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ZC (Ship) Files in the Navy Department Library A. Holly - Butte



This series of files is comprised of 30 linear feet of material relating predominantly to 19th century ships of the US Navy. Data on a few Revolutionary, Confederate, and private ships also are found, as are some files on 20th century ships. Examples of the types of materials in individual files include: (1) brief ship histories; (2) movement reports; (3) newspaper and magazine articles; (4) official Office of Naval Records and Library, and Naval History Division correspondence relating to the history of the ship. Twentieth century material in this collection includes items such as commissioning brochures and welcome aboard pamphlets. The arrangement is alphabetical according to ship names.

Use and Reproduction Policy

Z File materials are unavailable for loan and must be consulted in the library. Photocopying of manuscripts, as well as fragile items, is generally prohibited, though the use of digital cameras by researchers to reproduce non-copyrighted materials is permitted. Permission to photocopy a few pages may be granted by the reference staff, contingent upon the physical state of items. All photocopying of materials shall be done by the reference staff, or under their close supervision. The use of personal scanners by non-library staff personnel must be approved by the reference staff on a document-by-document basis (Reference: Naval Historical Center Instruction [NAVHISTCENTINST] 5070.1C.).


Name of ship

Period Remarks
A. Holly (schooner) 1861 Purchased to sink, service log.
A. Houghton (barque) 1861-1865 History, service log.
A. J. View (schooner) 1863 Service log.
Aaron Ward (DD-483) 1942 Annual inventory 31 December 1942. RADM Andrews' acceptance to commissioning ceremonies. Commissioning ceremonies invitation card.
Abarenda (collier 13) 1898-1926 History, service log (1898-1900).
Abeona (river gun boat) 1864-1865 History, service log (1865).
Abingdon (sloop) 1778 Bibliographic citation.
Abnaki (ATF-96) 1943-1978 Welcome Aboard and Decommissioning brochures.
Abraham (side wheel steamer) 1862-1865 Service log (1862-1865), captured under name Victoria.
Abraham Lincoln (SSBN-602) 1960-1961 Commissioning brochure, news releases, biographies of commanders Donald M. Miller and Leonard Erb, 5 photos, SSB(N)-602 statistics sheet, Polaris Fleet Ballistic Missile Weapon System Fact Sheet, and 2 Polaris brochures.
Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72) 1980s Welcome Aboard and Keel Laying brochures.
A. C. Powell (screw tug) 1861-1865 Service log (1861-1865). 1863 renamed Alert, 1865 renamed Watch.
Acacia (screw steamer) 1863-1865 Service log (1863-1865). Formerly Vicksburg.
Acadia (AD-42) 1979-1994 Launching, Change of Command, Welcome Aboard, and Decommissioning brochures. (one photograph from decommissioning)
Accomac (tug) 1898-1900 Service log.
Achernar (AKA-53) 1945 Plan of the day & Radio Press News.
Achilles (brig) 1779 Correspondence letter. Bibliographic citation.
Active (sloop/brig) 1779-1781 Bibliographic citation of commanders.
Active (tug) 1888-1900 Service log. Correspondence letter.
Acushnet, MV (merchant) 1868-1874 Correspondence letter.
Adams (frigate) 1799-1814 Correspondence letter. Bibliographic citation. Chronology.
Adams (screw steamer) 1874-1920 Correspondence letter. Bibliographic citation. Chronology.
Addition (Pennsylvania schooner) 1779 Bibliographic citation.
Adela (side wheel steamer) 1863-1865 History, service log.
Adirondac (screw sloop of war) 1862-1862 Archeological survey report, service log, and correspondence.
Admiral (supply steamer) 1864 History, service log. Renamed Fort Morgan.
Admiral Farragut, SS (steamer) 1898 Correspondence.
Admiral W. S. Benson (AP-120) 1945 Gang Plank Gazette (ship's paper) 19 November 1945.
Admiral Zoutman (Pennsylvania ship) 1782 Bibliographic citation.
Admiralty Islands (CVE-99) 1944 Newsletter - commissioning issue - Island Items (13 June 1944).
Adolf Hugel (schooner) 1861-1865 History, service log.
Adonis (clipper ship)   Correspondence (no information).
Adsuma (ram) 1863-1891 Formerly CSS Stonewall. History.
Advance (steamer) 1862- 1883 History, service log. Formerly Lord Clyde. Captured as A.D. Vance.
Adventure (Connecticut galley) 1777-1782 Bibliographic citations.
Adventurous (Massachusetts schooner) 1782 Bibliographic citations.
Adventurous (T-AGOS 13) 1987 Welcome Aboard and Christening brochures.
Advocate (fishing sloop) 1863-1863 Captured by New London. Service log.
Aeolus (ID No. 3005) 1919 "History of the USS Aeolus: The World War."
Aeolus (ARC-3) 1972 Change of Command brochure.
Affray (MSO-511) 1970s Welcome Aboard and Change of Command brochures.
Agamemnon (Id. No. 3004) 1919 Agamemnon Daily News (11 &16 June, 13 August 1919).
Agamenticus (monitor) 1863-1915 Service log, history. Renamed Terror.
Agawam (screw gunboat) 1863-1867 Correspondence, service log, history.
Agerholm (DD-826) 1970s Welcome Aboard and Decommissioning brochures.
Aileen (yacht) 1896-1899 Service log.
Ainsworth (FF-1090) 1970-1991 Welcome Aboard and Change of Command brochures.
Ajax (monitor) 1864-1899 Service log. Formerly Manayunk. Correspondence.
Ajax (collier) 1898-1925 Formerly Scindia. History, correspondence, and bibliographic citation.
Ajax (steam yacht) 1917-1918 Renamed Rockport. History.
