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Located in the Rare Book Room of the Navy Department Library.

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ZB (Personnel) Files in the Navy Department Library

Saccambe - Szularsky


This series contains various documents and ephemera pertaining to US naval officers and some civilians, especially those serving during the 19th century. Coverage of a number of outstanding officers of the late 18th and early 20th centuries, as well as some enlisted personnel, also is provided. It is estimated that the careers of 35,000 separate individuals are documented to some extent in these files.

The contents of individual files can include such items as: (1) compiled service chronologies; (2) biographical summaries; (3) service data cards (Civil War period); (4) letters of recommendation for appointment or promotion; (5) pay vouchers (Civil War period); (6) fragmentary personal and official letters; (7) official Office of Naval Records and Library, and Naval History Division correspondence providing information on specific officers. The contents of individual files range from extensive to sparse, sometimes only containing a single piece of paper.

Use and Reproduction Policy

Z File materials are unavailable for loan and must be consulted in the library. Photocopying of manuscripts, as well as fragile items, is generally prohibited, though the use of digital cameras by researchers to reproduce non-copyrighted materials is permitted. Permission to photocopy a few pages may be granted by the reference staff, contingent upon the physical state of items. All photocopying of materials shall be done by the reference staff, or under their close supervision. The use of personal scanners by non-library staff personnel must be approved by the reference staff on a document-by-document basis (Reference: Naval Historical Center Instruction [NAVHISTCENTINST] 5070.1C.).


The NDL staff are in the process of inventorying and digitizing these files. The lists available below are incomplete and may not reflect current holdings. Updates will be made to these lists as the information becomes available.

Please note that we are also in the process of placing distinguishing identifiers (rank, rating, etc.) next to individuals with the same name.

* denotes personnel has one or more folders dedicated to their documents


Over Sized

Box Number Name List of Documents
Over Sized Selfridge, Thomas O.  


Name List of Documents
Saccambe, Henry  
Sacheman, R.  
Sachs, Joseph M.  
Sackett, Augustine  
Sackett, James  
Saddler, Emery  
Sadler, -----------  
Sadler, Richard  
Safford, John B.  
Safford, William E.  
Safford, Sage, Franklin H. (alias Alpheus Bigelow)*  
Safford, George D.  
Safford, Giles  
Safford, N.  
Saidler, John G.  
Saint, Daniel  
St. Armand, Alexander (Etienne, Martial, Pierre)  
Saint-Andre, Jeanbon  
St. Clair, Charles  
St. Clair, T.M.  
St. Hilaire, Marcq de  
St. John, G.P.  
St. John, James  
St. Medard, Pierre  
St. Medard, Peter (Surgeon)  
Salade, Lewis A.  
Salas, David H.  
Sale, Joseph  
Sale, William D.  
Sales, John T.  
Salisbury, George R.  
Salmon, Robert  
Salter, Chaplain  
Salter, George W.  
Salter, John  
Salter, William D.  
Saltmarsh, William E.  
Saltmarsh, E.G.  
Saltonstall, Dudley  
Saltonstall, N.  
Saltonstall, William G. *  
Salyer, Samuel  
Name List of Documents
Samble, Thomas  
Samford, F.G.  
Sammartino (Sam Martino?)  
Sammis, David  
Sammis, Luther  
Sammond, James  
Samples, James G.  
Sampson, Albert P.  
Sampson, Charles A.  
Sampson, Frederick G.  
Sampson, Isaac  
Sampson, John  
Sampson, Samuel  
Sampson, Simeon  
Sampson, William T.*  
Sams, William  
Samson, Timothy  
Samuels, Samuel  
Sanborn (Pilot)  
Sanborn, Albion  
Sanborn, Francis  
Sanborn, Francis W. (Acting Ensign)  
Sanborn, Francis W. (Acting Gunner's Mate)  
Sanborn, George C.  
Sanborn, George L.  
Sanborn, Henry Clay  
Sanborn, James D.  
Sanborn, John  
Sanborn, Lansing  
Sanborn, Lorenzo  
Sanborn, Simeon  
Sanchez, Ramon  
Sancry, Abraham  
Sancry, Charles L.  
Sancry, Peter  
Sand, (LT)  
Sanders, Benjamin F.  
Sanders, Cary Nicholas  
Sanders, J.L.  
Sanders, John  
Sanders, John (CSN)  
Sanders, Lewis  
Sanders, M.W.  
Sanders, Samuel M.  
Sanderson, Aaron  
Sanderson, Edward  
Sanderson, Francis  
Sanderson, George  
Sanderson, John Henry  
Sanderson, John W. (3rd PA Artillery)  
Sanderson, John William  
Sandford, James  
Sandford, John W.  
Sandford, John W., Jr. (CSN)  
Sandford, Joseph  
Laurence (Lawrence)  
Sands, Benjamin Franklin  
Francis P.B. *  
Francis Pasqual  
George L.  
J. Woodville  
Sands, James Hoban *  
Sands, Joshua Ratoon *  
Sands, Lewis  
William MacComb  
Sandson, C.A.  
Sandusky, William Henry  
Sandy, Peter  
Sanford, Ebenezer  
Sanford, George/George W.  
Sanford, Hiram *  
Sanford, Joseph P. *  
Sanford, Kingsbury  
Sanford, William C.  
Sanford, William F.  
Sanford, William W.  
Sanger, William P.S.  
Sangster, Charles  
Sankey, John G.  
Sanlin, Gus  
Sanner, James W.  
Sansbury, Richard  
Santa Anna, Antonio Lopez de  
Santmyer, E.J.  
Sanxay, R.J.  
Sappington, ------  
Sard, William F.  
Sargent, Asa  
Sargent, Charles  
Sargent, Daniel  
Sargent, Daniel B.  
Sargent, Eli D.  
Sargent, Hosea  
Sargent, Howard, Jr.  
Sargent, Lennard R.  
Sargent, N.  
Sargent, Nathan *  
Sargent, Nathaniel  
Sargent, Thomas (carpenter)  
Sargent, Thomas (surgeon)  
Sargent, Walter  
Sartori, Charles W.  
Sartori, Louis C. *  
Sasanay, James  
Satterlee, Charles  
Saucer, Joseph  
Sauer, Nicholas  
Saufley, Richard Caswell  
Saunders, Camillus  
Saunders, Charles  
Saunders, Jacob  
Saunders, James  
Saunders, John  
Saunders, John (Midshipman)  
Saunders, John L.  
Saunders, John W. (Acting Master, 1865)  
Saunders, John W. (1837, black)  
Saunders, Palmer *  
Saunders, Reid  
Saunders, Robert  
Saunders, Samuel  
Saunders, Samuel Little  
Saunders, William  
Savage, Alexander  
Savage, Caleb  
Savage, E.J.  
Savage, Francis W.  
Savage, Hugh H.  
Savage, John  
Savage, John, Jr.  
Savage, John P.  
Savage, Michael  
Savage, Pleasant Martin  
Savage, Robert  
Savage, Silas T.  
Savage, T.  
Savage, Thomas  
Savage, William  
Savage, William F.  
Saville, John W.  
Saville, William Oliver  
Savory, George E.  
Saville, John  
Saville, Nathaniel  
Saville, Thomas S.  
Name List of Documents
Sawtell, Benjamin W.  
Sawtelle, Arthur M.  
Sawtelle, Isaiah L.  
Sawyer, A.B.C.  
Sawyer, Benjamin A.  
Sawyer, Daniel A.  
Sawyer, Ezra W.  
Sawyer, George A. *  
Sawyer, George F.  
Sawyer, George K.  
Sawyer, Horace Bucklin *  
Sawyer, Isaac Jr.  
Sawyer, James E.  
Sawyer, John  
Sawyer, John C.  
Sawyer, Joseph  
Sawyer, Joseph (or James, 1863-65)  
Sawyer, Joseph J.  
Sawyer, Moses H.  
Sawyer, Oscar G.  
Sawyer, R.P.  
Sawyer, Seymour  
Sawyer, Smith  
Sawyer, Timothy  
Sawyer, William  
Saxon, Theodore  
Saxon, Isaac  
Say, David  
Sayer, Joshua  
Sayers, John R.  
Sayers, Edmund S.  
Sayers, ------(Pilot)  
Sayre, J.S.  
Sayward, Joseph  
Scalan, Patrick  
Scales, Dabney M. *  
Scales, Joseph W.  
Scanlan, M.  
Scanlon, Charles S.  
Scanlon, Thomas  
Scannell, James  
Scanthing, Thomas  
Scarden, Andrew  
Scarf, John  
Scarlett, Joseph H.  
Scarr, Thomas  
Scarsden, ------  
Scathersbury, Charles W.  
Scattergood, Edward  
Scersey, Jasper H.  
Schad, William  
Schadewald, R.  
Schaefer, Henry William *  
Schaeffer, Christopher (Christrow)  
Schaeffer, Julius  
Schaegal, Jacob A.  
Schafer, George Conrad  
Schalls, William H.  
Schank, George A.  
Scharf, John Thomas  
Schell, F.J.  
Schellhorn, Otto  
Schells, W.H.  
Shenandoah, Chapman (American Indian, 1901)  
Schenck, Caspar  
Schenck, James Findlay *  
Schenck, John Nevins  
Schenck, William L.  
Schenck, Woodhull S. *  
Scherffins, George  
Schetky, Charles A. *  
Schieffelin, James  
Schiffmann, Sibley Norrill (Gustav)  
Schillinger, Henry C.  
Schillenberg, Isaac (Schillinburg, Isaac)  
Schilt, Christian  
Schipple, Edward J.  
Schisano, Stephen P.  
Schley, Winfield Scott *  
Schlosser, H.J.  
Schlosser, John George  
Schlossbach, Isaac (see ZO-Wilking Sub Exped.)  
Schluter, Henry August  
Schmedes, Richard J.  
Schmid (Schmidt), John (CSN)  
Schmidt, Edward H.  
Schmidt, John (CUMBERLAND, Civil War)  
Schmidt, John G.  
Schmidt, Joseph  
Schmitt, John  
Schmitz, Charles Florenz  
Schneck, Philip  
Schneeweiss, -------  
Schneider, E.B.H.  
Schneider, William T.  
Schnetter, Carl (See ZO-Wilkins Sub Exped.)  
Schofield, Benjamin  
Schofield, Charles F.  
Schofield, Frank H.  
Schofield, John O.  
Scholes, Thomas  
Scholl, George  
Scholls, James L (W.H.)  
Scholls, William H.  
Schooley, Frank N.  
Schoolfield, Joseph  
Schoon, John  
Schoonmaker, -----  
Schoonmaker, Cornelius M. *  
Schoubol, Frederick (Louis)  
Schouler, John  
Schouter, Henry  
Schow, Magnus  
Schoyer, A.  
Schran, Meyer  
Schrengeld, J.W.  
Schriver, William H.  
