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Located in the Navy Department Library's Rare Book Room.

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ZB (Personnel) Files in the Navy Department Library

Caban - Czernewski


This series contains various documents and ephemera pertaining to US naval officers and some civilians, especially those serving during the 19th century. Coverage of a number of outstanding officers of the late 18th and early 20th centuries, as well as some enlisted personnel, also is provided. It is estimated that the careers of 35,000 separate individuals are documented to some extent in these files.

The contents of individual files can include such items as: (1) compiled service chronologies; (2) biographical summaries; (3) service data cards (Civil War period); (4) letters of recommendation for appointment or promotion; (5) pay vouchers (Civil War period); (6) fragmentary personal and official letters; (7) official Office of Naval Records and Library, and Naval History Division correspondence providing information on specific officers. The contents of individual files range from extensive to sparse, sometimes only containing a single piece of paper.

Use and Reproduction Policy

Z File materials are unavailable for loan and must be consulted in the library. Photocopying of manuscripts, as well as fragile items, is generally prohibited, though the use of digital cameras by researchers to reproduce non-copyrighted materials is permitted. Permission to photocopy a few pages may be granted by the reference staff, contingent upon the physical state of items. All photocopying of materials shall be done by the reference staff, or under their close supervision. The use of personal scanners by non-library staff personnel must be approved by the reference staff on a document-by-document basis (Reference: Naval Historical Center Instruction [NAVHISTCENTINST] 5070.1C.).


The NDL staff are in the process of inventorying and digitizing these files. The lists available below are incomplete and may not reflect current holdings. Updates will be made to these lists as the information becomes available.

Please note that we are also in the process of placing distinguishing identifiers (rank, rating, etc.) next to individuals with the same name.

* denotes personnel has one or more folders dedicated to their documents

Name List of Documents
Caban, Benjamin  
Cabell, Arthur G.  
Cable, Daniel P.  
Cabot, George  
Cabot, John  
Cabrillo, Juan Rodriquer  
Cadieu, Charles H.  
Cadogan, Michael  
Cadwalader, Henry  
Cadwallader, Edward  
Cadwallader, Rowland  
Cadwell, Thomas  
Cady, Charles Chester  
Cady, Henry A.  
Cady, William  
Caffee, Arthur Gill  
Cage, Edmund  
Cahill, James  
Cahill, Joseph N.  
Cahill, Michael  
Cahill, Phillip  
Cahoon, Benjamin G.  
Cahoon, James  
Cahoon, T.T.  
Cain, George W.  
Cain, Henry  
Cain, John  
Cain, John Jr.  
Cain, Matthew  
Cain, Michael  
Cain, Robert  
Caire, Edward  
Cairncross, Alexander  
Calder, Alexander  
Calder, George  
Calder, James  
Calder, Robert  
Calder, Samuel  
Calder, William *  
Caldwell, Abiel  
Caldwell, Albert Galeatin  
Caldwell, George P. *  
Caldwell, George W. *  
Caldwell, Henry  
Caldwell, Henry Clay  
Caldwell, James R. *  
Caldwell, John  
Caldwell, John D.  
Caldwell, Joseph  
Caldwell, Lafayette  
Caldwell, R.  
Caldwell, R.C.  
Caldwell, R.M.  
Caldwell, S.B. *  
Caldwell, Thomas *  
Caldwell, William Henry  
Caldwell, William M.  
Calef family  
Calef, John  
Calef, Robert  
Calhoon, Adam R.  
Calhoun, Angus  
Calhoun, James Edward  
Calhoun, James T.  
Calhoun, John  
Calhoun, William L.  
Calindo, Edwin A.  
Calkins, Carlos G.  
Calkins, James  
Calkins, Martin  
Call, Henry Payne  
Call, William R. *  
Callaghen, Daniel  
Callaghen, Daniel J.  
Callaghen, James  
Callahan, David  
Callahan, Edward J.O.  
Callahan, John C.  
Callahan, Joseph  
Callahan, Michael M.  
Callaher, Eugen  
Callan, Jerome *  
Callander, Albert F.  
Callaway, Leopold  
Callbeck, Phillip M.  
Callender, Eliot  
Callinan, Joseph F.  
Calloway, Steven Ward  
Callum, David  
Callum, Ebenezer  
Callum, Joseph  
Calpin, James  
Calvan, John  
Calvert, Cecil A.  
Calvert, John  
Calvert, Theophilus  
Calvin family  
Calvo, Isaac  
Camble, Thomas  
Cambridge, John Patten  
Cambridge, Henry  
Cambridge, Henry  
Cameron, Alexander  
Cameron, Charles  
Cameron, E.F.  
Cameron, Francis H. *  
Cameron, Gabriel F.  
Cameron, Michael  
Cameron, Peter  
Cameron, Robert  
Cames, James  
Camm, Robert Alexander *  
Cammack, William  
Cammelt, Warren  
Cammelt, William  
Camp, Joseph  
Campbell, A.D.  
Campbell, Albert  
Campbell, Alexander *  
Campbell, Alexander  
Campbell, Alexander  
Name List of Documents
Campbell, Archibald H. *  
Campbell, Archibald S.  
Campbell, Benjamin F.  
Campbell, Charles  
Campbell, Charles  
Campbell, Charles E.  
Campbell, Charles W.  
Campbell, Cliften  
Campbell, Colin  
Campbell, Cyrus  
Campbell, D.  
Campbell, D.A.  
Campbell, D.A.  
Campbell, Daniel H.  
Campbell, David H.  
Campbell, Duncan  
Campbell, Duncan Humble  
Campbell, Francis  
Campbell, Francis D.  
Campbell, George C.  
Campbell, George Washington  
Campbell, Henry  
Campbell, Henry  
Campbell, Hugh G.  
Campbell, J.  
Campbell, J.E.  
Campbell, James *  
Campbell, James  
Campbell, James  
Campbell, James D.  
Campbell, James E.  
Campbell, John  
Campbell, John  
Campbell, John  
Campbell, John A.  
Campbell, John R.  
Campbell, Joseph W.  
Campbell, Loudon *  
Campbell, Marshall C. *  
Campbell, Michael  
Campbell, Robert  
Campbell, Robert  
Campbell, Robert A.  
Campbell, Samuel  
Campbell, Terence  
Campbell, W.  
Campbell, William  
Campbell, William  
Campbell, William  
Campbell, William Jr.  
Campbell, William G.  
Campbell, William H.  
Campbell, William H.  
Campbell, William H.  
Campbell, William P.A. *  
Campbell, William R.  
Campbell, William R.  
Campbell, William S.  
Canady, Benjamin  
Canady, Jeremiah  
Canby, William P. *  
Candee, Henry H.  
Candeer, John  
Candeer, John Wilson  
Candeer, Samuel  
Cane, John Charles  
Canfield, Augustus  
Canfield, J.B.  
Canfield, R.A. *  
Canida, James O.  
Cannell, Thomas  
Canney, Isaac  
Canning, Joseph C.  
Cannon, Charles A.  
Cannon, Charles C.  
Cannon, James  
Cannon, James  
Cannon, John  
Cannon, John Newton  
Cannon, Joseph S.  
Cannon, Joseph S.  
Cannon, Loring  
Cannon, Samuel  
Cannon, Thomas  
Cannon, William  
Cannon, William E.  
Canter, F.  
Canton, Daniel  
Cantrell, Family  
Capen, William H.  
Capers, William Henry *  
Caperton, William B. * Biography
Capewell, Charles J.  
Capron, Amosa W.  
Caraban, Daniel  
Carberry, Henry  
Carberry, James  
Carberry, Thomas  
Card, Alvin  
Cardella, R.A.  
Cardy, Joseph  
Carew, Joseph W.  
Carey, Clarence  
Carey, Dennis  
Carey, Edward  
Carey, George  
Carey, James H.  
Carey, Jefferson S.  
Carey, Joseph Milton  
Carey, R.M.  
Carey, Thomas  
Carey, William R.  
Carhart, Conelius  
Carl, Hans  
Carleton, Richard  
Carleton, W.  
Carley, William T.  
Carlin, James W. *  
Carlin, John *  
Carlin, John  
Carlin, John  
Carlisle, Daniel  
Carlisle, Jabish  
Carlisle, James  
Carlisle, John  
Carlock, Carl  
Carlon, James E.  
