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Source Guide Entry by State

Source Guide Entry by State

Sources on U.S. Naval History by State


This new edition of the 1979 U.S. Naval History Sources in the United States lists the private papers of enlisted personnel and civilian officials of the U.S. Navy. Additionally, the listings include personal papers collections of the chairmen of Congressional naval committees and other individuals with a significant interest in naval affairs, the records of a number of business firms that acted as naval contractors, and official records of the U.S. Navy. When information was available for private and official documents relating to other uniformed maritime services of the United States, or foreign navies closely associated with our nation's history, entries for these documents were also included. Whenever possible the entries for each repository contain a link to the repository's website, many of which include finding aids to their holdings. The scope of the listed material covers naval history from Colonial times to the 1990s.

The Naval Historical Center greatly appreciates the cooperation of all the repositories that answered our appeal for new information on their holdings and hopes that the archives and libraries listed in this publication will continue to provide updates to the Center's Website Committee. We also welcome the descriptions of naval history related materials from other U.S. repositories not yet listed in the Guide.

It is evident from this Guide that the sources of naval history are extremely rich and widely distributed throughout the United Sates.

Published: Wed Dec 10 14:15:32 EST 2014