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Historical Society of Pennsylvania


The Historical Society of Pennsylvania 
1300 Locust Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107-5699


Ashmead, Lehman P.
Papers, 1842-1845

Journals of Lehman P. Ashmead, a midshipman in the U.S. Navy from 1841 to 1845, of a cruise on board the U.S. Frigate Constitution commanded by Captain Philip F. Vorhees from Portsmouth, New Hampshire to the Mediterranean and from Brazil to Norfolk, Virginia; lists of vessels of the United States Navy, notes on naval flag signals and storage and equipment of USS Congress, and a selection of poetry and songs.

2 volumes


Barney, Joshua
Papers, 1782-1818

These papers reflect Joshua Barney's activities as an American naval officer during the Revolution, Commodore in the French Navy from 1796 to 1802, privateer during the War of 1812, and commander of the Chesapeake Flotilla defending Washington, D.C., in 1814. The largest group of papers relate to his service in the French Navy and include official papers, accounts, log of La Tribune, and related material. Some papers, possibly saved by Barney from captured ships, consist of circular letters of British postmasters, instructions and documents for the mail packet Amelia, 1793-1812, with information on intelligence gathering, as well as a few letters for English merchants, 1812. Also commissions, naval signals, testimonials and more.

150 items


Barr, Samuel V.

Family notes, photographs, correspondence, relating to Samuel Price, his services in the Navy during the Civil War, and his later life as a marine engineer.

300 items


Barton, Charles C.
Papers, 1827-1831

Midshipman's journals kept by Barton while off Brazil and Argentina on board USS Vandalia and USS Hudson, 1828-1831, embellished by Barton's watercolors and wash drawings as well as his manuscript map of Brazil.

2 volumes


Biddle, Charles
Papers, 1763-1829

Correspondence, 1763-1829, on politics, naval and military affairs, and the slave trade; letters of Aaron Burr relate to his controversy with Alexander Hamilton, 1796-1807; letters of Benedict Arnold, 1736-1774; Charles Biddle letter book, 1792-1806; autobiography of Charles Biddle, 1819.

250 items


Biddle, James S.
Papers, 1833-1859

The James Stokes Biddle Papers consist largely of orders and other official incoming correspondence while serving in the U.S. Navy, with some unofficial letters from Commodore Christopher Raymond Perry Rodgers. Biddle's Vera Cruz letterbook, 1845, reports on the state of affairs in Mexico. There is also a Commodore James Biddle naval commonplace book, ca. 1840's.

150 items


Bonnaffon, Edmund W.
Papers, 1897-1912

Logbook of Edmund W. Bonnaffon, Paymaster, U.S. Navy, 1896-1897, describing life in Alaska, 1897; register of allotments on board USS Massachusetts, 1903; invitations, clippings, and souvenirs of E. W. Bonnaffon, as well as two letters to Captain Sylvester Bonnaffon, 3rd, Paymaster, U.S. Army, 1912.

2 volumes


Bradford, Thomas
Papers, 1760-1862

These papers include: documents concerning British prisoners, including correspondence relating to prisoners from the British Army and Navy, 1777-1783; British prisoners' paroles, 1778-1782; a list of British prisoners, from both services, 1778-1782; returns of provisions for British prisoners, 1778-1783; American naval prisoners' paroles and bonds for their delivery, 1778-1783; miscellaneous correspondence and accounts, 1760-1862.

3.5 feet


Burns, James
Papers, 1793-1860

Lieutenant Burns' commission signed by John Adams, 1798; three manuscript booklets on naval signal flags, veering and shortening sail and ships' regulations and orders on USS GangesCongress and Constellation, 1800-1802; miscellaneous letters and printed notes relate to his studies in the University of Pennsylvania, 1793-1795; copy of South Carolina proclamation, "The Union is Dissolved," 1860.

1 box


Chauncey, Isaac
Papers, 1855

Papers of Commodore Isaac Chauncey can be found in the Colonel Cromwell Pearce Collection.

