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The Navy Department Library

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Historical Society of Delaware 

Wilmington, DE

Historical Society of Delaware
505 Market Street
Wilmington, DE 19801


Gillis, John P.
Papers, 1847-1871

200 items and 30 volumes


Jones, James H.
Papers, 1821-1880

Accompanied Commodore Matthew Perry on his voyage to Japan while serving in the Marine Corps.

30 items


Macdonough, Thomas
Papers, 1783-1825

9 items


Martine, William L.
Papers, 1850

3 items


Naval Papers
Collection, 1700s-1800s

27 items


Rodney, Thomas M.
Papers, 1800-1874

Served as Secretary to Legation, Buenos Aires on the voyage of USS Congress to Buenos Aires in 1823.

1 volume


Walker, William M.
Journal, 1863

1 volume

15 April 2002

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