Schroder, John  
Schroeder, Charles (Rev. War)  
Schroeder, Charles (CSN)  
Schroeder, Seaton  
Schrumm, William  
Schultice, Simon  
Schultz, William  
Schulze, G.C.  
Schutt, Herman  
Schuyler, Peter  
Schwall, George W.  
Schwartz, Edward G.  
Schwartz, Henry  
Schwartzman, A.J.  
Schwatka, Frederick  
Schwenk, -------(Ensign)  
Scoby, Addison  
Scofield, Walter K.  
Scot, John A.  
Scott, Benjamin  
Scott, Charles  
Scott, Bernard Orme  
Scott, Charles  
Scott, Charles H.  
Scott, Charles M.  
Scott, Charles R.  
Scott, D.W.  
Name List of Documents
Scott, Daniel  
Scott, David Alexander  
Scott, Douglas M.  
Scott, Edmund  
Scott, Elmer B.  
Scott, George  
Scott, George C.  
Scott, George W.  
Scott, Gustavus H.  
Scott, H.D.  
Scott, H.H. (Ref. to Scott, Joseph N.; Scott, John; Scott, James R.; and Scott, William)  
Scott, Henry  
Scott, Henry B.  
Scott, Henry H.  
Scott, Henry L.  
Scott, Henry M.  
Scott, James (CSN)  
Scott, James (1837 Boston)  
Scott, James (Civil War, USN)  
Scott, James Alvin  
Scott, James R.  
Scott, Jerome  
Scott, John (Civil War)  
Scott, John (1835)  
Scott, John (1838)  
Scott, John (CSN)  
Scott, John (Master's Mate)  
Scott, John (AV LT)  
Scott, John Day  
Scott, John G. (1837)  
Scott, John G. (Engineer)  
Scott, Joseph N.  
Scott, Melvin  
Scott, Merritt Sweeney  
Scott, Nathaniel  
Scott, Oscar F.  
Scott, Richard  
Scott, Robert (Surg. Steward)  
Scott, Robert (Seaman)  
Scott, Robert Eden  
Scott, Robert Wainwright  
Scott, Samuel  
Scott, Samuel P.  
Scott, Spencer E.  
Scott, Stephen  
Scott, Sylvanous  
Scott, Sylvester  
Scott, Thomas W.  
Scott, Warburton S.  
Scott, William (Rev. War)  
Scott, William (Civil War)  
Scott, William (CSN)  
Scott, William (USN)  
Scott, William Alexander  
Scott, William  
Scott, William S.  
Scovel, D.  
Scovel, Louis  
Scovel, S.O.  
Scovell, C.H.  
Scovil, D.  
Scoville, James A.  
Scranton, J.  
Scranton, Samuel O.  
Scribner, E.H.  
Scribner, James Egbert  
Scrivenir, Benjamin  
Scruggs, Richard  
Scruggs, Samuel Anderson  
Scudder, Theodore  
Scull, Edward  
Scull, John  
Scull, Peter  
Scullen, John  
Scully, James  
Seabury, David  
Seabury, John Mumford  
Seach, William  
Seaforth, Christopher Henry  
Seager, Edward R.  
Seager, Harry  
Seager, Thomas  
Seagrave, John  
Seagrove, James  
Seal, William  
Seaman, Charles A.  
Seaman, Edward  
Seaman, James  
Seaman, John  
Seaman, John Whitehead  
Seaman, Peter H.  
Seaman, Stephen  
Seamans, W.R.  
Seare, Z.  
Searle, Addison  
Sears, Amasa C.  
Sears, Charles  
Sears, Cyrus  
Sears, Eben J.  
Sears, Edward H.  
Sears, Henry Weed *  
Sears, Isaac (Richard?)  
Sears, John  
Sears, John (Pilot)  
Sears, Richard  
Sears, Thomas B.  
Sears, Walter J.  
Seaver, Samuel c.  
Seavey, Edwin A.  
Seavey, Fayette G.  
Seavey, Theo Bradford  
Seaward, David Ladd  
Seaward, G.W.  
Seaward, Richard  
Seawell, J. A.  
Seay, Robert  
Sebastian, Benjamin  
Sebastian, John  
Sebelin, August *  
Sebring, ------  
Sebring, Tunis  
Seccombe, William Simpson  
Sedam, Louis W.  
Sedam, Walker  
Sedcraft, Augustus  
Sederrhet, -------  
Sedgwick, ------  
Sedgwick, Charles H.  
Sedgwick, Robert  
Sedyard, Caleb  
See, John  
See, George  
See, George P.  
Seeds, James M.  
Seegan, L.M.  
Seekins, Charles W.  
Seeley, Charles  
Seeley, John  
Seely, Charles  
Seely, H.B.  
Seely, Samuel J.  
Sees, William L.  
Segar, Joseph  
Segersteen, Bernard  
Segrave, Thomas G.  
Seitz, George  
Selby, James  
Selby, Thomas  
Selch, Michael  
Selden, Channing M.  
Selden, Edward A.  
Selden, Cary  
Selden, George L.  
Selden, Robert R.  
Selden, W.C.  
Seldon, Richard  
Selfridge, C.G.  
Selfridge, Edward A.  
Selfridge, Francis C.  
Selfridge, James R.  
Selfridge, Thomas Oliver Sr. (1804-1902) *  See also ZE - Mare Island Navy Yard, Box 10 and ZB OVERSIZE Box.  
Selfridge, Thomas Oliver Jr. (1836-1924) *  
Seligman, Joseph  
Seligman, Morton Tinslar  
Name List of Documents
Selkirk, Alexander  
Sell, Gustav Adolph *(2 folders)  
Sellers, David Foote  
Sellers, William M.  
Sellew, Edgar K.  
Sellman, Henry D.  
Sellman, Thomas (USMC)  
Sells, Elijah  
Sells, William Henry  
Selmer, John A.  
Seloover, James  
Selover, John (or Lewis) (1812)  
Semans, Thomas  
Semig, Bernard  
Semmes, Alexander A.  
Semmes, Francis J.  
Semmes, Raphael * (2 folders)  
Semple, Alex M.  
Semple, Fred  
Semple, Henry Rees  
Semple, Semple, James A. *  
Semple, Wilford Hugh  
Senac, Felix *  
Sesner, George W.  
Seymore, Thomas  
Seymour, Alfred  
Seymour, ----(Acting Gunner, CSN)  
Seymour, Benjamin  
Seymour, Charles (Asst. M. Mate)  
Seymour, Charles (Ord. Seaman)  
Seymour, C.M. (CSN)  
Seymour, D.C. (CSN)  
Seymour, Frank  
Seymour, J.W. (CSN)  
Seymour, Lester  
Seymour, Lucius S.  
Seymour, ----(Mississippi River Pilot)  
Seymour, Richard  
Seymour, W. (CSN)  
Seymour, William C. *  
Shackelford, Satterwhite  
Shackerly, Peter  
Shackey, George  
Shackford, Josiah  
Shackleton, Ernest H.  
Shacklett, J.S. (CSN)  
Shadwell, William  
Shadwick, G.  
Shafer, Joseph  
Shafer, Mark Minter  
Shaffery, Patrick (alias Peter)  
Shaffhirt, Lewis  
Shaffner, Benjamin Marion  
Shaifer, Carl H.  
Shaler, John  
Shaler, Nathaniel  
Shaler, T.  
Shallenberger, George W.  
Shane, -----(Rev. War)  
Shank, George W.  
Shankland, Joseph  
Shankland, William (Acting Master)  
Shankland, William F. (Actg. Vol. LT)  
Shankland, William F. (Actg. Master)  
Shannon, Arthur Lorenzo  
Shannon, Charles  
Shannon, Francis G.  
Shannon, John  
Shannon, Michael  
Shannon, Patrick  
Shannon, William  
Shannon, William J.  
Shannon, William S.  
Shannon, Shryock, George S. *  
Sharkey, Jack  
Sharky, Richard  
Sharp, Andrew J.  
Sharp, Hendrick  
Sharp, John L.  
Sharp, Nicholas  
Sharp, Thomas  
Sharp, William  
Sharp, William (LT, CSN) *  
Sharp, William (Midshipman, USN)  
Sharpe, John C.  
Sharpless, Thomas  
Sharrer, Washington O.  
Sharron, Samuel  
Name List of Documents
Shatford, William  
Shattuck, Alvin  
Shattuck, Benjamin F.  
Shattuck, John  
Shattuck, Jonathan  
Shattuck, William  
Shaver, Abram Ingle  
Shavons, James  
Shaw, Aaron D.  
Shaw, Alexander  
Shaw, Daniel  
Shaw, Edward (Actg. Vol. LT)  
Shaw, Edward C.  
Shaw, Frank D.  
Shaw, Gideon  
Shaw, John (Commodore) * Biography
Shaw, John (Ord. Seaman)  
Shaw, John R.  
Shaw, Joseph C.  
Shaw, Melville, Jr.  
Shaw, Nathaniel, Jr. * (2 folders)  
Shaw, Robert P.  
Shaw, Thomas M.  
Shaw, Thompson Darrah  
Shaw, W.B. (Paymaster Steward)  
Shaw, William H.  
Shaw, William Mason  
Shaw, William Nelson  
Shaysgren, James  
Shea, Cornelius  
Shea, Joseph  
Shea, Thomas Medcalf  
Shead, William W.  
Shean, Samuel A.  
Shearer, James  
Sheas, James  
Shebbel, Edmund  
Shee, Walter  
Sheed, Abraham A.  
Sheed, William W.  
Sheehan, John (CSN)  
Sheehan, John Wilfred Jr.  
Sheehan, Thomas  
Sheely, William G.  
Sheer, Edward H.  
Sheer, John  
Sheer, Thomas W.  
Sheets, T.J.  
Sheffer, Thomas  
Sheffield, Edward H.  
Sheffield, Isaac  
Sheffield, Robert  
Sheffield, Robert L.  
Sheffield, William E. (Carpenter)  
Sheffield, William E. (Captain's Clerk)  
Sheils, Simon  
Shelally, M.  
Sheldon, George H.  
Sheldon, H. Lawrence  
Sheldon, Jonathan  
Sheldon, Thomas  
Sheldon, William B.  
Shelikof, Grigor I.  
Shell, Philip  
Shelly, B.F. (CSN)  
Shelly, William F.  
Sheltan, James (CAPT)  
Shelton, -----(CAPT)  
Shelton, David I.  
Shelton, Henry  
Shepard, Albert  
Shepard, Albert (Ord. Seaman 1838)  
Shepard, Andrew Gilbert  
Shepard, Augustus  
Shepard, Edwin M. (Actg. Ensign)  
Shepard, Edwin Malcolm (RADM)  
Shepard, Frank V.  
Shepard, Hazael  
Shepardson, William  
Shepherd, Edmund  
Shepherd, Edwin  
Shepherd, Frank(lin)  
Shepherd, John J.  