1 volume


Chesapeake Flotilla
Records, 1813-1815

Muster roll and enlistment records of personnel of the Chesapeake Flotilla, United States Navy.

2 volumes


Civil War Papers
Collection, 1861-1878

These papers contain primarily Union Army muster rolls, consolidated reports, returns, and enlistment certificates, with some Civil War correspondence, official and personal, reminiscences, miscellaneous manuscripts and memorabilia.

600 items


Clark, William B.
Papers, 1917-1918

Lists of Pennsylvania killed, wounded, or captured while serving with the United States Navy or Merchant Marine, 1917-1918, compiled by Clark when he was Assistant Secretary of the Pennsylvania War History Commission.

5 items


Clark, William J.
Papers, 1861-1889

Scrapbooks contain letters from Clark to his parents while serving on board the Unites States Frigate Niagara, 1861-1864; documents concerning his military career and clippings, mostly obituary notices.

2 volumes


Cook, Lewis D.
Collection, 1790-1922

Miscellaneous family papers of the Tingey and Craven family. Correspondence between family members discuss: family life, religious thought, health, advice for a traveling daughter, careers of family members (in the Coast Guard, Navy, railroad and the Croton Aqueduct Company), and various estate settlements.

100 items


Corson, Edward F.
Papers, 1859-1864

Edward F. Corson, commissioned as Assistant Surgeon in the Navy, served on board USS Hartford in the East India Squadron from 1859-1861. Hartford cruised in and out of Hong Kong, Shanghai, Manila, and other Far East ports. Corson was promoted to Surgeon in 1862 and assigned to USS Mohican, which had a roving commission to capture confederate privateers. Although Mohican did not see much action, Corson had ample opportunity to visit Brazilian ports, including Porto Grande, Bahia, and Rio de Janeiro.

100 items


Dallas, George M.
Papers, 1791-1880

Correspondence of Alexander James Dallas and George Mifflin Dallas. Included among George Mifflin Dallas' papers are letters to his wife, Sophia Chew Nicklin Dallas, 1831-1857; letters from his wife and their children; the manuscript of the life he wrote of his father, Alexander James Dallas; and letters received by George Mifflin Dallas between 1813 and 1864.

1 volume and 1,400 items


Day, Alfred
Papers, 1855

Alfred Day was a Philadelphia naval agent.

1 volume


Decatur, Stephen
Papers, 1809-1820

The papers of Stephen Decatur, American naval officer, contain copies of orders and letters relating to his service with the United States Navy in the Mediterranean before and during the Tripolitan War, a letter of Decatur's relating to his fatal duel with Captain James Barron, and articles of agreement.

1 volume


Drayton Family
Papers, 1796-1896

The letters of various members of the Drayton family reflect their opinions on nullification, the Mexican War, the Civil War, and other subjects. Of special interest are the letters of General Thomas Drayton, U.S. Army, and the correspondence of Captain Percival Drayton, U.S. Navy, 1840-1866. The latter has much on naval matters. The letters, 1817-1846, received by Colonel William Drayton illustrate the feeling of the times. The collection contains considerable printed material on nullification, states rights, slavery, and the tariff, 1796-1840.

28 feet


Dreer, Julius F.
Collection, 1492-1925

The collection includes political and military figures; European political and military figures; fine and performing artists; American and European literary figures; clergymen; scientists and explorers; and English and continental literary figures of the nineteenth century.

84 feet


d'Estaing, comte Charles Henri
Papers, 1778-1779

Official narrative of the actions of the French fleet in North American and West Indian waters during the Revolution under the command of Comte Charles Henri d'Estaing.

32 pages


Ettings, Frank M.
Collection, 1558-1917

The collection includes letters of officers in the American and British Navies, 1740-1865.

20,000 items


Everett, Edward
Papers, 1864

A speech to the House Committee on Naval Affairs on 12 March 1864 in which Everett discusses history of the Navy in a patriotic fashion.

