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Located in the Navy Department Library's Rare Book Room.

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ZB (Personnel) Files in the Navy Department Library

Faber - Fyffe


This series contains various documents and ephemera pertaining to US naval officers and some civilians, especially those serving during the 19th century. Coverage of a number of outstanding officers of the late 18th and early 20th centuries, as well as some enlisted personnel, also is provided. It is estimated that the careers of 35,000 separate individuals are documented to some extent in these files.

The contents of individual files can include such items as: (1) compiled service chronologies; (2) biographical summaries; (3) service data cards (Civil War period); (4) letters of recommendation for appointment or promotion; (5) pay vouchers (Civil War period); (6) fragmentary personal and official letters; (7) official Office of Naval Records and Library, and Naval History Division correspondence providing information on specific officers. The contents of individual files range from extensive to sparse, sometimes only containing a single piece of paper.

Use and Reproduction Policy

Z File materials are unavailable for loan and must be consulted in the library. Photocopying of manuscripts, as well as fragile items, is generally prohibited, though the use of digital cameras by researchers to reproduce non-copyrighted materials is permitted. Permission to photocopy a few pages may be granted by the reference staff, contingent upon the physical state of items. All photocopying of materials shall be done by the reference staff, or under their close supervision. The use of personal scanners by non-library staff personnel must be approved by the reference staff on a document-by-document basis (Reference: Naval Historical Center Instruction [NAVHISTCENTINST] 5070.1C.).


The NDL staff are in the process of inventorying and digitizing these files. The lists available below are incomplete and may not reflect current holdings. Updates will be made to these lists as the information becomes available.

Please note that we are also in the process of placing distinguishing identifiers (rank, rating, etc.) next to individuals with the same name.

