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Located in the Navy Department Library's Rare Book Room.

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ZB (Personnel) Files in the Navy Department Library

Baart - Byron


This series contains various documents and ephemera pertaining to US naval officers and some civilians, especially those serving during the 19th century. Coverage of a number of outstanding officers of the late 18th and early 20th centuries, as well as some enlisted personnel, also is provided. It is estimated that the careers of 35,000 separate individuals are documented to some extent in these files.

The contents of individual files can include such items as: (1) compiled service chronologies; (2) biographical summaries; (3) service data cards (Civil War period); (4) letters of recommendation for appointment or promotion; (5) pay vouchers (Civil War period); (6) fragmentary personal and official letters; (7) official Office of Naval Records and Library, and Naval History Division correspondence providing information on specific officers. The contents of individual files range from extensive to sparse, sometimes only containing a single piece of paper.

Use and Reproduction Policy

Z File materials are unavailable for loan and must be consulted in the library. Photocopying of manuscripts, as well as fragile items, is generally prohibited, though the use of digital cameras by researchers to reproduce non-copyrighted materials is permitted. Permission to photocopy a few pages may be granted by the reference staff, contingent upon the physical state of items. All photocopying of materials shall be done by the reference staff, or under their close supervision. The use of personal scanners by non-library staff personnel must be approved by the reference staff on a document-by-document basis (Reference: Naval Historical Center Instruction [NAVHISTCENTINST] 5070.1C.).


The NDL staff are in the process of inventorying and digitizing these files. The lists available below are incomplete and may not reflect current holdings. Updates will be made to these lists as the information becomes available.

Please note that we are also in the process of placing distinguishing identifiers (rank, rating, etc.) next to individuals with the same name.

* denotes personnel has one or more folders dedicated to their documents

Name List of Documents
Baart, J. L.  
Babb, William F.  
Babbidge, C.  
Babbidge, John P.  
Babbit, Erasmus  
Babbit, Edward B. *  
Babbit, Erastus  
Babbit, Fitzhenry *  
Babbit, George H. T.  
Babbit, Sylvester C.  
Babbit, William D.  
Babbit, William K.  
Babcock, Asa A.  
Babcock, Charles A. *  
Babcock, Claude  
Babcock, George L.  
Babcock, Henry  
Babcock, Herman P.  
Babcock, J.  
Babcock, J. F.  
Babcock, John  
Babcock, Marlberaugt  
Babcock, Thomas Yeoman  
Babcock, William L.  
Baber, George F. B.  
Babin, Hosea J.  
Babin, Provoost  
Babsen, Edwin  
Babsen, S.  
Bacchus, J. E.  
Bacharach, Hollis  
Bache, Albert D.  
Bache, Benjamin Franklin  
Bache, D.  
Bache, George M.  
Bache, O.  
Bache, Richard  
Bachelder, James  
Bacheler, George B.  
Back, William  
Backus, Gurden  
Backus, John  
Backus, Thomas  
Bacon, Albert W.  
Bacon, Allen  
Bacon, Edward  
Bacon, Elijah  
Bacon, Francis H.  
Bacon, Frederic, A. G.  
Bacon, Frederick A.  
Bacon, George  
Bacon, George *  
Bacon, Henry  
Bacon, James  
Bacon, James S.  
Bacon, John W.  
Bacon, Marshall J. *  
Bacon, Nathan  
Bacon, W. T.  
Bacot, Richard H. *  
Badell, Moses  
Badger, Benjamin G.  
Badger, Charles J.  
Badger, George Edmund Biography
Badger, Oscar Charles *  
Badger, Ralph B.  
Baer, William H.  
Bagby, Abner  
Bagg, C. P. *  
Bagg, John S.  
Baggs, William  
Bagley, Charles O. U.  
Bagley, Worth  
Bagnall, James  
Bagnall, James  
Bagwell, Heli  
Bail, James  
Bailey, Alfred *  
Bailey, Arthur  
Bailey, Charles  
Bailey, Dexter  
Bailey, Frank  
Bailey, Frederic C.  
Bailey, George W.  
Bailey, J. A.  
Bailey, Jacob  
Bailey, James  
Bailey, James H.  