Ajax (AR-6) 1945-1986 Welcome Aboard and Decommissioning brochures. The Myth newletter (30 october 1945). Victory menu (11 August 1945).
Alabama (ship of line) 1816-1818 Summary.
Alabama (steamer) 1861-1865 Summary.
Alabama, CSS 1862-1864 Bibliography, 3 French magazines, recovery correspondence.
Alabama (battleship) 1898-1924 History, logs, correspondence.
Alabama (BB-8) 1907 Smoker Program - 10 June 1907.
Alabama (BB-60) 1942-1955 Launching invitation and brochure. Commissioning invitation. Armband worn at launching. Battleship brochure, correspondence, 2 brochures on its restoration.
Alabama (SSBN-731) 1985-1997 Welcome Aboard and Change of Command brochures.
Alamo (LSD-33) 1950-1972 Welcome Aboard and Change of Command brochures.
Alan Shepard (T-AKE-3) 2006 Launching brochure.
Alarm (torpedo boat) 1874-1897 Service log. History and photograph.
Alaska (screw steamer) 1868-1883 History, correspondence, service log.
Alaska (CB-1) 1943-1946 History, article. Commissioning brochure. North Star newsletter (26 August 1944).
Alaska (SSBN-732) 1984-1991 Christening and Welcome Aboard brochures.
Albacore (AGSS-569) 1953-1985 Launching, Welcome Aboard, Change of Command, and Decommissioning brochures.
Albany (sloop of war) 1846-1854 History, service log, correspondence.
Albany (sloop of war) 1869-1872 History. Formerly Contoocook.
Albany (CL-23) 1896-1929 History, service log, correspondence.
Albany (CG-10) 1967-1975 Welcome Aboard brochures.
Albany (SSN-753) 1994 Welcome Aboard and Change of Command brochures.
Albatross (screw steamer) 1861-1865 History, service log.
Albatross (steamer) 1891-1918 Correspondence, article, US Fish Commission Ship.
Albay (gunboat) 1899-1901 Journal, article, ex-Spanish gunboat.
Albemarle, CSS/USS (ram) 1864-1867 History, service log, correspondence.
Albert David (DE-1050) 1970-1989 Welcome Aboard, Change of Command, Awards Ceremony and Decommissioning brochures.
Albert Gallatin (schooner) 1815-1840 History and image.
Albion, HBMS 1798 Correspondence - no information.
Albuquerque (SSN-706) 1982-1995 Launching, Commissioning, Welcome Aboard, and Change of Command brochures.
Alert (man of war) 1812-1829 Summary only.
Alert (tug) 1861-1865 History, service log. Renamed Watch.
Alert (AS-4) 1875-1922 History, service log, correspondence.
Alexander (brig) 1779-1781 Bibliographic citations.
Alexander (collier) 1898-1913 Service log, correspondence.
Alexander Agassiz 1918 German WWI raider - extract from War Diary of USS Vicksburg.
Alexander Hamilton (revenue cutter) 1830-1906 Correspondence, history and photograph.
Alexander Hamilton (revenue cutter) 1935-1938 History and photograph.
Alexander Hamilton (SSBN-617) 1962-1992 News release and clipping regarding its commissioning. Change of Command/Crew Consolidation, Welcome Aboard and Deactivation Ceremony brochures.
Alexandria (screw steamer) 1863-1865 History, service log. Formerly St. Mary.
Alexandria (SSN-757) 1990 Launching brochure.
Alfred (frigate) 1775-1778 History, article, correspondence. Formerly Black Prince.
Alfred F. Howe   Correspondence. No information.
Alfred Robb (stern wheel steamer) 1862-1865 History, service log.
Alfred Thomas 1860 Correspondence.
Algol (T-AKR-287) 1984-1996 Commissioning, Naming Ceremonies, and Open House brochures.
Algoma (wooden-hulled screw sloop) 1865-1874 Service log only. Formerly Squando. Changed to Benicia.
Algonquin (double-ender) 1863-1869 History, service log.
Algonquin (revenue cutter) 1898-1899 Loaned to USN by Dept of Treasury. Service log .
Alhambra, MV (clipper) 1858-1859 Correspondence - no information.
Alice (tug) 1898-1900 Service log.
Allagash (AO-97) 1970 Welcome Aboard brochure.
Alleghany (Hunter-wheel gunboat) 1847-1869 History, service log, correspondence.
Allen Collier (gunboat) 1865 Renamed Collier.
Allen M. Sumner (DD-692) 1971-1973 Change of Command, Welcome Aboard, and Decommissioning brochures.
Alliance (frigate) 1779-1785 History, correspondence.
Alliance (screw gunboat) 1875-1911 History, service log, correspondence.
Alligator (schooner) 1809-1814 Correspondence. Known as Gunboat No. 166.
Alligator (schooner) 1821-1822 History.
Alligator (submarine) 1862-1863 History, article, correspondence.
Alma, HMS (schooner) 1812 Correspondence.
Almaack (AK-27) 1945 Ship's newsletter 11 May 1945.
Alpha (screw tug) 1864-1865 History, service log.
Alphin (sloop) 1781 Bibliographic citations.
Alstede (AF-48) 1961 History brochure.
Altair (AD-11) 1932-1936 Thanksgiving and Christmas menus (1932). Messages flimsy (2): 1) from "Davy Jones" to USS Decatur re: Crossing-the-Line Ceremony; 2) From "Neptune Rex" to COMDESRON re: Crossing-the-Line Ceremony, both 1936.
Altair (T-AKR-291) 1985 Commissioning and Welcome Aboard brochures.
Althea (screw tug) 1865-1866 History, service log.
Alvarado (gunboat) 1898-1912 Service log, correspondence.
Alvin (DSRV - Deep Submergence Research Vehicle) 1986 Operated by Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, brochures, includes Atlantis II.
Amanda (barque) 1861-1863 History, service log.
Amaranthus (screw tug) 1864-1865 History, service log.
Amazon (barque) 1861-1861 Summary.
Amberjack (SS-522 1970 Welcome Aboard brochure.
Ambrose Channel (HM1 - lightship tanker) 1999 Christening brochure.
Amelia (schooner) 1814 Privateer, service log, bibliographic citation.
Amelia (cargo ship) 1861 Correspondence.
