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Located in the Rare Book Room of the Navy Department Library.

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ZB (Personnel) Files in the Navy Department Library

Nachbar - Nystrom


This series contains various documents and ephemera pertaining to US naval officers and some civilians, especially those serving during the 19th century. Coverage of a number of outstanding officers of the late 18th and early 20th centuries, as well as some enlisted personnel, also is provided. It is estimated that the careers of 35,000 separate individuals are documented to some extent in these files.

The contents of individual files can include such items as: (1) compiled service chronologies; (2) biographical summaries; (3) service data cards (Civil War period); (4) letters of recommendation for appointment or promotion; (5) pay vouchers (Civil War period); (6) fragmentary personal and official letters; (7) official Office of Naval Records and Library, and Naval History Division correspondence providing information on specific officers. The contents of individual files range from extensive to sparse, sometimes only containing a single piece of paper.

Use and Reproduction Policy

Z File materials are unavailable for loan and must be consulted in the library. Photocopying of manuscripts, as well as fragile items, is generally prohibited, though the use of digital cameras by researchers to reproduce non-copyrighted materials is permitted. Permission to photocopy a few pages may be granted by the reference staff, contingent upon the physical state of items. All photocopying of materials shall be done by the reference staff, or under their close supervision. The use of personal scanners by non-library staff personnel must be approved by the reference staff on a document-by-document basis (Reference: Naval Historical Center Instruction [NAVHISTCENTINST] 5070.1C.).


The NDL staff are in the process of inventorying and digitizing these files. The lists available below are incomplete and may not reflect current holdings. Updates will be made to these lists as the information becomes available.

Please note that we are also in the process of placing distinguishing identifiers (rank, rating, etc.) next to individuals with the same name.