* denotes personnel has one or more folders dedicated to their documents

Name List of Documents
Faber, Michael C. *  
Faas, Joseph  
Fabian, James L.  
Face, Samuel H.  
Face, William H.  
Fackney, John  
Fader, David  
Fader, David Jr.  
Faff, Peter  
Fagan, Henry  
Fagan, Henry  
Fagan, Peter W.  
Fagen, Amplus  
Fager, Garrett  
Fager, Jacob  
Fager, Jesse  
Fager, Kilin  
Fager, Paul  
Fahie, James  
Fahndrich, Frederick  
Fahs, Charles F. *  
Fahy, Michael  
Fair, Henry  
Fair, William  
Fairbairn, John O.  
Fairbanks, Allan  
Fairbanks, Charles  
Fairbanks, Josiah B.  
Fairbanks, J. B.  
Fairfax, Archibald B. *  
Fairfax, Donald McNeill *  
Fairfax, Julian  
Fairfax, Octavius  
Fairfax, Reginald  
Fairfield, Jason W.  
Fairfowl, Hecter W.  
Fairlie, John  
Fairly, James Madison  
Fairnbault, J.  
Faithfull, Peter  
Falconer, Charles  
Falconer, William  
Falconi, George A.  
Fales, Charles  
Fales, Nathaniel  
Fales, Plyna  
Fales, Stephen Smith  
Fales, William  
Falliday, J. J.  
Fallon, James E.  
Fancher, J. H.  
Fancher, Smith  
Faniter, George W.  
Fanning, David  
Fanning, Edmund *  
Fanning, Gilbert  
Fanning, H. H.  
Fanning, J. B.  
Fanning, John  
Fanning, John (CSN)  
Fanning, Joshua  
Fanning, Nathaniel *  
Fanning, Thomas  
Fanson, John  
Faral, John  
Fardy, John  
Farenholt, Oscar W. *  
Farewell, George  
Fargo, Ransom J.  
Faries, George G.  
Farland, Jno P. N.  
Farley, Alonzo  
Farley, Andrew  
Farley, Michael  
Farley, Thomas Swasey  
Farley, William  
Farley, William  
Farmer, Benjamin  
Farmer, Edward  
Farmer, Edwin F.  
Farmer, Henry  
Farmer, John M.  
Farnesworth, J. E.  
Farnham, Charles A.  
Farnham, Davis Gerrish  
Farnsworth, J. C.  
Farnsworth, J. S. *  
Faron, Edward  
Faron, George  
Faron, George B.  
Faron, John  
Faron, John, Jr.  
Faron, Robert A.  
Farquhar, Norman H.  
Farquharson, Robert J.  
Farr, Alman Orlando  
Farr, George W.  
Farragut, David Glasgow * Biography
Farragut, George  
Farragut, George  
Farragut, Loyall  
Farragut, W. A. C.  
Farrand, Ebenezer *  
Farrand, James B.  
Farrar, B. G.  
Farrar, Frank M.  
Farrar, Jarvis G.  
Fales, Plyna H.  
Name List of Documents
Farrell, Edward  
Farrell, Francis  
Farrell, James  
Farrell, James W.  
Farrell, Joseph L.  
Farrell, M.  
Farrell, Nicholas F.  
Farrell, P. L.  
Farrell, Richard  
Farrell, Roger  
Farrell, Thomas M.  
Farrell, Thomas W.  
Farrer, John P.  
Farrer, Solon  
Farrington, Harvey  
Farris, John  
Farrow, Joel  
Farthing, David  
Farwell, Augustus  
Farwell, Francis  
Farwell, George  
Farwell, Henry A. M.  
Farwell, Joseph M.  
Fasnacht, Louis  
Fassett, William  
Fassign, Benjamin F.  
Fatio, Lewis C.  
Faturuel, N.  
Faucon, E. H.  
Faught, Frederick  
Faul, William J.  
Faulkner, John  
Faulkner, William H.  
Faunce, John  
Faunce, Peter  
Fauntleroy, Charles Magill *  
Fauntleroy, Daingerfield  
Fauntleroy, Moore  
Fauntleroy, William H.  
Fauntleroy, William M.  
Fauss, John  
Fauth, Henry  
Favori, Paul  
Faxon, A. S.  
Faxon, William  
Faxon, William H.  
Fay, John  
Fay, John  
Fay, Jonas  
Fay, Joshua Dunham  
Fay, Josiah S.  
Fay, Laurence  
Fay, Marshal A.  
Fay, William C.  
Fay, William, Gaston  
Fayssoux, Callender Irvine  
Fayssoux, Peter  
Fearing, C. H.  
Fearing, W. G.  
Fearson, Benjamin  
Fearson, J.  
Featherson, John  
Febiger, John C.  
Fechter, Phillip  