Carlon, William H.  
Carlson, Charles J.  
Carlton, John *  
Name List of Documents
Carlton, Walter  
Carman, Edmund L.  
Carman, Ezekiel  
Carmedy, John  
Carmichael, James  
Carmichael, John  
Carmichael, John  
Carmick, Daniel  
Carmody, John R.  
Carmody, Robert E. *  
Carmoody, James  
Carnes, Andrew I.  
Carnes, Charles M. F.  
Carnes, E. Osgood  
Carnes, E. Osgood  
Carnes, James B.  
Carnes, Jonathan  
Carnes, Philip  
Carney, William Watts  
Carney, John  
Carney, Thomas  
Carney, William W.  
Carnigan, John  
Caran, Charles K.  
Carobson, John  
Carothers, Samuel  
Carpenter, Edward William *  
Carpenter, Amos  
Carpenter, Benjamin O.  
Carpenter, Charles C.  
Carpenter, Charles J.  
Carpenter, David  
Carpenter, James *  
Carpenter, James D. *  
Carpenter, James N. *  
Carpenter, John  
Carpenter, John B.  
Carpenter, John S.  
Carpenter, John S.  
Carpenter, John S. Jr.  
Carpenter, John Slaughter  
Carpenter, Josiah  
Carpenter, Nathaniel  
Carpenter, Phillip M.  
Carpenter, Samuel  
Carpenter, Thomas  
Carr, Clarence Alfred  
Carr, Cornelius  
Carr, Isaac  
Carr, James E.  
Carr, John  
Carr, John P.  
Carr, Obrien  
Carr, Overton *  
Carr, Patrick  
Carr, Thomas (War of 1812)  
Carr, Thomas (C.W.)  
Carr, Thomas Dabney  
Carr, William  
Carraciolo, Francis  
Carraway, George H.  
Carraway, John  
Carregan, James  
Carrell, Thomas R.  
Carrell, William  
Carrick, George W.  
Carrick, John  
Carrick, Patrick  
Carrico, Alexander  
Carrico, John  
Carrington, William F. *  
Carroll, Ami Bass  
Carroll, Charles  
Carroll, Charles  
Carroll, Daniel  
Carroll, David W.  
Carroll, Edward E.  
Carroll, Eugene  
Carroll, Ferdinand *  
Carroll, George R. *  
Carroll, James  
Carroll, James  
Carroll, James  
Carroll, James  
Carroll, John  
Carroll, John  
Carroll, John Trill  
Carroll, M.B.  
Carroll, Michael *  
Carroll, Miles  
Carroll, Patrick E.  
Carroll, P.P.  
Carroll, R.R.  
Carroll, Richard  
Carroll, Thaddeus  
Carroll, Thomas  
Carroll, Thomas King  
Carroll, Thomas R.  
Carroll, William  
Carroll, William  
Carroll, William *  
Carroll, William A.D.  
Carroll, William B.  
Carsey, James  
Carshaw, William L.  
Carskadden, John M.  
Carson, A.J.  
Carson, George  
Carson, Joseph  
Carson, Kit  
Carson, Martin J.  
Carson, Richard  
Carson, Samuel  
Carson, Scott M.  
Carstair, Thomas  
Carstarphen, Rivers  
Carswell, William  
Cartee, Seth  
Carter, Augustus Vriah  
Carter, Barron *  
Carter, Cary  
Carter, Charles  
Name List of Documents
Carter, Charles E. *  
Carter, Daniel  
Carter, Daniel  
Carter, David L.  
Carter, Edward  
Carter, Enoch B.  
Carter, Ezra  
Carter, George  
Carter, George B.  
Carter, Henry  
Carter, Henry B. *  
Carter, Hill  
Carter, Howard O.  
Carter, James  
Carter, James  
Carter, Jones  
Carter, James  
Carter, Jesse L.  
Carter, John  
Carter, John  
Carter, John Champ  
Carter, John F.  
Carter, John K.  
Carter, Johnsten Blakely *  
Carter, Jonathan H. *  
Carter, Joseph M.  
Carter, London N.  
Carter, Newton  
Carter, Richard  
Carter, Robert R.  
Carter, Rodney F.  
Carter, Rogers  
Carter, Samuel Powhatan *  
Carter, Thomas  
Carter, Vernonus  
Carter, William  
Carter, William  
Carter, William  
Carter, William Jr.  
Carter, William Fitzhugh  
Carter, William H.  
Carter, William Henry  
Carter, William W.  
Carthy, Peter  
Cartwright, Paul A.  
Cartwright, Thomas G.  
Cartwright, William  
Carty, Charles L.  
Carty, Patrick  
Carvar, Peter  
Carver, Calvin  
Carver, Charles  
Carver, Demetrius  
Carver, Dennis  
Carver, John  
Carver, Paul  
Cary, C.  
Cary, Clarence *  
Cary, George T.  
Cary, James  
Cary, Joshua  
Cary, Lewis O.B.  
Cary, Patrick  
Cary, Robert  
Cary, Thomas D.  
Cary, Thomas W.  
Carzolas, Lewis  
Casanova, Francisco  
Casbarian, J.P. (Mrs.)  
Case, Augustus Ludlow *  
Case, Chester N. Jr.  
Case, Francis A.  
Case, George F.  
Case, J. Madison *  
Case, Louis B.  
Case, Philip  
Case, Robert L.  
Casedy, John  
Casey, Bernard  
Casey, C.  
Casey, M.  
Casey, Michael  
Casey, Silas  
Casey, Silas *  
Casey, Thomas  
Cash, Michael  
Cash, Thomas M.  
Cashmer, Daniel  
Cashmer, Darby *  
Casidy, James  
Casidy, Thomas  
Casity, James  
Casity, Thomas  
Casneau, W. L.  
Cason, William  
Casparis, John C.  
Cass, John  
Cass, Q. H.  
Cassaday, H. P.  
Cassady, Alfred  
Cassady, Edward  
Cassady, John  
Cassady, John et al  
Cassady, Philemon  
Cassano, George  
Cassedy, George Vincent  
Cassel, Charles  
Cassell, Douglas R.  
Cassell, Jacob  
Cassell, James  
Cassidy, Edward R.  
Cassidy, Felix  
Cassidy, Francis  
Cassidy, James  
Cassidy, John  
Cassidy, John  
Cassidy, Patrick  
Cassidy, Thomas  
Cassidy, Thomas S.  
Cash, J. C.  
Name List of Documents
Cassidy, Vincent  
Cassin, Charles L. *  
Cassin, George  
Cassin, John *  
Cassin, Mahomet  
Cassin, Nicholas  
Cassin, Stephen *  
Cassin, Stephen/Samuel  
Castano, Domingo *  
Casted, Anthony  
Castell, George C.  
Castillo, Charles  
Castillo, Joaquin D. (Dr.)  
Castle, Barrett Spelman  
Castle, F. A.  
Castle, Horatio G.  
Castle, J.  
Castle, William  
Castwell, Abram  
Castwell, Austin  
Castwell, Charles  
Castwell, George  
Castwell, George W.  
Castwell, James  
Castwell, P. J. *  
Castwell, Richard *  
Castwell, Richard *  
Castwell, Salvadore *  
Cate, Joseph  
Cate, Joseph  
Cathcart J.  
Cathcart James Leander  
Cathcart W. L.  
Cathell, H. P.  
Catlett, Hanson  
Catlow, Joseph  
Caton, William  
Cattrell, Charles  
Cauave, Jean  
Cauffmar, Joseph  
Cauldwell, Charles H. B.  
Caulfield, Peter  
Caulfield, R.  
Caulk, John *  
Caulkin, John  
Cavanaugh, Michael  
Cavanough, John  
Cave, Thomas  
Couver, Charles  
Caverdish, Joseph  
Cauendy, Edward *  
Cawood, John B.  
Caye, Edmunch  
Cearson, George  
Cecil, Elias  
Cecil, Ned  
Cenas, Hilary  
Center, F. P.  
Certain, E. S.  
Cessford, Walter  
Cessor, Robert D.  
Chabert, Julius  
Chace, Jaben F.  
Chadlochi, B.  