12 pages


Feltus, William W.
Papers, 1812-1814

Journal of W. W. Feltus, midshipman on board USS Essex, under the command of Commodore David Porter, a narrative of daily occurrences on board, sea battles with British warships, chase and capture of pirates, privateers, and merchant vessels, and accounts of encounter with savage tribes on the Marquesas Islands in the Pacific.

1 volume


Fulton, Robert
Papers, 1813-1846

1 volume


Gardiner, Edward C.
Collection, 1632-1939

A collection of the papers of the Baird, Carey, Gardiner, and Penington families, prominent in political, economic, and cultural affairs. The papers are rich in material on literary trends of the country, its authors and writers, publication and distribution of books, the art of printing, bookbinding, copyrights, and other subjects pertaining to the publishing business.

The Baird family papers contain letters of Henry Carey Baird, author, political writer, publisher, leader in the Whig, Republican, and Greenback parties. The papers consist of: documents and papers on the Baird family, 1794-1916; Henry Carey Baird correspondence, 1845-1911; record of his tour through England and Europe, 1847; miscellaneous documents, 1856-1870; letters and journal concerning Rear Admiral Louis M. Goldsborough's naval career in the Civil War, 1862-1922; Thomas J. Baird military papers, 1813-28, relating to his military career, frontier life, Indian wars, etc.; letters 1817-1842, pertain to his domestic and personal affairs.

32 feet


Goodfellow, Edward
Papers, 1860

Journal of a tour to Labrador on board the steamer Bibb, 1860, by Edward Goodfellow, United States Coast Survey, member of the Labrador Eclipse Expedition, which was in the charge of Professor Stephen Alexander, of Princeton College; describes hazards of the journey, collisions with icebergs and submerged rocks, fishing industry off Nova Scotia, life of the Eskimos and Indians, magnetic and other scientific observations.

1 volume


Gratz, Simon
Collection, 1676-1906

American Navy in the Revolution, 1742-1843; Board of War and Navy Board, 1776-1799; British officers in War of 1812, 1803-1866; colonial wars, 1657-1815; American officers in the Revolution, 1747-1842; French and Indian War, 1756; French officers in the Revolution, 1764-1836; foreign officers in British Army in the Revolution, and American loyalists, 1747-1827; generals in the Revolution, 1691-1863; Indians and Indian wars, 1676-1858; Mexican War, 1819-1894; United States naval officers, 1795-1906; War of 1812, 1793-1844; Civil War colonels, 1857-1890; Civil War brevet brigadier generals, 1803-1904; Civil War Confederate generals, 1841-1901; Civil War Union generals, 1777-1901; Confederate army, 1834-1895; Confederate Navy, 1836-1883; Confederate Congress and miscellaneous, 1832-1886; constitution of the Confederate States, 1832-1889; governors of the Confederate States, 1837-1884.


Greene, James M.
Papers, 1825-1835

Dr. James M. Greene was a medical officer in the U.S. Navy.

24 items


Harrison, George
Papers, 1812-1832

Correspondence and copies of resolutions of Congress, relating to orders from military and naval authorities for the manufacture of medals, emblems, swords, etc., for presentation to distinguished officers in recognition of gallantry in service against British vessels. The names of officers so honored include Isaac Hull of USS Constitution, Stephen Decatur of United States, Jacob Jones of Wasp, William Bainbridge, Oliver H. Perry, and others.

150 items


Henry, Alexander
Papers, 1858-1876

Most of the correspondence reflects the impact of the Civil War and concerns the defense of the city and the state: the recruiting of troops, the draft, the Philadelphia Bounty Fund, the use of "colored" troops raised in Philadelphia, and relations with the federal government and the military. Telegrams of Governor Andrew G. Curtin chronicle the advance of Lee into Pennsylvania. Several items, including Secretary of State William H. Seward telegrams, concern a rumored plot to burn Northern cities. Other letters concern security investigations, police and crime matters, and aid for persons in need. The papers also include Mayor Henry's list of marriages solemnized, 1858-1861, and letters about the use of police at the International Exposition, 1876.