Fechtler, Augustus Francis  
Feelemyer, Francis  
Feeley, James  
Feeney, Dennis  
Fegan, John R.  
Fegan, William  
Fegan, William T.  
Feihl, John  
Feity, Frederick  
Feland, Logan  
Felch, Charles L.  
Felch, Cheever *  
Felinger, Peter W.  
Felix, Ambrose  
Felix, Francis  
Felker, Benjamin  
Falkin, Stephen D.  
Fell, John Gardner  
Fell, Robert  
Fell, Robert W.  
Fell, Thomas  
Fellilligan, James  
Fellows, Cornelius  
Fellows, Stephen  
Fellow, Thomas  
Fellow, William S.  
Fels, Eugen Willi  
Felt, D.  
Felt, Hosia W.  
Felt, J.  
Feltheim, Charles E.  
Feltus, William W.  
Fenald, George  
Fendall, Clarence  
Fendall, James R. L.  
Fendall, Philip R., Jr. *  
Feney, John  
Fengen, C. C.  
Fengler, Richard  
Feniman, Henry  
Fenimore, Anthony S.  
Fennell, Daniel D.  
Fenner, J. P.  
Fenner, Jeremiah  
Fenno, Charles  
Fenno, John  
Fenno, Lewis  
Fenno, William  
Featon, Andrew  
Featon, William  
Fentress, George D.  
Fentress, William E. H.  
Fentriss, William H.  
Fenwick, Cornelius  
Name List of Documents
Fenwick, James  
Fenwick, John R.  
Ferd, Maximilian  
Ferdinand, Prince of Savoy  
Ferebee, Nelson McPherson  
Ferguson, David  
Ferguson, Homer L.  
Ferguson, J.  
Ferguson, James  
Ferguson, James  
Ferguson, James  
Ferguson, James  
Ferguson, James B.  
Ferguson, James C.  
Ferguson, James D.  
Ferguson, James L.  
Ferguson, John  
Ferguson, John  
Ferguson, John (Clerk), 1843-1864 (See Box 78A)  
Ferguson, John  
Ferguson, John  
Ferguson, John F.  
Ferguson, John F.  
Ferguson, John F.  
Ferguson, Samuel  
Ferguson, William  
Ferguson, William J.  
Ferkins, George  
Fermier, George Lucien  
Fernald, Charles Coffin  
Fernald, F. L.  
Fernald, George  
Fernald, George R.  
Fernald, Joseph  
Fernald, Warren  
Fernald, William  
Fernandez, John  
Fernandus, John  
Ferral, James E.  
Ferree, David  
Ferree, Diller  
Ferree, George  
Ferrell, David  
Ferrell, J. W.  
Ferrell, John H.  
Ferrell, Joseph L.  
Ferrell, Thomas  
Ferrell, Thomas C.  
Ferrier, William A.  
Ferrill, John  
Ferris, George  
Ferris, Henry R.  
Ferris, J. D.  
Ferris, James  
Ferris, John D.  
Ferris, John Doyle  
Ferris, Oscar  
Ferris, William  
Ferris, William  
Ferron, Benjamin  
Ferry, Jean Baptiste  
Ferry, Theodore P.  
Fessenden, John J.  
Fettus, Charles L.  
Fettyplace, Edward  
Fettyplace, William  
Feuchtwang, Lewis  
Few, William  
Fewkes, Thomas  
Feyler, Gorham P.  
Fezler, Wesley  
Fichbohm, Herman F.  
Fickett, Edward  
Fickett, Isaac  
Fickett, John  
Fickett, Levi S.  
Fickett, William  
Fidell, Joseph  
Fiegan, Daniel  
Field, Edward  
Field, Jacob T.  
Field, John  
Field, John  
Field, John H.  
Field, Maunsell B.  
Field, Robert Stockton  
Field, Theophilus  
Field, Thomas  
Field, Thomas G.  
Field, Thomas Y.  
Field, Timothy B.  
Field, Wells, Laflin *  
Field, William  
Field, William  
Field, William  
Field, William  
Field, William Lysander  
Fielden, Richard  
Fielder, Bennis  
Fielding, James  
Fields, David D.  
Fields, George C. W.  
Fields, Joseph G.  
Fields, Richard A.  
Fields, Stephen  
Fields, William  
Fife, George S.  
Fife, George W.  
Fifield, Thomas V.  
Figaniere, Anotine  
Figaniere, Caesar Henry de la  
Fike, Josiah A.  
Fillebrown, Silas B.  
Fillebrown, Thomas Scott  
Fillenbrund, H.  
Fillette, Theodore Glover  
Filleugim, William  
Filor, James  
Finch, Alonzo N.  
Finch, William Bolton  