Shepherd, Lewis  
Shepherd, Louis  
Shepherd, Samuel  
Shepherd, Samuel  
Shepherd, Thompson  
Shepherd, Thomson  
Shepherd, William (Actg. Ensign)  
Shepherd, William (Actg. Master)  
Sheppard, Francis Henry *  
Sheppard, Harvey  
Sheppard, James  
Sheppard, James (Actg. Ensign)  
Sheppard, John (CSS DALMAN)  
Sheppard, John (CSS YADKIN)  
Sheppard, Joseph  
Sheppard, Robert  
Sheppard, Thomas  
Shepperd, Francis E. *  
Shepperd, Frederick P.  
Shepperd, Jeremiah, Jr.  
Shepperd, M.R.  
Shepperdson, William  
Sherburne, John Henry, Sr.  
Sherburne, John Henry, Jr.  
Sheredine, Nathan R.  
Sherfy, J.W.  
Sheridan, Daniel  
Sheridan, Philip  
Sheridan, Phillip  
Sherriff, Benjamin  
Sherman, C.K.  
Sherman, C.L.  
Sherman, Daniel Hoit  
Sherman, Dennis  
Sherman, Emerson  
Sherman, Fortunatus  
Sherman, Francis  
Sherman, Frank  
Sherman, Frederick Carl  
Sherman, George W.  
Sherman, Hiram W.  
Sherman, Marshall  
Sherman, Robert  
Sherman, William T.  
Sherrill, John  
Sherrod, William  
Sherwood, Gilbert  
Sherwood, Henry  
Sherwood, Hugh  
Sherwood, John R.  
Sherwood, John R. (3rd Asst. Engineer)  
Shetzune, John D.  
Shewell, R.  
Shewmake, H.C.  
Shibley, Howard C.  
Shield, John  
Shield, John B.  
Shields, George W. (Actg. Asst. Surg.)  
Shields, George W. (Actg. 2nd Asst. Engr.)  
Shields, James  
Shields, John (Seaman, enlisted Dec. 1838)  
Shields, John (Actg. Master's Mate)  
Shields, John (Actg. 3rd Asst. Engr.)  
Shields, John (GM, USS CONSTITUTION)  
Shields, John (Seaman, enlisted Oct. 1838)  
Shields, John P.  
Shields, Thomas (Purser)  
Shields, William  
Name List of Documents
Shields, William F.  
Shields, Wilmer  
Shiels, Connah  
Shillaber, Joseph  
Shilling, ------  
Shinn, Jacob  
Shinn, Samuel B.  
Shinn, Samuel S.  
Ship, Thomas  
Shipley, George T.  
Shipley, George W.  
Shipley, John  
Shipley, Samuel I.  
Shipley, Samuel J.  
Shipley, Walter  
Shipman, William W.  
Shipp, Francis  
Shipp, George L.  
Shipp, William C. (Billie)  
Shippen, Edward  
Shippen, W.W.  
Shippey, W.F.  
Shirk, Charles C.  
Shirk, James W.  
Shirk, John  
Shirley, Ambrose  
Shirley, Paul  
Shirley, Thomas  
Shirley, Shively, C.A. *  
Shock, William Henry  
Shoemaker, Francis Richardson  
Shoemaker, George L.  
Shoemaker, Howill  
Shoemaker, Isaac  
Shoemaker, W.R. (USN)  
Shoemaker, William R.  
Sholls, Jacob S.  
Shorey, Winthrop M.  
Short, Charles R.  
Short, Elizabeth A.  
Short, George C.  
Short, Giles Elza  
Short, Hugh S.  
Short, Jacob  
Short, John  
Short, Jonathan  
Short, Perry  
Short, Thomas  
Shotwell, Thomas B.  
Shotwell, W.  
Shoultz, John  
Show, Magnus  
Shrader, Charles  
Shrader, Cornelius K.  
Shrosbree, Robert James  
Shubrick, (Brothers)  
Shubrick, Edmund Templer *  
Shubrick, E.R. (CAPT)  
Shubrick, Edward R. (Actg. Midshipman 1849)  
Shubrick, (Family)  
Shubrick, Irvine  
Shubrick, John Templer  
Shubrick, Thomas B.  
Shubrick, William Branford  
Shufeldt, Henry Howey  
Shufeldt, Mason  
Shufeldt, Robert W. *  
Shufeldt, Robert W., Jr.  
Shufeldt, Zachariah  
Shuldham, Molyneux  
Shulds, John  
Shuler, Darius P.  
Shull, George C.  
Shulters, Robert  
Shultice (or Shultine), Simon  
Shultz, George B.  
Shumway, A. Dwight  
Shurtleff, Edward S.  
Shurtleff, George R.  
Shurtleff, Roswell Morse  
Shuster, Jacob  
Shute, Charles J. (alias George Emerson)  
Shutes, Henry  
Shutt, James  
Sias, John F.  
Sibell, Edward A.  
Sibley, Arthur  
Sibley, Philip  
Sibley, William E.  
Sicard, Montgomery *  
Sickels, John Frederick  
Sickels, Thomas H.  
Siddell, James F.  
Sidell, George B.  
Sidney, Charles  
Sidney, Nathaniel  
Siefgried, Charles A.  
Siegmund, Walter F.  
Sienis, P.H.  
Sievers, Lewis  
Sigman, Barnett  
Sigman, Sigourney, James Butler *  
Sigsbee, C.D.  
Sigsbee, Charles D. *  
Silberzahn, Charles  
Sill, Joseph  
Sill, William  
Sillman, Thomas W.  
Sillman, William S.  
Silloway, J.E.  
Sills, Henry  
Silsby, Samuel T.  
Silva, Antonio  
Silva, Joe  
Silva, Joseph  
Silva, Joseph F.  
Silva, Manuel F.  
Silver, James D.  
Silver, Joseph  
Silver, Joseph A.  
Silver, Marcus B.  
Silver, N.W.  
Silver, Robert  
Silvercahn, Charles R.  
Silvey, James  
Silvey, James (or Joseph)  
Silvey, Lewis P.  
Silvia, George  
Sim, Patrick  
Simes, George T.  
Name List of Documents
Simmonds, David A.  
Simmonds, Joseph  
Simmonds, Joshua  
Simmonds, Lewis D.  
Simmons, ----(Naval Constructor)  
Simmons, Alex R.  
Simmons, Calvin Ripley  
Simmons, George  
Simmons, George C.  
Simmons, George E.  
Simmons, George M.  
Simmons, George W., Jr.  
Simmons, J.W.  
Simmons, John (USS COLUMBUS)  
Simmons, John (USS COLUMBUS 1839)  
Simmons, John (Pilot, NYC)  
Simmons, John W. *  
Simmons, Joseph  
Simmons, Lewis  
Simmons, Melvin  
Simmons, Pelez  
Simmons, Robert (USS COLUMBUS)  
Simmons, Robert (USS CONSTITUTION)  
Simmons, William (USS COLUMBUS)  
Simmons, William (1837, Naval Receiving Depot)  
Simms, ------  
Simms, Charles C. *  
Simms, John Douglas  
Simms, John D.  
Simms, John D.  
Simms, John Douglas  
Simms, John W.  
Simms, Joseph M.  
Simon, Elmanson N.  
Simon, Isaac  
Simon, Peter  
Simon, William  
Simonds, Calvin  
Simonds, Francis  
Simonds, Gustavus  
Simonds, Jacob Putnam  
Simonds, Lewis D.  
Simonds, Lewis E.  
Simonds, Samuel  
Simons, Arad  
Simons, David  
Simons, George D.  
Simons, Henry  
Simons, Joseph  
Simons, Manley Hale  
Simons, Maurice  
Simons, Maurice (Actg. Midshipman)  
Simons, Richard  
Simons, Thomas  
Simons, Webster  
Simons, Jacob  
Simonson, Jacob  
Simonson, Thomas A.  
Simonton, Hiram  
Simpkins, James  
Simple, Alex M.  
Simpson, David  
Simpson, E.C.  
Simpson, Edward  
Simpson, George C.  
Simpson, James  
Simpson, Joseph  
Simpson, Nathaniel  
Simpson, Ralph  
Simpson, Robert  
Simpson, Robert G.  
Simpson, Smith L.  
Simpson, Thomas  
Simpson, Thomas C.  
Simpson, Thomas G.  
Simpson, William (NY Navy)  
Simpson, William (1815)  
Sims, Albert L.  
Sims, Albert S.  
Sims, Andiron  
Sims, Clifford Stanley  
Sims, David R.  
Sims, Edward  
Sims, Eli  
Sims, H.H.  
Sims, Isaac  
Sims, Richard  
Sims, Thomas  
Sims, Tobias  
Sims, William Sowden *  
Sinclair, Arthur *  
Sinclair, Arthur, Jr. *  
Sinclair, Charles Henry  
Sinclair, George  
Sinclair, George T.  
Sinclair, James D.  
Sinclair, John  
Sinclair, John Jr.  
Sinclair, John S. (Acting Master's Mate)  
Sinclair, John S. (Boatswain)  
Sinclair, Malcolm  
Sinclair, Thomas  
Sinclair, William  
Sinclair, William B.  
Sinclair, William B., Jr.  
Sinclair, William H.  
Singer, Alex  
Singer, E.C.  
Singer, F.  
Singhi, Martin U.  
Singleton, Jacob H.  
Singleton, Thomas  
Sinkler, Charles  
Sinkler, William  
Sinton, Richard H.  
Sipley, Thomas  
Sirian, George  
Sirmond, David D.  
Simpson, Edward (CDR, 1867-1868)  
Name List of Documents
Sise, Charles Fleetford  
Sisson, Charles C.  
Sisson, Samuel N.  
Sites, Matthew  
Sive, Israel  
Skardon, James M.  
Skelding, Henry T.  
Skelding, John  
Skelding, R.C.  
Skelding, William  
Skerrett, Joseph S. *  
Skerrett, Robert G.  
Skerritt, John J.  
Skiddy, Charles S.  
Skiddy, William *  
Skidmore, Oscar  
Skillings, J.M.  
Skillins, Nehemiah  
Skillman, John M.  
Skimmer, John  
Skinner, Charles (Landsman)  
Skinner, Charles W. (Captain)  
Skinner, Daniel  
Skinner, E.W.  
Skinner, Edward C.  
Skinner, H.  
Skinner, Harry George  
Skinner, Henry  
Skinner, James Henry  
Skinner, John  
Skinner, John S.  
Skinner, Sutton Leonard  
Skinner, Theodore c.  
Skinner, Thomas  
Skinner, Thomas L.  
Skipwith, Grey  
Skou, Svend J.  
Slack, _______ (or Slacks, _______ )  
Slack, Charles H.  
Slack, Clarence M.  
Slack, James T.  
Slack, John  
Slack, John Hancock  
Slack, Josiah  
Slack, Josias  
Slack, William B.  
Slack, William Hall  
Slacom, Gabriel  
Slacum, William A.  
Sladden, Frederick Blake  
Slade, Charles R.  
