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ZC (Ship) Files in the Navy Department Library C. P. Williams - Dyess



Name of Ship Period Remarks
C.P. Williams (motor schooner) 1861-1865 Service log.
Cabot (continental brig) 1775-1777 History, correspondence.
Cabot (CVL-28) 1953 Operations procedures.
Cacapon (AO-52) 1963-1973 Welcome Aboard & Decommissioning brochures.
Cachalot (SS-33) 1914-1923 Renamed K-2, history.
Cactus (purchased steamer) 1863-1865 Service logs. Formerly Polarstar.
Cadmus (AR-14) 1968 Welcome Aboard brochure.
Caesar (collier) 1898-1922 Service logs, correspondence. Formerly Kingston.
Caiman (SS-323) 1970 Welcome Aboard brochure.
Cairo (gunboat) 1862 Service log, history, article, journal of George R. Yost. Map of Vicksburg area showing location of Cairo in 1862 (#64-169-D).
Calamianes (gunboat) 1899-1902 Former Spanish gunboat, service log.
Calcaterra (DER-390) 1958-1973 Welcome Aboard & Decommissioning brochures.
Caleb Cushing (revenue cutter) 1863 Correspondence.
Calendonia (steamer) 1858-1864 Service log. Renamed Mohawk.
Calgary (FFH-335) HMCS   Welcome Aboard brochure.
Calhoun (prize steamer) 1862-1864 Service log.
Caliente (AO-53) 1960s-1973 Welcome Aboard & Decommissioning brochures. Welcome Alongside (Replenishment at sea) pamphlet.
California (wooden screw sloop) 1870-1875 Service log, history. Formerly Minnetonka.
California (armored cruiser) 1902-1918 Service log, history renamed San Diego. Menu dated 12 March 1914.
California (BB-44) 1919-1959

Correspondence. Welcome Aboard and Navy Day brochures. The Grizzly Bear, July-August 1921 & anniversary edition 10 August 1922. Picnic Program in Irvine Park (3 August 1932). Farwell Dinner menu (Commander L.P. Johnson, 1936). Christmas card (1933).

Special Instructions and general Situation for Minor Joint Army and Navy Exercise to be held 15 to 22 January 1940

Dated 8 December 1939

Civic File No. A16-3

“Inter-Type Tactical Exercises held Tuesday, 14 November 1939-Report on.”

Dated 18 December 1939

California (DLGN/CGN-36) 1970-1998 Commissioning, Welcome Aboard and Change of Command brochures.
California (SSN-781) 2011 Commissioning invitation.
Callaghan (DDG-994) 1980-1998 Christening brochure, Welcome Aboard & Decommissioning invitation.
Callao (gunboat) 1888-1901 Former Spanish gunboat, service log.
Callaway (APA-35) 1942-1946 History. Formerly Sea Mink.
Caloosahatchee (AO-98) 1975-1990 Welcome Aboard, Change of Command & Decommissioning brochures.
Calumet (revenue cutter) 1898 Service log.
Calvin P. Titus (M/V LTC) 1995 Naming brochure.
Calypso (captured vessel) 1863-1865 Service log.
Camanche (monitor) 1862-1899 Service log, history, article.
Cambria (schooner) 1861 Service log.
Cambria (APA-36) 1943-1960 History.
Cambridge (screw steamer) 1861-1865 Service log, history, article.
Camden (AOE-2) 1965-2000 Launching &Welcome Aboard brochures. Season's Greetings card.
Camel (sloop) 1813-1816 Chronology.
Camelia (tug) 1863-1865 Service log.
Canandaigua (sloop of war) 1862-1884 History, service log.
Canandaigua (mine layer) 1918-1919 History, service log.
Canberra (CA-70) 1945-1960 Commissioning Invitation, service journal, unclassified naval message. 1945 Navy Day brochure.
Canisteo (AO-99) 1983 Change of Command & Welcome Aboard brochures.
Canon (PG-90)   Welcome Aboard brochure.
Canonicus (monitor) 1863-1904 History, service log.
Canopus (AS-9)   Holiday cards.
Canopus (AS-34) 1970-1994 Welcome Aboard brochures and Decommissioning invitation. Helmsman newsletter (February 1978).
Capable (T-AGOS-16) 1988 Christening brochure.
Cape Cod (AD-43) 1980-1995 Launching Ceremony & Welcome Aboard brochures. Decommissioning invitation.
Cape Flattery (YTT-9)   Welcome Aboard brochures  
Cape Inscription (SS) (No date) US Merchant Marine Expeditionary Award to Master Eric D. Wilcox.
Cape Lookout Shoals (HM1 - lightship tanker) 1998 Christening brochure.
Cape St. George (CG-71) 1992-1999 Christening & Welcome Aboard brochures.
Capella (T-AKR-293) 1984 Dedication & Welcome Aboard brochures.
Capodanno (FF-1093) 1975-1977 Change of Command & Welcome Aboard brochures.
Captain John McDonnell (T-AGS-51) 1990 Christening brochure.
Carl Brashear (T-AKE-7) 2008 Christening brochure.
Carl Vinson (CVN-70) 1981-2002 Media kit - "Operation Endurance Freedom." Reef Points. Welcome Aboard brochures. Season's Greetings card.
Carmita (lighter) 1863-1866 Service log.
Carnation (screw tug) 1863-1865 Service log, history. Formerly Ajax.
Carney (DDG-64) 1994-1998 Launching & Commissioning brochures.
Carolina (schooner) 1812-1814 History.
Caroline (motor boat) 1917-1918 Correspondence.
