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University of California, Berkeley

Berkeley, CA

University of California, Berkeley
Bancroft Library
Berkeley, CA 94720-6000

Bailey, Theodorus
Papers, 1846-1848

Correspondence as commander of the U.S. Storeship, Lexington, on duty on the coast of California and Mexico.

142 items


Beale, Edward F.
Papers, c. 1888

An autobiographical sketch, chiefly concerning his service under Commodore Stockton and the conquest of California. Accompanied by a sketch of family history from Mrs. Beale. Also available on microfilm. Forms part of the Hubert Howe Bancroft Collection.

11 leaves


Cramer, John
Papers, 1821-1822

Journal kept during a voyage on USS Franklin.

1 item


Emmons, George F.
Papers, 1867

Transcript of journal entries while in command of USS Ossipee, conveying the U.S. and Russian Commissioners to Sitka for the Alaska transfer ceremonies.

21 leaves


Foulk, George C.
Papers, 1876-1889

Personal and official papers, chiefly as Naval Agent and Charge d'Affaires, U.S. Legation, Korea, and as representative, American Trading Company, in Japan. Includes a copy of a letter from President Chester A. Arthur. A diary, 1884, of travel in Korea, miscellaneous records from his U.S. Navy service, photographs and a few printed items are included. Also, a small group of correspondence of Harold J. Noble with member of the Foulk family, 1927-1928. Journeys in Korea, by George Clayton Foulk; a diary, 1884.

2 boxes and 1 volume


Gwin, William McK.
Papers, 1833-1897

Mainly correspondence relating to political affairs in Mississippi, California and Mexico, to property in Panama for the Isthmus Pacific Railway, and to Choctaw and Chickasaw Indian claims. Includes letters from Jefferson Davis, 1875.

3 boxes


Larkin, Thomas O.
Papers, 1825-1867

Correspondence, accounts, and miscellaneous papers omitted from the volumes of Larkin's papers bound by H. H. Bancroft. Vouchers and returns as U.S. Consul and as Navy Agent and Storekeeper in Monterey, California (some of these concern care for American seamen); miscellaneous business accounts at Monterey; personal accounts in San Francisco and the East; accounts and legal papers relating to land holdings; papers relating to his estate.

3 boxes and 1 oversize folder


MacDonough, Thomas
Papers, 1810

Letter, 6 March 1810, relating to his duties as a lieutenant in the Navy.

1 item


Nelson, William
Papers, 1835-1956

Nelson family papers: Diary and commonplace book, official correspondence, and papers of William Nelson, mainly concerning his service in the U.S. Navy during the Civil War; letters and papers of Edward Emil Nelson; sketchbook and diaries of Emily Serena Nelson; miscellaneous newspaper clippings and printed items relative to the Batchelder and Nelson families in New Hampshire.

2 boxes and 2 oversize folders


Parker, William
Papers, 1842-1844

Logbook of the U.S. Sloop of War Cyane kept by Lieutenant Parker; Commander K. Stribling. At the beginning of the volume: abstract of chronometer readings and calculations; statistics for various cities and towns visited; dates of departure from and arrival at certain ports; latitude and longitude readings, etc. Journal portion of the log (65 p.) begins with entry dated Oct. 21, 1842, describing American occupation of Monterey and continues with descriptions of visits to Santa Barbara, Monterey, Yerba Buena, San Diego, Mazatlan, and other points along the Pacific coast and journeys ashore, and the voyage to the Sandwich Islands.

213 pages


Pond, Charles F.
Papers, 1876-1929

Papers Charles Fremont Pond, relating to his naval career, 1876-1918.  Part of the Keith-McHenry-Pond Family papers, 1841-1961.

4 boxes


Price, Rodman McC.
Papers, 1843-1892

Materials relate mainly to his property in San Francisco and to lawsuits concerning it. Included also are a few papers pertaining to his duties as purser on board Cyane and to the banking firm of Ward & Price, New York.

2 boxes


Schreiber, Benjamin
Papers, 1898-1899

Volume 1, "Log of the U.S.S. Marietta" (Nov. 26, 1898 - June 23, 1899) covering duty in the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea, Volume 2, "Cruise of the U.S.S. Iris" (Apr. 23 - Sept. 2, 1914) covering duty on west coast of Mexico and at Mazatlan during the revolution.

2 volumes


Watmough, James H.
Papers, 1844-1855

Letterbook (volume) written from both ends. Contains copies (in his handwriting and mostly signed with initials) of letters as purser on U.S. naval vessels, PortsmouthPerry, and Constitution. Letters from Portsmouth reflect service on the Pacific Coast, 1845-1847. The loose papers include copies of letters and returns for Perry, 1849-1851.

1 volume and 6 items


Wilson, John
Papers, 1840-1897

Correspondence and documents relating to Wilson's activities as U.S. Indian Agent, Naval Agent, and lawyer, mainly concerning land claims and Whig politics. Santa Cruz County poll list of 1854. Diary of visit to silver mines in Chihuahua in 1864, and some miscellaneous papers of Wakeman and Cooper families also included.

4 boxes and 1 oversize folder


Wood, William M.
Papers, 1844-1845

Logbook kept while fleet surgeon of the Pacific Squadron on the U.S. Sloop of War Portsmouth, May 1844-1845. Includes list of duties of the surgeons and stewards of the sickbay; regulations; records of patients and their treatment, with an account of the illness and death of Commander Alexander J. Dallas; report of illnesses treated and of other deaths on board; voyages from Callao to the Marquesas; record of mercury poisoning.

1 volume

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