Bailey, James J.  
Bailey, James M.  
Bailey, Jeremaih  
Bailey, John  
Bailey, John  
Bailey, John H. *  
Bailey, Joseph  
Bailey, Joseph, Jr.  
Bailey, Joseph H.  
Bailey, Levin  
Bailey, Mahlon G.  
Bailey, Theodorus *  
Bailey, Thomas  
Bailey, Thurber  
Bailey, William  
Baily, Daniel  
Bain, A. W.  
Bain, Robert M. *  
Name List of Documents
Bain, Thomas  
Bainbridge, Arthur  
Bainbridge, Joseph *  
Bainbridge, William * Biography
Bainbriggs or Bainbrigge  
Baines, John  
Baird, George W.  
Baird, J. T.  
Baird, John R.  
Baird, Marcus  
Baird, S. P.  
Baird, William P.  
Bairnson, John  
Baker, A. E.  
Baker, Adam N. *  
Baker, Alfred E.  
Baker, Andrew  
Baker, B.  
Baker, Benjamin  
Baker, Benjamin R.  
Baker, Bolling  
Baker, Charles  
Baker, Charles  
Baker, Charles B.  
Baker, Charles H.  
Baker, Cyrus Alger  
Baker, E. S.  
Baker, Edward  
Baker, F. E.  
Baker, Francis H.  
Baker, G. W.  
Baker, George  
Baker, George  
Baker, George  
Baker, George A.  
Baker, George H.  
Baker, George L.  
Baker, George M.  
Baker, George S.  
Baker, George W.  
Baker, H. R.  
Baker, Henry  
Baker, Henry  
Baker, Henry  
Baker, Henry  
Baker, Henry  
Baker, Henry *  
Baker, Henry C.  
Baker, Henry R.  
Baker, Henry S.  
Baker, J. J.  
Baker, J. S.  
Baker, Jacob  
Baker, James  
Baker, James  
Baker, James McCutcheon *  
Baker, Jefferson Bayle  
Baker, Jeremiah  
Baker, Jerhan, Jr.  
Baker, John *  
Baker, John  
Baker, John F.  
Baker, John O.  
Baker, John R.  
Baker, John P.  
Baker, John Wallet  
Baker, Jonathen  
Baker, Jonathen  
Baker, Joseph S.  
Baker, Joseph Fairchild  
Baker, Joshua  
Baker, Lew U.  
Baker, Loreny O.  
Baker, Lott  
Baker, Louis  
Baker, Louisa  
Baker, Martin  
Baker, Michael J.  
Baker, Peter  
Baker, Robert A.  
Baker, Samuel  
Baker, Thomas  
Baker, Thomas *  
Baker, Thomas  
Baker, William  
Baker, William  
Baker, William  
Baker, William Henry  
Baker, William R.  
Bakewell, R. A.  
Balboa, Vasco Nuney de  
Balch, Edward  
Balch, F. K.  
Balch, John  
Balch, George B. *  
Balcom, Andrew J.  
Balcom, Sullivan  
Baldrick, Thomas  
Baldridge, Harry A.  
Baldwin, A. J.  
Baldwin, Augustus S.  
Baldwin, Benjamin F.  
Baldwin, Charles  
Baldwin, Charles E.  
Baldwin, Charles H.  
Baldwin, Charles Henry *  
Baldwin, David  
Baldwin, David P.  
Baldwin, E. M.  
Baldwin, Edward H.  
Baldwin, Edward M.  
Baldwin, Evelyn B.  
Name List of Documents
Baldwin, Isaac  
Baldwin, J. Beecher  
Baldwin, Jacob *  
Baldwin, James G. *  
Baldwin, James M.  
Baldwin, James P.  
Baldwin, John  
Baldwin, John B.  
Baldwin, Joseph F.  
Baldwin, Lloyd B.  
Baldwin, Loammi *  
Baldwin, N. P.  
Baldwin, P.  
Baldwin, Robert G.  
Baldwin, Robert T. *  
Baldwin, Russel  
Baldwin, Samuel  
Baldwin, Theodore E.  
Baldwin, Thomas  
Baldwin, Thomas  
Baldwin, W. P.  
