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Adapted from the biographical sketch for Rear Admiral Benjamin P. Lamberton. ZB files, Navy Department Library.

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  • Spanish-American War 1898
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Benjamin Peffer Lamberton

25 February 1844 - 9 June 1912

Image of Commander Benjamin P. Lamberton. Photographic Section, Naval History and Heritage Command. Photo #: NH59544.

Benjamin Peffer Lamberton was born in Pennsylvania 25 February 1844.

He entered the Naval Academy 21 September 1861; graduated November 1864; promoted to Ensign 1 November 1866; Lieutenant, 12 March 1868; Lieutenant Commander, 27 April 1869; Commander, 2 June 1885; Captain, 11 May 1898; Rear Admiral, 11 October 1903; retired 25 February 1906.

He served on the Brazil, South Atlantic, Pacific and North Atlantic stations and held important positions on shore during 1865-1897; reported for duty on the Asiatic station in April 1898 and served as Chief of Staff to Admiral Dewey at the Battle of Manila Bay 1 May 1898; the following day went ashore and demanded the surrender of the Cavite Arsenal; advanced seven numbers for evident and conspicuous conduct in battle during the war with Spain; later commanded the Olympia; member of the Lighthouse Board, 1900-1903; Commander in Chief of the South Atlantic Squadron, 1903; Chairman of the Lighthouse Board, 1905-1906.

Admiral Lamberton died at Washington, DC, 9 June 1912 and was buried in Arlington National Cemetary.


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