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Located in the Rare Book Room of the Navy Department Library.

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ZB (Personnel) Files in the Navy Department Library

Tabb - Tyson


This series contains various documents and ephemera pertaining to US naval officers and some civilians, especially those serving during the 19th century. Coverage of a number of outstanding officers of the late 18th and early 20th centuries, as well as some enlisted personnel, also is provided. It is estimated that the careers of 35,000 separate individuals are documented to some extent in these files.

The contents of individual files can include such items as: (1) compiled service chronologies; (2) biographical summaries; (3) service data cards (Civil War period); (4) letters of recommendation for appointment or promotion; (5) pay vouchers (Civil War period); (6) fragmentary personal and official letters; (7) official Office of Naval Records and Library, and Naval History Division correspondence providing information on specific officers. The contents of individual files range from extensive to sparse, sometimes only containing a single piece of paper.

Use and Reproduction Policy

Z File materials are unavailable for loan and must be consulted in the library. Photocopying of manuscripts, as well as fragile items, is generally prohibited, though the use of digital cameras by researchers to reproduce non-copyrighted materials is permitted. Permission to photocopy a few pages may be granted by the reference staff, contingent upon the physical state of items. All photocopying of materials shall be done by the reference staff, or under their close supervision. The use of personal scanners by non-library staff personnel must be approved by the reference staff on a document-by-document basis (Reference: Naval Historical Center Instruction [NAVHISTCENTINST] 5070.1C.).


The NDL staff are in the process of inventorying and digitizing these files. The lists available below are incomplete and may not reflect current holdings. Updates will be made to these lists as the information becomes available.

Please note that we are also in the process of placing distinguishing identifiers (rank, rating, etc.) next to individuals with the same name.

* denotes personnel has one or more folders dedicated to their documents

Name List of Documents
Tabb, Blucher  
Tabb, John Bannister  
Tabb, T.J.  
Taber, John W.  
Taber, Silas A.  
Taber, William D. (Acting Ensign)  
Taber, William (Master's Mate)  
Tabor, Orlando  
Taff, Peter  
Taffe, Arthur F.  
Taft, E.A. (Payment Clerk)  
Taft, Edward A.  
Taft, Jesse  
Taft, William Howard  
Tafts, Eugene  
Tainter, Daniel W.  
Tainter, Dean W. (Acting Ensign)  
Tainter, George W.  
Tait, C.  
Takeshita, Isamu (VADM, I.J.N.)  
Talbot, Cyrus  
Talbot, Edward L.  
Talbot, John (Landsman)  
Talbot, John Gunnell  *  
Talbot, Levi  
Talbot, A.C.  
Talbot, Daniel (Midshipman, CSN)  
Talbot, Daniel B.  
Talbot, J. Fred C.  
Talbot, John  
Talbot, William  
Talcott, George  
Talcott, Horace  
Taliaferro, A.R.  
Taliaferro, Horace D.  
Taliaferro, James  
Taliaferro, William Thornton  
Taliferro, John L.  
Tall, Anthony  
Tall, Luther Thomas *  
Tall, Reuben S.  
Talley, John  
Tallier, Joseph  
Tallmadge, Benjamin  
Tallman, Benjamin  
Tallman, C. E. (Sailmaker, USN)  
Tallman, Hamilton M.  
Tallman, Henry C.  
Talman, James  
Talman, Robert Fitzhugh  
Talsberry, John  
Tamoree, George Prince  
Taney, Charles H.  
Taney, John B.  
Tanner, J.  
Tanner, John Jr.  
Tanner, John A. Jr.  
Tanner, Zera L.  
Taplis, Frank  
Tapman, Henry T.  
Tappan, Amos K.  
Tappan, Benjamin  
Tappan, Daniel  
Tappan, Sewell  
Tapscott, John  
Tapscott, Joseph *  
Tapscott, Sewall C. *  
Tarbox, John  
Tarbox, Rufus  
Tarbox, William  
Tarbox, Zachariah  
Tardy, Henry  
Tardy, Henry (Midshipman)  
Tarney, Bartholomew  
Tarr, __________(CAPT)  
Tarr, Charles E.  
Tarr, Herbert J.  
Tarr, Robert  
Tarrant, William T.  
Tart, William L.  
Tassie, William S.  
Tate, J.  
Tate, James  
Tate, Richard  
Tate, Robert  
Tatem, Henry W.  
Tatem, John F.  
Tatem, Robert Smith  
Tatem, Samuel  
Tatem, Thomas  
Tattnall, Edward F.  