Fincke, Frederick O. G.  
Findeney, Frederick  
Findlay, James  
Findlay, Joseph  
Findlay, Thomas  
Fingler, Richard  
Finigan, William Francis  
Fink, J. H.  
Finker, T.  
Finley, Thomas Archer  
Finn, Edmund A.  
Finn, James H.  
Finn, James H.  
Finn, Norman  
Finn, Richard  
Finnigan, James  
Finnigan, Patrick  
Finnigan, Peter  
Finney, Elkonah C.  
Finney, George  
Finney, John  
Finney, John  
Finney, Richard  
Finney, Zebalon  
Finnie, Thomas  
Finwick, James  
Firth, Thomas  
Fischer, John D.  
Fish, B. Romeyn  
Fish, Erasmus D.  
Fish, Frank  
Fish, H. Porter  
Fish, William W.  
Fishby, John  
Fisher, Albert H.  
Fisher, Arthur H.  
Fisher, Benjamin  
Fisher, C. W.  
Fisher, Charles  
Fisher, Charles  
Fisher, Charles  
Fisher, Charles F.  
Fisher, Clark  
Fisher, Davenport  
Fisher, David  
Fisher, Francis D.  
Fisher, Frank  
Fisher, Franklin  
Fisher, George W.  
Fisher, H. D.  
Fisher, H. G. B.  
Fisher, Henry C.  
Fisher, Henry Clay  
Fisher, James  
Fisher, John  
Fisher, John  
Fisher, John  
Fisher, John  
Name List of Documents
Fisher, John  
Fisher, John M.  
Fisher, Joseph  
Fisher, Joseph  
Fisher, Joseph Pond  
Fisher, Leslie  
Fisher, R.  
Fisher, Robert  
Fisher, Robert  
Fisher, Thomas  
Fisher, Thomas L.  
Fisher, William  
Fisk, Addison  
Fisk, James W.  
Fisk, John  
Fisk, Photius  
Fisk, Samuel N.  
Fisk, Squire  
Fisk, Timothy W.  
Fisk, William  
Fiske, Bradley A. *  
Fiske, James E. *  
Fister, Thomas D.  
Fitch, Aubrey Wray  
Fitch, B. F. D.  
Fitch, Henry W.  
Fitch, John  
Fitch, John B.  
Fitch, LeRoy *  
Fitch, Thomas W.  
Fitchett, Silvene W.  
Fithian, Edwin  
Fitts, Henry B.  
Fitz, Richard H.  
Fitzell, Edward w.  
Fitzgerald, Edward  
Fitzgerald, J. D.  
Fitzgerald, James  
Fitzgerald, James  
Fitzgerald, John  
Fitzgerald, John  
Fitzgerald, John  
Fitzgerald, John  
Fitzgerald, John  
Fitzgerald, John Joseph  
Fitzgerald, John P.  
Fitzgerald, Robert  
Fitzgerald, William  
Fitzgerald, William  
Fitzgerald, William B.  
Fitzgerald, William H.  
Fitzgibbon, John  
Fitzhenry, Robert  
Fitzhugh, Andrew  
Fitzhugh, George  
Fitzhugh, Robert  
Fitzhugh, W. E.  
Fitzhugh, William E.  
Fitzmaurice, John  
Fitzpatrick, Francis  
Fitzpatrick, Francis A.  
Fitzpatrick, James  
Fitzpatrick, James  
Fitzpatrick, John  
Fitzpatrick, Michael F.  
Fitzpatrick, Richard  
Fitzsimmons, Paul  
Fitzsimmons, Thomas  
Fitzsimmons, William J.  
Flagg, Allan Prescott  
Flagg, Benjamin  
Flagg, Franklin B.  
Flagg, Henry C.  
Flagg, Samuel  
Flaglie, Bernard  
Flahaven, James  
Flaherty, Patrick  
Flaherty, Patrick  
Flake, Adam  
Flake, Jacob  
Flanders, Charles  
Flanders, Lucian  
Flanders, Thomas  
Flanders, Timothy  
Flanders, Timothy  
Flanegan, William  
Flanigan, M. E.  
Flanner, Bennet  
Flanner, Frank W.  
Flanner, William  
Flaxington, Samuel  
Fleck, Jacob  
Fleet, Henry  
Fleet, Henry  
Fleetwood, James Monroe  
Fleming, Benjamin  
Fleming, Charles E.  
Fleming, Charles G.  
Fleming, James  
Fleming, James  
Fleming, John  
Fleming, John A.  
Fleming, Levi  
Fleming, Matthew  
Fleming, Michael  
Fleming, Robert  
Fleming, Watson B.  
Fleming, William  
Fleming, William  
Fleming, William A.  
Fleming, William H.  
Flemming, Emanuel  
Fleschman, Henry P.  
Fleschman, Henry P.  
Fletcher, Archibald  
Fletcher, Benjamin H.  
Fletcher, Charles  
Fletcher, Charles H.  
Fletcher, Edward  