Caron (DD-970) 1974-1997 Christening & Welcome Aboard brochures. Coat of arms fact sheet and image. USS Caron Newsletter (some issues from 1996 and 1999).
Carondelet (gunboat) 1861-1865 History, service log, correspondence.
Carpenter (DD-825) 1975 Welcome Aboard brochure.
Carr (FFG-52) 1983-2010 Launching program. Change of Command and Welcome Aboard brochures.
Carrabasset (steamer) 1864-1865 History, service log.
Carronade (IFS-1, LFR-1) 1955 Commissioning, Decommissioning, & Re-commissioning brochures.
Carter Hall (LSD-50) 1993-1997 Christening program, Welcome Aboard, Change of Command & Fact sheet.
Casa Grande (LSD-13) 1969 Decommissioning Ceremony brochure.
Cascade (AD-16) 1953-1974 History, photograph, Change of Command & Decommissioning brochures.
Casco (monitor) 1864-1875 History, service log. Renamed Hero.
Casimir Pulaski (SSBN-633) 1962-1988 News releases regarding its commissioning and launching. Launching, Change of Command & Welcome Aboard brochures.
Cassin (DD-372) 1936-1953 History, correspondence.
Cassin Young (DD-793)   National Park Service pamphlet.
Cassius (collier) 1883-1899 Service log, correspondence.
Castine (gunboat) 1891-1921 History, service log, correspondence.
Catalapa (tug boat) 1864-1894 Service log, correspondence.
Catamount (LSD-17) 1967 Commissioning brochure.
Catawaba (monitor) 1865-1868 History, service log.
Catawaba (T-ATF-168) 1979-1980 Christening, Commissioning & Welcome Aboard brochures.
Catch-Me-If-You-Can (privateer) 1812 Correspondence.
Catfish (SS-339) 1960s Welcome Aboard brochure.
Catskill (monitor) 1862-1898 History, service log, correspondence.
Cavalla (SSN-684) 1972-1997 Launching, Commissioning, Change of Command, Welcome Aboard and Inactivation brochures. Christmas Day menu (1982).
Cayuga (gunboat) 1861-1865 History, service log, correspondence.
Cayuga (LST-1186) 1969-1991 Launching, Welcome Aboard and Change of Command brochures.
Cebu (ARG-6) 1944-1946 Cebugle newsletter.
Cecilia (schooner) 1861 Correspondence.
Celtic (supply ship) 1898-1922 History, service log, correspondence.
Central America (US Mail steamship) 1848-1857 Article.
Ceres (purchased steamer) 1856-1865 Service log, correspondence.
Cerf (war cutter) 1779-1884 History, cites. AKA Stag.
Chafee (DDG-90) 2002 Christening brochure.
Champion (continental xebec) 1777 History.
Champion (gunboat) 1863-1865 History, service log.
Champion (MCM-4) 1989 Launching & Christening brochure.
Champlain (gunboat) 1899 Correspondence.
Chancellorsville (CG-62) 1988-1991 Christening & Welcome Aboard brochures. Happy Holidays card. Photograph of Maiden cruise track chart.
Chandler (DDG-996) 1980-1994 Christening, Change of Command & Welcome Aboard brochures.
Chanticleer (ASR-7) 1968 Welcome Aboard brochure.
Chapman ((R-446) 1980 Commissioning (NOAA) brochure.
Charles Ausburne (DD-570) 1942-1944 Commissioning brochure. Daily news sheet 5 March 1944. Transfer brochure (Zerstoerer 6 (D-180), Federal Republic of Germany).
Charles Drew (T-AKE-10) 2010 Christening and launching invitation.
Charles F. Adams (DDG-2) 1972 Welcome Aboard brochures.
Charles H. Roan (DD-853) 1968-1973 Welcome Aboard brochure. Transfer brochure [Turkey TCG Maresal Fevzi Cakmak (D-351)]
Charles Miller (chartered vessel) 1864 Correspondence.
Charles P. Cecil (DD-835) 1973 Welcome Aboard & Change of Command brochures.
Charles Phelps (supply ship) 1848-1865 Service log.
Charles R. Ware (DD-865) 1973 Welcome Aboard brochure.
Charles S. Sperry (DD-697) 1969-1973 Welcome Aboard & Decommissioning brochures.
Charleston (protected cruiser) 1888-1889 History, correspondence, article.
Charleston (C-22/CA-19) 1904-1930 History. "Grand Minstrel & Vaudeville Performance," Chefoo China, 4 July 1910. Menu handwritten on ship stationary (1909). Rations card. The Charleston Daily Roll newsletter (20-23, and 27-29 June 1919).
Charleston (LKA-113) 1973-1983 Change of Command, Welcome Aboard and Decommissioning brochures.
Charlotte (schooner) 1862-1867 History, service log.
Charlotte (SSN-766) 1994 Welcome Aboard brochure.
Charlton (T-AKR-314) 1999 Launching brochure.
Charming Sally (privateer) 1974 Notes on 1777 correspondence.
Charon, HMS (frigate) 1777 Correspondence - no information.
Chase (brig) 1777 Bibliographic citation.
Chase (APD-54) 1943-1945 History.
Chasseur (brig) 1812-1815 History.
Chatham (galley) 1775-1778 History, citations.
Chatham (paddle steamer) 1864-1865 History, service log.
Chattahoochee, CSS (gunboat) 1862-1864 History, citations.
Chattanooga (sloop of war) 1864-1872 History, service log.
Chattanooga (C-16) 1904-1921 History, service log.
Chaumont (AP-5) 1935-1937 "Farewell Dinner" menu (1935). Smoker Program - 8 September 1937.
Chauncey (DD-296) 1912-1926 Service log, correspondence.