Baldwin, William  
Baldwin, William  
Baldwin, William Henry  
Baldwin, William N. *  
Baldwin, William S.  
Baldy, George A.  
Bale, James  
Balentine, William J. *  
Balestier, Robert S.  
Balfour, George *  
Balfour, Gilvert  
Ball, Abihaj  
Ball, George  
Ball, George W.  
Ball, Gideon J.  
Ball, Israel  
Ball, Israel R.  
Ball, J.  
Ball, James  
Ball, John  
Ball, John  
Ball, John L.  
Ball, Jonas  
Ball, Joseph  
Ball, L. B.  
Ball, Lucius W.  
Ball, Lysander C.  
Ball, Richard  
Ball, Walter  
Ball, William  
Ball, William H. *  
Ball, Zopher  
Ballam, Joseph  
Ballance, John  
Ballard, Aaron  
Ballard, Edward J.  
Ballard, Granville M.  
Ballard, Henry E. *  
Ballard, Jonathan M. *  
Ballard, Thomas M.  
Balling, H.  
Ballowe, John  
Ballowe, William L.  
Balls, John G.  
Balhsty, Francis  
Balmana, F. C.  
Balston, O. F.  
Balston, Oscal F.  
Balthis, David V.  
Baltzer, Robert M.  
Bamford, Charles C.  
Bamford, Joseph  
Ban, George  
Banbry, William  
Bancroft, George Biography
Bancroft, Henry  
Bancroft, James  
Bandel, Decatur  
Banes, William  
Banfield, William K.  
Bangs, Edward Wilson  
Bangs, Eli A.  
Bangs, Elkanah  
Bangs, Stephen Decatur  
Bangs, Thomas  
Bangs, William  
Bangs, William D. *  
Banifer, David  
Banister, Samuel B. *  
Banister, Willim *  
Bankhead, James M.  
Bankhead, John Pine *  
Banknecht, Thomas E.  
Banks, Edward  
Banks, Howard A.  
Banks, John S. *  
Banks, Lindsey  
Banks, Thomas  
Bannan, Douglas R.  
Bannerman, W. T.  
Banning, Edmund, P.  
Banning, Freeborn  
Bannister, John  
Bannister, John  
Bannister, Robert B.  
Bannon, A.  
Banta, John T.  
Banten, Ainton  
Banten, William  
Barabino, N. C.  
Barber, A. H.  
Barber, James S.  
Barber, John  
Barbie, Raphiel *  
Barbot, Alphonse *  
Barbour, Robert W.  
Name List of Documents
Barclay, Alexander J.  
Barclay, Charles J. *  
Barclay, John  
Barclay, John  
Barclay, John A.  
Barclay, John D.  
Barclay, Joseph O.  
Barclay, M. J.  
Barclay, Peter Francis  
Barclay, Richard R.  
Barclay, Thomas  
Barclay, William  
Barclay, William H.  
Barco, Caleb  
Barcus, Willard  
Bard, Barney  
Bard, Nathan (See BOX 10A)  
Bard, Ralph A.  
Bardeau, Jean  
Barentson, O.  
Barford, Peter  
Barin, Louis T.  
Barker, Albert L.  
Barker, Albert Smith * Moved to Rare MSS 0064 (Jan 11 2024)
Barker, Alexander J.L.  
Barker, Alexander N.  
Barker, Daniel Palmer  
Barker, Edward *  
Barker, Edward T.  
Barker, George  
Barker, George F.  
Barker, George W.  
Barker, Henry  
Barker, Jacob  
Barker, James T.  
Barker, John  
Barker, John  
Barker, John K.  
Barker, John R.  
Barker, John Woody *  
Barker, Jonathan K.  
Barker, Josiah  
Barker, M.B.  
Barker, R.  
Barker, Stephen N.  
Barker, Theodore *  
Barker, William  
Barker, William  
Barker, Zachary  
Barkman, Ned W.  
Barksdale, Sterling L.  
Barley, M.G.  
Barlow, Aaron  
Barlow, Arnold *  
Barlow, Charles B.  
Barlow, Frederick S.  
Barlow, Michawl  
Barlow, Soloman Nye  
Barlow, Thomas  
Barlow, Walter  
Barlow, William J.  