Tattnall, John R.F. *  
Tattnall, Josiah *  
Tattnall, Josiah Jr.  
Tattnall, Paulding  
Tatum, Jesse Pearce  
Name List of Documents
Taufassau, Henry Mauga  
Taunt, Emory H.  
Taussig, Edward David  
Taussig, Joseph K.  
Tayler, Armstead  
Tayler, William A.  
Tayloe, James L.  
Tayloe, John *  
Taylor, _____________(Private, USMC)  
Taylor, A.S.  
Taylor, Albert  
Taylor, Alfred (1st class Boy)  
Taylor, Alfred (RADM) *  
Taylor, Algernon *  
Taylor, Ambrose  
Taylor, Archibald  
Taylor, Augustus F.  
Taylor, Benjamin  
Taylor, Benjamin (Master, 1810)  
Taylor, Benjamin (Acting 2nd Asst. Eng.)  
Taylor, Benjamin (Alias Schofield)  
Taylor, Benjamin K.  
Taylor, Bushrod B. *  
Taylor, Charles (2nd class Boy)  
Taylor, Charles (Seaman, CSN)  
Taylor, Charles H.  
Taylor, Charles J.  
Taylor, Daniel G.  
Taylor, David (Seaman)  
Taylor, David P.  
Taylor, David W. (RADM) *  
Taylor, Edward (Ord. Seaman)  
Taylor, Edward E.  
Taylor, Edward T.  
Taylor, Eli  
Taylor, F.B.  
Taylor, F.M.  
Taylor, Fitch W.  
Taylor, Francis E.  
Taylor, Fredrick A.  
Taylor, G.A.  
Taylor, George (Rev. War)  
Taylor, George (Captain's Clerk, CSN)  
Taylor, George (C.A.G., 1867)  
Taylor, George (Acting Master)  
Taylor, George B.  
Taylor, George Clinton  
Taylor, George H.  
Taylor, George W.  
Taylor, Henry (Acting Master)  
Taylor, Henry (1819-1821)  
Taylor, Henry (Seaman, CSN)  
Taylor, Henry (Acting Ensign)  
Taylor, Henry B.  
Taylor, Henry Clay (RADM) *  
Taylor, Henry J.  
Taylor, Henry W.  
Taylor, Herbert Watson  
Taylor, Hiero  
Taylor, Hiram A.  
Taylor, Israel  
Taylor, J.  
Taylor, J.O.  
Taylor, J. Winthrop  
Taylor, James (CAPT, 1780)  
Taylor, James (Qtr. Gunner)  
Taylor, James (CAPT)  
Taylor, James (Seaman, CSN)  
Taylor, James (Acting Master)  
Taylor, James W. (1st class Pilot)  
Taylor, James W. (Steward)  
Taylor, James W. (Acting Ensign)  
Taylor, Jesse  
Taylor, John (Landsman, CSN)  
Taylor, John (Chief M.A.A.)  
Taylor, John B.  
Taylor, John H.  
Taylor, John L.  
Taylor, John S.  
Taylor, John W.  
Taylor, John Y.  
Taylor, Jonathan  
Taylor, Joseph (Sailing Master)  
Taylor, Joseph (Doctor)  
Taylor, Joseph (Ord. Seaman)  
Taylor, Joseph Morrill  
Taylor, Matthias  
Taylor, Montgomery M.  
Taylor, Nathaniel  
Taylor, Peter  
Taylor, R.D.  
Taylor, Richard (CAPT, VA State Navy)  
Taylor, Richard (Corporal, US Army)  
Taylor, Richard (Asst. Paymaster)  
Taylor, Richard L.  
Taylor, Robert C.  
Taylor, Robert H.  
Taylor, Rogers  
Taylor, Samuel  
Taylor, Stanley  
Taylor, Stewart M.  
Taylor, T. Marston  
Taylor, Thomas (1862)  
Taylor, Thomas (Ord. Seaman)  
Taylor, Thomas (Ltrs from Ms. Taylor, 1863)  
Taylor, Thomas (Able Seaman, 1839)  
Taylor, Thomas (Seaman, CSN)  
Taylor, Thomas (Landsman)  
Taylor, Thomas B.  
Taylor, Thurston M.  
Taylor, W.  
Taylor, William (Seaman, 1835)  
Taylor, William (Boatswain, 1841)  
Taylor, William (US Steamer KANSAS)  
Taylor, William (Vol. Officer)--SEE GLASGOW, JOHN  
Taylor, William (LT) *  
Taylor, William A.  