Fletcher, Frank F.  
Fletcher, Frank H.  
Fletcher, Frank Jack  
Fletcher, George G.  
Fletcher, J. B.  
Fletcher, James W.  
Fletcher, Joseph  
Fletcher, Levi  
Fletcher, P.  
Fletcher, Patrick  
Fletcher, Richard  
Fletcher, Shaddock B.  
Fletcher, Thomas  
Fletcher, William M.  
Flick, George T.  
Flickenstein, Harman  
Flieshman, Henry P.  
Fliggins, Edward  
Flinn, Andrew B.  
Flinn, James  
Flinn, James M.  
Flinn, P. M.  
Flinn, Patric  
Flinn, William  
Flint, Aquppa  
Flint, Francis M.  
Flint, Henry S.  
Flint, James Milton  
Float, Charles F.  
Floeter, Fred S.  
Flood, Christopher  
Flood, Francis F.  
Flood, James M.  
Flood, John H.  
Flood, Luke  
Flood, Thomas S.  
Flood, William H.  
Flora, John  
Flournoy, J. J. R.  
Name List of Documents
Flournoy, Robert  
Flowerhouse, George  
Flowry, Lewis H.  
Floyd, Charles R.  
Floyd, James  
Floyd, John A.  
Floyd, Richard Samuel  
Floyd, Robert  
Floyd, William  
Floyd, William B.  
Flusher, John  
Flusser, Charles W. *  
Flye, Edward  
Flye, William  
Flye, W. William  
Flynn, E.  
Flynn, John  
Flynn, John  
Flynn, John  
Flynn, John  
Flynn, John J.  
Flynn, Michael Joseph  
Flynn, William  
Flynt, James  
Flynt, James M.  
Fobes, Edwin A.  
Fogg, Edwin  
Fogg, William H.  
Foisy, Midard G.  
Foley, David, Jr.  
Foley, Edward  
Foley, Fitzgerald Algerson Charles  
Foley, James  
Foley, James  
Foley, Joseph F.  
Foley, Michael  
Foley, Michael  
Foley, Michael J.  
Foley, Richard F.  
Foley, Thomas  
Folger, Barzillar  
Folger, E.  
Folger, Frederick  
Folger, James  
Folger, James  
Folger, John  
Folger, Laban  
Folger, Uriah  
Folger, William Meyhew  
Follanshee, Joshua  
Follen, James  
Follett, Benjamin  
Follett, W. H.  
Follett, Fletcher M.  
Follett, HiramFolliard, Michael  
Follin, John  
Follwell, H. B.  
Name List of Documents
Folsom, Charles  
Foltz, Jonathan M.  
Font, Francisco Veirity  
Foote, Andrew H.  
Foote, George A.*  
Foote, John P.  
Foote, Samuel C.  
Footett, Joseph Aaron  
Foran, William  
Forbes, Cornelius A.  
Forbes, Frank Herbert*  
Forbes, Henry  
Forbes, J.  
Forbes, J.  
Forbes, John  
Forbes, John James  
Forbes, Robert B.  
Forbes, Thomas  
Forbes, William D.  
Force, Horace W.  
Force, Peter  
Ford, Edwin  
Ford, Franklin E.  
Ford, George T.  
Ford, Henry  
Ford, J. M.  
Ford, John  
Ford, John  
Ford, John  
Ford, Joseph  
Ford, John Donaldson  
Ford, Lewis  
Ford, Marcellus  
Ford, Marshall H.*  
Ford, Oscar R.  
Ford, Paul  
Ford, Stephen Hyland  
Ford, Theodosius B.  
Ford, William Henry Harrison  
Fordham, William  
Fordyce, Alexander  
Fore, L.  
Foreman, Ivey  
Forest, Thomas  
Forester, Michael  
Forgarty, Dan  
Forgey, Alfred V.  
Forie, Alfred*  
Forker, Jesse  
Forman, David  
Forman, D. McL.  
Forman, Jonathan  
Forman, Samuel  
Formaso, Angello  
Formy-Duval, S. N.  
Forney, John W.  
Forney, Stehman  
Forrau, Thomas  
Forrest, Douglas F.  
Forrest, Dulany  
Forrest, Dulany A.*  
Forrest, French*  
Forrest, Joseph*  
Forrest, Morreau S.  
Forrest, Richard  
Forrest, Robert  
Forrest, Samuel  
Forrest, Thomas  
Forrest, W. S.  
Forrester, Edwin  
Forrester, George E.  
Forrester, S.  
Forse, George  
Forshaw, Robert  
Forsheu, R. P.  
Forsyth, James M.  
Forsyth, James N.*  
Fort, Joseph A.*  
Fort, Wilbur F.  
Fort, Wiley Becton  
Fort, William S.  
Fortier, Alexander Gaspe  
Fortier, James  