Slade, Lloyd  
Slamm, Charles W.  
Slamm, Jefferson Antonio  
Slamm, Levi D.  
Slater, Atwood  
Slater, Berry N.  
Slater, Henry  
Slater, J.J.  
Slater, Joseph  
Slater, Thomas  
Slattery, Daniel P.  
Slaughter, Albert Edward  
Slaughter, Albert G.  
Slaughter, Augustine  
Slaughter, N.G.C.  
Slaughter, Rich C.  
Sleaman, John H.  
Sleeper, George Albert  
Sleeper, James A.  
Slidell, Alexander  
Slidell, John  
Slight, George A.  
Sloan, ____ (Chief Gunner)  
Sloan, Charles E  
Sloan, Daniel  
Sloan, Edward  
Sloan, George  
Sloan, John (First Mate)  
Sloan, John (Quarter Gunner)  
Slight, John F.  
Sloan, Mathew  
Sloan, Robert  
Sloan, R.S.  
Sloan, Thomas  
Sloan, Thomas  
Sloan, Thomas (LT)  
Sloan, Thomas Charles  
Sloan, Thomas Murdock  
Sloan, Thomas Theodore  
Sloan, William  
Sloanaker, William  
Sloat, George V.  
Sloat, John D. *  
Slocum, A.L.  
Slocum, Benjamin  
Slocum, Charles H.  
Slocum, Charles M.  
Slocum, Ebenezer  
Slocum, George  
Slocum, George D.  
Slocum, Jonah (or Josiah)  
Slocum, William B.  
Sloman, _____________  
Slosson, Henry L.  
Slough, Granville B. (Dr.)  
Slough, James S. (or Jonas S.)  
Slover, James  
Slover, James T.  
Slover, John  
Slutz, John  
Sluyter, Stephen G.  
Slyck, Eban  
Small, Alonzo  
Small, Edward A.  
Small, Eldridge F.  
Small, George  
Small, George D.  
Small, Henry H.  
Small, Jacob  
Small, John Jr.  
Small, John W.  
Small, William (Marine)  
Small, William (War of 1812)  
Smallcon, Samuel  
Smallcorn, John  
Smallcorn, Samuel  
Smalley, Anthony  
Smalley, Jacob M.  
Smalls, Robert *  
Smallwood, Norton  
Smart, Henry N.  
Smedley, _________  
Smedley, Edward  
Smedley, Samuel  
Smies, Fred W.  
Smiley, Matthew  
Smith, __________ (Surgeon, 1776)  
Smith, __________ (CDR, 1862)  
Smith, ____________ (Acting Ensign, 1865)  
Smith Family (Smith, William; Smith, Robert; Smith, Will)  
Smith, Leonard, 1813)  
Smith, A.  
Smith, A.H.  
Smith, A. Thomas  
Smith, Albert Joseph  
Smith, Albert H.  
Smith, Albert M.  
Smith, Albert N.  
Smith, Albert P.  
Name List of Documents
Smith, Albert S.  
Smith, Alexander (USS COLUMBUS)  
Smith, Alexander (USS MADISON)  
Smith, Alexander B.  
Smith, Alfred T.  
Smith, Amos (1805)  
Smith, Amos (1775-1825)  
Smith, Andrew  
Smith, Archimedes  
Smith, Aaron W.  
Smith, Asel (Haslett)  
Smith, Augustus R.  
Smith, B.  
Smith, Barney  
Smith, Barzillia  
Smith, Beatty  
Smith, Benjamin  
Smith, Benjamin (died 1851)  
Smith, Benjamin (1st LT, USS CHESAPEAKE)  
Smith, Benjamin B.  
Smith, Benjamin Legg  
Smith, Charles (Acting Master's Mate)  
Smith, Charles (CSN)  
Smith, Charles (Acting Master)  
Smith, Charles (Midshipman)  
Smith, Charles  
Smith, Charles (Sept. 1838)  
Smith, Charles (Dec. 1838)  
Smith, Charles (Worcester, MA)  
Smith, Charles (USS AJAX, Ord. Seaman)  
Smith, Charles (USS KANSAS)  
Smith, Charles, Jr.  
Smith, Charles. Jr. (Acting Ensign)  
Smith, Charles B. (Acting Paymaster)  
Smith, Charles B. (Acting Midshipman)  
Smith, Charles C.  
Smith, Charles Carol  
Smith, Charles Emmet  
Smith, Charles G. (Landman)  
Smith, Charles G. (Acting Master's Mate)  
Smith, Charles Henry  
Smith, Charles R. (Surgeon's Mate)  
Smith, Charles R. (Acting Midshipman)  
Smith, Charles W.  
Smith, China  
Smith, Christopher  
Smith, Clay  
Smith, Clement  
Smith, D.W.  
Smith, Daniel (C.S.N)  
Smith, Daniel (U.S.M.C.)  
Smith, Daniel (U.S.N.)  
Smith, Daniel A. (Paymaster)  
Smith, Daniel A. (Paymaster) *  
Smith, Daniel A. (Pay Inspector)  
Smith, David Jr.  
Smith, David (1859-1903)  
Smith, David (Acting 2nd Asst. Engineer)  
Smith, David (Rev. War)  
Smith, David (enlisted 1837)  
Smith, E.  
Smith, E.D.G. (Acting Asst. Surgeon)  
Smith, Ebenezer (Rev. War)  
Smith, Ebenezer (Carpenter)  
Smith, Ebenezer (Ordinary Seaman)  
Smith, Ebenezer (Landsman)  
Smith, Ebenezer (USS OSSIPEE)  
Smith, Edward (Commodore)  
Smith, Edward (1840)  
Smith, Edward C.  
Smith, Edward L. (Midshipman)  
Smith, Edwin  
Smith, Elias  
Smith, Elias Jr.  
Smith, Elijah  
Smith, Elijah (USS COLORADO, 1862-63)  
Smith, Eliphabet  
Smith, Elisha  
Smith, Elliott  
Smith, Enoch  
Smith, Eugene (Master's Mate)  
Smith, Eugene R.  
Smith, F.  
Smith, Foxhall Parker  
Smith, Franc is  
Smith, Francis Williamson  
Smith, Frank (Landsman)  
Smith, Frank (Acting Vol. LT)  
Smith, Frank (Ord. Seaman)  
Smith, Franklin W.  
Smith, Frederick (War of 18182)  
Smith, Frederick (Seaman, 1837)  
Smith, Frederick N.  
Smith, G. W.  
Smith, Gabril  
Smith, George (Boatswain)  
Smith, George (1st Class Pilot)  
Smith, George (Coal Heaver)  
Smith, George (Acting Master's Mate)  
Smith, George (Acting Ensign)  
Smith, George (Actign 3rd Asst. Engineer)  
Smith, George (June 1862)  
Smith, George (Seaman)  
Smith, George (June 1837)  
Smith, George (1st Class Fireman)  
Smith, George A. (Acting Ensign)  
Smith, George A. (Acting Vol. LT)  
Smith, George C.  
Smith, George F.  
Smith, George Geddes  
Smith, George H.  
Smith, George L.  
Smith, George M. (Acting 3rd Asst. Engineer)  
Smith, George M. (Acting Ensign)  
Smith, George W. (2nd Engineer, Army) *  
Smith, George W. (Acting Ensign)  
Smith, George W. (Seaman)  
Smith, George W. (Landsman)  
Smith, George W. (CSN)  
Smith, Gideon P.  
Smith, Henrich  
Smith, Henry (Acting Master's Mate)  
Smith, Henry (Landsman)  
Smith, Henry (Jan. 1838)  
Smith, Henry (Marine Corps, CS)  
Smith, Henry A. (Seaman)  
Smith, Henry A.  
Smith, Henry Clay  
Smith, Henry H.  
Smith, Henry R.  
Smith, Henry Wright  
Smith, Horatio D.  
Smith, Howard (Asst. Surgeon)  
Smith, Howard J.  
Smith, Ira  
Smith, Isaac (Master)  
Smith, Isaac D.  
Smith, Isaac William  
Smith, Isabel  
Smith, J. (C.O. , 1777, 1781)  
Smith, J. (C.O. 1779)  
Smith, J. Adams  
Smith, J.B.  
Smith, J.B.F.  
Smith, J.M. or Smith, James Magill  
Smith, J. Maffitt  
Smith, J. Vaughan  
Smith, J.W. (Acting Master)  
Smith, J.W. (Seaman, CSN  
Smith, J.W. (Landsman, CSN)  
Smith, Jacob (Nov. 1838)  
Smith, Jacob (USS STEBBIN)  
Smith, Jacob J.  
Smith, James (Rev. War)  
Smith, James (Sept. 1838)  
Smith, James (CAPT of Mizzentop, USS HARTFORD)  
Smith, James (Seaman, Sept. 1838)  
Smith, James (Landsman, 1838)  
Smith, James (Ord. Seaman, 1837)  
Smith, James (Seaman, May 1838)  
Smith, James (Seaman, 1837)  
Smith, James (Ord. Seaman, Sept.1839)  
Smith, James (Acting Master's Mate)  
Smith, James (1st Class Fireman)  
Smith, James (2nd Class Fireman)  
Smith, James (Seaman, USS MONTGOMERY)  
Smith, James (Shipbuilder)  
Smith, James A.  
Smith, James E. (CSN)  
Smith, James E. (3rd Asst. Engineer)  
Smith, James K. (Seaman, 1839)  
Smith, James K. (CSN)  
Smith, James L.  
Smith, James M. or Magill  
Smith, James M. (Landsman, March 1838)  
Smith, James W.  
Smith, Jedediah  
Smith, Jesse III (1825)  
Smith, Jesse B. (1864-74)  
Smith, Jesse M.  
Smith, John (CAPT, 1799-1815) *  
Smith, John (Rev. War with Stephen Decatur) *  
Smith, John (Acting Boatswain, 1839)  
Smith, John (Acting 3rd Engineer)  
Smith, John (Acting Master's Mate)  
Smith, John (Landsman, USS MENDOTA)  
Smith, John (Enlisted Boston, Jan. 1836  
Smith, John (Enlisted Boston, July 1836)  
Smith, John (Enlisted Charlestown, Apr. 1837)  
Smith, John (Enlisted Charlestown, May 1837)  
Smith, John (Enlisted Charlestown, June 5, 1837)  
Smith, John (Enlisted Charlestown, June 24, 1837)  
Smith, John (Enlisted Charlestown, July 1837)  
Smith, John (Enlisted Charlestown, 1839)  
Smith, John (Private, 1803)  
Smith, John (Quartermaster, CSS ATLANTA)  
Smith, John (Rev. War, alias Darby Cushman)  
Smith, John (Pungoteague Creek, VA)  
Smith, John (Seaman, died 1944)  
Smith, John (Seaman, CSN)  
Smith, John (Seaman, CSS OCONEE)  
Smith, John (Seaman, CSS SAVANNAH)  
Smith, John (Seaman, CSS TENNESSEE)  
Smith, John (Seaman, Rev. War)  
Smith, John (Seaman, USS JAVA)  
Smith, John (Shipbuilder)  
Smith, John (Surgeon)  
Smith, John (Surgeon's Steward)  
Smith, John (USS ALLIANCE)  
Smith, John (Enlisted on COLUMBUS, Jan. 1838)  
Smith, John (Enlisted on COLUMBUS, Sept. 14, 1838)  
Smith, John (Enlisted on COLUMBUS, Sept. 29, 1838)  
Smith, John (Enlisted on COLUMBUS, Nov. 1838)  
Smith, John (USS WASP)  
Smith, John (1845)  
Name List of Documents
Smith, John A.  