Taylor, William B.  
Taylor, William E.  
Taylor, William E. (Med. Inspector) *  
Taylor, William H.  
Taylor, William Paul  
Taylor, William Rogers  
Name List of Documents
Taylor, William Vannah  
Taylor, William Vigneron *  
Tayman, Mortimer  
Tayon, Augustus S.  
Teachey, Marshall  
Teackle, H.  
Teagle, Joseph  
Teal, Jacob Jr.  
Teal, Levi  
Teal, William  
Teale, John Jeremiah  
Tebbets, Enoch  
Tebenkof, __________(LT)  
Techera, Camillo  
Tee, William  
Teek, W.H.  
Teel, Joseph  
Teets, J. N.  
Telfair, David A.  
Telfor, William  
Telford, D.H.  
Tell, John H.  
Teller, Theodore  
Tellery, Nicholas  
Tempeny, Eli  
Temple, J.  
Temple, James A. (CSN)  
Temple, William G. *  
Temple, Wilson  
Templeman, Philip  
Tenant, Moses  
Ten Eick, Abraham S.  
Tengwall, Charles  
Tenley, Washington  
Tennant, John  
Tennant, Thomas  
Tennent, George W. *  
Tennent, John C.  
Tenney, Levi  
Tenney, Nathaniel D.  
Tennyson, Patrick  
Terradell, Antony  
Terral, James E.  
Terree, David  
Terrell, Charles  
Terrell, Francis H.  
Terrell, T.C.  
Terrell, William  
Terrett, Colville *  
Terrett, George H. *  
Terrill, Ebenezer  
Terrill, George  
Terry, _________(Purser)  
Terry, Alfred  
Terry, Edward  
Terry, John  
Terry, Joseph G.  
Terry, Nathaniel M.  
Terry, Paul  
Terry, Silas W.  
Terry, T.P.  
Terry, William (Seaman)  
Terry, William (Private, USMC)  
Terry, William (Acting Carpenter)  
Terry, William A.  
Terry, William F.  
Teson, James  
Tessier, T.C.  
Tessimond, Christopher M.  
Test, Henry M.  
Test, John A. (or E.)  
Tester, Abraham *  
Tew, Henry (CAPT)  
Tew, Henry (Acting Master's Mate)  
Tew, Henry (Sailing Master)  
Tew, James B.  
Tewksbury, Howard H. *  
Tewksbury, James  
Teyxva, Jose  
Thacher, Oliver  
Thackara, Alexander M.  
Thacker, _________ (Boy)  
Thain, William W.  
Thall, Richard  
Thatcher, Alexander  
Thatcher, Caleb B.  
Thatcher, Charles  
Thatcher, Daniel  
Thatcher, Edward C.  
Thatcher, Henry K. *  
Thatcher, Lewis C.  
Thaxter, Perez  
Taylor, William Rogers  
Thaxter, Samuel  
Thaxter, Warren  
Thaxton, Augustus Monroe  
Thayer, Cotton  
Thayer, Daniel  
Thayer, Eli Jr.  
Thayer, Ephram F.  
Thayer, Foster  
Thayer, Henry C.  
Thayer, Isaac  
Thayer, James  
Thayer, Richard  
Thayer, Samuel  
Name List of Documents
Theene, Edmond  
Theil, A.  
Theobald, George  
Theodore, Emanuel  
Thissell, John  
Thixton, _______(CDR)  
Thoburn, Henry A.  
Thode, John W.  
Thom, J. Pembroke  
Thom, Reuben T.  
Thomas, _________(Naval Architect)--SEE ALSO THOMAS, JOHN  
Thomas,  __________ (Seaman)  
Thomas,  __________ (Battle of Lake Erie)  
Thomas, Benjamin  
Thomas, Benjamin F.  
Thomas, C.F. (Acting Midshipman)  
Thomas, Charles (Private, USMC)  
Thomas, Charles (Seaman)  
Thomas, Charles (Ord. Seaman)  
Thomas, Charles Mitchell  
Thomas, Charles Wesley  
Thomas, Clarence C.  
Thomas, David  
Thomas, E.B. (LT)  
Thomas, E.H. (Acting Ensign)  
Thomas, Francis H.  
Thomas, Francis M. *  
Thomas, Frederick Jr.  
Thomas, Gardner  
Thomas, George (Ord. Seaman)  
Thomas, George (Sailing Master)  
Thomas, George (alias W. Bohlmann)  
Thomas, George E. *  
Thomas, George G.  
