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American Heritage Center
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The American Heritage Center (AHC) is the University's repository of manuscript and special collections, rare books, and the university archives. Internationally known for its historical collections the AHC serves the students and other citizens of Wyoming as well as researchers and scholars from around the globe. The AHC also sponsors a wide range of scholarly and popular programs including lectures, concerts, symposia, and exhibits. Access is free and open to all.

The collections below are some of those at the AHC related to naval history. Please visit our website, and our online catalog, or contact our Reference Department at


Blair, Clay
Papers, 1575-1998 (bulk 1945-1998)

Contains information about mid-twentieth century magazine publishing, U.S. World War II Pacific and Atlantic submarine operations, the marketing policies and the author - editor relationship, and the seventeenth-century Spanish treasure fleets. In addition to notes there are taped interviews with naval personnel, submarine logs, operational directives and reports. Information is included about early nearly every U-boat and commander. There is also biographical information about Blair, photographs (1900-1970s), research files and correspondence, and publicity files.

158.73 feet

Boesen, Victor
Papers, 1948-1976

Research files and manuscripts from many of this author's works on aeronautics, weather control, naval operations during World War II and inventor William P. Lear.

11 feet

Burington, Richard S.
Papers, 1882-1981 (bulk 1925-1970)

Burington was a professor of mathematics at Case School of Applied Sciences (now Case Western Reserve University) and Ohio State University between 1926-1941. He became a civilian employee of the U.S. Navy Bureau of Ordnance in 1941, and in 1946 was named its chief mathematician. In 1959, Burington became chief mathematician of the Bureau of Naval Weapons and in 1966 was named the chief mathematician of the Naval Air Systems Command.

Collection contains subject files of notes, correspondence, reports, documents, reprints, and other materials; manuscripts of mathematical papers; notebooks; correspondence; speeches; reports; reprints; printed materials related to mathematics and his naval work; his dissertation; timetables and travel brouchures, chiefly from various railroads; and miscellaneous other materials.

33.3 feet

Fletcher, Frank J.
Papers, 1897-1973

Fletcher (1885-1973) was a career naval officer who graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1906. In 1914 he participated in the American occupation of Vera Cruz, Mexico, and during World War I served aboard several ships in European waters. While stationed on USS Sacramento, he was involved in suppression of the Colorum insurrection in the Philippines in 1924. Fletcher was commander of USS New Mexico from 1936-1941 and was commander of Cruiser Division Six at Pearl Harbor when the Japanese attacked on December 7, 1941. In 1942 he commanded American naval forces at the Battle of the Coral Sea and was senior task force commander at the Battle of Midway. From November 1942-1945, Fletcher commanded naval forces in the North Pacific from the Alaskan island of Adak. He retired with the rank of Rear Admiral in 1947.

Collection contains correspondence chiefly related to his naval service (1897-1960); photographs (1921-1973) including the Coral Sea and Midway battles and the Adak, Alaska area; speeches and statements by Fletcher and others; subject files; 2 diaries (1956-1966); printed materials; maps; newspaper clippings; biographical information; and miscellaneous other materials.

2.92 feet

Hiles, Charles C.
Papers, 1871-1975

Hiles (1896-1979), a career naval officer, served from 1914-1947 and retired with the rank of Lieutenant Commander. While serving in China as a naval paymaster from 1930-1932, he began the study of cryptography under Captain Laurance F. Safford. Hiles was stationed at Pearl Harbor when the Japanese attacked on December 7, 1941. After his retirement he devoted his energies to researching and writing about the events leading up to the Pearl Harbor attack and U.S. entry into World War II.

Collection contains 17 boxes of correspondence chiefly related to Pearl Harbor and World War II; an unpublished book manuscript on Pearl Harbor; manuscripts of articles; notes; files on southern African independence movements; two photograph albums, photographs and negatives, including the 1932 Japanese invasion of Shanghai; three scrapbooks; newspaper and periodical clippings; speeches; pamphlets; reprints; three audiotapes of Hartford Van Dyke concerning Pearl Harbor; artifacts including a Navy dress uniform and two swords; and miscellaneous other materials.

24 feet

Katiner, William E.
Papers, 1927-1977

Kaitner (d. 1977) was a career naval officer who graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1927 and retired with the rank of Rear Admiral in 1957. During World War II he served in the Pacific as commander of the destroyer Conner and as executive officer of the cruiser Los Angeles.