Amelia Earhart (T-AKE-6) 2008 Invitation to Christening and Launching ceremonies.
America (troop transport) 1917-1919 Formerly Amerika correspondence. Renamed Edmund B. Alexander. Rules and Regulations for Internal Organization booklet.
America (ship of the line) 1782 History. Renamed Magnifique.
America (privateer) 1812 History, citation.
America (yacht) 1851- 1921 History, correspondence, service log, articles.
America (sailing ship) 1861 Service log.
America (tender) 1898 Transferred to Treasury Dept. Service log.
America (Id. No. 3006) 1919 America newsletters (24 April, 15 July, 8 & 14 September 1919). Formerly Amerika.
America (CVA/CV-66) 1965-1985 Commissioning and Welcome Aboard brochures, photograph, and history. Carrier Air Wing One Welcome Aboard brochure.
American (steamer) 1836-1837 Correspondence, citation.
American (whaler) 1861 History, service log.
American Congress (Virginia gunboat) 1776-1780 Correspondence only.
American Diver 1865 Correspondence, bibliographic citation.
American Eagle (MSC - Military Sealift Command) 1983 Welcome Aboard brochure.
American Revenue (sloop) 1779 Bibliographic citation.
American Tartar (Massachusetts privateer) 1776-1777 History.
American Union (schooner) 1865 Correspondence - no information.
Amherst (PCER-853) 1969 Welcome Aboard brochure.
Amiable Eunice 1781 Bibliographic citation.
Amick (DE-168) 1944 Newsletter - 4 February 1944
Amigos Del Pays (brig) 1782 Bibliographic citation.
Ammen (DD-35) 1917-1924 History.
Ammonoosuc (screw frigate) 1867-1869 Correspondence, service log. Renamed Iowa.
Amphion (AR-13) 1971 Scuttlebutt, ship's newsletter.
Amphitrite (monitor) 1862-1919 Service log, history, picture, article.
Formerly Tonawanah.
Amphitrite (French ship) 1776 Correspondence, no information.
Anaconda (privateer) 1813 Correspondence, bibliographic citation.
Anacostia (screw steamer) 1858-1865 History, service log.
Analostan (brig) 1812 Correspondence, bibliographic citation.
Anchorage (LSD-36) 1969-2003 Welcome Aboard, Commissioning, Change of Command and Decommissioning brochures. Decal.
Anchorage (LPD-23) 2013 Commissioning invitation. Decal.
Andrea Doria 1956 Chronology of collision, 3 magazine articles about the collision.
Andrew Caldwell (Pennsylvania brig) 1799 Bibliographic citation.
Andrew Doria (brig) 1776-1777 History, correspondence, bibliographic citation.
Andrew J. Higgins (T-AO-190) 1987 Christening and Welcome Aboard brochures.
Andrew Jackson (revenue cutter) 1832-1865 History.
Andrew Jackson (SSBN-619) 1961-1975 News releases and clipping regarding its commissioning, one letter concerning the firing of a Polaris missile and Welcome Aboard brochures.
Andrew Johnson (revenue cutter) 1865 Correspondence - no information.
Anemone (screw tug) 1864-1865 History, service log.
Angler (SS-240) 1953 Welcome Aboard brochure.
Ann, HMS 1812 Bibliographic citation.
Ann McKim (clipper ship) 1833-1851 History
Anna (schooner) 1863-1865 History, service log.
Anna (steamer) 1861-1863 Captured ship. Correspondence.
Annapolis (gunboat) 1896-1919 Service log, history, article, correspondence.
Annapolis (SSN-760) 1991-1996 Launching, Change of Command and Welcome Aboard brochures.
Anne 1780 Bibliographic citation.
Annette 1782 Bibliographic citation.
Antares (T-AKR-294) 1995-1996 Welcome Aboard brochures.
Antelope (brig) 1781-1782 Correspondence, bibliographic citation.
Antelope (steamer) 1861-1864 Service log, history.
Antelope (PG-86) 1973 Welcome Aboard brochure.
Antietam (screw sloop-of-war) 1864-1888 Service log, history.
Antietam (CVS-36) 1957 Welcome Aboard brochure.
Antietam (CG-54) 1986-1991 Christening, Welcome Aboard, and Change of Command brochures. Plan of the Day.
Anti Smuggler 1782 Bibliographic citation.
Anti Traitor 1781 Bibliographic citation.
Antigone (screw steamer) 1918 The Theban newsletters (30 August 1918 and 1 January 1919).
Antona (screw steamer) 1863-1865 Captured British ship, service log, history.
Antrim (FFG-20) 1971-1981 Launching and Welcome Aboard brochure. Philatelic cover (1981).
Anzio (CG-68) 1990-1996 Welcome Aboard brochures.
Apache (tug) 1898-1900 Service log, correspondence.
Apache (T-ATF-172) 1969-1993 Commissioning, Christening, and Welcome Aboard brochures.
Apollo (Massachusetts ship) 1780s Bibliographic citation.
Apollo (AS-25) 1945 The Oracle newsletter (9 September 1945).
Aquila (PHM-4) 1981-1982 Launching and Welcome Aboard brochures.
Arago (steamer) 1855-1863 Correspondence, history.
Arapahoe (screw sloop) 1866 Never built.
Arcadia (AD-23) 1968 Decommissioning brochure.
Archer (whaler) 1861 Service log, purchased to be sunk.
Archerfish (SSN-678) 1971-1996 First day cover (philatelic). Launching invitation and brochure. Welcome Aboard and Change of Command brochures. Task unit team brochure.
Archernar (AKA-53) 1945-1989 History, Memorial Services program, Christmas Day menu (1945).
Arco (ARDM-5) 1988-1990 Welcome Aboard and Change of Command brochures.
Arctic (screw steamer) 1855-1859 Service log, history.
Arctic (ice boat no. 3) 1873-1898 Service log, history.
Arctic (AOE-8) 1993-1996 Launching and Commissioning brochures.
Ardent (MCM-12) 1991-1993 Christening and Welcome Aboard brochures.
Arethusa (tug) 1864-1866 Service log, history.
Arethusa (AO-7) 1898-1927 Service log, history, correspondence.
Argo (brig) 1779-1781 Bibliographic citation.
Argol (AKA-54) No Date Season's Greetings card.
Argonne (AP-4) 1941