Thomas, Harry  
Thomas, Henry G.  
Thomas, James (Seaman, 1838)  
Thomas, James (CSN)  
Thomas, James B.  
Thomas, James R.  
Thomas, John (Naval Architect)--SEE ALSO THOMAS, ____  
Thomas, John (Vol. Officer)  
Thomas, John  
Thomas, John (USS NIAGARA)  
Thomas, John (Seaman, CSN)  
Thomas, John (Ord. Seaman, 1836)  
Thomas, John (Seaman, 1868)  
Thomas, John (Seaman, 1836)  
Thomas, John (Able Seaman, 1839)  
Thomas, John (Ord. Seaman, 1839)  
Thomas, John (Landsman, CSN)  
Thomas, John A.  
Thomas, John D.  
Thomas, John Leeds  
Thomas, John W.  
Thomas, Joseph  
Thomas, Joseph or Josiah (Acting Ensign)  
Thomas, Joseph Ford  
Thomas, Josiah E.  
Thomas, Levi  
Thomas, Lloyd  
Thomas, Louis  
Thomas, Marcus M.  
Thomas, Martin V.  
Thomas, Nathaniel W.  
Thomas, Oreal  
Thomas, Philip  
Thomas, Philip W.  
Thomas, Richard (Midshipman)  
Thomas, Richard (Carpenter)  
Thomas, Robert  
Thomas, Robert G.  
Thomas, Samuel Jr.  
Thomas, Samuel Brown  
Thomas, Theodore  
Thomas, W. (C.O., FREEMASON)  
Thomas, W.H. (CSN)  
Thomas, Walter S. *  
Thomas, William (Ship's  Corp., USN)  
Thomas, William (USS NIAGARA)  
Thomas, William (Landsman, 1837)  
Thomas, William E.  
Thomas, William F.  
Thomas, William G.  
Thomas, William H. (Acting 2nd Asst. Engineer)  
Thomas, William H. (Acting Master's Mate)  
Thomas, William Knapp  
Thomas, William M  
Thomas, William R.  
Thomason, John W. Jr.  
Thombs, Joseph  
Thompson, _________(1776)  
Thompson, ____________(Sailmaker)  
Thompson, ____________(Paymaster)  
Thompson, A.  
Thompson, Alden B.  
Thompson, Alexander  
Thompson, Andrew S.  
Thompson, Asa  
Thompson, Augustus F.  
Thompson, C. (1781)  
Thompson, C. (1782)  
Thompson, C.B. (Asst. Engineer, CSN)  
Thompson, Charles (1812)  
Thompson, Charles (CSN)  
Thompson, Charles (Seaman, 1838)  
Thompson, Charles (Ord. Seaman, 1812)  
Thompson, Charles (Carpenter)  
Thompson, Charles A.  
Thompson, Charles B.  
Thompson, Charles D.  
Thompson, D.D.  
Thompson, Daniel (CSN)  
Thompson, Daniel (Seaman, 1837)  
Thompson, David (1840)  
Thompson, David (Quartermaster)  
Thompson, Dexter B.  
Thompson, E.S.  
Thompson, Ebenezer Rumford  
Thompson, Edward (Acting Master's Mate)  
Thompson, Edward (Seaman, CSN)  
Thompson, Edward R.  
Thompson, Eldridge H.  
Thompson, Elias  
Thompson, Frank A.  
Thompson, G.B. (Acting Master)  
Thompson, George (Landsman, 1860)  
Thompson, George (Ord. Seaman)  
Thompson, George (Seaman)  
Thompson, George (Paymaster's Clerk)  
Thompson, George M. (CSN)  
Thompson, Gustavus  
Thompson, Gustavus B.  
Thompson, H.A. Jr.  
Thompson, Harrison  
Thompson, Henry (Landsman, 1837)  
Thompson, Henry (Ord. Seaman, 1838)  
Thompson, Henry (Landsman, 1839)  
Thompson, Ira  
Thompson, Isaac  
Thompson, J.S. (Paymaster's Clerk)  
Thompson, James (Ensign, 1812-14)  
Thompson, James (born 1838)  
Thompson, James (LT, 1836-38)  
Thompson, James (Chief Engineer)  
Thompson, James (Ord. Seaman, Enlisted 1836)  
Thompson, James (Seaman, Enlisted 1838)  
Thompson, James (Able Seaman, Enlisted July 1839)  
Thompson, James (Able Seaman, Enlisted Nov. 1839)  
Thompson, James (Private, CSN)  
Thompson, James (LT, USMC)  
Thompson, James A.  