Barm, Anderw W.  
Barmae, Gilbert  
Barmae, John  
Barmae, Nathaniel  
Barnard, Benjamin  
Barnard, Bemjamin H.  
Barnard, F.I.  
Barnard, George A.  
Barnard, Henry  
Barnard, Oliver  
Barnard, Peter  
Barnard, Warren  
Barnes, Breasted  
Barnes, Daniel  
Barnes, George  
Barnes, George  
Barnes, George P.  
Barnes, Henry  
Barnes, Isaac  
Barnes, James  
Barnes, James Emmett  
Barnes, James O.  
Barnes, Sanford  
Barnes, Jeremiah  
Barnes, John  
Barnes, John S.  
Barnes, Joseph  
Barnes, Leakin  
Barnes, Lorin  
Barnes, Nathan Hale  
Barnes, Winslaw Bradford  
Barnet, Edward A. *  
Barnet, Sabino  
Barnett, Alfred  
Barnett, Albert E.  
Barnett, E.A.  
Barnett, George  
Barnett, Isaac  
Barnett, James  
Barnett, James C.  
Barnett, Robert  
Barnett, Thomas A.  
Barnette, Bradford *  
Barnette, William J. *  
Bard, Nathan  
Name List of Documents
Barnetz, Charles V.  
Barneville, Edward  
Barnewall, Edward  
Barnewall, Edward  
Barney Family  
Barney, Charles  
Barney, James  
Barney, John  
Barney, Joseph Nicholson  
Barney, Joshua * Biography
Barney, Nannie Dornin  
Barney, Samule Chase  
Barney, Seth  
Barnhalt, George  
Barnicoat, E.W.  
Barnstey, Samuel  
Barnum, Augustus  
Barnum, Daniel  
Barnum, Henry G., Jr.  
Baron, Alexander  
Baron, J.B.  
Barone, Vicenzo  
Barr, Amos  
Barr, Ebenezer  
Barr, Enis  
Barr, J.  
Barr, James  
Barr, John  
Barr, John Christie  
Barr, William M.  
Barrabino, Napoleon C. *  
Barrele, George  
Barrele, Henry  
Barret, Joseph  
Barrett, Asa  
Barrett, Coleman C.  
Barrett, Edmund  
Barrett, Edward  
Barrett, Edward  
Barrett, Edward  
Barrett, Edward  
Barrett, George W.  
Barrett, Henry  
Barrett, Henry  
Barrett, James  
Barrett, James  
Barrett, John  
Barrett, John  
Barrett, John  
Barrett, John  
Barrett, Joseph  
Barrett, L.  
Barrett, Michael  
Barrett, Peter  
Barrett, Theodore B.  
Barrett, Thomas  
Barrett, W.W.  
Barrett, Willim C.  
Barrett, William H.  
Barringer, Jeremiah  
Barrington, Samuel *  
Barrington, Sidney  
Barron Family  
Barron, Alexander  
Barron, Benjamin A. *  
Barron, H.F.  
Barron, Jacob  
Barron, Jacob  
Barron, James  
Barron, James * Biography
Barron, James R.  
Barron, John  
Barron, John  
Barron, John M.  
Barron, Samuel *  
Barron, Samuel Sr. *  
Barron, Samuel, Jr. *  
Barron, William  
Barrou, John  
Barrou, Sampson  
Barrows, Henry Clar  
Barrows, William V.  
Name List of Documents
Barry, Decatur  
Barry, Dennis  
Barry, Edward  
Barry, Erastus  
Barry, Frank  
Barry, Garrett, R.  
Barry, George  
Barry, George J.  
Barry, Gerald H.  
Barry, J.C.  
Barry, Jerold  
Barry, John  
Barry, John * Biography
Barry, John *  
Barry, John Anthony  
Barry, Joseph  
Barry, Patrick Henry  
Barry, Philip  
Barry, Richard  
Barry, Stephen Reid  
Barry, Thomas  
Barry, Thomas F.  
Barry, Thomas P.  
Barry, W.W.  
Barry, William A.  
Barry, William H.  
Barrymore, W.  
Barrymore, William  
Barsaglini, Lorenzo  
Barstow, Charles N.  