Smith, John B. (Ord. Seaman, 1836)  
Smith, John B.F.  
Smith, John C. (Boy)  
Smith, John C. (Yeoman, 1864)  
Smith, John C. (Ship's Writer, 1976)  
Smith, John D. or Duncan (Tripoli)  
Smith, John D. (CSN)  
Smith, John E.  
Smith, John H. (Tripoli)  
Smith, John H. (Seaman, 1836)  
Smith, John H. (Midshipman)  
Smith, John Henry (USS NAHANT)  
Smith, John Henry (Seaman)  
Smith, John Holly  
Smith, John Howard (Asst. Surgeon)  
Smith, John P.  
Smith, John R.  
Smith, John T.  
Smith, John V.  
Smith, John W. (Surgeon's Steward)  
Smith, John Wesley (CAPT, USN)  
Smith, Joseph (Acting Gunner)  
Smith, Joseph (Purser, USN)  
Smith, Joseph (ADM) *  
Smith, Joseph (Ship's Cook, 1833)  
Smith, Joseph (Seaman, CSN)  
Smith, Joseph A.  
Smith, Joseph B.  
Smith, Joseph E.  
Smith, Joseph R.  
Smith, Joseph T.  
Smith, Josiah  
Smith, Julius J.  
Smith, Leon  
Smith, Leonard (1813)--SEE SMITH FAMILY  
Smith, Levi  
Smith, Levi W.  
Smith, Lewis  
Smith, Lorenzo  
Smith, Luther F.  
Smith, Luther W.  
Smith, Lyman B.  
Smith, M.  
Smith, M.J.  
Smith, Manassah  
Smith, Marshall  
Smith, Marshall J.  
Smith, Mathew  
Smith, Melancton  
Smith, Micajah  
Smith, Michael (CSN, 1863)  
Smith, Michael (Coal Passer, 1901)  
Smith, Milby  
Smith, Milo H.  
Smith, Moses (Ensign)  
Smith, Moses (Ordinary Seaman, 1812)  
Smith, Moses R.  
Smith, Moses S.  
Smith, Smith, Nathan D.  
Smith, Nathaniel S.  
Smith, Nelson  
Smith, Newton C.  
Smith, Nicholas  
Smith, Oliver (1783)  
Smith, Oliver (1839)  
Smith, Omar  
Smith, Orville G.  
Smith, Oscar (Apprentice Seaman)  
Smith, Oscar L.  
Smith, Patrick  
Smith, Peter (Asst. Engineer)  
Smith, Peter (Quartermaster, CSN)  
Smith, Peter H.  
Smith, P.W.  
Smith, Philip (1836)  
Smith, Philip (Acting Master, CSN)  
Smith, R.  
Smith, R.H.  
Smith, R.M.  
Smith, R.S., Jr.  
Smith, Richard  
Smith, Rueben (1827)  
Smith, Rueben (1866)  
Smith, Richard  
Smith, Richard J.  
Smith, Richard W.  
Smith, Robert (SecNav)  
Smith, Robert (Privateersman)  
Smith, Robert (1813)--SEE SMITH FAMILY  
Smith, Robert (Landsman)  
Smith, Robert (Seaman, 1836)  
Smith, Robert (Able Seaman, 1826)  
Smith, Robert (Acting Boatswain's Mate, CSN)  
Smith, Robert B. (Acting Gunner)  
Smith, Robert H.  
Smith, Robert J.  
Smith, Robert R.  
Smith, Robert S.  
Smith, Rodney  
Smith, Russell  
Smith, S. (Connecticut Galley ADVENTURE)  
Smith, S. (Massachusetts Sch. FLY)  
Smith, S. (Massachusetts Sch. CUTTER)  
Smith, S. Horace  
Smith, Samuel (1752-1839)  
Smith, Samuel (Seaman, 1849)  
Smith, Samuel (Major General)  
Smith, Samuel (Ord. Seaman)  
Smith, Smith, Samuel (Able Seaman, 1839)  
Smith, Samuel (Ord. Seaman, 1833)  
Smith, Samuel (Midshipman)  
Smith, Samuel (Seaman, CSN)  
Smith, Samuel B.  
Smith, Samuel DeHaven  
Smith, Seth W.  
Smith, Sidney (Midshipman)  
Smith, Sidney (2nd Asst. Engineer)  
Smith, Sidney L.  
Smith, Silas T.C.  
Smith, S imeon  
Smith, Simeon W.  
Smith, T.  
Smith, Theophilus Washington  
Smith, Thomas (3rd LT, ENTERPRISE)  
Smith, Thomas (Boatswain's Mate, War ot 1812)  
Smith, Thomas (Boatswain's Mate, PAUL JONES)  
Smith, Thomas (Seaman, Enlisted 1836)  
Smith, Thomas (Seaman, Enlisted Oct. 1838)  
Smith, Thomas (Seaman, Enlisted Sept. 1838)  
Name List of Documents
Smith, Thomas (Seaman, Enlisted July 1838)  
Smith, Thomas (Seaman, Enlisted Nov. 1839)  
Smith, Thomas (Landsman, Enlisted June 1837)  
Smith, Thomas (Acting Boatswain, 1857)  
Smith, Thomas (Acting Ensign)  
Smith, Thomas (Seaman)  
Smith, Thomas (Seaman, CSN, 18 Mar. 1862  
Smith, Thomas (Seaman Feb. 1862)  
Smith, Thomas (Chief Gunner)  
Smith, Thomas (Acting Master)  
Smith, Thomas (Seaman, died 1862)  
Smith, Thomas (CAPT)  
Smith, Thomas D.  
Smith, Thomas Delap  
Smith, Thomas E. (Acting Vol. LT)  
Smith, Thomas E. (Acting Vol. LT, USS MONTICELLO)  
Smith, Thomas H.  
Smith, Thomas L.  
Smith, Thomas M.  
Smith, Timothy  
Smith, U.  
Smith, Vincent  
Smith, W.  
Smith, W.T.  
Smith, W.W. (CSN)  
Smith, W.W. (USN, 1875)  
Smith, Walter B.  
Smith, Walter N.  
Smith, Waters Watson  
Smith, Will (1813) SEE SMITH FAMILY  
Smith, William (Commodore, 1823-73) *  
Smith, William (Rev. War)  
Smith, William (LT, RISING SUN)  
Smith, William (CAPT)  
Smith, William (War of 1812)  
Smith, William (1813)--SEE SMITH FAMILY  
Smith, William (3rd Asst. Engineer)  
Smith, William (LT)  
Smith, William (Seaman, Enlisted on COLUMBUS, 1838)  
Smith, William (Seaman, Enlisted on COLUMBUS, 1837)  
Smith, William (Seaman, Enlisted on COLUMBUS, Sept. 1838)  
Smith, William (Seaman, Enlisted on COLUMBUS, Apr. 1838)  
Smith, William (Landsman, Enlisted on COLUMBUS, Jan. 1837)  
Smith, William (Seaman, Enlisted June 1837)  
Smith, William (Seaman, Enlisted on COLUMBUS, Aug. 1838)  
Smith, William (NEW YORK, 1840)  
Smith, William (2nd Class Boy, Enlisted 1838)  
Smith, William (Boatswain's Mate, 1861-65)  
Smith, William (1858)  
Smith, William (Seaman, CHICOPEE)  
Smith, William (Boatswain, USN & CSN)  
Smith, William (2nd Asst. Engineer, CSN)  
Smith, William (Master's Mate, CSN)  
Smith, William (Seaman, CSN)  
Smith, William (Fireman, 1st class, CSN)  
Smith, William (Acting Master, CSN)  
Smith, William (Engineer, CSN)  
Smith, William (Boatswain, CSN)  
Smith, William (CAPT)  
Smith, William B. (Coxswain)  
Smith, William B. (Ord. Seaman)  
Smith, William B. (Seaman, CSN)  
Smith, William B. (Private, CSMC)  
Smith, William G.  
Smith, William H. (Acting Master's Mate)  
Smith, William H. (Acting Midshipman)  
Smith, William H. (Fireman, CSN)  
Smith, William H. (Acting 3rd Asst. Engineer)  
Smith, William Henry  
Smith, William P. (War of 1812)  
Smith, William P. (Prisoner, War of 1812)  
Smith, William P. (Midshipman, died Sept. 18, 1814)  
Smith, William R. (Seaman, CSN)  
Smith, William S.  
Smith, William Stewart  
Smith, William Taylor  
Smith, William Thomas  
Smith, William V.  
Smith, William W. (Acting Ensign)  
Smith, William W. (Acting 2nd Asst. Engineer)  
Smith, William W. (Acting 3rd Asst. Engineer)  
Smith, William Wallace  
Smith, Wright  
Smith, Xanthus  
Smithers, William  
Smithwick, James R.  
Smitley, Frederick  
Smitten, Charles H.  
Smoke, Samuel D.  
Smoot, George W. Hendley Joseph  
Smothers, Thomas  
Smyth, James (Fireman, 2nd Class)  
Smyth, James (2nd Asst. Engineer)  
Smyth, Samuel B.  
Snare, Elisha  
Sneath, William  
Snedeker, William Allaire  
Sneed, William M.  
Snell, Alfred T.  
Snell, John C.  
Snell, Martin  
Snell, R.  
Sniff, Martin  
Snor, John J.  
Snow, __________  
Snow, Allen W.  
Snow, E.N.  
Snow, Ephraim  
Snow, Frank E.  
Snow, Freeman  
Snow, Jacob  
Snow, James  
Snow, Jesse  
Snow, John  
Snow, John S.  
Snow, Joseph C.  
Snow, Lorenzo  
Snow, William  
Snowden, Thomas  
Snyder, Asa P.  
Snyder, Enas  
Snyder, George White  
Snyder, Henry  
Snyder, Henry F.  
Snyder, Henry Lee  
Snyder, John (War of 1812)  
Snyder, John (Volunteer Officer)  
Snyder, John (Gunner Applicant, 1850)  
Sodenberg, Birger Bernard  
Sodin, M.J.  
Sofield, Isaac  
Softly, James  
Solan, Michael  
Solberg, _____________  
Soldier, ____________  
Soles, George F.  
Soley, James Russell Biography
Soley, John C.  