Thompson, James D.  
Thompson, James Edwin  
Thompson, James F.  
Thompson, John (Acting Master's Mate)  
Thompson, John (Acting 1st Asst. Engineer)  
Thompson, John (Rev. War)  
Thompson, John (War of 1812)  
Thompson, John (Enlisted Feb. 1836)  
Thompson, John (Enlisted Sept. 1836)  
Thompson, John (Seaman, Enlisted Nov. 1836)  
Thompson, John (Seaman, Enlisted Mar. 1837)  
Thompson, John (Seaman, Enlisted Dec. 1837)  
Thompson, John (Ord. Seaman, 1837)  
Thompson, John (Seaman, Enlisted Aug. 1838)  
Thompson, John (Seaman, Enlisted Nov. 1838)  
Thompson, John (Able Seaman, Enlisted July 1839)  
Thompson, John (Seaman, USS MISSISSIPPI, 1842)  
Thompson, John (Seaman, May 1860)  
Thompson, John (Seaman, Oct. 1860)  
Thompson, John D.  
Thompson, John F.  
Thompson, John H.  
Thompson, John P.  
Thompson, John W.  
Thompson, Joseph B.  
Thompson, Leon S.  
Thompson, Lewis  
Thompson, N.J. (Paymaster's Clerk)  
Thompson, Nathaniel  
Thompson, Nicholas  
Thompson, Oran B.  
Thompson, Percy Wallace  
Thompson, Richard Thomas  
Thompson, Richard Wigginton  
Thompson, Robert (Seaman)  
Thompson, Robert (1861-65)  
Thompson, Robert (Chaplain)  
Thompson, Robert Means  
Thompson, S. (1778)  
Thompson, Samuel A.  
Thompson, Smith (SecNav)  
Thompson, Smith Jr. (1842)  
Thompson, Strong B.  
Name List of Documents
Thompson, T.A.  
Thompson, Talbot  
Thompson, Theodore A.  
Thompson, Theodore S.  
Thompson, Thomas (Seaman, 1839)  
Thompson, Thomas (Seaman, CSN)  
Thompson, Thomas (CAPT, 1776)  
Thompson, Thomas Richard *  
Thompson, Thomas Robert  
Thompson, W. (1782)  
Thompson, W.S. (Acting 1st Asst. Engineer)  
Thompson, William (LT, USMC)  
Thompson, William (Acting MAster's Mate)  
Thompson, William (Seaman, 1812)  
Thompson, William (Ord. Seaman, Enlisted May 1837)  
Thompson, William (Seaman, Enlisted May 1837)  
Thompson, William (Seaman, Enlisted July 1837)  
Thompson, William (Ord. Seaman, Enlisted Dec. 1837)  
Thompson, William (Ord. Seaman, Enlisted May 1838)  
Thompson, William (Seaman, Enlisted Sept. 1838)  
Thompson, William (1864)  
Thompson, William (Seaman, CSN)  
Thompson, William A.  
Thompson, William H. (Paymaster)  
Thompson, William H. (Acting 2nd Asst. Engineer)  
Thompson, William H. H. (alias Harrison)  
Thompson, William Henry  
Thompson, William J. (Acting Master's Mate)  
Thompson, William J. (Acting Asst. Paymaster)  
Thompson, William Judah  
Thompson, William K.  
Thompson, William P.  
Thompson, William S.  
Thompson, Winfield S. *  
Thomsin, Richard  
Thomson, Charles (Seaman, CSN)  
Thomson, Charles (Secretary, Cont. Congress)  
Thomson, Curtis H.  
Thomson, George  
Thomson, James W.  
Thomson, John (1831)  
Thomson, John (Memorial)  
Thomson, L.M. (CSN) *  
Thomson, Robert  
Thomson, Ruffin  
Thomson, William Judah  
Thorburn, Charles Edmonston *  
Thorburn, Henry G.  
Thorburn, James  
Thorburn, P.E.D. (Edward)  
Thorburn, Robert D. *  
Thorn, __________(1836)  
Thorn, Herman  
Thorn, James  
Thorn, John*  
Thorn, Jonathan  
Thorn, Reuben  
Thorn, Richard  
Thorn, Robert  
Thorn, Robert Livingston  
Thorn, Samuel G.  
Thorn, Stephen  
Thorn, Thomas  
Thorn, William  
Thorne, Charles A.  