350 items


Humphreys, Joshua
Papers, 1682-1835

Business records of shipbuilding enterprise: letter books, 1793-1835; account books, 1784-1813, 1792-1806; ledgers, 1766-1777, 1772-1773, 1784-1805; roll call book, 1794-1799; a daybook, 1791-1823; N

avy yard mast book, 1797-1806; records of the building of USS United States, 1798-1801; Wharton and Humphreys notebook with plans for construction of warships, drawings, and details of the building of USSConstitutionFranklin, and other ships. In addition to these papers are Humphrey's correspondence, 1775-1831; miscellaneous papers, accounts, agreements, 1738-1823; deeds and marriage contracts 1682-1758; account book, 1747-1748; notebook of Daniel Humphreys, 1638-1716; ciphering book of Joshua Humphreys, 1800-1802; his "Journal of a Voyage from Philadelphia to Lisbon," 1809; Clement Humphreys journal, 1798; and 2 copies of the American Repository, 1796, 1798.

20 volumes


Humphreys, Samuel
Papers, 1818-1845

Papers of Chief Naval Constructor Samuel Humpreys.

2 volumes 

Huntington, Joshua
Papers, 1776-1779

Papers of Major Joshua Huntington, Norwich, Connecticut, a soldier in the Revolutionary Army. The papers deal with the construction of the frigate Confederacy, which was build by Huntington under the direction of the Governor and Council of Safety of Connecticut, and launched in 1788. Included are accounts, payrolls, reports, etc., 1777-1779, which present details of construction and outfitting of the frigate.

525 items


Huntly, John C.
Papers, 1863

Diary of John C. Huntly, U.S.N., assistant engineer of USS Pensacola, off New Orleans, contains eyewitness account of war conditions and operations against the Confederate forces, rumors of battles, troop movements, military and naval affairs, and personal notes.

1 volume


Jackson, Samuel
Papers, 1862-1863

Letters written by Samuel Jackson, medical officer in the United States Navy, to his wife, while he was on board USS Brooklyn during the blockade of Southern ports during the Civil War.

20 items


Jennison, William
Papers, 1776-1780

William Jennison was a lieutenant of the Marines, 1776, served with the Army later in the same year, and with the Navy, 1777-1780.

1 volume


Jones, William
Papers, 1792-1839

William Jones was Secretary of the Navy from 1813 to 1814.

1,000 items


Kane, Elisha K.
Papers, 1853-1856

2 volumes


Leonard, Edith L.
Collection, 1916-1945

One letter, dated July 23, 1916, from L. P. Wood to J. B. Leonard comments on naval action at the close of World War I. The bulk of the collection is correspondence addressed to Edith Lincoln Leonard, a schoolteacher during World War II. The correspondents include: Phil Huffman, Alan Grout, Dick Thomas, J. P. Danton, George Dawson Perry, and Warner Bunden. The letters discuss life in the service from training camp through to the end of the men's service. Some topics include: censorship, active duty in the Army, Naval Air Combat Intelligence, West coast and Pacific assignments, the Zoot Suit Riots, Marine life, and Navy life.

100 items


Collection, 1711-1939

Logbooks of naval and merchant vessels.

25 volumes


Miles, E.
Papers, 1841

Extracts from Miles' historical and statistical description of the Royal Naval Service of England and data on the building and extension of the United States Navy.

1 volume


Mitchell, John
Papers, 1812-1814

These papers contain letters and other documents addressed to Mitchell, agent for American prisoners of war at Halifax, Nova Scotia, from American seamen captured by the British in the War of 1812.

100 items


Mucklé, John S.
Papers, 1898-1915

The papers for 1898-1905 deal with the Pennsylvania State Naval Militia and contain Mucklé's correspondence on the organization and discipline of the naval and military forces, annual reports, records of equipment, ordnance, inspection of vessels, etc., with information on activities during the Spanish-American War.