Chauncey (DD-667) 1943-1953 History.
Chauvenet (T-AGS-29) 1976 Welcome Aboard brochure.
Chehalis (PG-94) 1969-1975 Commissioning, Welcome Aboard, & Change of Command brochures.
Chenango (double-ender) 1864-1868 History, service log.
Cherokee (iron screw steamer) 1863-1865 History, service log.
Chesapeake (frigate) 1799-1820 Histories, articles, correspondence; Bureau of Construction and Repair file; "Official Notes, data, and History US frigate Chesapeake."
Chesapeake (practice cruiser) 1890-1893 Service log. Renamed Bancroft.
Chesapeake (cadet practice ship) 1899-1916 Service log. Renamed Severn.
Chesapeake, HMS (steam frigate) 1857-1911 Correspondence.
Chester (CL-1) 1908-1930 History, correspondence.
Chester (CL-27)   Holiday card.
Chewaucan (AOG-50) 1975 Welcome Aboard, Decommissioning & Transfer brochure [ARC Tumaco (BT-67) Columbia).
Cheyenne (converted tug) 1898-1900 History, service log.
Cheyenne (BM-10) 1902-1939 History, articles. Formerly Wyoming.
Chicago (CA-14) 1885-1936 History, service log, articles. Renamed Alton. 1899 Cruise itinerary. Postcard with photo, 1892.
Chicago (CA-29) 1928-1933 Articles. Ship newsletters - The Racketeer, The Boom of the U.S.S. Chicago, Windjammer of the U.S.S. Chicago, Chicago Big Shot, Big Shot of the U.S.S. Chicago.
Chicago (CG-11) 1973-1980 Welcome Aboard & Change of Command brochures.
Chickamauga (Army steamer) 1864 Correspondence.
Chicksaw (monitor) 1862-1874 History, service log.
Chicopee (double-ender) 1864-1867 Service log, article.
Chief (MCM-14) 1993 Christening/Launching & Welcome Aboard brochures.
Childs (hull) 1866 Hull service log.
Chili (chartered stores ship) 1848-1849 Correspondence only.
Chillicothe (iron clad steamer) 1862-1865 History, service log.
Chimo (monitor) 1864-1874 History, service log. Renamed Orion.
Chinook (PC-9) 1994 Christening brochure.
Chipola (brig) 1843-1844 Bibliographic citation, notes.
Chipola (AO-63) 1961 Welcome Aboard brochure.
Chippewa (brig) 1815-1816 History.
Chippewa (frigate) 1816-1833 History.
Chippewa (gunboat) 1861-1865 History, service log.
Chippewa Falls (Army supply ship) 1862-1864 Correspondence.
Chivo (SS-341) 1964 Welcome Aboard brochure.
Choctaw (gunboat) 1862-1866 History, service log.
Choctaw (tug) 1892-1904 Service log.
Chocura (gunboat) 1862-1867 Service log.
Chopper (SS-342) 1956 Welcome Aboard brochure.
Chosin (CG-65) 1989-1992 Christening, Welcome Aboard & Change of Command brochures.
Chotank (schooner) 1861-1865 Service log. Formerly Savannah.
Chourre (ARV-1) 1944 Commissioning brochure.
Chowanoc (ATF-100) 1972-1977 Welcome Aboard & Change of Command brochures. Transfer invitation ([Ecuador].
Chukawan (AO-100) 1970-1972 Welcome Aboard & Decommissioning brochures.
Chung-Hoon (DDG-93) 2003 Christening brochure.
Cimmaron (gunboat) 1862-1865 History, service log.
Cimarron (AO-177) 1979-1992 Commissioning invitation, Christening & Welcome Aboard brochures.
Cincinnati (gunboat) 1861-1866 History, service log.
Cincinnati (C-7) 1892-1920 History, service log, correspondence and Vaudeville Performance program (1906).
Cincinnati (CL-6) 1921-1946 Initial history only.
Cincinnati (SSN-693) 1977 Launching brochure.
Circassian (iron screw steamer) 1862-1865 History, service log, correspondence.
City of Corpus Christi (SSN-705) 1983 Change of Command brochure.
City of New York (Army steamer) 1861-1862 Correspondence.
City of New York, SS (auxiliary bark) 1930 First day cover (philatelic).
City of Pekin (transport) 1898 Service log.
City of Richmond, CSS (steamer) 1862 Bibliographic citation.
Civil Usage (Massachusetts privateer) 1776-1781 Bibliographic citations, correspondence.
Clamagore (SS-343) 1975 Decommissioning brochure.
Clara Dolson (receiving ship) 1862-1864 History, service log.
Clark (FFG-11) 1979 Launching brochure.
Claud Jones (DE-1033) 1967-1974 Change of Command brochures (1967 and 1973). Decommissioning and transfer ceremony (also for decommissioning of USS McMorris DE-1036 and commissioning ceremony for Republic of Indonesia ships KRI Mongisidi DE-343 and KRI Ngurah Rai DE-344) brochure.
Claude V. Ricketts (DDG-5) 1972-1985 Welcome Aboard brochures.
Clematis (tug) 1864-1866 History, service log.
Cleveland (C-19) 1903-1929 History, correspondence. War Diary (Cruiser Force, US Atlantic Fleet, 1 November 1917 - 31 August 1918).
Cleveland (LPD-7) 1966-2009 Launching, Welcome Aboard and Change of Command brochures.
Clifton (ferry boat) 1861-1864 History, service log, correspondence, article.
Clifton Sprague (FFG-16) 1980-1987 Launching and Change of Command brochures.
Clinton (screw tug) 1864-1870 History, service log. Formerly Lena Clinton.