Chadwell, Joseph  
Chadwick, Benjamin  
Chadwick, Benjamin  
Chadwick, Benjamin H. *  
Chadwick, Charles  
Chadwick, Darwin J.  
Chadwick, French Ensom *  
Chadwick, Hiram P.  
Chadwick, Jeremiah  
Chadwick, John  
Chadwick, John R.  
Chadwick, Joseph A.  
Chadwick, Joseph M.  
Chadwick, Otis C.  
Chadwick, William  
Chaffee, Charles H.  
Chaffee, Josiah Comfort  
Chaffin, E. P.  
Chain, William  
Chalk, Arthur P.  
Chalk, William  
Chalmers, John  
Chalmers, Malcomb  
Name List of Documents
Chamberlain, Ephraim  
Chamberlain, Ezra  
Chamberlain, Joseph  
Chamberlain, Philander  
Chamberlain, William F.  
Chamberlaine, George *  
Chamberlin, William  
Chambers, James S.  
Chambers, John  
Chambers, John  
Chambers, John L.  
Chambers, John W.  
Chambers, Joseph Gastan  
Chambers, Washington Devin *  
Chambers, William  
Chambers, William  
Chambers, William H.  
Champ, Samuel  
Champion, Carleton Cole  
Champion, James  
Champion, John C.  
Champion, Lynde  
Champion, Newton  
Champion, Stephen  
Champlin, Guy R.  
Champlin, Loderick *  
Champlin, Stephen *  
Champlin, William  
Chance, Franklin  
Chance, George  
Chancy, Alexander  
Chandler, B. F.  
Chandler, Charles B.  
Chandler, Charles Lyon  
Chandler, Daniel  
Chandler, Daniel  
Chandler, M. J. R.  
Chandler, Isaac A.  
Chandler, J. P.  
Chandler, J. W.  
Chandler, Jacob  
Chandler, John R. *  
Chandler, Josiah A.  
Chandler, Oliver  
Chandler, Ralph *  
Chandler, William  
Chandler, William *  
Chandler, William Elaton * 1835-1917 Biography
Chaney, Gera  
Chaney, James M.  
Chaney, W. H.  
Chapel, Deodatus  
Chapin, Benjamin  
Chapin, Frederick L.  
Chapin, Lyman  
Chapin, Thomas E.  
Chaplin, Frederick L.  
Chaplin, James C. *  
Chaplin, Joseph  
Chaplin, S.  
Chaplin, W. C.  
Chaplin, William C.  
Chaplin, William C.  
Chapman, Alonzo B.  
Chapman, Charles D.  
Chapman, Charles C.  
Chapman, Edward A.  
Chapman, Edward K.  
Chapman, Edward  
Chapman, George  
Chapman, George A.  
Chapman, George H. *  
Chapman, James H. *  
Chapman, John  
Chapman, John  
Chapman, John H.  
Chapman, Jonathan  
Chapman, Joseph G.  
Chapman, Luther  
Chapman, Robert T. *  
Chapman, William G.  
Chapman, William N.  
Chappel, Eli  
Chappel, Frederick  
Chappel, Samuel  
Chappel, W.  
Chappele, John F.  
Chappele, George Deoditus  
Char, MichaelChard, William  
Charles, Edward W.  
Charlton, James  
Charlton, Robert M.  
Charlton, Thomas J. *  
Charlton, William  
Name List of Documents
Charlton, William  
Chartard, Jean Baltiste  
Chase, Amos  
Chase, Benjamin F.  
Chase, Charles H.  
Chase, Ephraim  
Chase, F. A.  
Chase, Frank B.  
Chase, George  
Chase, George E.  
Chase, George F.  
Chase, Henry  
Chase, Henry Augustus  
Chase, J.  
Chase, John J. *  
Chase, John V.  
Chase, John W.  
Chase, Mike B.  
Chase, M.  
Chase, Mark S.  
Chase, Moses B. *  
Chase, N.  
Chase, Philander *  
Chase, Reuben  
Chase, Robert A.  
Chase, Rollins L.  
Chase, Salmon D.  
Chase, Samuel Warren  
Chase, Thomas  
Chase, W. T.  
Chase, Whitman *  
Chase, William F.  
Chase, William H.  
Chasmer, James H.  
Chassaing, Ben Edme  
Chastain, Peter  
Chatard, Frederick P. *  
Chatfield, Alfred Earle  
Chatfield, Thomas  
Chatfield, William F.  
Chatilier, Peter  
Chattellier, Maurice G.  
Chattellier, Moore S.  
Chatten, David A.  
Chatterton, Edward H.  
Chatterton, John  
Chauncey, Charles W.  
Chauncey, Charles W. *  
Chauncey, Isaac *  
Chaucey, John  
Chaucey, John S. *  
Chauvenet, William *  
Chayton, Daniel  
Chayton, James  
Cheeny, Edward *  
Cheesman, William  
Cheever, George E.  
Cheever, John  
Cheever, William Harrison  
Cheevers, Benjamin  
Chelf, Simeon D.  
Cheney, Charles Eugene  
Cheney, Leonard E.  
Cheney, Edward  
Cheney, Luther  
Cheney, Samuel  
Cheney, Timothy Jr.  
Chenowith, Gideon E.  
Cherry, Allen Franklin  
Cherry, William Isaac  
Cherry, William S.  
Chesebrough, Edward  
Cheshire, John  
Chesley, James A. *  
Chesney, Jesse H.  
Chess, W. F.  
Chester, Arthur T.  
Chester, Benjamin  
Chester, Charles  
Chester, Colby M. *  
Chester, Daniel C.  
Chester, Henry W.  
Chester, Louis R.  
Chester, Thomas  
Chester, Walter  
Chester, William *  
Cheston, William  
Chevalier, Godfrey De  
Chever, D. A.  
Chevers, Marshall Trawbridge  
Chew, B.  
Chew, Francis T.  
Chew, Nathaniel  
Chew, Richard S.  
Chew, Robert B B E B James Monroe  
Chew, Samuel  
Chew, Thomas I. *  
Chew, Thomas J.  
Name List of Documents
Chi, Kwang  
Chick, Joseph P.  
Chidester, Thomas  
Chieffers, John  
Child, Alliford O.  
Child, Edwin  
Child, James  
Child, Oliver  
Child, R. B.  
Childers, J. L.  
Childers, Thomas A.  
Childers, Thomas B.  
Childs, Calvin C. *  
Childs, Charles  
Childs, Charles  
Childs, Charles B.  
Childs, Charles C.  
Childs, Earle W. F.  
Childs, Enos R. *  
Childs, J. M. B.  
Childs, James R. *  
Childs, James B.  
Childs, John D.  
Childs, William  
Chiles, John  
Chiles, Samuel  
Chillas, David  
Chilton, Charles  
Chilton, John Thomas  
Chilton, Richard  
Chilton, William B.  
Chindorff, Charles  
Chiola, Thomas  
Chipmar, Alamo S.  
Chipmar, Daniel W.  
Chipmar, Eleaner M.  
Chipmar, Henry L.  
Chipmar, Richard H.  
Chipmar, William  
Chipp, Charles Winans *  
Chipp, R.  
Chippendale, Thomas  
Chisholm, Richard  
Chisholm, Thomas *  
Chisholm, William  
Chisman, John R.  
Chisale, William R.  
Choate, Charles H.  
Chocheprat, Paul Louis Albert  
Chownin, Chatmy  
Chownin, William  
Christ, Jacob  
Christensen, Harry  
Christian, Charles  
Christian, Marcellus P. *  
Christian, Nicholas  
Christian, Thomas  
Christian, William Armistead  
Christianson, Karl  
Christie, Alexander  
Christie, Archibald  
Christie, David  
Christie, Flora  
Christie, James J.  
Christie, John  
Christie, John  
Christie, John C.  
Christie, Peter *  
Christie, Thadeus  
Christie, William  
Christie, William P.  
Christin, Ferrier V.  
Christler, John  
Christopher, Charles H.  
Christopher, Thomas  
Christy, John W.  
Chubb, Thomas  
Chubbuck, family  
Chubruck, Ebenezer  
Chubruck, Mollis Laeno  
Chubruck, Jonathan  
Chunn, William  
Church, Charles  
Church, F. L.  
Church, George H.  