4,000 items


Myers, Leonard
Papers, 1854-1905

Chiefly letters to Leonard Myers from Presidents, senators, representatives, cabinet members, officers in the army and navy, and prominent citizens, on legislative matters, politics, appointments to offices, military and personal affairs. Included are two volumes of autographs of members of Congress, 1865-1875, gathered by Leonard Myers during his term as a Representative in Washington, D.C.

2 volumes and 100 items


Naval and Military Order of the Spanish-American War, Pennsylvania Commandery
Records, 1908-1951

The records include: outgoing and incoming correspondence, 1912-1951, constitution and by-laws, and membership lists.

200 items


Naval Order of the United States, Pennsylvania Commandery
Records, 1895-1925

Minute books, accounts, and lists of members of a local branch of a patriotic organization, the Naval Order of the United States.

150 items


Navy League of the United States, Philadelphia Branch
Records, 1917-1922

The papers are mostly correspondence which covers the League's many activities in support and service to the U. S. Navy: producing, collecting, and distributing knitted garments as well as other clothing and supplies, raising funds for the Liberty Loan Campaigns, aid to the Seamen's Church Institute, and operating cafeterias for seamen. There are also some account books and other miscellany.

9 feet


Parker, Daniel
Papers, 1800-1846

Material on the War of 1812 in the voluminous official papers, 1812-1815; letters of James Madison, James Monroe, William Eustis, and of commanding officers, deal with mobilization plans, military campaigns, movement of troops, battles, General William Hull's disaster at Detroit, 1812, his subsequent trial for treason in 1814, and other important incidents of the war. Official papers, 1816-1841, include letters of Colonel J. J. Albert, John C. Calhoun, John Henry Eaton, H. Leavenworth, David Porter, T. Ringgold, Winfield Scott, John Tyler, and others, on military, administrative, political, and economic affairs, courts martial, claims against the government, regulations of settlers, 1818-1820, Mexican War, Cherokee and Dakota treaties, West Point regulations, etc. Daniel Parker correspondence, 1811-1845, relates to his official and financial activities: letters of Amos Binney, James Byers, William Duane, D. Gadsden, C. Irvine, W. Rawle, Parker family, and others. Additional items include: numerous pamphlets; army and navy registers; books on medicine; map of West Geneseo, New York, 1800; view of Cincinnati, Ohio, 1807; map of a route from Kansas to the Pacific, 1843.

8 feet


Patterson, Samuel D.
Papers, 1845-1849

Letterbook, 1845-1847, and ledger, 1845-1849.

2 volumes


Pennsylvania Court of Admiralty
Records, 1770-1804

Records of the Admiralty Court, 1770-1797; papers of Blair McClenachan in account with Matthew Clarkson, 1777-1801; log of ship Imperial, 1803-1804; and miscellaneous papers relating to other ships.

3 feet


Perkins, Samuel C.
Papers, 1669-1899

These papers of a Philadelphia lawyer relate to real estate, legal business, and social matters. They include deeds and mortgages, 1669-1861; miscellaneous correspondence and documents, 1869-1899; correspondence of Samuel H. Perkins, relating to the academic and economic affairs of Girard College, Philadelphia, 1847-1849; "Private Docket, Naval General Court Martial, Navy Yard, Philadelphia, Samuel G. Perkins, Judge Advocate," 1864; letter book of Frederick A. Packard, editor of the American Sunday School Union, 1832-1842.

300 items


Philadelphia Naval Shipyard
Records, 1837-1849

Contemporary copies of two Officer of the Day Logs, July-December 1837 and January-December 1849, reporting on ship work assignments.

2 volumes


Philadelphia Naval Shipyard
Records, 1842-1844

Two volumes of Sailing Master Day Reports on yard laborer and ordinary work assignments, signed by Michael Clear.

2 volumes 

Philadelphia Record
Collection, 1929-1946

This collection of photographs from the Philadelphia Record includes Navy-related photos.