* denotes personnel has one or more folders dedicated to their documents

Name List of Documents
Nachbar, Nicholas  
Naciemento, Emanuel  
Nagle, C.F.  
Nalle, Thomas B. *  
Namo (or Nemo), John Henry--see Nezmos  
Nance, Henry  
Nannah, Benjamin  
Nants, John  
Nantz, R.  
Napier, Benjamin  
Napier, Charles  
Napier, Edward  
Napier, Trevelyan  
Nash, Augustus  
Nash, Edward  
Nash, George  
Nash, Hiram  
Nash, James  
Nash, James H. (Actg. Ensign)  
Nash, James H. (Actg. Engineer)  
Nash, Overton M.  
Nash, Francis Smith  
Nash, Richard *  
Nasmith, Martin Eric  
Nason, B.N.  
Nason, Daniel  
Nason, John  
Nason, Joseph (Rev. War)  
Nason, Joseph (War 1812)  
Nason, William G.  
Nate, Joseph  
Natherns, David  
Naton, Daniel  
Natt, Alfred  
Natt, Samuel B.  
Nave, Sam and Tom  
Nawnah, Benjamin--see Nannah, Benj.  
Naylor, Benjamin B.  
Nazro, Arthur Phillips *  
Neal, J.  
Neal, James  
Neal, John  
Neal, W.B.  
Neal, William  
Neale, Benjamin J. or I. *  
Neale, Joseph  
Neale, Samuel  
Nealis, James  
Nearns, Hamilton C.  
Neaton, William  
Neave, Isaac P.  
Nee, Coleman  
Needham, Alsavon Bailey  
Neeld, John R. *  
Name List of Documents
Neely, Alexander  
Neely, James H.  
Neely, Thomas  
Neff, Joseph  
Neidham, George  
Neighbor, Nickolas  
Neil, John (Actg. Master's Mate)  
Neil, John E. (2nd Asst. Engineer)  
Neil, Joseph  
Neil, William  
Neil, William Harrison  
Neil, William T.  
Neill, Charles  
Neill, Charles H.  
Neill, E.D.  
Neill, John A.  
Neill, Richard R.  
Neill, William  
Neill, William C.  
Neilsen, Harold  
Neilsen, Nicholas  
Neilson, George Crawford  
Neiss, David  
Nellis, Charles F. *  
Nellis, Edward P.  
Nelson, Aaron Hayden  
Nelson, A.H.  
Nelson, Albert A. *  
Nelson, Ambrose  
Nelson, Benjamin  
Nelson, Charles  
Nelson, Charles Oloff  
Nelson, Daniel  
Nelson, George  
Nelson, George E.  
Nelson, Henry  
Nelson, John  
Nelson, John  
Nelson, John  
Nelson, John Dixon  
Nelson, John Lawrence  
Nelson, John S.  
Nelson, Joseph D.  
Nelson, Lawrence J.  
Nelson, Lord Horatio *  
Nelson, Oliver  
Nelson, Oloff  
Nelson, Peter  
Nelson, Robert T.  
Nelson, Thomas  
Nelson, Thomas  
Nelson, Thomas  
Nelson, Thomas  
Nelson, Thomas H.  
Nelson, Valentine  
Nelson, William  
Nelson, William  
Nelson, William  
Nelson, William *  
Nelson, William  
Nelson, William A.  
Nelson, William Armistead  
Nelson, William H.  
Neptune, Salmon  
Nerney, Thomas  
Nesbit, Andrew  
Nesbit, Robert  
Nesbit, Thomas  
Nesen, Joseph H.  
Neslag, William  
Nestell, D.D.T. *  
Netherton, Moses  
Nette, J.  
Nettleton, Warren O.  
Neufville, Edward F. *  
Neuman, ------  
Neuman, Shadwick  
Nevens, George W.  
Neville, -----  
Neville, Frederick A. *  
Neville, John S.  
Neville, Joseph  
Neville, M.  
Neville, William H.  
Nevins, William H. *  
New, Walter W.  
Newbegru, John S.  
Newberry, Truman Handy  
Newbrough, John  
Newcom, George  
Newcomb, Edward C.  
Newcomb, Frank H. *  
Newcomb, George A  
Newcomb, George D.  
Newcomb, Harrison R.  
Newcomb, Henry S. (1809-1825) *  
Newcomb, Henry S. (1838-1863) *  
Newcomb, John B.  
Newcomb, Reuben  
Newcomb, Tilton  
Newell, Charles  
Newell, Charles  
Newell, Charles Henry  
Newell, Chester  
Newell, David  
Newell, Frederick  
Newell, George A.  
Newell, Garry T.  
Newell, Harman *  
Newell, John S.  
Newell, LLoyd B. *  
Newell, Nathaniel  
Newell, T.  