Church, George J.  
Church, Henry E.  
Church, James H.  
Church, Jonathan  
Church, Joseph  
Church, Robert  
Church, William H.  
Churchill, A. L.  
Churchill, Charles S.  
Churchill, Gardner A. *  
Churchill, Henry  
Churchill, Henry U. *  
Churchill, J. F.  
Churchill, John Franklin *  
Churchill, Robert B.  
Churchill, W. L.  
Churchill, William B.  
Churchill, William H.  
Churchill, Winston  
Churchward, Timothy  
Chute, John G.  
Cigler, Constantine  
Cilley, Greenleaf *  
Cilley, Jonathan L.  
Cisco, Samuel *  
City, George W. *  
Clack, John Henry *  
Clagett, John Marshal *  
Claghorn, George *  
Name List of Documents
Claiborne, George Welden  
Claiborne, Henry B.  
Claiborne, J. F. H.  
Claiborne, Macajal  
Claiborne, Thomas Augustus  
Clairborne, Ferdinand Hugh  
Clandy, John  
Clandy, Joseph  
Clandy, M. J.  
Clandy, Patrick  
Clapham, John  
Clapham, Joseph Charles  
Clapp, A. F.  
Clapp, Allen C.  
Clapp, Benjamin  
Clapp, C. A.  
Clapp, George M.  
Clapp, Horace  
Clapp, Fayette  
Clapp, Horatio Nelson  
Clapp, Samuel  
Clapp, Samuel L.  
Clarewood, Irving  
Clark, Aaron  
Clark, Abraham  
Clark, Alexander *  
Clark, Allen Jay  
Clark, Asa  
Clark, Benjamin F.  
Clark, Cephas et al  
Clark, Charles  
Clark, Charles  
Clark, Charles  
Clark, Charles Edgar *  
Clark, Charles Peter *  
Clark, Charles S.  
Clark, Charles T.  
Clark, Edward  (See ZO - Expeditions, Box 2A:  Wilkins Submarine Expedition to Arctic, 1931)  
Clark, Edward W.  
Clark, Elijay M.  
Clark, Eleven  
Clark, Ephraim  
Clark, Ernest H.  
Clark, Francis G. Jr.  
Clark, Frank H.  
Clark, Frank H.  
Clark, George  
Clark, George R.  
Clark, George Rogers  
Clark, George W.  
Clark, George W.  
Clark, Henry  
Clark, Henry H.  
Clark, Hugh  
Clark, Ichabod  
Clark, Isaac  
Clark, Isom  
Clark, J.  
Clark, J.  
Clark, J.  
Clark, J. E.  
Clark, Jackson S.  
Clark, Jackson S.  
Clark, James  
Clark, James  
Clark, James  
Clark, James  
Clark, James  
Clark, James  
Clark, James  
Clark, James B.  
Clark, James H.  
Clark, James J.  
Clark, James R.  
Clark, James W.  
Clark, Jean  
Clark, John  
Clark, John  
Clark, John  
Clark, John  
Clark, John C.  
Clark, John F.  
Clark, John H.  
Clark, John H.  
Clark, John S.  
Clark, John W.  
Clark, Joseph (Rev.) *  
Clark, Joseph Henry  
Clark, Lemuel  
Clark, Levin  
Clark, Michael  
Clark, N.  
Clark, Nathan  
Clark, Nathan Beach  
Clark, Nathaniel B.  
Clark, Nelson F.  
Clark, Peter  
Clark, Peter  
Clark, R. M.  
Clark, Richard V.  
Clark, Robert  
Clark, Robert  
Clark, Robert M.  
Clark, Robert W.  
Clark, S.  
Clark, S. C.  
Clark, Sampson  
Clark, Samuel  
Clark, Samuel B.  
Clark, Samuel Marmaduk Dinwiddie  
Clark, Septimus  
Clark, Solomon  
Clark, Solomon R.  
Clark, Thadeus E.  
Clark, Thomas  
Clark, Thomas  
Clark, Thomas W.  
Clark, Vincent B.  
Clark, W. B.  
Clark, Wilfred  
Clark, William  
Clark, William  
Clark, William  
Clark, William  
Clark, William  
Clark, William  
Clark, William  
Clark, William  
Clark, William  
Clark, William Bell  
Clark, William C.  
Clark, William Cl  
Clark, William C.  
Clark, William G.  
Clark, William H.  
Clark, William H.  
Clark, William Henry  
Clark, William J.  
Clark, William M.  
Clarke, A. C.  
Clarke, Edward R.  
Clarke, Edward St. Clair  
Clarke, Frederick H.  
Clarke, George  
Clarke, George  
Clarke, George W.  
Clarke, Henry  
Clarke, Herman H.  
Clarke, Hugh *  
Clarke, Isaac *  
Clarke, James  
Clarke, Joseph  
Clarke, Maxwell T.  
Clarke, Patrick  
Clarke, Peter G.  
Clarke, Robert  
Clarke, Strabo  
Clarke, T. J.  
Clarke, Thomas George *  
Clarke, W. F.  
Name List of Documents
Clarke, William  
Clarke, William  
Clarke, William  
Clarke, William B.  
Clarke, William H.  
Clarke, William H.  
Clarke, William H.  
Clarke, William H.  
Clarkson, Charles F.  
Clarkson, David H. *  
Clarkson, James G. *  
Clarkson, Samuel F.  
Clarkson, Samuel G.  
Clarkson, William H.  
Clary, A. G. *  
Clasen, William  
Clason, Augustus  
Classen, Charles  
Classen, Charles E.  
Classy, John  
Claudo, George H.  
Clausen, Charles  
Clawson, Claus K. R.  
Clawson, John W.  
Clawson, William J.  
Claxter, Alexander *  
Claxter, George W.  
Claxter, Thomas *  
Clay, Henry  
Clay, Stephen Stan  
Claybrook, Joseph P. *  
Claycomb, Joseph W.  
Claycomb, Robert F.  
Claycomb, Stephen  
Claypoole, John  
Clayton, Frank  
Clayton, James  
Clayton, James G.  
Clayton, William Force *  
Claytor, Anderson  
Clear, Michael *  
Clearman, Jacob  
Clearman, John  
Clearwater, Edward  
Cleary, John  
Cleary, H. C.  
Cleary, William  
Cleary, William  
Cleasby, Andrew J.  
Cleaveland, Charles H.  
Cleaveland, S.  
Cleaveland, Seth B.  
Cleaves, Moses H. *  
Cleborne, Christopher J.  
Cleburne, Christopher James  
Cleghorn, Ralph  
Clemans, Peter P.  
Clemens, Benjamin D.  
Clemens, Daniel B.  
Clemens, Englehart R.  
Clemens, Gasper  
Clemens, John  
Clement, Amos  
Clements, Arthur H.  
Clements, Courtland C.  
Clements, John B.  
Clements, William  
Clemment, John B.  
Clemson, Henry A.  
Clemson, James G.  
Clendaniel, William  
Clevson, T.  
Cleveland, Aaron  
Cleveland, Charles W.  
Cleveland, Graver  
Cleveland, Richard  
Clevely, J.  
Cliff, Ezekial  
Cliff, George  
Cliff, Joseph  
Clifford, Charles  
Clifford, Daniel  
Clifford, Edward S.  
Clifford, John  
Clifford, Patrick  
Clifford, Samuel  
Clifford, Zachariah  
Clifton, A. J.  
Clifton, George R.  
Clifton, Henry  
Clifton, J.  
Clinch, Bartholomew  
Cline, Hugh H.  
Cline, James  
Cline, John D.  
Cline, S. C.  
Cline, Sidney B.  
Clinton, Franklin  
Clinton, George  
Clinton, Henry  
Clinton, James  
Clitze, John  
Clitze, John H. B. *  
Clock, Aaron  
Clapton, Joseph  
Close, Emory  
Closson, Nelson A.  
Clost, Andrew A.  
Cloud, Galeb  
Cloud, George B.  
Claugh, Amborg  
Claugh, Daniel H.  
Claugh, Peter  
Claugh, Stephen  
Clawston, J.  
Clopper, Peter  
Clouston, John  
Clouston, Thomas *  
Clover, Richardson  
Clowes, George H.  
Cloyd, J. M.  
Cloyd, John P.  