Soley, Stephen  
Solis, ____________  
Solis, Abraham  
Solomon, K.A.  
Somermeir, William  
Somers, Joseph H.  
Somers, Richard *  
Somersby, Joseph P.  
Somerville, James H.  
Somerville, William  
Somes, Charles T.  
Somes, J. (Amer. Rev.)  
Sommers, Charles  
Sommers, Joseph  
Sommers, Lawrence  
Sommers, Robert  
Sommers, Rudolph (Acting Master)  
Sommers, Rudolph S.  *  
Sommerville, George W.  
Sooy, Ebeneazer  
Sooy, Jesse Albert  
Soper, Anthony  
Sorgea, August  
Sorver, Jacob  
Sotere, John  
Sothoron, Marshall L.  
Souder, John  
Souer, George  
Soule, Thomas  
Souer, Thomas H.  
Soulter, John  
Sousa, John Philip  
South, Perry  
Southall, Albert G.  
Southall, Payton A.  
Southard, Allen P.  
Southard, Oliver  
Southard, Samuel Lewis (secnav)  
Southcomb, John  
Southmayd, John  
Southward, George  
Southwell, Robert  
Southwick, John  
Southworth, Asa P.  
Southworth, Edward B.  
Souza, William H.  
Sowerby, J.J.  
Spackman, John H.  
Spafford, Thomas  
Spain, Michael  
Spain, Thomas J.  
Spalding, Edward  
Spalding, J.C.  
Spalding, J.W.  
Spalding, Joseph A.  
Spalding, Josiah C.  
Spalding, Lyman G.  
Spalding, Rufus (Acting Midshipman)  
Spalding, Rufus C. (Paymaster)  
Spanburgh, Leonard  
Spangler, Daniel M.  
Spangler, Samuel S.  
Spare, John  
Sparhawk, George  
Sparkman, William  
Sparks, A.D.  
Sparks, Charles D.  
Sparks, Gale W.  
Sparks, James P.  
Sparks, William  
Sparling, Thomas  
Sparre, John  
Name List of Documents
Sparrow, Henry Spencer  
Sparrow, Herbert G.  
Sparrow, James  
Sparrow, Thomas  
Spatts, William F.  
Spatz, John William  
Spaulding, Arthur Jr.  
Spaulding, Austin (Landsman)  
Spaulding, Austin (born 8 Aug. 1820)  
Spaulding, B. Adams  
Spaulding, Daniel  
Spaulding, George  
Spaulding, George Joseph  
Spaulding, Joseph  
Spaulding, William M.  
Spavin, Robert  
Speake, Joseph M.  
Speake, Josias M.  
Speakman, Thomas B.  
Spear, Alden T.  
Spear, Christopher A.  
Spear, George  
Spear, Harrison  
Spear, Henry (CSN)  
Spear, Henry (Surgeon's Steward)  
Spear, John (Seaman)  
Spear, John C. (Surgeon)  
Spear, Joseph H.  
Spear, Lawrence  
Spear, Nathan  
Spear, Oliver  
Spear, Otis G.  
Spear, Raymond  
Spear, Robert (Amer. Rev.)  
Spear, Robert (Seaman, 1834)  
Spector, John *  
Spedden, Edward T.  
Speece, George Washington  
Speed, James M.  
Speed, William  
Speel, John N.  
Speer, Charles  
Speer, G.A.  
Speer, Robert  
Speiden, Edgar  
Speiden, George  
Speight, Henry W.  
Speights, Thomas I.  
Speights, Thomas J.  
Speirs, Robert  
Speller, James  
Speller, John  
Spelman, Asa  
Spelman, William  
Spence, Henry J.  
Spence, James (Ord. Seaman)  
Spence, James (Seaman)  
Spence, John  
Spence, Keith  
Spence, Philip B.  
Spence, Robert Traill  
Spencer, A. Paul  
Spencer, Calvin  
Spencer, Earle  
Spencer, J. (Amer. Rev.)  
Spencer, James (Master's Mate)  
Spencer, James (Seaman)  
Spencer, John (Ordinary Seaman)  
Spencer, John (born in New York)  
Spencer, John (Amer. Rev.)  
Spencer, John Canfield Jr.  
Spencer, John L.  
Spencer, Julian Murray  
Spencer, Philip (Midshipman) Biography
Spencer, Philip D.  
Spencer, Samuel  
Spencer, Theodore M.  
Spencer, Thomas (Carpenter)  
Spencer, Thomas Starr  
Spencer, Thomas W.  
Spencer, William (Landsman)  
Spencer, William Augustus  
Speraw, Charles F.  
Sperry, Charles  
Sperry, Charles Stillman  
Sperry, Eli  
Sperry, Jacob F.  
Sperry, Robert J.  
Spicer, Frederick  
Spicer, John W.  
Spicer, Peter W.  
Spicer, Walter  
Spicer,  William  
Spicer, William F.  
Spicknall, Joseph  
Spikes, W.B.  
Spillard, David  
Spiller, Oscar M.  
Spink, Fred W.  
Spink, Richard  
Spinney, Alexander  
Spinney, David W.  
Spinney, George  
Spinney, John  
Spofford, Thomas  
Spokesfield, John  
Spooner, Alden B.  
Spooner, Charles W. *  
Spooner, Ebenezer  
Spooner, Henry W.  
Spooner, Thomas  
Spooner, William E.  
Spooner, Zoah  
Spotswood, Charles F.M. *  
Spotswood, George W.  
Spotswood, Henry  
Spotswood, James  
Spotswood, John Augustine  
Spottiswood, Alexander  
Spotts, James H. *  
Spottswood, William A.W.  
Spraggins, Richard  
Sprague, Archibald  
Sprague, Chauncey A.  
Sprague, Daniel R.  
Sprague, Darius  
Sprague, Edward P.  
Sprague, Ephraim  
Sprague, Horace B.  
Sprague, James P.  
Sprague, Joseph  
Sprague, Laban  
Sprague, Lucas  
Sprague, Phineas  
Sprague, William (Acting 1st Asst. Engineer)  
Sprague, William H.  
Spratley, Meredith  
Spratley, T.W.  
Sprenger, William O.G.  
Sprigg, Horatio S.  
Sprigg, Samuel  
Spriggs, James H.  
Sprigman, James H.  
Spring, Charles  
Springer, Andrew  
Springer, Edward D.  
Springer, Henry  
Springle, Charles  
Sproston, George S. (Acting Asst. Paymaster, 1863)  
Sproston, George S. (Surgeon, 1832)  
Sproston, John G.  
Sproston, John Glendy  
Name List of Documents
Sprott, William  
Sprout, George  
Spruill, C.H.  
Spunau, Henry  
Spurlin, Hanson  
Squibb, Edward Robinson *  
Squire, Ezra  
Squire, Joab  
Squire, Joseph  
Squires, Charles  
Squires, Richard  
Squires, Theoron W.  
Staab, John  
Staats, Peter P.  
Stacey, Joseph  
Stack, Edward *  
Stackpole, George E.  
Stackpole, Henry  
Stackpole, William  
Stacy, __________(1776)  
Stacy, Duane P.  
Stacy, John  
Stacy, John (Rev. War)  
Stacy, May Humphreys  
Stacy, Samuel S.  
Stacy, William  
Stadtmiller, Louis Roemey  
Staenger, John M.  
Stafford, George  
Stafford, J.C.  
Stafford, James Bayard *  
Stafford, James M.  
Stafford, Jaob  
Stafford, John  
Stafford, Joseph Warren  
Stafford, William (Rev. War)  
Stafford, William J.  
Stalberg, Jacob  
Staley, Daniel  
Stalkers, William  
Stall, John  
Stallings, Benjamin  
Stallings, James  
Stallings, Joseph  
Stanley, George  
Stanley, Henry  
Stamm, William S.  
Stancliff, Henry T.  
Stancliff, H. Trumbull  
Standin, William H.  
Standish, Warren  
Standley, ___________  
Standley, William Harry *  
Stanfield, thomas  
Stanford, E.M.  
Stanford, George  
Stanford, John J.  
Stanford, William H.  
Stanley, B.P.  
Stanley, Charles J.  
Stanley, Fredrick  
Stanley, Henry Morton  
Stanley, Henry T.  
Stanley, James G.  
Stanley, Samuel  
Stanley, William (1864)  
Stanley, William (Rev. War)  
Stanly, Fabius  *  
Stannard Family  
Stannard, Joseph E.  
Stannard, William A.  
Stannard, William M.  
Stanning, Frederick  
Stansbury, Andrew  
Stansbury, Hammond N.  
Stansbury, James B.  
Stansbury, James W.  
Stansbury, John  
Stanton, Charles T. or F. *  
Stanton, Clarence L.  
Stanton, Curtis  
Stanton, Edward Paul  
Stanton, Francis  
Stanton, John  
Stanton, N.B.  
Stanton, Oscar *  
Stanton, Thomas  
Stanton, William B.  
Stantz, Otis Gilbert  
Stanworth, C.S.  
Stapelton, John Lytt  
Staples, Charles Barbour  
Staples, John M.  
Staples, Nathaniel  
Staples, William C.  
Stapleton, Jesse J.  
Stapleton, William  
Starbuck, A.W.  
Starbuck, David Joy  
Starbuck, Matthew  
Starbuck, Nathaniel  
Starbuck, Owen  
Starbuck, Samuel  
Stark, Benjamin  
Stark, John (Seaman, 1863)  
Stark, John (1860)  
Stark, William A. or H.  
Starke, Alexander  
Starkey, John Leander  
Starkton, Richard  
Starley, George  
Starr, Daniel  
Starr, Jared  
Starr, Job (Joseph V.)  
Starr, Phineas Ross  
Starrett, Adrian C.  
Starrett, William W.  
Start, Edward  
Staton, Moses  
Staugh, ___________ *  
Staunton, George H.  
Staunton, Richard  
Stavey, Nicholas H.  
Steadman, Charles E.  
Steadman, Horace D.  
Steadman, Thomas  
Stearns, Charles Robert  
Stearns, David  
Stearns, Joshua Brackett  
Stearns, R.J.  
Stearns, William J.  
Steavens, James  
Stebbins, __________  
Stebbins, A.G.  
Stebbins, Augustus G. (1839)  
Stebbins, Chillingworth  
Stebbins, De Wayne  
Stebbins,  Leonard  
Stecker, Henry S.  
Steckle, John F.  
Stedman, Charles E. (Surgeon's Steward)  
Stedman, Charles Ellery (Surgeon) *  
Name List of Documents
Stedman, Franklin  
Stedman, Myron  
Steece, Tecumseh  
Steel, Edgar  
Steel, Joseph  
Steel, Robert  
Steel, S.J.  
Steel, T.  
Steel, Thomas  
Steel, William  
Steel, William F.  
Steele, Amos  
Steele, Hervey  
Steele, John  
Steele, John Francis  
Steele, John Murray  
Steele, R.E.  