Clinton (APA-144) 1944 World War II history.
Clover (steam tug) 1863-1865 History, service log.
Clyde (steamer) 1863-1865 History, service log. Formerly Neptune.
Coal Barge #1 (barge) 1898-1900 Correspondence.
Cobbler (SS-344) 1967-1971 Welcome Aboard brochures.
Cochrane (DDG-21) 1990 Decommissioning invitation.
Cocopa (ATF-101) 1978 Transfer brochure (to Navy of the Republic of Mexico).
Cod (SS-224)   Museum brochure/fact sheet.
Coeur De Lion (steamer) 1861-1865 History, service log, correspondence.
Cohasset (tug) 1861-1892 History, service log. Formerly Edfogg and Narragansett.
Cohoes (monitor) 1864-1874 History, service log. Formerly Charybdis.
Cole (DDG-67) 1996-2001 Welcome Aboard brochures. Articles on terrorist attack. (CRS Report for Congress - Terrorist Attack on USS Cole: Background and Issues for Congress.) The Daybook: A Publication of the Hampton Roads Naval Museum.
Colfax (revenue cutter) 1897 Correspondence.
Collier (stern wheel steamer) 1864-1865 History, service log.
Colonel Harney (side wheel gunboat) 1844-1846 History, correspondence.
Colonel Kinsman (side wheel gunboat) 1862 "Remember the U.S.S.Kinsman" by Stansbury.
Colonial (LSD-18) 1962 Fact brochure.
Colorado (steam frigate) 1856-1885 History, correspondence, service log, "Yarns in Verse."
Colorado (armored cruiser) 1903-1916 History, correspondence, service log. Public Bill (26 June 1906). Renamed Pueblo.
Colorado (BB-45) 1921-1959 History, article, and Battery Log of 3" anti-aircraft battery, 6th Div., 30 August 1923 - 14 Sept. 1925. Colorado Look Out newsletter (August 1925 & 1927) & (copy 30 August 1927). Chief Petty Officer Duty Sections - Deck only, 15 February 1924. Christmas menu 1926. Christmas Open House brochure (1959).
Colossus (stern wheel steamer) 1864-1865 History, service log.
Colossus (monitor) 1865-1884 Service log.
Columbia (frigate) 1814 History.
Columbia (frigate) 1825-1867 History, correspondence, service log.
Columbia (gunboat) 1862-1867 History, service log.
Columbia (CL-56) 2011 Memorial Service brochure (US Navy Memorial, Washington, DC, 6 October 2011).
Columbia (C-12) 1892-1922 History, service log, correspondence.
Columbia (SSN-771) 1994 Welcome Aboard brochure.
Columbine (tug) 1862-1864 History, service log.
Columbus (frigate) 1776-1778 History, cites.
Columbus (ship of the line) 1816-1861 History, service log, cites, correspondence.
Columbus (German merchant ship) 1922-1939 Magazine article of its sinking.
Columbus (CA-74)/(CG-12) 1941-1959 Correspondence. Welcome Aboard brochures.
Columbus (SSN-762) 1992-1994 Welcome Aboard brochures.
Comet (privateer) 1812 Correspondence, bibliographic citations.
Comfort (AH-3) 1919 First Annual Ball [program], Hotel Biltmore, New York, January 24, 1919.
Comfort (AH-6) 1946 Correspondence.
Comfort (T-AH-20) 1987 Commissioning, Naming, and Welcome Aboard brochures.
Commodore (steamer) 1863-1864 History. Renamed Iuka.
Commodore (paddle wheel steamer) 1864-1865 History, service log. Renamed Fort Gaines.
Commodore (IX-7) 1918-1931 History.
Commodore Barney (ferry) 1861-1865 History, service log.
Commodore Hull (side wheel steamer) 1862-1865 History, service log.
Commodore Jones
(side wheel steamer)
1863-1864 History, service log, correspondence.
Commodore McDonogh (ferry) 1862-1865 Service log.
Commodore Morris
(side wheel steamer)
1862-1865 History, service log.
Commodore Perry (ferry) 1861-1865 Service log.
Commodore Read
(side wheel steamer)
1863-1865 History, service log.
Commodore Stockton (canal boat) 1864 Service log.
Commodore Truxtun (steamer) 1862-1863 Correspondence.
Compass Island (AG-153) ?? Welcome Aboard brochure.
Compton (DD-705) 1965-1967 Welcome Aboard brochures.
Comstock (LSD-45) 1988-1998 Christening, Change of Command & Welcome Aboard brochures.
Comte de Grasse (DD-974) 1976-1995 Christening and Welcome Aboard brochures.
Concord (sloop) 1828-1842 History, correspondence, handwritten "Journal of a Cruise 1830" by M.C. Perry.
Concord (gunboat) 1890-1915 History, service log. Statement of 3 Spanish prisoners escaped from San Fernando & received on board 10 August 1899.
Concord (tug) 1917-1920 History.
Concord (CL-10) 1920-1947 Navy Day brochure (1945). Initial history. Manual - Instructions and Safety Orders for Three Inch Anti-Aircraft Battery, 1927. "Minute Man" newsletter - 25 February 1928, 9 March 1929, 26 January 1929, 31 March 1929.
Concord (AFS-5) 1966-1975 Launching & Welcome Aboard brochures.
Concord (T-AFS-5) 1994 Welcome Aboard brochure.
Cone (DD-866) 1975 Welcome Aboard brochure.
Conemaugh (double-ender) 1862-1867 Service log, correspondence.
Conestoga (side wheel steamer) 1861-1864 Service log, correspondence.
Confederacy (frigate) 1778-1781 History, article, correspondence.