Cloyes, William Oscar  
Clubb, Lewis  
Cluett, Louis C.  
Clugston, William P.  
Clum, Alfred  
Clum, Peter  
Cluston, Thomas  
Cluverius, Thomas  
Cluverius, Wat Tyler *  
Clymer, George  
Name List of Documents
Coall, William F.  
Coall, Samuel A.  
Coan, Titus M.  
Coan, William S.  
Coas, William  
Coates, Isaac T. *  
Coates, Jacob  
Coates, John  
Coates, John J.  
Coates, Thomas  
Coates, Willie  
Cobb, Benjamin F.  
Cobb, Elisha  
Cobb, Francis R.  
Cobb, Frederick M.  
Cobb, George  
Cobb, H. W.  
Cobb, James  
Cobb, Moses G.  
Cobb, Schugler A.  
Cobb, Thomas  
Cobb, William B.  
Cobb, William D.  
Cobb, William D.  
Cobb, William T.  
Cobb, Willis B.  
Cobbaugh, Peter  
Cobbett, James  
Cobbey, George  
Coburn, James  
Coburn, Jerry  
Cochcroft, Joseph Pickney  
Coche, William T.  
Cochran, Archibald  
Cochran, Essex D.  
Cochran, George S.  
Cochran, Jacob  
Cobb, Benjamin  
Cochran, John  
Cochran, Joshua W.  
Cochran, Stephen  
Cochran, Thomas G.  
Cochrane, Alexander  
Cochrane, C. W.  
Cochrane, Edward Will  
Cochrane, Henry Clay *  
Cochrane, James  
Cochrane, John  
Cochrane, Michael  
Cochrane, Thomas  
Cock, William  
Cocke, Buller  
Cocke, Harriston H.  
Cocke, Paul  
Cocke, Samuel Barron  
Cocke, William H.  
Cockran, Patrick  
Coddington, Aaron  
Coddington, Ethelbert F.  
Coddington, William H.  
Codey, David  
Codey, Dennis  
Codington, William  
Codmer, S.  
Coe, Asa  
Coe, James W.  
Coe, Joseph B.  
Coetthred, James  
Coffee, Theodore D.  
Coffey, James  
Coffey, John  
Coffield, R. R.  
Coffin, Augustus T.  
Coffin, Edward  
Coffin, Edwin  
Coffin, F. W.  
Coffin, George W. *  
Coffin, James  
Coffin, Jethro  
Coffin, John H. C.  
Coffin, John H. C. Jr.  
Coffin, Josiah N.  
Coffin, N. J.  
Coffin, Rufus  
Coffin, Rufus  
Coffin, S.  
Coffin, W.  
Coffin, William  
Coffinberry, Henry D.  
Coffman, D. W.  
Coffman, DeWitt  
Cofrin, Lankin  
Cogan, James  
Cogan, William  
Cogbill, Isaac  
Cogdell, Richard C.  
Cogger, Frank  
Coggeshall, Lawton  
Coggeshall, Tristam  
Coggin, Frederick G.  
Coggin, Henry  
Coggin, William  
Coghlen, Jasper  
Coghlen, Joseph Bullock *  
Cogswell, James K.  
Cogswell, John  
Cogswell, Wilbur F. *  
Cog, William T.  
Cohe, John H.  
Cohen, Abraham  
Cohen, David M.  
Cohen, J. Solis  
Cohen, Philip  
Cohal, Thomas  
Cohorn, James  
Coit, Benjamin  
Coit, Levi  
Coit, Prince  
Coker, Joseph  
Coker, William  
Colbert, Frank  
Colbert, Henry  
Colbert, James  
Colbert, William  
Colbert, William  
Colburn, Harrison  
Colburn, Jonathan  
Colburn, Josiah  
Colburn, Oliver  
Colburt, Thomas  
Colby, Amos  
Colby, Daniel  
Colby, F. W.  
Colby, Henry B.  
Colby, Henry B.  
Colby, Henry G.  
Name Name of Document
Colby, John  
Colby, John  
Colcock, Daniel D. *  
Colcord, Charles  
Colcord, John Nason  
Colding, William  
Cole, Ashael  
Cole, Benjamin  
Cole, Charles E.  
Cole, Clement C. *  
Cole, Daniel G.  
Cole, Edward Ball  
Cole, George H.  
Cole, George W.  
Cole, John P. *  
Cole, Lucius A.  
Cole, Richard  
Cole, T.  
Cole, Thomas B.,  
Cole, Thomas B.  
Cole, William  
Cole, William Carey  
Colgate, George  
Coleman, Charles O.  
Coleman, Eugene B.  
Coleman, Ferdinand T.  
Coleman, George E.  
Coleman, Gilbert C.  
Coleman, J. W.  
Coleman, John C.  
Coleman, Julius A.  
Coleman, R. M.  
Coleman, Robert  
Coleman, Silas B.  
Coleman, Thomas  
Coleman, William B.  
Coleman, Willis B.  
Coles, W.  
Coley, Oscar Wildon  
Colfax, Wirt W.  
Colhoun, Edmund Ross *  
Colhoun, J. Ross  
Colhoun, John  
Colhoun, Thomas  
Colin, Alfred  
Collamer, Ira A.  
Collamore, Henry H.  
Collamore, Peter  
Collender, George  
Collet, William  
Collett, Edmund D.  
Colley, Thomas  
Colliar, Louis A.  
Collier, Barnabus H.  
Collier, Charles H. *  
Collier, Charles C.  
Collier, Charles M.  
Collier, Charles M. *  
Collier, George W.  
Collier, John  
Collier, H.  
Collier, Thomas S.  
Collier, William  
Collier, William  
Collier, William A.  
Collier, William A.  
Colling, Henry  
Collingson, Fioras  
Collins, Alexander T.  
Collins, Bartholemew  
Collins, Bernard J.  
Collins, C. A.  
Collins, C. E.  
Collins, Charles *  
Collins, Charles  
Collins, Charles H.  
Collins, Charles M.  
Collins, Charles O.  
Collins, Daniel  
Collins, Daniel James  
Collins, Daniel S.  
Collins, Dillard  
Collins, Edward  
Collins, Edward Anthony  
Collins, Eli  
Collins, G. W.  
Collins, George S.  
Collins, George W.  
Collins, Henry  
Collins, Henry  
Collins, Isaac  
Collins, J. J.  
Collins, James  
Collins, Neddediah (Dared)  
Collins, John  
Collins, John  
Collins, John  
Collins, John  
Collins, John  
Collins, John  
Collins, John, Jr.  
Collins, John B.  
Collins, John C.  
Collins, John Edward  
Collins, John H.  
Collins, John Land  
Collins, Joseph  
Collins, Joseph  
Collins, Joseph E.  
Collins, M.  
Collins, Mark  
Collins, Napoleon *  
Collins, Nathan  
Collins, P. James  
Collins, Patrick  
Collins, Richard  
Collins, Robert M.  
Collins, Samuel S.  
Collins, Stephen  
Collins, William  
Collins, William  
Collins, William A.  
Collins, William A.  
Collins, William H.  
Collum, Charles D.  
Collum, Richard  
Colman, D.  
Colman, Robert  
Name List of Documents
Colp, Jacob  
Colquhawn, James  
Colson, Amos *  
Colson, Stephen  
Colson, W. C.  
Colston, Pendleton  
Colston, Samuel  
Colt, Samuel  
Colton, Diamond  
Colton, Walter *  
Colton, William H. *  
Columbus, Christopher *  
Colvocoresses, George Musalas *  
Colvocoresses, George Partridge *  
Coman, Robert  
Combs, E.  
Combs, Hiram  
Combs, Joseph  
Comegys, Cornelius  
Comegys, George M. *  
Comes, Frank  
Comfort, A. Elvins  
Comings, Warren  
Comins, Job  
Commaford, Michael  
Commerce, William  
Comminshy, August G.  
Comstock, A. H.  
Comstock, John Henry *  
Comstock, Nathan  
Comstock, Theodore A.  
Comstock, William V. *  
Conant, Frank H.  
Conant, John O. A.  
Conant, Marshall M.  
Conant, Thaddeus L.  