Steele, Robert  
Steele, William  
Steele, William (Midshipman, War of 1812)  
Steele, William F.  
Steelman, Charles  
Steelman, John  
Steelman, Jonathan (Pilot, 1830-70)  
Steelman, Jonathan (Brig FAME, 1781)  
Steely, Gabriel  
Steely, Ulrich  
Steen, G.A.  
Steers, Henry  
Steers, Joseph E.  
Steers, Samuel  
Steers, Thomas  
Steers, William (Pilot, War of 1812)  
Steers, William (Seaman)  
Steerwell, James  
Steever, Charles Lawrence  
Steger, William H.  
Steiger, John J.  
Stein, Wilhelm  
Steinberger, A.B.  
Steinhagen, William Henry  
Steinrude, Joseph  
Steitler, Charles  
Stellwagen, Daniel  
Stellwagen, Henry S.  
Stellwagon, Thomas  
Stembel, James McB.  
Stembel, Roger N.  
Stenger, John M.  
Stenson, Fenwick  
Stephen, David  
Stephen, Jesse J.  
Stephen, John  
Stephens, Alexander H.  
Stephens, Elihu  
Stephens, Jacob  
Stephens, James D.  
Stephens, John Sylvester  
Stephens, Joseph  
Stephens, Matson M.  
Stephens, Peter  
Stephens, Richard  
Stephens, Rufus  
Stephens, Thomas  
Stephens, Van  
Stephens, William  
Stephens, William White  
Stephenson, Alexander  
Stephenson, F.B.  
Stephenson, George  
Stephenson, George B.  
Stephenson, Lloyd B.  
Stephenson, W.O.  
Stephenson, William O.  
Stepleton, Jesse J.  
Sterdphant, Sherman  
Sterett, Andrew  
Sterett, Isaac S.  
Sterett, James S.  
Sterling, Aaron Drake  
Sterling, N.S. (CSN)  
Sterling, Neil H.  
Sterling, Yates  
Stern, Fred  
Sterrett, A.C.  
Sterrett, William M.  
Steuart, William *  
Steuben, F.W.A.H. von *  
Stevens, ___________(LT)  
Stevens, Al  
Stevens, Alexander G.  
Stevens, Amos P.  
Stevens, Benjamin  
Stevens, Charles  
Stevens, Charles G.  
Stevens, Clement H.  
Stevens, Clement W.  
Stevens, D.  
Stevens, David Stevens,  
Stevens, Edward  
Stevens, Elihu  
Stevens, Elisha  
Stevens, F.W.  
Stevens, Francis P.  
Stevens, Frank  
Stevens, George  
Stevens, George A. *  
Stevens, George H.  
Stevens, George Washington  
Stevens, Henry  
Stevens, Henry K.  
Stevens, Henry W.  
Stevens, J.  
Stevens, John (Seaman)  
Stevens, John (1785)  
Stevens, John (1829)  
Stevens, John H.  
Stevens, Jonathan  
Stevens, Joseph (Actg. Asst. Surgeon)  
Stevens, Joseph B.  
Stevens, Leven  
Stevens, Moses P.  
Stevens, Nehemiah  
Stevens, Peirce S.  
Stevens, Richard (Sailing Master, 1777-80)  
Stevens, Richard (Act. Surgeon's Mate)  
Stevens, Robert (Gunner's Mate)  
Stevens, Robert E.  
Stevens, Stevens, Samuel  
Stevens, Thomas Holdup *  
Stevens, Stevens, Thomas J.  
Stevens, W.H.  
Stevens, William F.  
Stevens, William G.  
Stevens, William H.H.  
Stevenson, _____________(1864)  
Stevenson, Allen  
Stevenson, Andrew  
Stevenson, Edmund  
Stevenson, Ely  
Stevenson, H.N.  
Stevenson, James L.  
Stevenson, James M.  
Stevenson, John A.  
Stevenson, John H. *  
Stevenson, Joseph  
Name List of Documents
Stevenson, Lewis  
Stevenson, Robert  
Stevenson, William  
Stevenson, William (Seaman, 1837)  
Stevenson, William (Seaman, 1883)  
Stevenson, William (Master, 1813)  
Stevenson, William F.  
Stevenson, William O.  
Stevenson, William T.  
Steward, Charles  
Steward, Charles J.  
Steward, James  
Steward, John M.  
Steward, Melville  
Steward, William  
Stewards, John  
Stewart Family  
Stewart,  _________ (Midshipman)  
Stewart, Abraham  
Stewart, Alexander  
Stewart, C.A.  
Stewart, Charles *  
Stewart, Charles (Rev. War)  
Stewart, Charles (Enlisted 1838)  
Stewart, Charles (1876)  
Stewart, Charles S.  
Stewart, Charles W.  
Stewart, D. A.  
Stewart, Daniel  
Stewart, Daniel V.  
Stewart, David (CSN)  
Stewart, David A.  
Stewart, David C. (1862)  
Stewart, David C. (1907)  
Stewart, David R.  
Stewart, Edwin  
Stewart, Francis  
Stewart, George  
Stewart, Henry  
Stewart, Henry H.  
Stewart, J.A.B.  
Stewart, J.W.  
Stewart, James  
Stewart, James H.  
Stewart, James M.  
Stewart, Jesse  
Stewart, John (Rev. War)  
Stewart, John (Lake Erie)  
Stewart, John (War of 1812)  
Stewart, John (1847)  
Stewart, John (LT, 1810)  
Stewart, John A.  
Stewart, John B. *  
Stewart, Joseph  
Stewart, Joseph A.  
Stewart, Lydia A.  
Stewart, Robert  
Stewart, Robert F.  
Stewart, Samuel  
Stewart, Samuel Turner  
Stewart, Scoby  
Stewart, Thomas (Gunner, 1861)  
Stewart, Thomas (War of 1812)  
Stewart, Thomas Bruen  
Stewart, Thomas W.  
Stewart, Thornton  
Stewart, William (CSN)  
Stewart, William (Rev. War)  
Stewart, William (CAPT, 1778)  
Stewart, William (Seaman, 1838)  
Stewart, William Francis  
Stewart, William H.  
Stewart, William M.  
Stewart, William N.  
Stewart, William W.  
Stickney, David  
Stickney, Frank H. *  
Stickney, Henry  
Stickney, J.L.  
Stickney, John (Landsman, 1837)  
Stickney, John E.  
Stiker, Leon C.  
Stiles, Edward C.  
Stiles, George  
Stiles, John  
Stiles, Joseph  
Stiles, Matthew  
Stiles, Richard  
Stiles, Samuel  
Stiles, Townsend  
Stiles, William Harold  
Still, John Hamilton  
Still, Lewis  
Still, Richard  
Still, William  
Stillings, James  
Stillings, Samuel Vinton  
Stillman, Charles A.  
Stillman, Joseph Bennett  
Stillman, Otis Robins  
Stillman, Wyllys  
Stillson, Daniel Chapman  
Stillson, George D.  
Stillwell, Enoch  
Stillwell, James  
Stillwell, John  
Stillwell, Richard  
Stilphen, Thomas  
Stilwell, Stephen S.  
Stimers, Alban C.  
Stimpson, James H.  
Stimpson, Melvin O.  
Stimson, Joseph S.  
Stinchfield, John  
Stineruck, William A.  
Stinson, Alexander  
Stinson, Alfred A.  
Stinson, George  
Stinson, James  
Stitt, James  
Stitwell, J.  
Stiver, William C.  
Stivers, George W.  
Stivers, William  
Stoakes, John W.  
Stoakley, William S.  
Stockbridge, Joseph  
Stockdale, A.  
Stockdell, Joseph  
Stocker, Emmanuel  
Stocker, Henry  
Stocker, James Thomas  
Stocking, Reuben  
Stocking, Roderick  
Stockinger, __________(SGT)  
Stockton, Charles Herbert  
Stockton, Edward Cantey  
Stockton, Francis B.  
Stockton, Gilchrist B.  
Stockton, Henry T.  
Stockton, Richard F.  
Stockton, Robert Field *  
Stockwell, Charles  
Stockwell, Elbert  
Stockwell, Mirandia  
Name List of Documents
Stoddard, Charles  
Stoddard, E.M.  
Stoddard, George  
Stoddard, George G.  
Stoddard, James  
Stoddard, Luther  
Stoddard, N.  
Stoddard, William B.  
Stodder, David  
Stodder, David (Seaman, 1838)  
Stodder, John S.  
Stodder, Louis  
Stoddert, Benjamin * Biography
Stokely, John  
Stokes, David M.  
Stokes, J.C.  
Stokes, John  
Stokes, Montfort  
Stokes, Thomas  
Stokes, Thomas B.  
Stolle, J.F.  
Stollery, William  
Stolpe, John  
Stomski, William Z. *  
Stone, __________(CAPT)  
Stone, C.M.  
Stone, Charles H.  
Stone, Daniel  
Stone, Dudley  
Stone, Edward E.  
Stone, Eugene Potter--SEE BOXES 211, 212 *  
Stone, George W.  
Stone, George W. (Seaman, 1837)  
Stone, Henry  
Stone, Henry O.  
Stone, Horatio  
Stone, John  
Stone, John T.  
Stone, Jonas A.  
Stone, Joseph (CDR)  
Stone, Joseph (CSN)  
Stone, Joseph G.  
Stone, Joseph L.  
Stone, Lafayette  
Stone, Levi  
Stone, Moses W.  
Stone, Ormond  
Stone, Phineas J. Jr.  
Stone, Richard J.  
Stone, Robert  
Stone, Robert M.  
Stone, Sardine Graham  
Stone, Theodore  
Stone, Thomas D.  
Stone, Thomas F.  
Stone, Uriah  
Stone, William (CAPT)  
Stone, William (Rev. War)  
Stone, William A.  
Stone, William I. or L.  
Stoneall, Thomas H.  
Stoneall, Washington  
Stoneham, Peter  
Stonemetz, George  
Stoner, Alfred Montrose  
Stoney, George M.  
Stonington, Edward  
Stookey, George  
Stookey, Henry  
Stoops, Edmund  
Stoothoff, Henry  
Stopper, Leopold  
Storer, David  
Storer, Ebenezer  
Storer, Edward  
Storer, George W.  
Storer, Jacob J.  
Storer, James  
Storer, Nathaniel  
Storer, Robert B.  
Storer, Samuel  
Storer, Thomas  
Storey, Benjamin  
Storey, George  
Storey, Harry (CAPT)  
Storey, James  
Storkman, Jaber  
Storey, Jabez  
Storrs, Aaron Putnam  
Story, Abiel R.  
Story, John  
Story, Monroe  
Story, Reuben  
Stotesbury, William  
Stothard, Thomas  
Stott, Andrew  
Stott, John W.  
Stough, Jonas S.  
Stoughton, Seth  
Stout, Alexander C.  
Stout, Charles H.  
Stout, David  
Stout, E.C.  
Stout, Edward C.  