Confiance (gunboat) 1814-1815 History, bibliographic citations, correspondence.
Confucius (steamer) 1855 History, correspondence, cruise report of Lt G.H. Preble 19 August 1855.
Congress (galley) 1776 History, correspondence.
Congress (sloop) 1776-1777 History, bibliographic citations, correspondence.
Congress (frigate) 1799-1834 History, bibliographic citations, correspondence.
Congress (frigate) 1841-1865 History, correspondence, service log.
Congress (sloop of war) 1870-1883 History, service log, correspondence. Log book extracts (1872).
Congress (motor patrol boat) 1918-1919 History.
Connecticut (gondola) 1776 History, correspondence.
Connecticut (sloop-of-war) 1798-1801 History, correspondence, service log.
Connecticut (side-wheel steamer) 1861-1865 History, service log, correspondence.
Connecticut (frigate) 1869-1884 History.
Connecticut (monitor) 1898-1901 History. Renamed Nevada.
Connecticut (BB-18) 1902-1923 History, correspondence. Fleet Special Order No. 1, 18 Nov. 1907 - Itinerary for Great White Fleet
Connecticut (SSN-22) 1997-1999 Christening invitation and brochure. Commissioning and Change of Command brochures.
Connole (DE-1056) 1972 Welcome Aboard brochure.
Conolly (DD-979) 1977-1995 Christening, Commissioning and Welcome Aboard brochures.
Conquest (schooner) 1812-1815 History. Formerly Genesee Packet.
Conquest (MSO-488) 1984 Welcome Aboard brochure.
Conserver (ARS-39) 1975 Welcome Aboard brochures.
Consolation (AH-15) 1945-1975 Brochure of ship history and itinerary.
Consort (brig) 1836-1844 History.
Constant (MSO-427) 1991 Change of Command invitation.
Constellation (frigate) 1798-1955 History, articles, correspondence, bibliography, action reports, service log extracts.
Constellation (CVA-64/CV-64) 1957-2003 News release and 2 articles of its commissioning. Keel Laying, Christening, Commissioning, Change of Command, Welcome Aboard and Decommissioning brochures. Starscope (newsletter) 27 October 1961. Package of 10 photgraphs of President Ronald Reagan visiting the ship.
Constitution (frigate) 1797-1933 History, articles, correspondence, service log extracts. Official Program - commissioning at Oakland (1933).
Contender (T-AGOS-2) 1983 Launching brochure.
Continental (frigate) 1776 Bibliographic citations
Contoocook (sloop of war) 1864-1872 Renamed Albany.
Conway (DD-507) 1968 Welcome Aboard brochure.
Conyngham (DDG-17) 1974-1990 Change of Command, Welcome Aboard & Decommissioning brochures.
Cook (FF-1083) 1967-1981 Welcome Aboard brochures.
Cook (DE-1083) 1975-1989 Welcome Aboard brochures.
Coontz (DLG-9/DDG-40) 1969-1979 Change of Command & Welcome Aboard brochures.
Copeland (FFG-25) 1979-1996 Christening/Launching, Welcome Aboard, Decommissioning and Transfer ceremony (Ens Sharm El-Sheikh (F-911), Egypt) brochures.
Coquette 1862-1865 Service log only.
Cora (stone fleet) 1864 Service log.
Coral Sea (CVB/CVA/CV-43) 1948-1989

The Natural ship newsletter (1948 incomplete). Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, and Christmas dinner menus (1948). Midshipmen's cruise brochures (1948). Log of Events for Midshipmen's cruise (1948). Coral Sea Breeze newsletter (Special Australian Sections, April 1963). Welcome Aboard brochures.

Personal information booklet.

Cormoran (German raider) 1916-1917 Correspondence, article, journal extracts.
Cormorant (MHC-57) 1995-1996 Christening & Welcome Aboard brochures.
  2003 Change of Command, Ingleside, Texas.
Cornhusker State (T-ACS-6) 1988 Naming Ceremony brochure.
Cornubia (side wheel steamer) 1863-1865 History, service log.
Coronado (LPD-11/AGF-11) 1977-1991 Welcome Aboard brochures.
Coronado, SS (Tanker) 1973 Launching brochure.
Corporal (SS-346) 1970s Welcome Aboard brochure.
Corry (DD-817) 1974-1979 Welcome Aboard brochures.
Corwin (revenue cutter) 1862 Service log, correspondence.
Corwin (revenue cutter) 1898 Service log.
Corypheus (schooner) 1862-1865 History, service log.
Cossack (stone fleet) 1863 Service log.
Coucal (ASR-8) 1971-1977 Welcome Aboard, Change of Command, & Decommissioning brochures.
Cougar (sloop) 1776 Correspondence.
Courier (store ship) 1861-1864 History, service log.
Courier (stone fleet) 1863 Service log.
Courtney (DE-1021) 1973 Decommissioning invitation. Decommissioning (also Hammerberg (DE-1015) and Lester (DE-1022) brochure.
Covington (side wheel steamer) 1863-1864 History, service log.
Covington (transport) 1917-1918 History, service logistic data. Formerly SS Cincinnati.
Cowell (DD-547) 1962 Welcome Aboard brochure.
Cowpens (CG-63) 1989-1996 Launching & Welcome Aboard brochures.
Cowslip (tug boat) 1863-1866 History, service log, journal extracts.
Craven (torpedo boat) 1899-1913 History, correspondence.
Craven (DD-382) 1938 Thanksgiving Day menu with list of crew.
Crawford (revenue cutter)   Reference.
Cree (AT-84) 1969-1978 Welcome Aboard brochures & Invitation to decommissioning.
