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Winterhur Library 

Winterthur, DE

Winterthur Library
Winterthure, DE 19735

Barry, John
Papers, 1803

Inventory of the estate of Captain John Barry from Philadelphia.

Nichols, Francis
Papers, 1812-1813

Journal of Francis Nichols served in an unidentified capacity under Samuel Evans on board Chesapeake. In 1812 and 1813, Chesapeake was on a five month cruise of the Atlantic Ocean to try to harass and capture British warships.  Entries primarily document the details of sailing, including wind direction, temperature, water temperature, and changes to the sail and mast. Nichols also noted whenever any other ships were encountered. On January 1, the British merchant ship Julia was seized and during the next five weeks the Volunteer, Liverpool Hero, and Earl Percy were similarly taken. When Chesapeake entered Boston Harbor upon its return from these forays, a topmast and several men who were aloft were lost during a violent storm.

1 volume


Messinger, Lyman B.
Papers, 1873

A notebook kept by Messinger as a midshipman while he was on board USS Constellation, for a practice cruise in 1873. The volume provides detailed descriptions of the rigging, sails, lines, and general equipment. The text is accompanied by twenty-one hand drawn illustrations that diagram different components of the ship. Comments in another hand suggest that changes were made to the vessel during the cruise.

1 volume

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