Conaway, Michael  
Conckling, Augustus  
Condon, Chester  
Condon, John  
Condon, John  
Condon, Michael *  
Condon, Richard  
Condron, Daniel  
Condy, Dennis  
Cone, Edward  
Cone, Hutchison I.  
Conerty, James  
Coney, Charles J.  
Congdon, Joseph W.  
Congdon, William  
Conkley, Silas E.  
Conklin, Charles g.  
Conklin, Enoch  
Conklin, George H.  
Conklin, Henry B.  
Conklin, James  
Conklin, John  
Conklin, John  
Conklin, John  
Conklin, John  
Conklin, Norman H.  
Conklin, Strong  
Conklin, W. H.  
Conklin, William H.  
Conkling, E.  
Conlan, John  
Conley, James  
Conley, James H.  
Conley, Nicholas  
Conley, Thomas  
Conlin, Mark  
Conn, George  
Connahan, D. T.  
Connahan, Thomas  
Connell, Byron James  
Connell, Dame  
Connell, Daniel S.  
Connell, Michael  
Connell, Thomas  
Connell, William  
Connelly, Daniel  
Connelly, Jeremiah  
Connelly, John  
Connelly, John  
Connelly, John  
Connelly, John J.  
Connelly, William  
Conner, Daniel  
Conner, David *  
Conner, Edmond  
Conner, George W.  
Conner, Henry P.  
Conner, Jacob  
Conner, John  
Conner, John  
Conner, John M.  
Conner, Michael  
Conner, Newell E.  
Conner, Newell W.  
Conner, Thomas  
Conner, William  
Conner, William  
Connolly, Anthony  
Connolly, John  
Connolly, Roger  
Connolly, Thomas J.  
Connoly, Anthony  
Connor, Daniel  
Connor, Edmond  
Connor, Henry P.  
Connor, John  
Connor, John Timothy Pendergash  
Connor, Patrick  
Connor, Patrick  
Connor, Robert  
Connor, Samuel  
Connor, Thomas  
Connor, William  
Connor, William H.  
Conover, Edwin D.  
Conover, Francis S.  
Conover, Thomas A.  
Conrad, A.  
Conrad, Daniel B. *  
Conrad, Joseph  
Conrad, Otto  
Conroy, Edward  
Consel, Joseph  
Conselyea, Francis W.  
Constable, A. G. A.  
Constable, David E.  
Constable, S. L.  
Constant, John C.  
Constant, M.  
Constantine, Francis  
Constantine, Sumner  
Constantine, William I.  
Cortee, John  
Conquest, William  
Converse, Blinn  
Converse, Edwin M.  
Converse, George Albert *  
Conway, D.  
Conway, Daniel  
Conway, David R.  
Name List of Documents
Conway, Francis  
Conway, James  
Conway, James  
Conway, James M.  
Conway, John  
Conway, John  
Conway, John  
Conway, John  
Conway, John  
Conway, Michael  
Conway, Richard  
Conway, Robert  
Conway, Robert  
Conway, T.  
Conway, Thomas  
Conway, William *  
Conway, William d.  
Conwell, John H.  
Cony, Joseph S.  
Conyero, Isaac Newton  
Conyero, Samuel  
Conygham, Gustavus *  
Coach, William  
Coogins, John  
Cook, Albert  
Cook, Andrew  
Cook, Ambrose  
Cook, Benjamin  
Cook, Bouna  
Cook, Brenton B.  
Cook, Edward  
Cook, Ephraim  
Cook, Francis A.  
Cook, Francis J.  
Cook, Frederick  
Cook, Frederick H.  
Cook, George  
Cook, George  
Cook, George Roger  
Cook, Gilbert C.  
Cook, Gilbert C.  
Cook, Henry  
Cook, Jacob  
Cook, James B.  
Cook, James K.  
Cook, James V.  
Cook, Job  
Cook, John  
Cook, John  
Cook, John A.  
Cook, John B.  
Cook, John F.  
Cook, John V.  
Cook, Jonathan  
Cook, Joseph I.  
Cook, Joseph K.  
Cook, Noshua  
Cook, Nathan C.  
Cook, L. S.  
Cook, Lewis P.  
Cook, Livingston  
Cook, Louis G.  
Cook, N. A.  
Cook, Nicholas  
Cook, R. Frank  
Cook, Richard  
Cook, Thomas  
Cook, Thomas F.  
Cook, Thomas W.  
Cook, William  
Cook, William  
Cook, William, Jr.  
Cook, William C.  
Cook, William H.  
Cook, William J.  
Cook, William W.  
Cooke, A. P.  
Cooke, Andrew B. *  
Cooke, Charles  
Cooke, Charles C.  
Cooke, George H. *  
Cooke, Henry S. *  
Cooke, James W. *  
Cooke, John (Chaplain)  
Cooke, John (Mids)  
Cooke, John F.  
Cooke, John K.  
Cooke, John Patton  
Cooke, Joseph  
Cooke, Robert  
Cooke, Stephen  
Cooke, Theophilus  
Cooke, W. F. B.  
Cooke, William  
Cool, Charles E. *  
Coolbroth, Joseph  
Cooley, Barnard  
Cooley, Earl A.  
Cooley, Earl K.  
Cooley, Mortimer E.  
Coolidge, Samuel  
Coombs, George  
Coombs, John H.  
Coombs, Rowland L. E.  
Coombs, William  
Coomes, Charles B.  
Coomes, Charles Rensselear  
Coon, Edgard A.  
Coon, George  
Coon, William S.  
Coonan, John J.  
Cooney, Joseph L.  
Cooney, Thomas C.  
Coons, George Henry  
Coons, J. A.  
Coop, Henry J.  
Coop, Henry J.  
Coop, Alexander  
Coop, Alfred C.  
Coop, Benjamin  
Coop, Benjamin  
Coop, C. G.  
Coop, Charles S.  
Coop, Conrad A.  
Coop, David  
Coop, Francis  
Coop, Frank L. *  
Coop, G. C.  
Cooper, Gaspar  
Cooper, George  
Cooper, George H.  
Cooper, George H. *  
Name List of Documents
Cooper, Grenville  
Cooper, Horace  
Cooper, Isaac  
Cooper, Isaiah  
Cooper, J. B.  
Cooper, James B.  
Cooper, James Fenimore *  
Cooper, James Gilbert  
Cooper, James Morgan *  
Cooper, John Rees  
Cooper, Joseph  
Cooper, Joseph  
Cooper, Llewellen  
Cooper, Mercator  
Cooper, Micah  
Cooper, Philip (LCDR, 1863-75) (See Box 50A)  
Cooper, Philip  
Cooper, Richard Fenimore *  
Cooper, Richard H.  
Cooper, Samuel  
Cooper, T. H. P.  
Cooper, Tacey  
Cooper, Theodore *  
Cooper, Thomas  
Cooper, Thomas J. W. *  
Cooper, Walter  
Cooper, Whalen  
Cooper, William  
Cooper, William  
Cooper, William  
Cooper, William A.  
Cooper, William, Jr.  
Cooper, William Ringold  
Cope, Edward  
Cope, William *  
Copeland, Addison W.  
Copeland, Charles W. *  
Copeland, Hezekiah Balch  
Copeland, John  
Copeland, Laurence L.  
Copeland, R. A.  
Copeland, Thomas  
Copeland, William  
Copley, John  
Copis, Jose Noval Gle  
Copp, Charles Albert  
Copp, Nason  
Coppell, Charles H.  
Coppersmith, John  
Copping, Robert  
Coppingberg, D.  
Coram, John Robert  
Coram, Robert  
Corbeil, George S.  
Corbell, John  
Corbesier, Antoine J.  
Corbet, Frederick  
Corbet, Edwin  
Corbett, William  
Corbin, Francis  
Corbin, Henry C.  
Corbin, Leslie Rogers  
Corbin, S. Wellford  
Cornick, James *  
Corning, Douglas  
Corning, Nathaniel  
Cornish, John Franklin  
Cornthwait, Louis A.  
Cornthwait, Robert H.  
Cornwall, Stephen M.  
Cornwell, John Jacob *  
Cornwell, William L.  
Corran, A. H.  
Corrismunden, H.  
Cooper, Philip (LCDR), 1863-1875  
Name List of Documents
Corry, William Merrill Jr.  
Corsano, Francisco  
Corser, C. H.  