Crescent (frigate) 1797 History, correspondence, article.
Crescent City (APA-21) 1941-1945 History.
Cricket (stern wheel steamer) 1862-1865 History, service log.
Cristobal Colon (Spanish cruiser) 1898 Correspondence.
Criterion (privateer brig) 1813 Correspondence.
Croatan (CVE-25) 1945 Racial discrimination article.
Crockett (PG-88) 1970s Welcome Aboard brochures.
Crocus (screw steamer) 1862-1863 History, service log. Formerly Solomon Thomas.
Crocus (M-917) 1986 Welcome Aboard brochure.
Crommelin (FFG-37) 1980-1985 Keel laying & Launching invitations, Change of Command & Welcome Aboard brochures.
Cromwell (DE-1014)   Welcome Aboard brochure.
Crook (Army transport) 1898 Correspondence.
Crown, HMS 1812 Bibliographic citation.
Crusader (screw steamer) 1858-1865 History, service log. Formerly Southern Star.
Crysolite, MV   Correspondence.
Cubera (SS-347) 1969 Welcome Aboard brochure.
Culgoa (supply ship) 1890-1902 Service log, Correspondence.
Cumberland (sloop of war) 1842-1862 History, correspondence, article, service log.
Cumberland (IX-8) 1904-1945 History.
Cumberland Sound (AV-17) 1945 Crew's News newsletters (21 August & 15 October 1945).
Curlew (stern wheel steamer) 1863-1865 History, service log, correspondence. Applications for prize money by Edmond Barry, William H. Faliott, George Jones, Charles Patterson, Jordon Smith, Daniel Webster, and John Whelan.
Currituck (screw steamer) 1861-1865 History, service log.
Curtis Wilbur (DDG-54) 1994 Commissioning invitation, Launching & Welcome Aboard brochure..
Curtiss (T-AVB-4) 1987 Dedication Ceremony & Welcome Aboard brochures.
Curts (FFG-38) 1982-2013 Christening/Launching & Welcome Aboard and Decommissioning brochures.
Cushing (torpedo boat) 1890-1912 History, service log, correspondence.
Cushing (DD-55) 1913-1920 History.
Cushing (DD-376) 1934-1942 History, Commissioning Dance Program. Launching brochure. Christmas Dinner menu - 1939.
Cushing (DD-797) 1943-1947 History.
Cushing (DD-985) 1978-1979 Christening & welcome Aboard brochures. Commissioning invitation.
Custer APA-40 Roster of Officers - 18 July 1943.
Cutter (brig) 1777-1782 Correspondence, bibliographic citations.
Cuttlefish (SS-11) 1907-1922 History. Renamed B-2.
Cyane (brig) 1815-1833 History, correspondence, service log.
Cyane (sloop of war) 1837-1887 History, service log, article.
Cyclone (PC-1) 1993 Commissioning brochure.
Cyclops (collier) 1910-1918 History, correspondence, articles.


Name of ship Period Remarks
Dace (SSN-607) 1962-1979 Launching press memo. Welcome Aboard brochures.
Dacotah (sloop) 1859-1873 History, service log.
Daffodil (tug) 1862-1867 History, service log. Formerly Jonas Smith.
Dahl (T-AKR-312) 1998 Launching brochure.
Dahlgren (torpedo boat) 1899-1919 History.
Dahlgren (DLG-12) 1970-1972 Welcome Aboard brochure & Decommissioning invitation.
Dahlgren (DDG-43) 1976-1992 Welcome Aboard & Decommissioning brochures.
Dahlia (tug) 1862-1865 History, service log. Formerly Firefly.
Dai Chang (steamer) 1863-1865 History, service log.
Daisy (tug) 1862-1865 History, service log. Formerly Mulford.
Dale (sloop) 1839-1904 History, correspondence. Later USCGC Oriole.
Dale (torpedo boat) 1903- History.
Dale (DD-290) 1924 Christmas menu (1924 with roster, Venice, Italy.
Dale (DD-353) 1935-1946 History and photograph.
Dale (DLG-19/CG-19) 1963-1979 Commissioning & Welcome Aboard brochures.
Dallas (SSN-700) 1979-1982 Launching, Change of Command, & Welcome Aboard brochures.
Damato (DD-871) 1969-1978 Change of Command & Welcome Aboard brochures.
Damerscove, SS 1851-1852 Correspondence - no information.
Dan Smith (mortar schooner) 1861-1865 History.
Dana (schooner) 1862 Service log.
Dandelion (tug) 1862-1865 History, service log. Formerly Antietam.
Daniel A. Joy (DE-585) 1962 Welcome Aboard brochure.
Daniel Boone (SSBN-629) 1964-1973 Commissioning memo to the Office of Assistant Secretary of Defense. Change of Command & Welcome Aboard brochures.
Daniel Webster (SSBN-626) 1964-1990 Four news releases and 1 clipping of its launching and commissioning. Commissioning, Welcome Aboard & Change of Command brochures. Blue Crew Poseidon Missile Launch brochure. Change of Command and Inactivation ceremony brochure.
Dapper, HNS (gunboat)   Correspondence.
Darlington (steamer) 1862 Service log.
Dart (schooner) 1781 Bibliographic citations.
Dart (brig) 1781 Bibliographic citation.
Dart (schooner) 1861 Service record.
Darter ( SS-576) 1970-1989 Welcome Aboard & Decommissioning brochures.
Darwin (FFG-44) 1982 Launching program.
Dash (MSO-428) 1981 Welcome Aboard brochure.
David, CSS (torpedo boat)   Civil War correspondence.