Thorne, Charles H.  
Thorne, John May  
Thorne, Joseph  
Thorne, Samuel  
Thorne, William  
Thorndike, Larkin  
Thorniley, William Frederick  
Thornley, John (Surgeon)  
Thornley, John (Seaman, 1837)  
Thornley, William Frederick--SEE THORNILEY, WM F.  
Thornton, Alexander B.  
Thornton, Daniel McCarty F.  
Thornton, Francis A.  
Thornton, Gilbert E.  
Thornton, James S. *  
Thornton, John  
Thornton, John (CSN)  
Thornton, Joseph (1784-1821)  
Thornton, Joseph (1st Cook, 1862)  
Thorp, Edward  
Thorpe, ___________(1851)  
Thorpe, James Walter (CSN)  
Thorpe, John B.  
Thorpe, William T.  
Thrasher, David  
Thrasher, Henry  
Thrasher, Joseph  
Thrask, Israel  
Threadcraft, Francis Marion  
Threlkeld, Thomas S.  
Thrift, Nathaniel  
Throckmorton, C.S.  
Throckmorton, Joseph F.  
Throgmorton, M.W.  
Thurber, Frank H.  
Thurston, B.E.  
Thurston, Benjamin  
Thurston, Charles S.  
Thurston, Clark  
Thurston, George E.  
Thurston, James  
Thurston, John (War of 1812)  
Thurston, John (Rev. War)  
Thurston, Robert H.  
Thurston, S.D.  
Thurston, William (1814)

Thurston, Samuel S.
Thurston, William (Private, USMC)  
Thurston, William H.  
Thweatt, Thomas  
Thweatt, Troy N.  
Thwing, Chester M.  
Thwing, Samuel  
Tibbals, Clarence L. *  
Tibbals, Luther S.  
Tibbatts, Zachary T.  
Tibbets, H. (1781)  
Tibbets, Howard  
Tibbets, John  
Tibbetts, R.S. (Rev. War)  
Tibbetts, Richard S.  
Tibbits, Howard  
Tibbits, R.S.  
Tibbitts, James  
Tibby, William  
Tibitts, Norman  
Tice, William B.  
Name List of Documents
Tingey, Thomas  
Toohey, John H.  
Tooker, Charles  
Tooker, Martin C.  
Toole, Patrick  
Toole, William L.  
Toomb, W.H.  
Toombs, Andrew  
Toomer, John L.  
Toomey, Cornelius  
Toomey, Timothy  
Toothaker, Samuel Giles  
Topham, Philip M.  
Topliff, James C.  
Topliff, Thomas  
Toppan, Sewell  
Toppin, John D.  
Topping, James (Seaman, 1836)  
Topping, James Scott (CSN)  
Topping, Stephen  
Topping, William  
Toralles, Edward  
Torbert, William F.A.  
Tornbohm, M.L.  
Torralles, Edward  
Toscan, Frank  
Toskay, John W.  
Totten, Benjamin J.  
Totten, George M.  
Totten, Joseph Gilbert  
Totten, Washington  
Totten, William  
Toucey, Isaac  
Touchton, William H.  
Touhey, Cornelius  
Thoundrow, Richard F.  
Tourtellotte, Jacob Francis  
Toussaint, __________  
Tower, Alfred  
Tower, G.E.  
Tower, George B.N.  
Tower, Nathaniel  
Towle, John  
Towle, Phineas S.  
Towler, Thomas P.  
Town, Frederick  
Towne, F. Warren  
Towne, Nathan P.  
Towne, Samuel H.  
Towner, Benjamin  
Townley, Charles E.  
Townley, Richard H.  
Towns, John Leigh  
Townsend, Benjamin C.  
Townsend, Elisha  
Townsend, L.W. (CSN)  
Townsend, Reuben  
Townsend, Robert  
Townsend, Robert  
Townsend, Solomon  
Townsend, William M.  
Towson, William  
Tracy, Benjamin F.  
Tracy, Charles  
Tracy, E. Clark  
Tracy, H.N.  
Tracy, John  
Tracy, Nathan w.  
Tracy, Nathaniel  
Tracy, Thomas F.  
Trafant, W.B.  
Trafton, Thomas  
Traftons, _______  
Train, Charles J.  
Train, Samuel F. *  
Trainor, Thomas  
Tranier, Peter  
Trammell, Cullen Alford  
Traquair, Adam  
Trash, Thomas  
Trask, Brainerd P.  
Trask, Charles  
Trask, Charles W.  