Barstow, Havilena  
Barstow, Josiah M.  
Barstow, Robert  
Barstow, William C.  
Bart, Jean  
Barteauz, E.L.  
Barter, George  
Barter, Hoxie L.  
Barter, Samuel  
Barth, Otto  
Barthalomew, Benjamin  
Barthalomew, H.L.  
Barthalomew, John Cooper  
Barthalomew, L.  
Barthalomew, L.S.  
Batlemen, R.M.  
Bartelet, A.  
Bartelet, henry E.  
Bartlett, Charles H.  
Bartlett, Charles L.  
Bartlett, David  
Bartlett, E.P. *  
Bartlett, E.W.  
Bartlett, Ezra *  
Bartlett, Francis *  
Bartlett, G.H.  
Bartlett, George H.  
Bartlett, George Oakes  
Bartlett, Henry A.  
Bartlett, Isaac Cook  
Bartlett, John R.  
Bartlett, Joseph H.  
Bartlett, Joseph T.  
Bartlett, Joshua  
Bartlett, Josiah  
Bartlett, Peleg  
Bartlett, Robert  
Bartlett, Stephen C.  
Bartlett, T.  
Bartlett, Thomas  
Bartlett, Washington A. *  
Bartlett, William  
Bartoll, John  
Barton, Charles  
Barton, Charles C. *  
Barton, George deF.  
Name List of Documents
Barton, Gerald  
Barton, J.K.  
Barton, J. Kennedy  
Barton, John Kennedy  
Barton, Jerard  
Barton, Jonathan Q. *  
Barton, Robert Rittenhause *  
Barton, Robert R.  
Barton, Seth  
Barton, Theodore  
Barton, Thomas B.  
Barton, Thomas C.  
Barton, W.H.  
Barton, William Paul Crillon  
Bartow, Theodore  
Bascom, Lysander  
Basha, John  
Bashford, A.P.  
Bass, Alden  
Bass, Ebenezer  
Bass, Ephraim C. *  
Bass, George  
Bass, Thomas  
Bass, William W.  
Bassant, Abraham W.  
Bassell, John Y.  
Basset, Barakiah  
Bassett, Ebenezer  
Bassett, Ezra  
Bassett, Henry Willis  
Bassett, Isaac  
Bassett, James  
Bassett, Newcomb  
Bassett, Orville  
Bassett, Simon S.  
Bassett, Thornton  
Bassett, W.W.  
Bassett, Welley Wheeler  
Bassett, William Davidson  
Bassett, Zenas Doane  
Bassford, William B.  
Bassini, Bernardo *  
Basye, James  
Batchelder, Andrew J.  
Batchelder, George G.  
Batcheller, O.A.  
Bateman, John  
Bates, Adna N.  
Bates, Alexander B. Biography
Bates, Andrew E.  
Bates, B.H.  
Bates, Dwight  
Bates, Frank  
Bates, George  
Bates, George W.  
Bates, Godfrey C.  
Bates, Harry C.  
Bates, Henry  
Bates, Joel N.  
Bates, John  
Bates, John A.  
Bates, John E.  
Bates, Joseph S.  
Bates, Newton L.  
Bates, Phineas  
Bates, Richard  
Bates, Thomas  
Bates, Thomas M.  
Bates, Thomas S.  
Bates, W.H.  
Bates, William  
Bates, William  
Bates, William J.  
Batey, Andrew  
Batione, Dominick B.  
Batsch, Carl Ferdinand  
Bath, John  
Battelle, Everette  
Batter, C.W.  
Batter, James M.  
Batter, Oscar P.  
Battersby, Matthew  
Battis, John  
Battle, John M.  
Battle, Richard J.  
Battles, Robert  
Batts, Timothy  
Batty, John  
Baudi, Gioranni Antonio  
Baudoin, Frank Louis  
Baudry, Jerome Keating  
Bauer, A.  
Bauer, Henry C.  
Bauer, K. Jack  
Baugh, Lewis Delong  
Baughman, George E.  
Baughman, H.C.  
Baulsir, William J.  
Baumback, B.F.  
Baumgias, peter  
Baury, Frederic F. *  
Baury, Frederick  
Bausman, R.A.  