Fortson, Eugene P.  
Fortune, James  
Fortune, Thomas H.  
Fosdick, Benjamin H.  
Fosdick, C. H.  
Fosdick, Daniel  
Fosdick, John H.  
Fosdick, Richard  
Fosdick, Stephen  
Fosdick, William  
Foskey, William  
Foss, Cyrus D.  
Foss, James F. R.  
Foss, Stephen  
Fossett, John  
Fossett, Loring H.  
Foster, Adams  
Foster, Amos P.  
Foster, Argus E.*  
Foster, Charles  
Foster, Charles A.  
Foster, Charles P.  
Foster, Charles R.  
Foster, Chillingworth  
Foster, Edward  
Foster, Edward  
Foster Eliezer  
Foster, Ephraim Rollin  
Foster, Frank H.  
Foster, George B.  
Foster, Gustavus  
Foster, Henry  
Foster, Henry  
Foster, Henry D.  
Foster, Henry H.  
Name List of Documents
Foster, J.  
Foster, J. C.  
Foster, J. G.  
Foster, J. Knox  
Foster, James  
Foster, James  
Foster, James  
Foster, James Jr.  
Foster, James L.  
Foster, James M.  
Foster, James P.  
Foster, James S.  
Foster, Jesse W.  
Foster, Jesse W.  
Foster, John  
Foster, John  
Foster, John  
Foster, John  
Foster, John C.  
Foster, John G.  
Foster, Joseph  
Foster, Joseph  
Foster, Joseph  
Foster, Joseph  
Foster, Joseph  
Foster, Lyman L.  
Foster, Mason  
Foster, Paul  
Foster, Peter  
Foster, R. C.  
Foster, Robert  
Foster, Robert B.  
Foster, Thomas J.  
Foster, Thomas L.  
Foster, W. J.  
Foster, Walter B.  
Foster, William  
Foster, William C.  
Foster, William C., Jr.  
Foster, William E.  
Foster, Winslow  
Fothergill, Joseph  
Fountain, George  
Fountain, James  
Foulk, George C. *  
Foute, Robert Chester  
Foutty, George W.  
Fowler, Albert C.  
Fowler, Alfred B.  
Fowler, Alfred N.  
Fowler, Archibald C.  
Fowler, Benjamin W.  
Fowler, Charles S.  
Fowler, Edward  
Fowler, John D.  
Fowler, Lewis  
Fowler, Michil  
Fowler, Pat  
Fowler, Richard  
Fowler, Samuel  
Fowler, William  
Fowler, William  
Fowler, William  
Fowler, William W.  
Fowles, George M.  
Fowles, Robert B.  
Fox, Almon F.  
Fox, Andrew  
Fox, Frederick E.  
Fox, Gustavus Vasa *  
Fox, Hugh L.  
Fox, Irvin  
Fox, James A.  
Fox, James E.  
Fox, John L.  
Fox, Joseph B.  
Fox, Joseph W.  
Fox, Josiah *  
Fox, Lewis  
Fox, Newton  
Fox, Owen  
Fox, Peter  
Fox, Samuel  
Fox, Thomas Edwin  
Fox, William S.  
Foxall, Henry  
Frabasia, Antonio  
Frailey, James M.  
Frailey, Leonard A.  
Fralich D. C.  
Fraligh, William H.  
Francis, Andrew H.  
Francis, Antonio  
Francis, George  
Francis, George E.  
Francis, Henry B.  
Francis, John  
Francis, John  
Francis, John  
Francis, Lewis  
Francis, Tench  
Francis, Thomas  
Name List of Documents
Francis, William  
Francis, William F.  
Frank, A. J.  
Frank, Charles  
Frank, Charles Frederick  
Frank, Francis  
Frank, James T.  
Frank, John A.  
Frankford, John  
Frankland, Henry W.  
Franklin, Antoine C. F.  
Franklin, Benjamin  
Franklin, Charles L.*  
Franklin, Edward C.  
Franklin, Elisha  
Franklin, Gustavus S.  
Franklin, James  
Franklin, James  
Franklin, Jerry A.  
Franklin, John, Jr.  
Franklin, Mereal Francis  
Franklin, Samuel  
Franklin, Samuel R.  
Franklin, Thomas  
Franklin, W. B.  
Franks, James Potter  
Franks, N. D.  
Franks, William  
Franks, William J.  
Name List of Documents
Freeman, Jacob  
Freeman, James M.  
Fry, Joseph  
Fryburg, Hans L.  
Furlong, Lawrence  
Furniss, C. W.  
Furniss, Hartman K.  
Furniss, William P.  
Fyffe, Joseph P. *  


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