Stout, John (Boatswain, Acting Master's Mate)  
Stout, John (Wardroom steward)  
Stout, Joseph  
Stout, Phillip  
Stout, Seymour  
Stout, Thomas  
Stovell, E.H.  
Stover, Ephriam  S.  
Stover, George H.  
Stover, Henry  
Stover, Otto Franklin  
Stover, Robert  
Stover, Thomas  
Stow, Frederick R.  
Stow, Warren  
Stowe, Frederick  
Stowe William  
Stowell, Elias  
Stowell, Thomas W.  
Strain, Isaac G.  
Strain, John  
Strakes, John J.  
Strandberg, F.A.  
Strang, James  
Strang, James R. (Mormon leader, 1856)  
Strang, John  
Strange, William Guy  
Stratter, Joseph--SEE STRATTON, JOSEPH  
Stratton, E.  
Stratton, Franklin A.  
Stratton, Henry  
Stratton, Horace  
Stratton, John  
Stratton, Joseph (or Stratter)  
Straus, Alexander  
Strauss, Joseph Biography 
Strausz, _________(Asst. in Coast Survey)  
Streepey, Charles C.  
Street, George  
Street, John Whitall  
Street, William Tell *  
Streets, Thomas Hull  
Stremnell, Henry  
Streny, M.  
Stribling, Cornelius K. (RADM) *  
Stribling, Cornelius Jr.  
Stribling, John M.  
Strickland, George D.  
Strickland, Paul M. or Patrick M.  
Strickland, S.  
Strickland, William  
Strieby, John A.  
Strier, William C.  
Stringer, F.G.  
Stringer, George  
Stringer, Joseph  
Stringham, Silas Horton *  
Strong, Augustus  
Strong, Edward F.*  
Strong, Frank  
Strong, Frederick W.  
Strong, James H.  
Strong, John L.G.  
Strong, M.  
Strong, Peter Young  
Strong, Thomas H.  
Strong, William  
Stroop, Paul David  
Stroope, Alice  
Strope, William H.  
Strother, Benjamin  
Name List of Documents
Stroud, Adam  
Stroud, Charles Franklin  
Stroud, Charles Henry  
Stroud, Charles L.  
Stroud, Jacob  
Stroud, Jesse B.  
Stroud, Joseph  
Stroud, Lincoln B.  
Stroul, J.  
Strout, J.W.  
Strout, Joseph  
Strout, Joseph (LT)  
Strout, Lewis F.  
Strout, Richard  
Struthers, Alexander (LT)  
Strunk, Simon H.  
Stuart, Alexander Charles *  
Stuart, Charles Beebe  
Stuart, Charles E.D.  
Stuart, Frederick D.  
Stuart, Frederick D. Jr.  
Stuart, J.J.  
Stuart, James H.  
Stuart, John (CAPT, Rev. War)  
Stuart, John (Master)  
Stuart, John A.  
Stuart, John W.  
Stuart, Robert Jr.  
Stuart, R.H.  
Stuart, Thomas W.  
Stubbins, Victor B.  
Stubbs, James  
Studebaker, Henry  
Studley, Bennett Dunbar  
Studley, Braddock G.  
Studley, Eliakim  
Studley, Ira B.  
Stull, E.W.  
Stull, John  
Stumph, _________  
Sturdivant, ________(War of 1812)  
Sturdivant, Joel  
Sturdivant, John  
Sturgeon, E.B.  
Sturgeon, John P.  
Sturges, Henry L.  
Sturgess, William  
Sturgis, George Bennett  
Sturgis, Gus  
Sturgis, William Lawrence  
Sturgiss, William  
Sturtevant, Abisha  
Sturtevant, Albert D.  
Sturtevant, Charles  
Sturtevant, George C.C.  
Stuyvesant, Henry  
Stuyvesant, Moses Sherwood  
Styren, George  
Styron, John  
Suares, Thomas  
Suarez, Jose Bazquez  
Suckforth, William H.  
Suffern, Edward L.  
Sugden, Charles Edward  
Suit, Phillip  
Sullivan, Anthony (Quartermaster, CSN)  
Sullivan, Anthony (Ord. Seaman, CSN)  
Sullivan, Daniel (Ord. Seaman, 1864)  
Sullivan, Daniel (Acting Master's Mate)  
Sullivan, Daniel (1st Class Fireman)  
Sullivan, Daniel (Seaman, 1838)  
Sullivan, Daniel (Landsman, 1838)  
Sullivan, E.H.  
Sullivan, Edward  
Sullivan, Eugene  
Sullivan, George  
Sullivan, George S. Blake *  
Sullivan, H.R.  
Sullivan, Harry R.  
Sullivan, Henry  
Sullivan, Henry P.  
Sullivan, Henry Wilbur *  
Name List of Documents
Sullivan, J.C.  
Sullivan, James  
Sullivan, James F.  
Sullivan, James M.  
Sullivan, James P.  
Sullivan, John (1814)  
Sullivan, John (Acting Ensign, 1863)  
Sullivan, John (Boatswain's Mate, 1868)  
Sullivan, John (Quartermaster, 1874)  
Sullivan, John (Seaman, 1838)  
Sullivan, John (Acting Boatswain, CSN)  
Sullivan, John (Boatswain, 1865)  
Sullivan, John (Landsman, 1865)  
Sullivan, John (Transport Steamer Crew, 1862)  
Sullivan, John C. (Acting Master's Mate)  
Sullivan, John C. (Acting Paymaster)  
Sullivan, John J.  
Sullivan, John M.*  
Sullivan, John P.  
Sullivan, Lucien  
Sullivan, Michael (CSN)  
Sullivan, Michael (Petty Officer, 1851)  
Sullivan, Michael (1862)  
Sullivan, Michael (1st Class Fireman)  
Sullivan, Michael (Landsman, CSN)  
Sullivan, Owen  
Sullivan, Patrick (War of 1812)  
Sullivan, Patrick (CSN)  
Sullivan, P.H.  
Sullivan, Theodore G.  
Sullivan, Timothy (Coxswain)  
Sullivan, Timothy (Landsman)  
Sullivan, Timothy (Boatswain)  
Sullivan, Timothy S.  
Sullivan, William H.  
Sully, James R.  
Summerfield, Charles  
Summers, __________(1827-37)  
Summers, Charles  
Summers, Isaac Halsey  
Summers, John W.  
Summers, Lawrence  
Summers, Thomas  
Summers, William (3rd Class Boy)  
Summers, William H. (Acting Master)  
Summers, William H. (Acting Gunner)  
Sumner, G.W.  
Sumner, Thomas  
Sunstrom, Mark T.  
Surly, Thomas  
Surratt, Mrs. ______  
Surratt, John H.  
Surrett, Sebastian  
Surrette, Thomas  
Susena, P.  
Sutherland, Alan P.  
Sutherland, Daniel J.  
Sutherland, E.W.  
Sutherland, J.C.  
Sutherland, John  
Sutherland, William  
Sutter, James  
Sutter, John  
Sutton, B.L.  
Sutton, E. (Engineer)  
Sutton, Edgar  
Sutton, Francis E.  
Sutton, Harmon  
Sutton, John (Mexican War)  
Sutton, John (Chief Boatswain)  
Sutton, Nathan  
Sutton, Richard  
Sutton, Robert  
Sutton, Samuel  
Sutton, Thomas (1804)  
Sutton, Thomas (Armourer)  
Sutton, Thomas (Seaman, 1838)  
Sutton, William H.  
Suttwell, Richard  
Swain, Benjamin F.  
Swain, Edward A.  
Swain, George  
Swain, Lucien B.  
Swain, Luke  
Swain, Oliver  
Swain, Paul M.  
Swain, Silas  
Swain, Stephen  
Swain, Thomas (Prisoner)  
Swain, Thomas (USF MINNESOTA)  
Swain, W.H.  
Swain, William C.  
Swan, Benjamin  
Swan, Benjamin A.  
Swan, Elias  
Swan, Francis Henry  
Swan, George F.  
Swan, John Gilchrist  
Swan, Louis (alias Louis Swanbach)  
Swan, William (1776)  
Swan, William (1839)  
Swaney, John  
Swann, Edward  
Swann, Samuel R.  
Swann, Robert P.  
Swann, Thomas L.  
Swann, Thomas S.  
Swann, William S.  
Swanson, Claude Augustus (SecNav)  
Swanson, J.  
Swanton, John  
Swartwout, Augustus  
Swartwout, Samuel  
Swartwout, William  
Swasey, Charles  
Swasey, N.  
Swasey, Rufus  
Swasey, True  
Swasey, William M.  
Swat, I. Travis  
Swayne, Joel  
Swayne, Joseph R.  
Swearingen, Joseph  
Swearingen, Van  
Swearlin, Valentine  
Sweeney, Cornelius C.  
Sweeney, Francis Joseph  
Sweeney, Philip  
Sweeny, Daniel  
Sweeny, John (Seaman)  
Sweeny, John E. (Mate)  
Sweeny, Thomas  
Sweet, George Cook  
Sweet, George F.  
Sweet, James  
Sweet, Joseph Travis  
Sweet, Manley  
Sweeting, Anthony  
Sweetman, John C.  
Sweetser, Charles Bennison  
Swendson, Charles  
Sweney, Jans  
Swett, Frank  
Swett, John (Master's Mate)  
Swett, John (Seaman)  
Swett, Joseph B.  
Swezey, H.W.  
Swift, David  
Swift, Foster  
Swift, Franklin  
Swift, J.W. (1829)  
Swift, John (CAPT)  
Swift, John W. (1864)  
Swift, Joseph G.  
Swift, Leroy E.  
Swift, Riche Redman  
Swift, Robert B.  
Swift, Samuel, Jr.  
Swift, Seth  
Swift, Thomas W.  
Swift, William (Surgeon)  
Swift, William C.  
Swift, William F.  
Swinburne, William Thomas (RADM) *  
Swindler, Henry  
Swineford, _________  
Swinnerton, Samuel A.  
Switzer, Edward M.  
Switzer, Joseph  
Swope, John  
Swords, Edward J.  
Swords, John W.  
Swords, Thomas A.  
Sydney, Charles  
Sydnor, Richard M.  
Sykes, Samuel M.  
Sykes, William  
Syle, Edward William  
Sylhamer, John  
Sylvester, Lewis  
Sylvester, Reuben  
Sylvester, Seth  
Sylvia, George (alias W.R. Hathaway)  
Symington, P.  
Symmes, E. Brown  
Symmes, Frank J.  
Symmes, John  
Symmes, Luther  
Symmes, Thomas (Acting Master, 1864)  
Symmes, Thomas (2nd Class Boy, 1838)  
Symms, Gardner G.  
Symonds, Frederick M. (RADM)  
Symonds, Stephen  
Symonds, William  
Sypher, _______(Armorer)  
Sypher, Abram J.  
Sypher, Jay Hale  
Syphrett, F.M.E.  
Szularsky, Emil  


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