Season's Greetings card. Naval despatches: Italy/Germany has declared war on the United States.

Operation Plan

Argosy (stern wheel steamer) 1863-1865 Service log, history.
Argus (brig) 1803-1815 History, correspondence.
Ariel (brig) 1779-1782 Bibliographic citation.
Ariel (schooner) 1863-1865 Service log, history.
Aries (screw steamer) 1863-1865 Service log, correspondence.
Aries (PHM-5) 1981 Launching brochure.
Arizona (gunboat) 1862-1865 Service log, history.
Arizona (frigate) 1865-1874 Service log, history.
Arizona (BB-39) 1916-1941

History, correspondence, memorial brochure, news release, 2 photographs, service journal, memorial book, list of non-recovered crew, At'em Arizona newsletters (1923 & 1924), and Thanksgiving Day menu (1917). Dance invitation 3 February 1923 in San Pedro. Dance invitation, program and dance card - 22 August 1924 in Seattle, Washington. 1925 Crossing the Line certificate. 1st, 2nd and 7th Annual reunion brochures.

SMOKER Program, July 1918.

Letter dated 13 July 1931

Personal correspondence

Arkansas (screw steamer) 1863-1865 History, service log.
Arkansas (monitor) 1900-1921 History, service log.
Arkansas (BB-33) 1911-1934 History, correspondence, Christmas cards, Thanksgiving Day menu, liberty card, and booklet "Trip of the President to the Yorktown Sesquicentennial Celebration at Yorktown, Virginia.". Arklite newsletter (6 October 1934).
Arkansas (CGN-41) 1980-1997 Launching, Commissioning, Deactivation, Change of Command, and Welcome Aboard brochures. "Seasons Greetings" card.
Arkansas, CSS 1862 History, cites.
Arleigh Burke (DDG-51) 1991-1997 Commissioning and Welcome Aboard brochures.
Arletta (mortar schooner) 1861-1865 History, service log, correspondence.
Arlington (AGMR-2) 1965 Commissioning brochure.
Arlington (LPD-24) 2011-2013 Christening and commissioning invitations. Decal.
Arnold J. Isbell (DD-869) 1973 Welcome Aboard and Decommissioning brochures.
Aroostook (gunboat) 1861-1869 History, service logs, correspondence.
Aroostook (CM-3) 1917-1931 History. Log of Duty in connection with Transatlantic flight.
Arrow (brig) 1814-1815 Correspondence.
Arthur (barque) 1861-1865 Service log.
Arthur W. Radford (DD-968) 1995-2003 Welcome Aboard and Decommissioning brochures.
Asama, JNS (cruiser) 1915 Article.
Ascutney (side-wheel gunboat) 1864-1868 Service log.
Asheville (PG-21) 1932

Menu (17 November 1932 - Amoy, China).

Copy of memorial plaque.

Asheville (PG-84) 1973 Welcome Aboard brochure.
Asheville (SSN-758) 1990s Welcome Aboard brochures.
Ashland (LSD-48) 1989-1998 Christening and Welcome Aboard brochures.
Ashtabula (AO-51) 1972-1982 Welcome Aboard, Change of Command, and Decommissioning brochures.
Ashuelot (gunboat) 1865-1883 History, service log, correspondence.
Asp (schooner) 1813-1826 History, bibliographic citation.
Aspro (SSN-648) 1973-1980 Welcome Aboard and Change of Command brochures.
Assertive (T-AGOS-9) 1986 Launching brochure.
Assurance (T-AGOS-5) 1985 Launching brochure.
Aster (tug boat) 1864 Wrecked 1864, service log.
Astoria (AK-8) 1917-1921 History. ex-German ship Frieda Leonhardt.
Astoria (CA-34) 1934-1942 Sunk WWII, correspondence. Christmas Dinner menu - 1937.
Atakapa (ATF-149) 1960 Welcome Aboard brochure.
Atlanta (MA. brig) 1782 Bibliographic citation.
Atlanta (steamer) 1858-1863 Service log. Renamed Sumpter.
Atlanta (transport) 1864-1865 Chartered by Army. Citations.
Atlanta (gunboat) 1863-1869 Service log, history, correspondence. Formerly CSS Atlanta.
Atlanta (cruiser) 1895-1912 Service log, correspondence. Baseball Program - 29 August 1904.
Atlanta (SSN-712) 1980s Commissioning and Launching brochures, menu.
Atlanta, CSS (ram) 1862-1863 Cites, correspondence. See ZC Atlanta (gunboat).
Atlantic, MV (steamer) 1872-1873 British steamer, correspondence, bibliographic citation.
Atlantis II (Research Vessel) 1979-1988 Welcome Aboard brochures.
Aubrey Fitch (FFG-34) 1981-1997 Commissioning, Launching, Welcome Aboard, Change of Command, and Decommissioning brochures. Images of ship's (shield & crest) patch.
Audacious (T-AGOS-11) 1989-1992 Launching and Welcome Aboard brochures.
Augusta (brig) 1799-1801 History, correspondence.
Augusta (steamer) 1861-1868 Service log, correspondence.
Augusta (CL-31) 1937-1942 Birthday dinner menu (Adm. H. Yarnell - 18 Ocotober 1937) & Farewell dinner menu (3 December 1937). Christmas card from Shanghai (1937). August Cracker Newsletter (1938 & 42). Thanksgiving Day menu (1942).
Augusta (SSN-710) 1984 Launching and Welcome Aboard brochures.
Augusta Dinsmore (screw steamer) 1863-1865 Service log.
Auk (minesweeper) 1917-1918 See ZO "WWI Mine Barrage." Bibliographic citation.
Auk (AM-57) 1941 Keel laying and Launching invitation and brochures.
Auroa (schooner) 1780-1781 Bibliographic citation, correspondence.
Austin, CSS (steamer) 1861-1865 Correspondence.
Austin (LPD-4) 1964-1998 Fact sheet, Christening (and Ogden LPD-5) and Welcome Aboard brochures.
Australia, MV 1814 Correspondence - no information. Formerly Alma.
Autocrat (ram) 1861-1865 Correspondence only.
Auxiliary Repair Dock 7 (Ard Seven)   Welcome Aboard brochure.
Auxiliary vessels 1891-1913 Reports on Naval Auxiliary Service, Casual Cruisers.
Avalon (DSRV-2) - Deep Submergence Rescue Vehicle 1978 Welcome Aboard brochure.
Avenger (ram) 1863-1865 Service log.
Avenger (MCM-1) 1985-1995 Christening and Welcome Aboard brochures.
  2004 Change of Command.
Avery, HMS 1812 Bibliographic citation.
Awa Maru 1944-1945 Sinking of Awa Maru report, bibliography, letter regarding the sinking, news article.
Aylwin (DE/FF-1081) 1971-1992 Commissioning, Welcome Aboard and Decommissioning brochures.
Azalea (tug) 1864-1865 Service log.