Collection contains 1 notebook of U.S. Navy telegrams (1943-1945); a notebook of Kaitner's naval orders (1927-1957); Navy telegrams (1945-1957); 1 letter; photographs including Conner and the commissioning ceremony for Los Angeles in 1945; uniforms; a charcoal sketch of Los Angeles by Arthur Beaumont; certificates and citations; and miscellaneous other materials.

3.7 feet

Kimmel, Husband E.
Papers, 1907-1968

Admiral Husband E. Kimmel (1882-1968) is best known as the Commander of the Pacific Fleet stationed at Pearl Harbor at the time of the Japanese attack December 7, 1941. He received his commission as ensign in the U.S. Navy in 1906 and retired as admiral in 1942.

Contains correspondence (1907-1968), materials used for the inquiry into the attack on Pearl Harbor including reports, dispatches, testimony and exhibits, genealogical records of the Kimmel family, manuscripts on Pearl Harbor and World War II, memoranda (1938-1967), newspaper clippings (1934-1967), and some files of a personal or miscellaneous nature.

23 feet

McNamara, Joseph
Papers, 1978-1983

McNamara served aboard the destroyer USS Anthony in the Pacific theater in World War II. The collection contains an annotated typescript, proof sheets and bound copy of McNamara's privately published diary account of his World War II service, "Tin Can Duty in the Pacific." Also includes a photograph of Anthony, a 40th year reunion pamphlet for Anthony (1983), a genealogical book on the McNamara family, and books on World War II.

1 foot

Navy Airship Pilots School

Found in the papers of Colonel Frank M. Kennedy.

Rorer Family
Papers, 1856-1926

Collection contains letters between David, John, Edward and George and deal with David's legal practice and court cases, family news and John and Edward's experiences while attending the Naval Academy, such as playing baseball, (1856-1926); and two photographs of David Rorer.

0.45 feet

Sackett, Earl L.
Papers, 1897-1970

Sackett was a career naval officer who achieved the rank of Rear Admiral. He graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1919 and received an M.S. in engineering from the University of California in 1934. He was commander of USS Canopus which was stationed in Manila Harbor at the outbreak of World War II. Canopus was involved in the battle for the Bataan peninsula and was scuttled off the coast of Corregidor Island when Bataan fell to the Japanese on April 9, 1942. Sackett and his crew were taken prisoner; he was released and transported away from the Philippines aboard USS Spearfish in May, 1942.

Collection contains several narrative accounts by Sackett of the Bataan campaign and the role played by Canopus; a transcription of a war diary of Canopus, Dec. 8, 1941-April 9, 1942; a transcript of the ship's log of USS Spearfish, April 30-May 3, 1942; maps of Mariveles Harbor on the Bataan peninsula; a scrapbook of photographs and newspaper clippings on Sackett's life and career (1897-1970); military medals; diplomas and certificates; biographical information; and passports.

1.45 feet

Stafford, Laurence F.
Papers, 1941-1967

4 feet

Theilen, Anton F.
Papers, 1906-1978 (bulk 1917-1919)

Collection contains a diary (1917-1919), photographs, 3 photograph albums and personal memorabilia. Theilen served as a radio electrician aboard the USS Stewart during World War I.

0.9 feet

Tucker, Dundas P.
Papers, 1928-1977

Dundas Preble Tucker (b. 1902) graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1925 and from 1934-1939 was Fleet Communications Officer and also in charge of electronic research. During World War II he was program director of Electronics and Guided Missiles for the Navy's Bureau of Ordnance, where he developed the BAT Guided Missile System, the first guided missile adopted for service use. From 1950-1953 he was director of the Navy's Electronics Laboratory.

Collection contains materials relating to Tucker's naval career including correspondence (1928-1977); speeches on guided missiles and radar; a manuscript for "Personal Recollections of the Pelican and BAT Guided Missile Projects" (1955); 1 photograph album of Tucker; photographs of Tucker and the BAT Missile System (1935-1956); newspaper clippings (1936-1977); and 2 78 rpm phonograph records "Change of Command, Capt. R. Bennett to Capt. D.P. Tucker, 20 July 1950."

4.05 feet

Wright, Theodore P.
Papers, 1917-1945

Theodore Wright was Chief Inspector, U.S. Navy NC-4 flying boats, 1918, and a corporate and government official in the field of aviation.

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