archibald Sterling, Commander, USS Billingsley on tour of duty in Europe; the author gives impressions of parts visited (Iceland, Scotland, Crete), comments on the nature of his current assignment, sailing weather, and the activities and characteristics of people he encountered on this voyage.

28 pieces


U.S. Navy, Bureau of Aeronautics
Records, 1914-1918

Three portfolios of photographs relating to World War I, one of persons and places, and two of planes and aircraft. Also, instruction photographs, and other miscellaneous and oversized images, including some photographs of battleships.

1 foot


U.S. Navy, V-12 Program, Cornell University
Records, 1944-1946

1 folder


Vietnam War Miscellany
Collection, 1965-1989

U.S. military documents including U.S. Navy Personal Response Office bulletins and pamphlets; brochure from Massachusetts Political Action for Peace; items relating to folklore and folksongs from the U.S. military in Vietnam; brochures about the Women in Military Service Memorial and the Virginia War Memorial; articles, magazines, and newsletters including Vietnam War Newsletter (1981-1983); Vietnamese tract on U.S. imperialism, South Vietnam U.S. Defeat Inevitable, by General Van Tien Dung, published by Foreign Languages Publishing House, Hanoi, 1967. Also, copies of letters from Ho Chi Minh to Harry Truman.

0.4 feet


Watson, Robert
Papers, 1863-1865

Diary of a Confederate soldier who fought with the 7th Florida Regiment, Army of the Tennessee, and who was transferred to the Navy in March 1864, serving on CSS Savannah.

2 microfilm reels


Woodruff, John T.
Photographs, 1943-1946

Photographs, prints, and slides taken by Woodruff of buildings and friends involved with Cornell University's war effort, the Navy V-12 Program, and a letter describing his Cornell activities.

0.1 feet


Wyckoff, Edward G.
Papers, 1899-1910

The collection includes correspondence of Edward Guild Wyckoff with Robert E. Peary regarding Peary's Arctic explorations; with Frederic A. Cook regarding a proposed American expedition to climb Mount McKinley; and with the Arctic and Peary Arctic Clubs; also photographs, pamphlets, and miscellany concerning Arctic explorers and exploration.

515 items

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