Name of ship Period Remarks
Baboon (skiff) 1940 Correspondence - no information.
Bacchus 1778 Bibliographic citation.
Bache (survey steamer) 1871-1902 USC & GSS ship, history, correspondence.
Bachellor (schooner) 1777-1800 Bibliographic citations.
Badger (auxiliary cruiser) 1889 Service log, Correspondence. Formerly Yumuri.
Badger (DE-1071/FF-1071) 1970s Welcome Aboard brochures.
Bagley (torpedo boat) 1900-1919 Service log, correspondence.
Bagley (DE-1069/FF-1069) 1972-1991 Commissioning, Welcome Aboard, Change of Command brochures. Invitation and guest past to decommissioning.
Bailey (torpedo boat) 1898-1911 Service log, correspondence.
Bainbridge (brig) 1842-1863 Service log, history.
Bainbridge (gunboat) 1911-1915 Correspondence.
Bainbridge (DLGN-25) 1961-1972 Commissioning and Welcome Aboard brochures, news release and magazine articles regarding its commissioning. Philatelic cover - commemorating launching.
Bainbridge (DDG-96) 2004 Welcome Aboard brochures.
Balch (DD-363) 1944 Correspondence on compliment numbers.
Baltimore (packet) 1798-1801 Formerly Adriana. History, correspondence.
Baltimore (steamer) 1861-1865 Correspondence, service log.
Baltimore (cruiser) 1898-1937 Service log, history, correspondence. Programme - 3rd Annual Entertainment and Ball - 1919.
Baltimore (SSN-704) 1980 Launching and Welcome Aboard brochures.
Baltimore Hero (schooner) 1776-1779 Bibliographic citation.
Bancroft (gunboat) 1892-1906 History, service log, correspondence.
Bang (SS-385) 1968-1971 Welcome Aboard brochure and information sheet.
Bangor (sloop) 1777 Bibliographic citations.
Banshee (screw steamer) 1864-1865 Service log.
Barb (SS-220) 1962 Reunion book, news release of launching.
Barb (SSN-596) 1963-1989 Commissioning and Welcome Aboard brochures, and letter head stationary. Decommissioning Day Inport Plan of the Day.
Barbel (SS-580) 1959-189 Launching, Commissioning, Change of Command, and Welcome Aboard brochures. Decommissioning brochure and announcement.
Barbey (FF-1088) 1972-1992 Commissioning brochure and invitation. Information sheet. Barbey Log November 1972-June 1973. Welcome Aboard and Decommissioning brochures.
Barbour County (LST-1195) 1971-1992 Information sheet. Launching, Christening, Change of Command and Welcome Aboard brochures. Decommissioning brochure and invitation.
Barcello (gunboat) 1898-1901 Captured Spanish ship, service log.
Barker (DD-213) 1935

Form letters detailing ship's activities, 1935.