Newell, Thomas M.  
Newhall, Asa  
Newhall, Charles L.  
Newhall, Harrington  
Newhall, Richard H.  
Newhouse, Anthony  
Newhouse, George  
Newland, William  
Newland, William D. * (Congressional Medal of Honor - Civil War)  
Newlin, George  
Name List of Documents
Newlin, John L.  
Newman, Andrew  
Newman, Benjamin  
Newman, Charles  
Newman, Charles  
Newman, Edward  
Newman, Gustavus *  
Newman, Gwendell  
Newman, H.Y.  
Newman, Isaiah  
Newman, Jesse  
Newman, John  
Newman, John M.  
Newman, L.  
Newman, L. Howard *  
Newman, Lewis  
Newman, Maurice  
Newman, N.  
Newman, Otto A.  
Newman, P.G.  
Newman, Timothy  
Newman, William  
Newman, W.B. (Ensign) *  
Newman, W.B.  
Newman, William B. (Actg. Master's Mate)  
Newman, William D.  
Newnes, John P. *  
Newport, Frank  
Newport, James M.  
Newstead, Benjamin  
Newton, Charles A.  
Newton, Gordon M. *  
Newton, Harvey  
Newton, Henry C.  
Newton, Isaac *  
Newton, James J.  
Newton, James M.  
Newton, John H.  
Newton, John T.  
Newton, Joseph T.  
Newton, Reuben  
Newton, Simon  
Newton, Thomas *  
Newton, Thomas P.  
Newton, Thomas S.  
Newton, Virginius  
Newton, W.  
Newton, Washington  
Newton, William C.  
Newton, William D.  
Newton, William F.  
Newton, William H.  
Nexsen, George  
Nezmos, John Henry  
Nibbe, John H.  
Niblack, Albert Parker *  
Niblo, Thomas  
Niccum, Nickum, Nicom, Micum  
Nice, William H.  
Nichol, Bromfield Bradford  
Nichol, John  
Nichols, Edward P.  
Nicholas, George W.  
Nicholas, H.  
Nicholas, J.W.  
Nicholas, John  
Nicholas, John Smith *  
Nicholas, Richard  
Nicholas, Samuel  
Nicholas, Sidney S. *  
Nicholas, Thomas  
Nicholdson, J.B.  
Nicholet, William  
Nicholls, David C.  
Nichols, Alpheus *  
Nichols, Andrew  
Nichols, Charles B.  
Nichols, Charles E.  
Nichols, Charles H.  
Nichols, David  
Nichols, Edward  
Nichols, Edward Tattnall *  
Nichols, Elbridge  
Nichols, Elijah  
Nichols, Francis  
Nichols, F.W.  
Nichols, H.E.  
Nichols, Henry V.  
Name List of Documents
Nichols, J.  
Nichols, J.J.  
Nichols, John  
Nichols, John  
Nichols, John H.  
Nichols, John Burl  
Nichols, N.  
Nichols, Parker  
Nichols, Robert H.  
Nichols, Robert H.  
Nichols, Robert H.  
Nichols, Rodney  
Nichols, Samuel  
Nichols, Thomas  
Nichols, Thomas L.  
Nicholson, Family, of Maryland *  
Nicholson, Family, of New Orleans *  
Nicholson, A.J.  
Nicholson, A.S.  
Nicholson, Augustus A.  
Nicholson, Charles Ambrose II  
Nicholson, Edward  
Nicholson, Edward B.  
Nicholson, Edward F.  
Nicholson, Francis  
Nicholson, Francis J.  
Nicholson, Henry Clay  
Nicholson, James  
Nicholson, J.W.A. *  
Nicholson, J. W. *  
Nicholson, James (seaman)  
Nicholson, James  
Nicholson, James (1812-1816)  
Nicholson, James (1801-1804)  
Nicholson, James *  
Nicholson, James (Actg. 3rd Asst. Eng.)  
Nicholson, John  
Nicholson, John (Virginia)  
Nicholson, John (LT)  
Nicholson, John S.  
Nicholson, Joseph J.  
Nicholson, Michael J.  
Nicholson, R.F. (CDR) *  
Nicholson, Samuel, Jr.  
Nicholson, Somerville *  
Nicholson, Thomas  
Nicholson, William C. *  
Nicholson, William R. *  
Nichter, -----  
Nickels, John A.H.  
Nickel, John  
Nickels, J. Frederick  
Nickens, Edward  
Nickens, Hezekiah  
Nickerson, Charles  
Nickerson, E.  
Nickerson, Franklin  
Nickerson, Hiram B.  
Nickerson, Sylvanus  
Nickerson, Theodore  
Nicoll, David C.  
Nicolson, Aimegr  