Trask, R.K.  
Trathen, Charles  
Trathen, James  
Trau, Adam  
Traurig, Adolph  
Traver, Lorenzo  
Traver, William H.  
Travers, Benjamin  
Travers, Thomas  
Travers, Thomas B. (CSN)  
Travis, Edward  
Travis, H.J.  
Traviss, Joseph E.  
Travors, Bernard  
Treadaway, Victor  
Treadway, Robert H.  
Treadwell, Daniel  
Treadwell, James S.  
Treadwell, Morris  
Treadwell, Passmore  
Treat, Bradford E.  
Treat, John F.  
Treat, Richard A.  
Tredwell, Adam *  
Tree Family  
Treen, William  
Treene, William  
Trefethan, Benjamin  
Trefethen, Dennis  
Trefethen, Joseph  
Trench, Martin E.  
Trenchard, Edward  
Trenchard, Stephen Decatur *  
Trenk, Louis  
Trescott, Peter  
Trevett, John  
Trevor, John  
Trexell, Samuel A.  
Treynor, William P.  
Tribbe, William  
Tribbe, William L.  
Tribou, David  
Trickler, Henry  
Trigg, Daniel  
Trilley, Joseph  
Trim, Alfred Lee  
Trimble, John (Rev. War)  
Trimble, John (Carpenter, 1798)  
Trimble, John (Sailmaker)  
Trimble, John D. (CSN)  
Trimmier, Obadiah  
Trimp, Martin  
Triplett, Benjamin Botts  
Triplett, James  
Triplett, Thomas  
Triplett, William  
Tripp, Daniel  
Tripp, George B.  
Tripp, Greenleaf G.  
Tripp, Jeremiah B.  
Tripp, L.C.  
Tripp, Rufus  
Trippe, John *  
Name List of Documents
Troath, _______---See Troth,  _____  
Trofton, Gardner  
Troth, _______  
Trott, Henry D.  
Trott, John B.  
Trott, John C.  
Trott, Josiah  
Trott, Lemuel  
Trott, William S.  
Trotter, Charles  
Trout, Jacob  
Trowbridge, George W.  
Trowbridge, Job  
Trowbridge, Miner  
Trowbridge, Newman  
Trower, John (or J.R.)  
Troxell, Samuel A.---See Trexell  
Truax, Henry S.  
True, John  
True, Moses  
Trueman, Thomas  
Truesdale, Thomas  
Truesdell, Adelbert  
Trufant, Allen F.  
Trufant, William B.  
Trulson, Hans  
Truman, James  
Truman, Peter  
Trumpbour, Matthew T.  
Trundle, John  
Trundy, Samuel  
Truscott, Peter  
Truscott, William (and George)  
Trusdell, Frank H.  
Trussell, John M.  
Trutty, James  
Truxtun, Thomas *  
Truxtun, William (Ensign, 1884)  
Truxtun, William Talbot  
Tryon, Charles (or Egbert)  
Tryon, James Rufus  
Tryon, Moses  
Tryon, William  
Tubbs, A.Dean  
Tubbs, Samuel  
Tubio, Manuel  
Tuck, James  
Tuck, Joseph W.  
Tuck, Richard  
Tucker, ________(Rev. War)  
Tucker, Albert Farnham  
Tucker, B.W. Jr.  
Tucker, C. (1776)  
Tucker, Charles C.  
Tucker, David  
Tucker, Edward  
Tucker, Ephraim  
Tucker, Henry (Seaman, 1837)  
Tucker, Henry (Seaman, Enlisted 1839)  
Tucker, J. (1782)  
Tucker, Jacob T.  
Tucker, James II (Schooner HORNETT)  
Tucker, James (Seaman, 1837)  
Tucker, James H. (CSN)  
Tucker, James H. (CSN)  
Tucker, John T. (CSN)  
Tucker, John Randolph *  
Tucker, John Wesley  
Tucker, John Wesley (foreman of house joiners)  
Tucker, Johnson M.  
Tucker, Levi  
Tucker, Peter  
Tucker, Samuel (Commodore) *  
Tucker, Samuel (Rev. War from VA)  
Tucker, Samuel Clark  
Tucker, Seth  
Tucker, Thomas  
Tucker, Thomas B. Jr.  
Tucker, Warner  
Tucker, Whiting D.  
Tucker, Tuckett, John  
Tucker, Tudor, Frederic  
Tucker, Henry  
Tucker, Jacob  
Tuell, Alonzo  
Tufts, _________ (1776)  
Tufts,Robert J.  