USS Barker at Foochow narrative

Barney (torpedo boat) 1900-1919 Service log, correspondence.
Barney (DDG-6)   Information brochure.
Barnstable County (LST-1197) 1972-1994 Commissioning, Launching, Welcome Aboard, and Decommissioning brochures.
Baron De Kalb (ironclad) 1862-1863 Service log, history, article. Formerly St. Louis.
Barracuda (SST-3) 1968 Welcome Aboard brochure.
Barrataria (gunboat) 1862-1863 Correspondence. Or Barataria.
Barry (torpedo boat ) 1899-1915 Correspondence.
Barry (DD-933) 1956-1982 Commissioning, Change of Command and Welcome Aboard brochures. Information sheet. Thanksgiving Day and Seasons Greetings cards. Christmas Day menu (1956).
Barry (DDG-52) 1991-1997 Christening and Welcome Aboard brochures.
Bartlett (T-AGOR-13) 1969 Commissioning brochure.
Basco (gunboat) 1898-1900 Captured Spanish ship, service log.
Bashaw (AGSS-241) 1969 Decommissioning brochure.
Basilone (DD-824) 1974 Welcome Aboard brochures.
Bat (steamer) 1864-1865 Service log, correspondence.
Bataan (CVL-29) 1944 Menu -1st anniversary dinner.
Bataan (LHD-5) 1996-1997 Commissioning brochure and invitation.
Batfish (SSN-681) 1971-1998 Launching invitation and brochure. Commissioning, Welcome Aboard, and Inactivation brochures.
Baton Rouge (SSN-689) 1972-1990 Keel Laying, Launching & Welcome Aboard brochures.
Bauer (DE-1025)   Welcome Aboard brochures.
Bausell (DD-845) 1978 Welcome Aboard and Decommissioning brochures.
Baya (AGSS-318) 1958 Welcome Aboard brochure.
Bayfield (APA-33) 1963-1964 Visit to Nagoya information.
Bayou City, CSS (steamer) 1861-1863 Correspondence.
Bazely (tug) 1864 Renamed Beta. History.
Beacon (PG-99) 1970 Welcome Aboard brochure.
Beagle, HMS   See ZC Wrangler.
Bear (AG-29) 1874-1934 Arctic research ship, history, service log, articles, pictures.
Beatty (DD-640) 1941 Invitation to launching of USS Beatty and Tillman
Beaufort (tug) 1865 Captured CSS ship, service log.
Beaufort (collier) 1917-1924 History. Formerly Rudolf Blumberg.
Beaufort (ATS-2) 1972-1996 Commissioning and Welcome Aboard brochures, information sheet and photograph. Decommissioning brochure.
Beauregard, CSS 1863 No information.
Beauregard (steamer) 1862-1865 Service log.
Beaver (privateer) 1776-1781 Correspondence.
Beaver (AS-5) 1917-1945 History, correspondence.
Belgica (A-962) 1984 Belgium oceanographic research vessel.
Belisarius (privateer) 1774-1781 Correspondence.
Belknap (DLG-26/CG-26) 1970-1980 Welcome Aboard brochures, Underway and Machinery Trial programs.
Bellatrix (AF-62) 1968 Decommissioning brochure.
Bellatrix (T-AKR-288) 1984 Commissioning and Welcome Aboard brochures.
Belle (steamer) 1864-1865 Registry service log.
Belle of the West (clipper) 1853 Correspondence - no information.
Belleau Wood (LHA-3) 1970-2005 Information sheet, Christening, Change of Command and Welcome Aboard brochures. Decommissioning invitation. Devil Dawg Chronicles newsletter (11/2003, 4, 7-9/2004, 3/2005).
Belmont, SS   Panama Canal tonnage certificate.
Belmont (AGTR-4) 1965 Welcome Aboard brochure.
Beloit (privateer)   Correspondence - no information.
Belusan (gunboat) 1898 Captured Spanish ship. Registry service log. Formerly Vistula.
Ben Morgan (store ship) 1826-1865 Service log.
Benavidez (T-AKR-306) 2001 Christening brochure.
Benefit (paddle wheel) 1865 Registry service log.
Benewah (APB-35)   Welcome Aboard brochure, patches, photos.
Benfold (DDG-65) 1994 Christening and Welcome Aboard brochures. Image of ship's logo.
Benicia (gunboat) 1868-1884 Service logs. Formerly Algoma.
Benicia (PG-96) 1970 Commissioning brochure.
Benjamin Franklin (SSBN-640) 1965-1993 News release of commissioning. Christening and Welcome Aboard brochures. Decommissioning Banquet brochure.
Benjamin Isherwood (TAO-191) 1991 Christening brochure.
Benjamin Stoddert (DDG-22) 1973-1981 Welcome Aboard brochures.
Benner (DD-807) 1970 Welcome Aboard brochure.
Bennington (sloop) 1778-1779 Privateer, history, citation.
Bennington (gunboat) 1891-1910 History, service log, correspondence.
Bennington (CV-20/CVA-20) 1944-1960 Commissioning and Welcome Aboard brochures. Commissioning Day Dinner menu. Newsletter - Busy B CV-20 (July 1945).
Benton (ironclad gunboat) 1862-1865 History, service log, cite, correspondence.
Berberry (steamer) 1864-1865 Service log. Formerly Columbia.
Bergall (SSN-667) 1968-1982 Change of Command and Welcome Aboard brochures.
Berkeley (DDG-15) 1972-1992 Change of Command and Welcome Aboard brochures. Decommissioning invitation. Holiday card.
Bermuda (supply vessel) 1862-1865 History, service log.
Bernadou (DD-153) 1918-1945 History including wording of Presidential Unit citation WWII.
Beta (picket boat) 1864 Service log. Formerly Bazely.
Betelgeuse (AK (FBM)-260) 1960 Welcome Aboard brochure.
Bethel 1784 Article "Ship Bethel" USNI, October 1919.
Betsey (brig) 1776-1780 Bibliographic citations.
Betsey 1812 British ship. See ZC "Constitution, USS."
Bexar (LPA-237) 1969 Decommissioning brochure.
Bibb (survey vessel) 1861-1864 Correspondence.
Biddle (TB-26) 1900- 1919 Registry service log, correspondence.
Biddle (DLG-34/CG-34) 1972-1978 Bumper sticker. Welcome Aboard brochures.
Bidwell (sailing bark) 1862- 1864 Correspondence, bibliographic citation
Bienville (steamer) 1861-1867 Service log, correspondence.
Big Horn (T-AO-198) 1991 Christening brochure.
Bigelow (DD-942) 1970s Welcome Aboard brochures.
Bigonia (screw tug) 1864-1865 Service log. Formerly Mary Grandy.
Billfish (SSN-676) 1970-1998 Commissioning, Launching, and Welcome Aboard brochures, invitation to launching, first day cover (philatelic), departure brochure.
Birmingham (CL-2) 1908-1930 History, correspondence.
Birmingham (CL-62)


Birmingham Broadside ship's newspaper (vol.1, no. 1 & vol. 2, no. 2 - 1946)
Birmingham (SSN-695) 1978- Commissioning, Launching, Change of Command, and Welcome Aboard brochures.
Bishop (Pennsylvania schooner) 1776-1779 Bibliographic citation.
Bittern (MHC-43) 1957 Commissioning brochure.
Black Bird (Massachusetts schooner) 1777 Bibliographic citation.
Black Hawk (steamer) 1862-1865 History, Service log, correspondence. Formerly New Uncle Sam.
Black Hawk (MHC-58)






Christening and Welcome Aboard brochures. Seasons Greetings from Chief Petty Officers (list of names inside - no date). 