250,000 items


Porter, David
Papers, 1825-1827

Papers of Captain David Porter can be found in the Gilpin Papers.

40 items 

Price Family

The Price Family papers contain material relating to Samuel Price, his services in the Navy during the Civil War, and his later life as a marine engineer.

300 items


Read, George C.
Papers, 1836-1847

Journals and correspondence of Captain George C. Read, U.S.N., commander of the U.S. Frigate Columbia; there are also colored drawings of flags and signals.

7 volumes


Reed Jr., John
Papers, 1759-1823

The papers and correspondence of John Reed and Standish Forde, Philadelphia merchants, relate mainly to foreign commerce, and include accounts, receipts, invoices of goods, bills of lading, insurance policies, charters of vessels, etc., with a detailed account of business transacted with England, France, Spain, Holland, Portugal, the West Indies, French and Spanish America. The hazards of American shipping due to European wars, French and Spanish embargoes, capture by privateers and war vessels, litigations, the variety of goods traded, grain, salt, furs, cloth, tea, metals, powder, rum, wine, the prices, etc., are described in detail. There is a group of Robert Morris letters and papers, 1795-1802 which deal with his financial difficulties and assignment of his property; also papers and letters, 1814-1823, of John Reed, Jr., describing his service in the Navy, his active duty in the West Indian waters on board USS CongressGuerriéreConstitutionIndependence, and Macedonian.

12 feet


Remey, George C.

The reminiscences of George Collier Remey, Rear Admiral, U.S.N., contain genealogical data, records of his travels and service, information on American naval activities in the Civil War, Spanish-American War, Philippine Insurrection, and Boxer Rebellion in China. Included are the reminiscences of his wife, Mary Josephine Mason Remey, 1845-1919, which present a picture of social life and of many notable persons of the period. There are also photographs, newspaper clippings, and coats of arms.

3 volumes


Rodgers, John
Papers, 1791-1885

The bulk of the John Rodgers material relates to his various naval assignments: with the West Indies Squadron, 1799-1802, commanding the sloop of war Maryland; with the Mediterranean Squadron against the Barbary pirates, 1802-1806, commanding the sloop of war John Adams, the frigates New York and Congress, and at various times commander-in-chief of the entire squadron; commanding the New York Flotilla (of gunboats and bomb vessels) and Naval Station, 1807-1810, following the war scare occasioned by the Chesapeake-Leopard incident and, with the abandonment of the gunboat philosophy, directing his command of the brig Argus, the sloop of war Wasp and other vessels from the frigate Constitution; commanding "the northern division of ships for the protection of the American coast," 1810-1814, with the frigate President as his flagship; commanding the Delaware Flotilla and the frigate Guerriere under construction in Philadelphia, 1814; President of the Board of Navy Commissioners responsible for administering the Navy material, 1815-1837, with two interludes-commanding the West Indies Squadron, 1823, aboard the schooner Shark in the relief expedition to Thompson's Island (Key West), and commanding the Mediterranean Squadron, 1825-1827, with North Carolina as his flagship, and Constitution, the frigate Brandywine, the sloops of war ErieOntario, and Warren, and the schooner Porpoise under his command.

6 feet


Ross, John
Papers, 1834

1 volume


Shaler, William
Papers, 1794-1832

Correspondence, 1799-1832, of William Shaler, U.S. Consul at Algiers. This includes business papers, 1794-1829; notes on the Turkish language; and journal of the U.S. consulate at Algiers, 1827-1828.

1,000 items


Shippen, Edward
Papers, 1849-1875

The papers of Edward Shippen include personal correspondence, mainly letters to and from his wife, Mary Katherine Paul Shippen, and some incoming U.S. Navy correspondence.

250 items


Smith, Uselma C.
Papers, 1791-1888

Uselma Clarke Smith was a Philadelphia lawyer and collector of deeds, wills, commissions, estate papers, family letters, genealogies, and other materials. Smith was particularly interested in his great-uncle William Jones, an Army and Navy officer during the Revolution, about whom Smith planned to write a biography.