Tuggle, John N.  
Tull, John  
Tuller, Isaac  
Tullidge, _________(Seaman, 1862)  
Tullock, John  
Tullock, Thomas L. Jr.  
Name List of Documents
Tunell, Josiah  
Tunis, Benjamin  
Tunis, W.W.  
Tunnell, Elijah Banning  
Tunnell, William  
Tunny, Simon  
Tunstall, Richard B.  
Tuohy, James  
Tupman, John  
Tupper, _______  
Tupper, Charles (Rev. War)  
Tupper, Charles C.  
Tupper, Gordon D.  
Tupper, J.B.T. (Clerk)  
Tupper, James T.  
Tupper, Jordan D.  
Turburt, Adolph  
Turbville, R.M.  
Turk, John William  
Turk, William (Surgeon)  
Turley, John A.  
Turnbull, Archibald  
Turnbull, Henry C.  
Turnbull, James S.  
Turnbull, William H.  
Turner, ________  
Turner, Benjamin  
Turner, Charles (Ord. Seaman, 1837)  
Turner, Charles A.  
Turner, Charles C.  
Turner, Daniel (Commodore) *  
Turner, E. (1781)  
Turner, E.S. (Acting Master)  
Turner, Elisha L.  
Turner, Frank W.  
Turner, Frederick G.  
Turner, George (CAPT)  
Turner, George P.  
Turner, George R.  
Turner, George W.  
Turner, H.C.  
Turner, Hezekiah  
Turner, Jacob  
Turner, James (1836)  
Turner, James Ashley *  
Turner, James W.  
Turner, John (1840)  
Turner, John (Actg. Ensign, 1864)  
Turner, John (CSN)  
Turner, Joseph  
Turner, Leonidus  
Turner, Lewis or Louis  
Turner, Lewis (CSN)  
Turner, Obed C.  
Turner, Peter  
Turner, Prince Albert  
Turner, Reuben A.  
Turner, Robert (CSA)  
Turner, Robert N. *  
Turner, Samuel (1838)  
Turner, Samuel A. (Actg. 1st Master)  
Turner, Samuel A. (Midshipman, 1834)  
Turner, Samuel S.  
Turner, Samuel V. (CSN)  
Turner, Thomas (RADM) *  
Turner, Thomas J. (Surgeon)*  
Turner, William (CAPT)  
Turner, William (1798)  
Turner, William (Seaman, 1838)  
Turner, William C. (Applicant, 2nd LT, USMC)  *  
Turner, William C. (Actg. Ensign, 1864)  
Turner, William J. (CAPT, Army of Eng.)  
Turner, William Mason (CSN)  
Turney, George  
Turpie, Archibald  
Turpin, Beverly  
Turpin, Eben A.  
Turpin, Francis  
Turpin, J.H. Dick  
Turpin, T. (1776)  
Turpin, Thomas J.  
Tushingham, John J.  
Tusk, S.  
Tustison, Adam  
Tustison, Nelson  
Tuttle,  A. (Actg. Ensign, 1865)  
Tuttle, Azor  
Tuttle, Christopher  
Tuttle, Edward  
Tuttle, Francis *  
Tuttle, George T.  
Tuttle, Horace P.  
Tuttle, J.E.  
Tuttle, John P.  
Tuttle, Joseph  
Tuttle, Lucius B.  
Tuttle, William N.  
Tuyon, Augustus  
Twaddell, James  
Twaddell, John  
Twambly, Henry B.  
Twells, _______(LT)  
Twibill, George A.  
Twigg, Dennis  
Twigg, William  
Twiggs, Levi *  
Twining, John  
Twitchell, T.  
Twohy, James  
Twyford, John  
Tyler, Asahel  
Tyler, Benjamin S.  
Tyler, Butler  
Tyler, David *  
Tyler, Frederick H.  
Tyler, G.W. (LT, 1881)  
Tyler, George (Landsman, 1838)  
Tyler, George S.  
Tyler, Hanson R.  
Tyler, Henry B. *  
Tyler, Isaac  
Tyler, John  
Tyler, Rufus Clark  
Tyler, Thomas *  
Tyler, William  
Tylor, George Bernard  
Tymon, Charles  
Tynan, John W. *  
Tynan, Marx  
Tyrer, William  
Tyrrel, Robert A.  
Tyrrell, Stephen R.  
Tyson, A.  
Tyson, Elijah R.  
Tyson, George E.  
Tyson, H.H.  
Tyson, Neville D.  


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