David R. Ray (DD-971) 1975-2000 Christening brochure, Commissioning invitation, Change of Command & Welcome Aboard brochures.
Davidson (DE-1045) 1967 Christmas menu. Welcome Aboard brochure.
Davidson (S-331) 1966 NOAA ship - Welcome Aboard brochure.
Davis (TB-12) 1896-1920 Correspondence, service log.
Davis (DD-395) 1938-1945 History.
Davis (DD-937) 1970-1981 Welcome Aboard brochures.
Dawn (gunboat) 1861-1865 History, service log.
Daybreak, SS   Correspondence - no information.
Daylight (steamer) 1861 History, service log.
Dayton (CL-105) (No date) Two philatelic covers.
Dealey (DE-1006) 1969 Welcome Aboard brochure.
DeBraak, HMS (sloop of war) 1795 History, correspondence.
Decatur (brig) 1812 Correspondence.
Decatur (sloop of war) 1840 History, service log, article, correspondence.
Decatur (DD-5) 1902 History.
Decatur (DD-341) 1922 History.
Decatur (DD-936/DDG-31) 1956-1981 History. Welcome Aboard brochures.
Decatur (DDG-73) 1996-2002 Launching & Welcome Aboard brochures.
Decoy (schooner) 1822 History.
Defence (Connecticut brig) 1776 Correspondence.
Defender (MCM-2) 1987-1995 Launching/Christening & Welcome Aboard brochures.
Defiance (brig) 1779 Correspondence.
Defiance (PG-95) 1968 Launching brochure.
De Haven (DD-727) 1971-1973 Newsletter, Welcome Aboard & transfer brochures (to government of the Republic of Korea, Roks In-Cheon DD-98)
Dekalb (transport) 1917 History.
Delaware (frigate) 1776 History, correspondence.
Delaware (20-gun warship) 1798 History.
Delaware (ship of the line) 1828 History, correspondence, service log.
Delaware (side wheel steamer) 1861 History, service log, correspondence.
Delaware (screw steamer) 1867 History. US Navy bill for 7,000 pounds.
Delaware (BB-28) 1910-1920 History, correspondence, The Big 'D' Log newsletter. Two 5X7 cards showing Delaware's cruise during 1st 6 months in the war zone. Dance card for Ship's Ball (6 August 1920 at the Hotel Somerset, Boston, Massachusetts). Roster of Officers (5 February 1923).
Delaware (YT-111) 1917 History, correspondence.
Delaware Farmer (stone schooner) 1861 Data sheet.
Deliver (ARS-23) 1973 Change of Command & Welcome Aboard brochures.
Delmonico (supply steamer) 1898 Data sheet, correspondence.
De Long (TB-28) 1902 Data sheet.
Delta (steam tug) 1864 History, service log, data sheet.
Demologos (steamer)   Correspondence - no information.
Denebola (AD-12) 1921 History.
Denebola (AF-56) 1970s Welcome Aboard brochures.
Denebola (T-AKR-289) 1985 Commissioning & Welcome Aboard brochures.
Dennis J. Buckley (DD-808) 1971-1973 Change of Command & Welcome Aboard brochures.
Denver (C-14) 1904 History, correspondence, diary (Rickert, 23 Dec. 1911 - 10 July 1915).
Denver (CL-58) 1942 History, correspondence.
Denver (LPD-9) 1974-1995 Change of Command & Welcome Aboard brochures.
Der Went Hunter (old bark) 1810 Correspondence - no information.
Des Arc (private steamer) 1862 Correspondence.
Des Moines (C-15) 1904 History, correspondence.
Des Moines (CA-134) 1958-60 Supply Department Instructions - Safety Instructions for Operation of Ice Cream Freezer and Operation of Ship's Store Salesroom & Fountain (1958). Memorandum: Instructions for prisoners' physical exercise (1960).
Despatch (privateers) 1776-1782 Names of commanding officers.
Despatch (schooner) 1814 History, correspondence.
Despatch (screw steamer) 1855 Service log, data sheet.
Despatch (steamer) 1873 History, service log, correspondence.
De Sota (side wheel steamer) 1861 History, service log, correspondence.
De Soto County (LST-1171) 1968-1971 Welcome Aboard brochures.
De Steiguer (T-AGOR-12)   Welcome Aboard brochure.
Detroit (all)   History.
Detroit, HMS (brig) 1812 History.
Detroit, HMS/USS (sloop) 1813 Correspondence.
Detroit (steamer) 1869 History.
Detroit (C-10) 1891 History.
Detroit (AOE-4) 1969-2004 Christening, Change of Command, Welcome Aboard & Decommissioning brochures & Tiger cruise certificate (no date).
Devastator (MCM-6) 1988-1990 Christening/Launching & Welcome Aboard brochures.
  2003 Change of Command
De Wert (FFG-45) 1982-1991 Launching & Welcome Aboard brochures.
Dewey (DLG-14/DDG-45) 1973-1976 Invitation to Change of Command. Welcome Aboard brochures.
Dewey (DDG-105) 2008-2010 Christening and Welcome Aboard brochures. Commissioning invitation.
Dexter (revenue cutter) 1874 Correspondence.
Dextrous (MCM-13) 1992 Christening/Launching brochure.
Deyo (DD-989) 1979-1997 Christening and Welcome Aboard brochures.
Diachencko (APD-123) 1961 Commissioning brochure.
Diamond Head (AE-19) 1968-1970 Welcome Aboard brochures.
Diamond Shoals (lightship) 1918 History, photograph.
Diamond Shoals (HM1 - lightship tanker) 1998 Christening brochure. (See Cape Lookout Shoals.)
Diana (Connecticut brig) 1781 Bibliographic citation.