Baxendale, Henry  
Baxter, Albert  
Baxter, Alfred  
Baxter, Alfred  
Baxter, Charles H.  
Baxter, Franklin  
Baxter, Frederick P.  
Baxter, Henry  
Baxter, Henry  
Baxter, I.B.  
Baxter, James W.  
Baxter, Robert  
Baxter, William H.  
Baxter, William J.  
Baxter, William T.  
Bay, Nathaniel G.  
Bayard, Charles Carroll  
Bayard, John R.  
Bayer, H.V.  
Bayley, Warner Baldwin  
Bayley, William  
Bayler, H.W.  
Bayler, Warner Lewis  
Bayley, Laban  
Bayley, Lewis  
Bayne, Andrew R.  
Bayne, Peter *  
Bayne, William E.  
Bays, George  
Beach, Charles A.  
Beach, E.L.  
Beach, J.  
Beach, Thomas  
Beach, W.P.  
Beacham, Elisha J.  
Beadel, Edward N.  
Beadnell, John  
Beal, Foster E.L.  
Name List of Documents
Beal, William  
Beale, Edward Fitzgerald  
Beale, George  
Beale, Joseph  
Beale, Joseph  
Beale, Robert  
Beale, Warren H.  
Beall, Charles  
Beall, Charles B.  
Beall, Charles F.  
Beall, Frederick  
Beall, John V.  
Beall, John Y.  
Beall, John Y.  
Beall, Lloyd J. *  
Beam, Peter M.  
Beam, W.M.  
Beamen, Ezra  
Beamen, George W.  
Bean, George F.  
Bean, John  
Bean, John N.  
Bean, John W.  
Bean, Joseph  
Bean, Samuel  
Bean, William  
Bean, William S.  
Beanes, William *  
Beans, James  
Beans, Samuel S.  
Beard, A.  
Beard, George W.  
Beard, Grave S.  
Beard, James  
Beard, John  
Beard, Lewis  
Beardslee, Lester Anthony  
Beardsley, Benjamin  
Beardsley, Edward T.  
Beardsley, Robert  
Bearss, H.I.  
Beasley, George F.  
Beasley, J.W.  
Beasly, Stephen  
Beason, John  
Beath, John  
Beaton, James  
Beattie, Francis Smith  
Beattie, Lucuis H.  
Beattie, William A.  
Beatty, Frank Edmund  
Beatty, J.  
Beatty, James  
Beatty, John T.  
Beatty, Robert  
Beatty, William  
Beauchamp, Hiram  
Beauchamp, Joseph  
Beauchamp, William W.  
Beaufort, Francis
Beaufort, Melville P. *  
Beaufort, William de  
Beaumarchais, Carron de  
Beaumont, John C. *  
Beaumont, Louis C.  
Beaven, John  
Beanley, Francis J.  
Bebee, E.  
Beck, Alfred M.  
Beck, Charles *  
Beck, Charles E.  
Beck, James F.  
Beck, John Edward  
Beck, Morris P.  
Beck, Rudolph  
Beck, W. Daniel  
Beck, William B.  
Beck, William W.  
Becker, Victor  
Beckett, Benjamin H.  
Beckford, George  
Beckford, William  
Beckford, William  
Beckner, John T.  
Beckshafft, C.W.  
Beckwith, Henry C.  
Beckwith, Isaac C.  
Beckwith, Is. L.  
Beckwith, Nehemiah, Jr.  
Beckwith, Robert  
Beckwith, S.M.  
Beddleton, William  
Bedell, Charles  
Bedford, George  
Bedford, William  
Bee, Benjamin F.  
Beebe, Abner  
Beebe, Daniel G.  
Beebee, Samuel Harris  
Beecher, A.M.  
Beecher, Amos  
Beecher, Benjamin  
Beecher, William P.  
Beehler, William H.  
Beer, Joseph  
Beercraft, Henry  
Beers, B.F.  
Beers, Frank H.  
Beers, James R.  
Beeson, Jack Juniper  
Name List of Documents
Beeston, Robert  
Beetle, David S.  
Begem, John  
Begg, John  
Behm, Charles F.W.  
Behrens, Christopher  
Beirne, Andrew P.  