Change of Command, USS Lexington Memorial, Corpus Christi, Texas

Change of Command, Little Creek Virginia

Change of Command, Ingleside, Florida

Change of Command, Little Creek, Virginia

Black Joke (Maryland sloop) 1777-1781 Bibliographic citation.
Black Prince (Massachusetts sloop) 1775-1780 Correspondence, bibliographic citation.
Black Princess (Connecticut privateer) 1781 Bibliographic citation.
Black Snake (Massachusetts sloop) 1777-1782 Bibliographic citation.
Black Stoven (Connecticut galley) 1781 Bibliographic citation.
Blackfin (SS-322) 1967-1971 Welcome Aboard brochures.
Blakeley (TB-27) 1899-1919 History, registry service log.
Blakeley (DD-150) 1942 Information about French aircraft carrier Bearn hosting Blakeley crew.
Blakely (DE-1072) 1970-1991 Commissioning, Welcome Aboard, and Decommissioning brochures.
Blanche, CSS 1861-1865 See ZO "Civil War."
Blandy (DD-943) 1968-1978 Award Ceremony, Commissioning, and Welcome Aboard brochures.
Blockade (privateer) 1812 Correspondence.
Bloom (Pennsylvania schooner) 1782 Bibliographic citation.
Bloomer (paddle wheel) 1864-1865 Registry service log.
Blossom (Maryland schooner) 1780 Bibliographic citation.
Blue (DD-387) 1937 Launching program.
Blue (DD-744) 1967 Welcome Aboard brochure.
Blue Light (powder tug) 1864-1869 Registry service log.
Blue Mountain Valley, HMS
1776 British ship, correspondence.
Blue Ridge (LCC-19) 1969-2010 Christening invitation. Launching, Christening and Welcome Aboard brochures. Information sheets. Menu - US 7th Fleet - 65th Anniversary of the Battle of Leyte Gulf. Naturalization Ceremony brochure (Laem Chabang, Thailand). Change of Command invitation.
Blueback (SS-581) 1959-1990 Welcome Aboard, Change of Command, and Decommissioning (invitation) brochures. News release of its commissioning.
Bluefish (SSN-675) 1970-1996 Launching invitation and brochure. Commissioning, Welcome Aboard, and Inactivation brochures.
Bluegill (SS-242) 1966 Welcome Aboard brochure and logo.
Blunt   See ZC G.W. Blunt.
Bob Hope (T-AKR-300) 1997 Christening and Welcome Aboard brochures.
Bobolink   See ZO "WWI Mine Barrage."
Bogue (AVC-9) 1944 Thanksgiving Day menu 1944 (copy).
Bohio (armed brig) 1861-1865 History, service record.
Boise (CL-47) 1940-1943 Press News. Ship's movement list (1943). Orders of the day (23 December 1943, 29 October 1944, 4 November 1944, 13 January 1945).
Boise (SSN-764) 1990-1996 Welcome Aboard and Change of Command brochures. Bumper sticker.
Bold (T-AGOS-12) 1989 Launching, Commissioning, and Welcome Aboard brochures.
Bolster (ARS-38) 1994 Welcome Aboard brochures and Decommissioning invitation.
Bombay 1842 Correspondence.
Bon Homme Richard (frigate) 1779 History, articles, correspondence. Former Duras.
Bon Homme Richard (CVA-31/CV-31) 1944-1979

WWII history. Fact sheet, Commissioning and Decommissioning brochures. Almanac booklet, 1957.