Diana (Massachusetts snow) 1780 Bibliographic citation.
Diana (Massachusetts brig) 1781 Bibliographic citation.
Diana (Massachusetts schooner) 1781 Bibliographic citation.
Diana (Pennsylvania snow) 1779 Bibliographic citation.
Diana (Pennsylvania brig) 1781 Bibliographic citation.
Diana (New Hampshire ship) 1777 Bibliographic citation.
Diana (New Hampshire brig) 1781 Bibliographic citation.
Diana (side wheel steamer) 1862 Data sheet.
Dictator (monitor) 1864 Data sheet, history.
Diligence (revenue cutter) 1797 History.
Dime (steam tug) 1861 Correspondence - no information.
Direct (MSO-430) 1979 Welcome Aboard brochure.
Discovery (Massachusetts ship) 1781 Correspondence.
Dixie (schooner) 1861 Bibliographic citation.
Dixie (auxiliary cruiser) 1898 History, data, reports.
Dixie (AD-14) 1940-1982 History. Change of Command, Welcome Aboard, & Decommissioning brochures.
Dixon (AS-37) 1970-1995 Christening & Change of Command brochures. Dixon Dispatch newsletter (March 1987). Decommissioning invitation.
Dogfish (SS-350) 1970 Welcome Aboard brochure.
Dolphin (Delaware schooner) 1775 Bibliographic citation.
Dolphin (Massachusetts schooner) 1776 Bibliographic citation.
Dolphin (cutter) 1777 Bibliographic citation.
Dolphin (Maryland sloop) 1778 Bibliographic citation.
Dolphin (Maryland schooner) 1778 Bibliographic citation.
Dolphin (Pennsylvania schooner) 1780 Bibliographic citation.
Dolphin (Massachusetts sloop) 1780 Bibliographic citation.
Dolphin (Connecticut sloop) 1781 Bibliographic citation.
Dolphin (Pennsylvania brig) 1781 Bibliographic citation.
Dolphin (Pennsylvania ship) 1781 Bibliographic citation.
Dolphin (Pennsylvania sloop) 1781 Bibliographic citation.
Dolphin (Virginia brig) 1781 Bibliographic citation.
Dolphin (New Hampshire schooner) 1782 Bibliographic citation.
Dolphin (Massachusetts brig) 1782 Bibliographic citation.
Dolphin (schooner) 1821 Data sheets.
Dolphin (brig) 1836 Correspondence, data sheet, service log.
Dolphin (cruiser) 1884 Correspondence, data sheet, service log.
Dolphin (AGSS-555) 1962-2005 News release and report on its commissioning and capabilities. Launching, Commissioning, Change of Command, and Welcome Aboard brochures.
Don (captured steamer) 1864 Service log, correspondence.
Don Juan De Austria (gunboat) 1900 Data sheet, correspondence.
Donald B. Beary (DE-1085/FF-1085) 1972-1990 Commissioning, Change of Command & Welcome Aboard brochures.
Donald Cook (DDG-75) 1997 Launching brochure.
Donaldson (YC-548) 1918 Correspondence
Donegal (side wheel steamer) 1864 Service log.
Dorothea (yacht) 1898 History, service log, data sheet, correspondence.
Douglas (PG-100) 1970-1973 Change of Command & Welcome Aboard brochures.
Douglas H. Fox (DD-779) 1973 Welcome aboard & Decommissioning brochures. Decommissioning invitation.
Douro, CSS (steamer) Civil War Correspondence.
Dove (Pennsylvania schooner) 1779 Bibliographic citation.
Dove (Maryland schooner) 1780 Bibliographic citation.
Dove (barque) 1863 Stone fleet.
Downes (DE-1070/FF-1070) 1969-1992 Launching & Welcome Aboard brochures. Decommissioning invitation.
Doyle (FFG-39) 1982-1991 Launching & Welcome Aboard brochures.
Dragon (Maryland schooner) 1778 Bibliographic citation.
Dragon (Massachusetts brig) 1782 Bibliographic citation.
Dragon (Virginia ship) Rev War Bibliographic citation.
Dragon (screw steamer) 1861 History, service log.
Dragoon (Army transport) 1861 Correspondence.
Drake, HMS 1774 Correspondence.
Drum (SSN-677) 1970-1992 Launching & Welcome Aboard brochures.
Dryad (gunboat) 1864 Data sheet.
DSRV-2 (Deep Submergence Rescue Vehicle Two) 1975 Welcome Aboard brochure.
Dubuque (gunboat) 1905 History.
Dubuque (LPD-8) 1967-2011 Commissioning, Welcome Aboard and Decommissioning brochures.
Duluth (LPD-6) 1975-2005 Change of Command, Welcome Aboard, & Decommissioning brochures.
Dumbarton (side-wheel steamer) 1864 Correspondence, data sheet.
Duncan (DD-874) 1969 Welcome Aboard brochure.
Duncan (FFG-10) 1978-1994 Launching program. Transfer ceremony, Welcome Aboard, & Decommissioning brochures.
Dunderberg (Screw Frigate) 1865 Correspondence, building specifications.
Dunlap (DD-384) 1945 Mimeographed 'Rough Log' with V-J Day dinner menu.
Du Pont (TB-7) 1897 Service log, correspondence.
Du Pont (DD-941) 1970-1983 Welcome Aboard & Decommissioning brochures.
Durham (LKA-114) 1968-1994 Launching & Welcome Aboard brochures. Decommissioning invitation.
Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN-69) 1975-1997 Launching and Welcome Aboard brochures.
Dyess (DD-880) 1974-1975 Change of Command & Welcome Aboard brochures.
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