Belcher, Edward A.  
Belcher, James  
Belcher, James Alvin  
Belcher, Joshua Henshaw *  
Belcher, Leray W. *  
Belcher, Thomas  
Belcher, Thomas E.  
Belden, Sanuel  
Belding, John  
Belding, Ludovicus  
Belding, N.H.  
Belin, James A.  
Belino, John  
Belknap, A.W.  
Belknap, Alfred A.  
Belknap, Charles  
Belknap, George Eugene *  
Belknap, Henry S.  
Belknap, Reginald R.  
Bell, Alexander  
Bell, Benjamin  
Bell, Charles  
Bell, Charles Heyer *  
Bell, Charles S.  
Bell, Clarence  
Bell, Daniel  
Bell, David N.  
Bell, Edward  
Bell, Edward B.  
Bell, George  
Bell, George  
Bell, George  
Bell, George D.  
Bell, George R.  
Bell, George W.  
Bell, Green  
Bell, Henry  
Bell, Henry  
Bell, Henry  
Bell, Henry Haywood *  
Bell, J.A.  
Bell, J. Snowden  
Bell, Jacob  
Bell, James  
Bell, James  
Bell, James  
Bell, James  
Bell, James S.  
Bell, Jefferson  
Bell, John  
Bell, John  
Bell, John  
Bell, John M.  
Bell, John R.  
Bell, John Randolph  
Bell, John Sidney
Bell, Mathias  
Bell, Nebicut Sneezer William  
Bell, R.W.  
Bell, Richard  
Bell, Robert  
Bell, Thaddeus  
Bell, Thomas  
Bell, Thomas G.  
Bell, Thomas P.  
Bell, Thomas W.  
Bell, W.B.  
Bell, W.L.  
Bell, William  
Bell, William  
Bell, William  
Bell, Wilson F.  
Bellairs, Roger Mowbray  
Bellamy, Jefferson  
Bellamy, John M.  
Bellamy, Marsdem  
Bellan, John  
Bellande, Antoine  
Bellomy, W.  
Bellaw, James  
Bellawe, William L.  
Bellaws, Charles S.  
Bellaws, Edward  
Bellaws, Norman N.  
Bellaws, Otis  
Belmonte, Adolphe  
Belscher, Alexander  
Belson, Michael  
Belt, John  
Belt, William  
Belt, William J.  
Belvin, J.W.  
Bemis, Daniel  
Bemis, George F.  
Bemis, Lawell  
Benbow, Charles L.  
Bencher, J.  
Bender, Lewis  
Bendernagel, John  
Benedict, Edward Ruthvan  
Benedict, Isbon C.  
Benedict, James M.  
Benedict, N.B.  
Benedict, William H.  
Beneish, Charles  
Beneley, Henry J.  
Benefield, George  
Benham, Andrew E.K.  
Benham, Charles A.  
Benham, Henry K.  
Benham, Peter  
Benham, Thomas W. *  
Benham, Timothy Green  
Benjamin, Henry  
Benjamin, James S.  
Benjamin, Myron F.  
Benjamin, Park  
Benner, isaac  
Benneis, Thomas  
Benneson, R.M.  
Bennet, George  
Bennet, Robert  
Bennett, ________  
Bennett, Abraham  
Bennett, Alder  
Bennett, Alden B.  
Bennett, Arthur  
Name List of Documents
Bennett, Clement W.  
Bennett, Cornelius *  
Bennett, D.M.  
Bennett, David  
Bennett, Edward  
Bennett, Edward  
Bennett, Edward William  
Bennett, Floyd  
Bennett, Frank Marion  
Bennett, George  
Bennett, George  
Bennett, George  
Bennett, George A.  
Bennett, George M.  
Bennett, Henry  
Bennett, Miram *  
Bennett, J.W.  
Bennett, James  
Bennett, James  
Bennett, James  
Bennett, James Jr.  
Bennett, James A.  
Bennett, James W.A.  
Bennett, Jeremiah H.  
Bennett, John  
Bennett, John  
Bennett, John  
Bennett, John F.  
Bennett, John S.  
Bennett, John W. *  
Bennett, John W. *  
Bennett, John W.  