Corson, Abel  
Corson, Bainbridge  
Corson, Edward F.  
Corson, Ellwood M.  
Corson, George  
Corson, John  
Corson, John  
Corson, Thomas E.  
Cortelyson, Jacob W.  
Corten, R. E.  
Corvell, Jonach  
Corwin, Gasham  
Corwin, William A.  
Cory, Daniel  
Cory, William W.  
Cosby, Fortune  
Cosby, Frank C.  
Cosby, George  
Cosby, William S.  
Cosgrove, James  
Cosgrove, P. C.  
Cosgrove, Thomas  
Cosmere, Joseph  
Cosnear, W. L.  
Coss, Kin  
Costa, Francescode  
Costa, Isaac  
Costar, John F.  
Costar, Stephen  
Costello, Edward  
Costello, John  
Costello, William  
Coster, Stephen K.  
Costigan, George D.  
Coston, Benjamin F.  
Cotton, Lyman A. *  
Cotter, John M.  
Cottineau, Denis Nicholas  
Cottineau, Hercules *  
Cottle, John  
Cottle, Lucius Otis  
Cottan, Charles  
Cottan, Charles H. *  
Cottan, Charles S.  
Cottan, Charles Stanhope *  
Cottan, Frederick W. *  
Cottan, Samuel S.  
Cotton, Charles S. *  
Cottrell, Gardner  
Cottrell, J. F.  
Cottrell, Silas H.  
Cottrell, Simon G.  
Cottrell, William  
Cotts, David  
Couch, Samuel  
Couden, John  
Coves, Samuel F.  
Coull, Alexander  
Coulson, George W.  
Coulson, Washington Glenn  
Coulter, Henry S. *  
Coulter, William H.  
Councellor, Charles  
Coupe, Edward  
Courage, William  
Courier, J. E. Gaff  
Courier, John  
Courtenay, Alexander L.  
Courter, Herman  
Courtir, G. E.  
Courtland, Lewis  
Courtray, Arthur  
Courtray, C. E.  
Courtray, Charles  
Courtray, Daniel  
Courtray, James  
Courts, Robert Henley  
Courtway, Anthony  
Cousby, G. H.  
Cousins, W. Scott  
Coutvrier, Frederick  
Covell, Charles H.  
Covell, David  
Covell, Joseph  
Coverhaven, Francis  
Cover, William  
Coverdale, Elias  
Covert, E.  
Covington, N. C.  
Cowan, John H.  
Cowan, John S. *  
Cowan, Lemanuel C.  
Cowan, Robert H.  
Coward, Henry  
Coward, Henry A.  
Coward, William  
Cowden, David  
Cowden, Levi  
Cowdery, Jonathan *  
Cowdon, Michael  
Cowdery, Charles M.  
Cowdy, L. P.  
Cowel, William  
Cowell, Elijah  
Cowell, John Glover *  
Cowell, Richard  
Cowell, William  
Cowen, Sidney J.  
Cowie, Charles S.  
Cowie, F. H.  
Cowie, George  
Cowie, George, Jr.  
Cowie, George S. Jr.  
Cowie, Robert  
Cowin, Robert  
Cowing, Seth W.  
Cowing, William  
Name List of Documents
Cowle, William E.  
Cowler, Robert  
Cowles, William *  
Cowles, William S.  
Cowling, John G. *  
Cowman, Richard W.  
Cowper, Horatio Gates  
Cowper, John  
Cowper, William  
Cowper, William E.  
Cox, Anthony  
Cox, Bernard  
Cox, C. W.  
Cox, Daniel B.  
Cox, Edward Joel  
Cox, Edwin B.  
Cox, George *  
Cox, George G.  
Cox, Hiram *  
Cox, J. E.  
Cox, J. H.  
Cox, James  
Cox, John  
Cox, John  
Cox, John  
Cox, John C. *  
Cox, John Sall Hickling  
Cox, John T. K.  
Cox, Joseph  
Cox, Joseph H.  
Cox, P.  
Cox, Pliny  
Cox, Richard  
Cox, Richard S.  
Cox, Robert E.  
Cox, Robert T.  
Cox, S.  
Cox, Sylvanus  
Cox, Thomas  
Cox, Thomas  
Cox, Thomas  
Cox, Thomas  
Cox, Valentine  
Cox, William E.  
Cox, William H.  
Cox, William Henry  
Cox, William R., Jr.  
Cox, William S.  
Cox, William Sitareaves *  
Coxe, Charles D.  
Coxe, James Brinton  
Coxe, James Sidney *  
Coxe, John R.  
Coxe, Richard S. *  
Coxelter, L. M.  
Coxford, Mathew  
Coy, Charles S.  
Coy, John  
Coyle, John  
Coyle, John  
Coyle, Joseph C.  
Coyman, Samuel  
Cozzens, Benjamin  
Crabb, Horatio N. *  
Crabb, John  
Crabbe, Thomas *  
Crabbee, Agnew  
Crabbee, William  
Crady, John  
Craft, Richard P.  
Croft, Thomas F.  
Crafts, S. P.  
Cragg, James  
Cragin, William S. W.  
Craig, Benjamin Franklin  
Craig, Benjamin H.  
Craig, David  
Name List of Documents
Craig, Isaac  
Craig, J.  
Craig, J. T.  
Craig, John H.  
Craig, R.  
Craig, Robert  
Craig, Thomas C.  
Craig, Thomas S.  
Craig, William  
Craig, William  
Craig, William H.  
Craig, William J. *  
Crain, Charles C.  
Crain, Samuel  
Crain, Walter O.  
Crainer, Patrick  
Cralle, Richard K.  
Cram, Sewell  
Cramer, Frederick H.  
Cramond, James  
Cran, William  
Crandall, F. H.  
Crandall, J. R.  
Crandall, Marcus  
Crandall, William H.  
Cranden, John  
Crane, Barrett S.  
Crane, Charles S.  
Crane, Ichabod  
Crane, Elias F.  
Crane, George A.  
Crane, Joseph B.  
Crane, Lemuel G.  
Crane, Stephen  
Crane, Thomas  
Crane, William M. *  
Craney, William *  
Cranford, William H.  
Crank, R. K.  
Cranner, Jonathan  
Cranstar, Charles  
Crapon, M. C.  
Craspo, R. B.  
Crarey, H.  
Crauy, Edwin M.  
Crasley, S. M.  
Cratty, Robert  
Craven family  
Craven, Alfred  
Craven, Charles E.  
Craven, Charles H.  
Craven, Henry S.  
Craven, Ishi  
Craven, John  
Craven, Landreth  
Craven, Robert  
Craven, Thomas Tingey *  
Craven, Thomas Tingey *  
Craven, Tunis *  
Craven, Tunis Agustus MacDonough *  
Craven, William  
Crawcaur, Samuel  
Crawfad, C. H.  
Crawfad, Charles  
Crawfad, Charles A.  
Crawfad, Daniel W.  
Crawfad, David Ross  
Crawfad, G.  
Crawfad, George  
Crawfad, George  
Crawfad, George W.  
Crawfad, James  
Crawfad, James  
Crawfad, John  
Crawfad, John Q. A.  
Crawfad, John W.  
Crawfad, Johnson  
Crawfad, Robert  
Crawfad, Robert  
Crawfad, Robert J.  
Crawfad, Thomas  
Crawfad, Thomas  
Crawfad, William  
Crawfad, William H.  
Crawfad, William H. *  
Crawforth, Thomas  
Crawley, Bryan  
Crawley, John M. *  
Crawly, Charles  
Creamer, Fred A.  
Creasey, William J.  
Cree, Joseph C.  
Creech, George  
Creed, Peter  
Creedon, Patrick  
Creek, William  
Creesy, Josiah Perkins  
Creighton, James M.  
Creighton, John  
Creighton, John Orde *  
Creighton, Johnston Blakeley *  
Creighton, William  
Creighton, William S.  
Name List of Documents
Creighton, William W.  
Crener, John  
Crenshaw, Arthur  
Crenshaw, Cornelius  
Crenshaw, Edward  
Cresap, James C.  
Cressey, William J.  
Cressy, Walter K.  
Creuzbauer, R.  
Crevasse, Joseph C.  