Laundry Program

Bon Homme Richard (LHD-6) 1997 Welcome Aboard brochure. Christening invitation and brochure.
Bonefish (SS-582) 1976-1988 Welcome Aboard brochures and Decommissioning Ceremony brochure (photocopy).
Bonita (SS-165) 19?? History and fact sheet.
Bonito (schooner) 1846-1848 Service log, cite.
Bonito (brig) 1860-1861 Captured in slave trade, service log.
Boone (FFG-28) 1979 Launching and Welcome Aboard brochures.
Bordelon (DD-881) 1969 Welcome Aboard brochures.
Borie (DD-215) 1928 Christmas Day menu.
Borie (DD-704) 1972 USS Borie was transferred to the Argentinian Navy as ARA Bouchard (D-26). Transfer of Ceremonies brochure.
Boston (frigate) 1776-1780 History.
Boston (gondola) 1776 History.
Boston (frigate) 1799-1814 History, cites.
Boston (gun ship) 1825-1846 History, service log, correspondence.
Boston (steel cruiser) 1887-1940 History, service log, correspondence.
Boston (CAG-1) 1954-1955 Welcome Aboard brochures and news release.
Boston (SSN-703) 1982-1999 Commissioning and Inactivation brochures.
Boston Packet (MA. brig) 1781 Bibliographic citation.
Boulder (LST-1190) 1970-1994 Commissioning, Launching, Welcome Aboard, and Decommissioning brochures. History sheet.
Bourbon (frigate) 1777-1783 History.
Boutwell (cutter) 1898 Correspondence, bibliographic citation.
Bowditch (T-AGS-62) 1994 Christening brochure.
Bowen (DE-1079) 1971-1991 Commissioning and Welcome Aboard brochures.
Bowfin (SS-287) 1991 Change of Command and Memorial Association brochures.
Boxer, HMS 1813 Correspondence. See ZC Enterprise.
Boxer (brig) 1815-1817 History, bibliographic citation.
Boxer (brig) 1831-1848 History, correspondence.
Boxer (schooner) 1863-1868 Service log. Former Tristram Shandy.
Boxer (brig) 1904-1920 History, correspondence.
Boxer (CV-21) 1952 Smoker Program (16 September 1952).
Boxer (LHD-4) 1993-1995 Christening, article on commissioning, Welcome Aboard brochures, photo, data on crew, aircraft, landing craft, subcontracts, facts and figures.
Bradley (FF-1041) 1988 Welcome Aboard brochures. Decommissioning brochure and invitation.
Braine (DD-630) 1967 Welcome Aboard brochure.
Brandywine (frigate) 1825-1881 History, correspondence, service log.
Braziliera (barque) 1861-1865 Service log.
Breakwater (Army transport) 1898-1899 Correspondence.
Bremerton (SSN-698) 1978-1992 Launching, Welcome Aboard & Change of Command brochures.
Brewton (DE-1086) 1974-1992 History. Change of Command, Decommissioning, & Welcome Aboard brochures.
Breydel (M-906)   Welcome Aboard brochure.
Briarcliff (freighter) 1919-1922 History.
Bricole (SC ship) 1780 Bibliographic citation.
Bridge (AF-1) 1917-1947 History, 2nd annual dance program. Holiday cards. Christmas menus 1935, 1936, 1938, 1939 and 1941.
Bridge (AOE-10) 1998 Naming Ceremony brochure. Commissioning invitation.
Bridgeport (Destroyer Tender No. 10) 1919 Farewell Dance booklet (24 October 1919 at the Royal Palm Court Weymouth, England).
Brilliant (CT sloop) 1778 Bibliographic citation.
Brilliant (steamer) 1862-1865 Service log.
Briscoe (DD-977) 1977-1995 Christening & Welcome Aboard brochures.
Bristol County (LST-1198) 1971 Launching and Welcome Aboard brochures.
Britania, HMS 1812 Correspondence - no info.
SEE ZC "Constitution, USS."
Britannia, HMS 1826 Bibliographic citation.
Britannia, USS 1862-1865 Prize steamer, service log.
Brittin (T-AKR-305) 2000 Christening brochure.
Bronstein (FF-1037) 1943-1990 Launching and Commissioning invitations. Welcome Aboard and Decommissioning brochures.
Brooke (FFG-1) 1981 Change of Command and Welcome Aboard brochures.
Brooklyn (sloop of war) 1858-1891 History, correspondence, service log.
Brooklyn (CA-3) 1893-1923 History, correspondence, service log, articles. Menu (Warrant Officers' Mess Farewell Reception, 5 February 1921, Mare Island, CA). Smoker Programme & Independence Day menu (Vladivostock, Siberia, 1918).
Brooklyn (CL-40) 1941-1944 Memorandums and Shipboard Customs and Etiquette.
Broome (privateer sloop) 1776 History, bibliographic citation.
Brother Jonathan (steamer) 1851-1865 Correspondence.
Brownson (DD-868) 1970 Welcome Aboard brochure.
Bruce C. Heezen (T-AGS-64) 1999 Christening brochure.
Bruke (PA galley) 1776 Correspondence, bibliographic citation.
Brumby (FF-1044) 1972-1982 Welcome Aboard brochures.
Brush (DD-745) 1958 Welcome Aboard brochure.
Brutus (Massachusetts ship)   Correspondence, bibliographic citation.
Brutus (collier) 1898-1913 Service log, correspondence. Former Peter Jebsen. Typed account of Battle of Manila Bay.
Bryce Canyon (AD-36) 1969-1979 Welcome Aboard brochures.
Buccaneer (converted yacht) 1898 Service log.
Buccanier (Massachusetts ship) 1781 Bibliographic citation.
Buchanan (DDG-14) 1974-1991 History. Welcome Aboard brochures. Decommissioning invitation.
Buck (DD-761) 1972 Welcome Aboard brochure.
Bucklin (Pennsylvania schooner) 1780 Bibliographic citation.
Buckram (Massachusetts schooner) 1777-1781 Bibliographic citation.
Buckskin (Maryland ship) 1777-1779 Bibliographic citation.
Buckthorn (steamer) 1863-1869 Service log.
Buena Vista (canal boat) 1864 Correspondence.
Buffalo (sloop) 1813-1816 History.
Buffalo (auxiliary cruiser) 1892-1927 History, service log, correspondence. Formerly Nictheroy.
Buffalo (SSN-715) 1989-90 Change of Command and Welcome Aboard brochures.
Buford (Army transport) 1917 Correspondence.
Bugara (SS-331) 1962 Welcome Aboard brochures.
Bulkeley (DDG-84) 2000-01 Christening & Commissioning brochures.
Bull Dog (armed galley) 1776-1777 Correspondence, bibliographic citation.
Bunker Hill (schooner) 1778 Correspondence, bibliographic citation.
Bunker Hill (CV-17) 1942-1945 WWII history. Ship's order No. 19 "Repelling Enemy Air Attack" (10 November 1944).
Bunker Hill (CG-52) 1985-2006 Christening & Welcome Aboard brochures.
Burd (Pennsylvania brig) 1782 Bibliographic citation.
Burke (Pennsylvania galley) 1776 Correspondence.
Burling (Maryland brig) 1778 Bibliographic citation.
Burlington (iron tug) 1875-1883 Registry service log.
Burton Island (AG-88) 1947 The Butner Bulletin newsletter 18 August 1947.
Butte (AE-27) 1970-1992 Welcome Aboard brochures.
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