600 items


Starr, Floyd T.
Collection, 1750-1876

A miscellaneous collection of papers including the letters of Dr. John White of Lewes, Delaware while a member of the Delaware House of Representatives for Sussex County to his sons John P. White and Joseph H. White, both in Philadelphia, 1827-1829. Dr. White, a Whig, comments on Jacksonian politics in lower Delaware as well as upon family affairs.

Included, too, are some papers of three naval officers whose careers brought them to Philadelphia: James Madison Frailey, personal copies of orders and circular letters reflecting his commands on the blockading squadron during the Civil War, 1861-1866, and his commissions, 1851-1870; James R. M. Mullany commissions, 1861-1870; Charles Stewart, 1 letter, 1864. A small group of Philadelphia deeds, 1750-1867, completes the collection.

150 items


Steele, John
Papers, 1808-1812

Papers and accounts of John Steele, United States Agent for Marine Hospital, Philadelphia.

100 items


Tilton, Edward G.
Papers, 1822-1824

The logbook is a record of voyages on USS Congress, commanded by Captain James Biddle, from Norfolk to the West Indies, 1822 and from Wilmington to South America and return, 1823-1824; also voyage ofGrampus commanded by John D. Sloat, from Hampton Roads, Virginia to the African coast, 1824.

1 volume


Truxton, Thomas
Records, 1797-1801

Muster rolls, journal, and letterbooks pertaining to Thomas Truxton's command of USS Constellation, particularly in West Indian waters.

3 volumes


Turvey, Caroline S.
Papers, 1866-1954

"The Log of a Long Voyage," a two-part typescript biography of Charles Alexander Schetky from the notes he dictated to his daughter, Caroline Schetky Turvey, during the last years of his life. The first part relates stories of his childhood and tales of his younger years at sea. Part II begins with his entrance into the U. S. Navy in 1863, his service during the Civil War and thereafter, until his retirement from the Navy in 1889. Other biographical information is included in a folder about Schetsky's retirement in Haddonfield, New Jersey, 1889-1901. Some correspondence, 1949-1954, between Turvey and her godson, Ralph W. Wescott, about the biography; and some clippings about Schetky.

300 items


U.S. Marine Corps
Records, 1811-1848

Payrolls and size rolls of the Marine Corps.

51 items


U.S. Marine Corps
Records, 1919-1939

Flight logbooks of: 2nd Lieutenant John T. Harris, 1925-1928; Captain Joseph Lyman, 1930-1939; 1st Lieutenant William L. McKillrick, 1922-1931; 2nd Lieutenant Basil A. Martin, Jr. 1935-1939; Captain George W. Martin, 1919-1923; 1st Lieutenant Horace S. Mazet, 1929-1939; Captain Lyle H. Meyer, 1930-1939; Captain Benjamin Reisweber, 1929-1937; 1st Lieutenant Zane Thompson, Jr., 1935-1939 and student 2nd. Lieutenant Charles G. Wadbrook, 1929.

10 volumes


Wanamaker, John
Collection, 1779-1892

Small autograph collection assembled by John Wanamaker, consisting of autograph letters, clipped signatures, documents, and illustrative engravings and lithographs, representing mostly early 19th century American political, military, and literary figures. Included are such figures as Mathew Carey, Charles Carroll of Carrollton, Millard Fillmore, Timothy Pickering, Joel Roberts Poinsett, Gideon Welles, and John Greenleaf Whittier.

300 items


Wister Family
Papers, 1730-1940

Contains papers of Assistant Surgeon Owen J. Wister.

8,000 items


Woodhouse, Samuel
Collection, 1743-1858

Bills, receipts, cancelled bank checks, and other business papers of the Meredith family, 1743-1858; shipping papers, 1776-1803; and accounts of the Commissioners of Naval Stores for outfitting ships of the Continental Navy, 1776.

3 feet

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