Nicolson, John B. (Commo.) *  
Nicks, Benjamin  
Niebuhr, Frederick  
Nields, Henry C. *  
Nielson, Harold  
Niemeyre, H. Woodis  
Niles, Kossuth  
Niles, Rodney  
Niles, William  
Nilsson, Nils  
Nisbet, Richard  
Nisbet, Robert  
Nimitz, Chester W. *  
Nissen, Nicholas C.  
Nitch, Michael  
Nitsch, Joseph  
Nixon, Charles H.  
Nixon, James S.  
Nixon, John W. *  
Nixon, Thomas W.  
Nixon, William H.  
Noa, Loveman  
Noah, Robert P. *  
Noble, ----  
Noble, George  
Noble, James D.  
Noble, Charles P.  
Noble, James J.  
Noble, L.C.  
Nock, Tobias  
Nocks, Samuel  
Noe, Henry M.  
Noe, James W.  
Noel, George W.  
Noel, Henry  
Noel, York  
Noegle, Jeremiah  
Nokes, N.L.  
Nolan, Anthony  
Nolan, Charles  
Nolan, Dennis  
Nolan, James  
Nolan, Patrick  
Nolan, Philip  
Nolan, Robert  
Name List of Documents
Nolan, Robert  
Nolan, Thomas  
Nolan, Thomas  
Noland, C.S.G.  
Noland, Jacob  
Noland, Martin L.  
Nolen, Robert  
Nones, --------  
Nones, Henry B.  
Nones, Joseph B. *  
Nones, Washington B. *  
Norbery, Charles E.  
Norber, William  
Norbury, -------  
Norcross, Benjamin  
Nordon, Capt. -----  
Nordman, Edward  
Nordstrom, Isidor  
Norfleet, John *  
Norfolk, Edward L.  
Norgan, -----  
Norgrove, Thomas A.  
Norman, Leo  
Norman, Edward  
Norman, B.F.  
Norman, James M.  
Norman, William (Rev. War)  
Norman, William (War of 1812)  
Norrell, H.D.  
Norris, Anderson  
Norris, Charles  
Norris, Charles A.  
Norris, Francis  
Norris, George A.  
Norris, George W.  
Norris, James K.  
Norris, John  
Norris, John  
Norris, Joseph P.  
Norris, Patrick  
Norris, Walter  
Norris, William  
North, Henry *  
North, James H.  
North, Joseph W.  
North, Simeon  
North, William F.  
Northropp, J.W.  
Northrup, Frederick W.  
Northrup, John de B.  
Northrup, John S.  
Northrup, Lewis K.  
Norton, Charles  
Norton, Charles  
Norton, Charles M.  
Norton, Charles S.  
Norton, Ichabod  
Norton, John  
Norton, John F.  
Norton, Joseph  
Norton, Lot  
Norton, Maurice  
Norton, Frederic H.  
Norton, Michael  
Norton, O.D. Jr.  
Norton, Patrick  
Norton, Peter  
Norton, Philip  
Norton, Shubert C.  
Norton, Thomas  
Norton, William  
Norvell, Hendrick  
Norwood, Benjamin  
Norwood, William  
Nostrand, ------  
Nostrand, W. H.  
Nostrom, -------  
Nott, Hugh  
Nott, Hugh  
Nott, John  
Nott, John  
Nott, John (CAPT)  
Nott, William  
Nourse Family  
Nourse, Benjamin Franklin  
Nourse, Charles J.  
Nourse, Charles J.  
Nourse, Joseph P.  
Nourse, Ralph F.  
Nowell, Harmon  
Nowell, George  
Nowell, John Lascelles  
Nowell, Samuel  
Nowell, William H.  
Nowery, George  
Nowland, Alvin  
Nowland, James L.  
Nowland, Mathew  
Noyes, Allan K.  
Noyes, Charles E.P.  
Noyes, Charles H.  
Noyes, Daniel D.  
Noyes, Joseph  
Noyes, Simon or Simeon  
Noyes, W.  
Noyes, William H.P.  
Noyes, William F.  *  
Nuble, James L.  
Nuckley, Michael  
Nugent, Christopher  
Nugent, David E.  
Name List of Documents
Nugent, Michael  
Nugent, Richard  
Nulton, Christopher  
Nulton, Louis McCoy  
Nurse, William  
Nute, James M.  
Nuttall, -----  
Nuth, John  
Nutter, Andrew  
Nutter, J.  
Nutter, Jacob  
Nutter, William O.  
Nye, Charles  
Nye, Edward C.  
Nye, Franklin K.S.  
Nye, Haille C.T * .  
Nye, Prince M.  
Nye, William C.  
Nyman, Jay  
Nyman, John  
Nyman, Peter  
Nystrom, John W.  


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