Crew, John  
Crilley, Frank T. (See ZO- Expeditions, Box 2A:  Wilkins Submarine Expedition to Arctic, 1931)  
Crippen, A. F.  
Crippen, James P.  
Crippleber, George  
Crisp, Benjamin  
Crissey, Edwin  
Critchell, Robert  
Crittender, Joseph H.  
Crittender, Robert  
Critz, George E.  
Crocker, Adolphus C.  
Crocker, Charles T.  
Crocker, Edward  
Crocker, Edward P.  
Crocker, Frederick  
Crocker, James M.  
Crocker, Job  
Crocker, Jonathan W.  
Crocker, Niles T.  
Crocker, Thomas M.  
Crocker, William R.  
Crockett, Edmund  
Crockett, Elijah  
Crockett, Thomas J.  
Croft, John B.  
Croft, Thomas F.  
Crofton, James C.  
Crofton, Henry  
Crofton, M. L.  
Croker, Edward P.  
Croline, Sebastian  
Crolvis, Sebastian Jr.  
Crombarger, Perry  
Cromwell, Bartlett D.  
Cronan, John  
Cronan, William T.  
Cronell, Miner B.  
Cronin, Cornelius  
Cronin, Francis  
Cronin, James  
Cronin, James C.  
Cronin, John  
Cronin, Michael  
Cronk, S.  
Cronk, Volney  
Crontheus, James A.  
Cronyr, William J.  
Crook, George  
Crooker, C. W.  
Crooker, Charles A.  
Crooks, James  
Crool, Mathew  
Cropper, John  
Cropper, Samuel Preston  
Cropsey, David  
Crosby, Andrew D. *  
Crosby, Ebenezer  
Crosby, Freeman Hopkins  
Crosby, James  
Crosby, John  
Crosby, John P.  
Crosby, Joseph  
Crosby, Joseph  
Crosby, Joshua  
Crosby, Joshua W.  
Crosby, Pierce *  
Crosby, S. M.  
Crosby, Sackville  
Crosby, Thomas  
Crosby, Thomas D.  
Crosby, Warren J.  
Crosby, William B. Jr.  
Crosby, William H.  
Crosley, J. M.  
Crosley, W. S.  
Crosman, Alexander F. *  
Crosman, Nelson E.  
Cross, George  
Cross, George  
Cross, George  
Cross, George Washington  
Cross, J.  
Cross, James Wesley  
Cross, John C.  
Cross, Joseph *  
Cross, Moses  
Cross, Robert  
Cross, Robert  
Cross, Robert H. *  
Cross, Samuel  
Crossan, Thomas M.  
Crossby, Peter  
Crossman, C. Henry *  
Crossman, James A.  
Crossman, John  
Crotty, Francis  
Name List of Documents
Crotty, George  
Crotty, James  
Crouch, Joseph L.  
Crout, Walter William  
Crowder, Jonathan  
Crowe, Daniel  
Crowe, William  
Crowel, Augustus F.  
Crowell, Albert G. W.  
Crowell, Benjamin  
Crowell, D. C.  
Crowell, David H.  
Crowell, Erastus  
Crowell, J. Foster  
Crowell, Joseph W.  
Crowell, Levi  
Crowell, Lewis  
Crauley, Bryan  
Crauley, Charles E.  
Crauley, Daniel  
Crauley, James  
Crauley, John  
Crauley, John  
Crauley, R. O.  
Crowinshield, Arent Schuyler *  
Crowinshield, Benjamin Williams * (Sec of the Navy)  
Crowinshield, George  
Crowinshield, Jacob  
Crowinshield, Jacob Jr. *  
Crowinshield, William W.  
Croxford, Daniel  
Crozet, Charles E.  
Cruise, George  
Crumback, William C.  
Crumbaugh, Samuel Redford  
Crumlish, Dennis  
Crump, George W.  
Crump, Robert H.  
Cruse, Samuel C.  
Croser, James  
Crusoe, Robinson  
Cruthers, Samuel  
Cryder, William W.  
Cubbage, Luther  
Cuddihy, George T.  
Cuddy, Thomas C.  
Culbert, Edward  
Culbert, James  
Culbert, Robert  
Culbertson, George V. N. *  
Culbertson, Robert  
Culbertson, Wilson S.  
Cull, James  
Cullam, David  
Cullator, John  
Cullen, Edward J.  
Cullen, Ezekiel W.  
Cullen, John  
Cullen, John  
Cullen, Thomas  
Cullen, Thomas  
Cullen, William  
Culley, Joseph  
Culley, Joseph Victor  
Cullin, W. T.  
Cullington, James  
Cullins, Asa B.  
Cully, William R.  
Culp, Fieldiry R.  
Culver, Abraham E.  
Culver, C. B.  
Culver, Charles B.  
Culver, David  
Culver, Oror  
Culverwell, Richard  
Culverwell, Stephen S.  
Cumming, T. W.  
Cummings, Andrew Boyd *  
Cummings, David  
Cummings, Hiram  
Cummings, James  
Cummings, John  
Cummings, John L.  
Cummings, John W.  
Cummings, Rufus K.  
Cummings, S. W. *  
Cummins, George W.  
Cummins, James  
Cummins, Job  
Cummins, John  
Cummins, Joseph  
Commiskey, Augustine Gallitzine  
Cunau, Henry  
Cunningham, Alexander  
Cunningham, Bernard  
Cunningham, Charles  
Cunningham, Ebenezer  
Cunningham, Hy  
Cunningham, James  
Cunningham, James  
Cunningham, James  
Cunningham, James B.  
Cunningham, John  
Cunningham, John  
Cunningham, John S. *  
Cunningham, Milton  
Cunningham, P. T.  
Cunningham, Robert B. *  
Cunningham, Thomas  
Cunningham, Thomas S.  
Cunningham, Thomas Scott  
Cunningham, William  
Cunningham, William C.  
Curley, John  
Curoment, Michael  
Curran, Francis  
Curran, James  
Curran, John  
Curran, Patrick  
Currance, John J.  
Currell, James  
Currie, A. A.  
Currie, George E.  
Currie, James  
Currier, Charles  
Name List of Documents
Currier, Oliver C.  
Currier, William A.  
Curry, David H.  
Curry, G.  
Curry, John  
Curry, Liewelby  
Curry, Samuel George  
Curry, William  
Curson, Richard  
Curtis, Asa  
Curtis, C. A.  
Curtis, C. B.  
Curtis, C. K.  
Curtis, Caleb A.  
Curtis, D. G.  
Curtis, F. O. S.  
Curtis, Franklin  
Curtis, Frederick  
Curtis, S. G.  
Curtis, Hauley  
Curtis, Henry F.  
Curtis, James Freeman  
Curtis, John A.  
Curtis, Joseph W.  
Curtis, Lloyd W.  
Curtis, R. J.  
Curtis, Richard  
Curtis, Samuel  
Curtis, Thomas Buckmunster *  
Curtis, William  
Curtis, William M.  
Curtiss, C. G.  
Curtiss, S. C.  
Curwin, G.  
Cushing, Charles C. *  
Cushing, E. H.  
Cushing, Edward H.  
Cushing, F. A.  
Cushing, Henry  
Cushing, J.  
Cushing, James M.  
Cushing, John  
Cushing, Milton B.  
Cushing, R.  
Cushing, Samuel W.  
Cushing, Stephen  
Cushing, William Barker *  
Cushman, Alexander  
Cushman, Charles H. *  
Cushman, Daniel  
Cushman, William S.  
Cusick, Thomas  
Cusiter, James  
Cutbush, Edward *  
Cutbub, Charles  
Cutcher, John  
Cuthbert, Maryland  
Cuthbertson, John  
Cutler, A. S.  
Cutler, James  
Cutler, Lyman  
Cutler, Rensalear  
Cutler, Samuel  
Cutler, William G.  
Cutler, Amos  
Cutler, Charles W.  
Cutler, Ephraim P.  
Cutler, George F.  
Cutler, John  
Cutler, John  
Cutler, Joshua  
Cutler, Richard H.  
Cutting, Edwin W.  
Cutting, J. B.  
Cutting, N.  
Cutts, Joseph, Jr.  
Cutts, Richard M.  
Cutts, W. C.  
Cuyler, Richard Matthew  
Czernewski, J. P.  


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