Bennett, Leonard H.  
Bennett, Louis  
Bennett, Nathan  
Bennett, Nugent T.  
Bennett, Oscar  
Bennett, Peter  
Bennett, Richard  
Bennett, S.M.  
Bennett, Thomas  
Bennett, Thomas  
Bennett, Thomas J.  
Bennett, Thomas Wade  
Bennett, William *  
Bennett, William C.  
Bennett, William M.  
Bennett, Zebulan  
Bennington, Hugh  
Bennis, S.V.  
Bennitt, Perkins C.  
Benoist, Charles  
Bensall, Thomas *  
Benshimal, David  
Benson, A.F.  
Benson, Cephas Webb  
Benson, Charles S.  
Benson, Douglas *  
Benson, F.  
Benson, George F.  
Benson, George H.  
Benson, Henry
Benson, Jacob  
Benson, James  
Benson, James Franklin  
Benson, John  
Benson, John B.  
Benson, John George  
Benson, Joseph  
Benson, Marcus  
Benson, Oscar  
Benson, Peter  
Benson, William  
Benson, William  
Benson, William Shepard *  
Bent, Orin  
Bent, Silas *  
Benthall, Robert  
Benthall, Thomas W.  
Bentley, J.C.  
Bentley, James E.  
Bentley, John  
Bentley, John H.  
Bentley, John W.  
Bentley, Josiah H.  
Bentley, George W.  
Benton, David *  
Benton, Frederick L.  
Benton, Henry W.  
Benton, John  
Benton, John  
Benton, Mortimer Murray  
Benton, Osmer M.  
Benton, Rasmus  
Bentz, William  
Berend, Alexander  
Berend, Charles  
Beresford, George  
Berg, Jacob  
Bergh, Christian *  
Bergner, A.M.  
Bergstrom, Peter  
Berkley, Luther Lee  
Berkman, John  
Bernadau, John Babtiste  
Bernard, Peter  
Bernard, Robert  
Bernard, Stephen  
Bernbaum, O.K.  
Berney, Alfred  
Bernhardt, Maurice  
Bernheim, Samuel  
Berian, Frank Dunn  
Berrian, Hobert  
Berrian, John M.*Berrian, Raymond  
Berrian, Thomas M.  
Berrian, William L.  
Berry, Albert Gleaves (RADM, USN)  
Berry, Albert S.  
Berry, Alfred F.  
Berry, Benjamin  
Berry, Benjamin H.  
Berry, Charles  
Berry, Charles  
Berry, Charles  
Berry, Charles  
Berry, Charles H.  
Berry, David C.  
Name List of Documents
Berry, Horace N.  
Berry, J. Appleton  
Berry, James  
Berry, James H.  
Berry, John  
Berry, John  
Berry, John  
Berry, John F.  
Berry, John G.  
Berry, John G.  
Berry, John Ruth  
Berry, Joseph  
Berry, Richard *  
Berry, Richard  
Berry, Richard D.  
Berry, Robert  
Berry, Robert  
Berry, Robert M. *  
Berry, Thomas G.  
Berry, William  
Berry, William C. *  
Berryhill, Thomas Andrew  
Berrman, E.C.  
Berryman, Ottway Heary *  
Berryman, Robert  
Berryman, William  
Berthe, James  
Bertholf, Wallace  
Berthoux, Francis Y.  
Bertin, Alexander  
Bertin, J.A.  
Bertody, Charles  
Bertolette, Daniel N.  
Bertrand, Eli  
Berwind, Edward J. *  
Besley, Oliver  
Beson, John  
Bessant, Abraham W.  
Besse, Ansel B.  
Besson, George Washington *  
Bessonnett, Charles  
Best, Henry  
Best, J.  
Best, John  
Best, Louis *  
Best, Samuel  
Best, William D.  
Best, William J.  
Beston, Henry  
Betcher, William  
Bethea, James R.  
Bettersworth, Alonzo  
Belticher, John  
Betton, Edward C.  
Betts, C.S.  
Betts, Charles T.  
Betts, William  
Bevens, John  
Beveridge, David  
Beverley, Carter *
Beverley, George W.  
Bevill, F.  
Bevin, Edward  
Bevington, Hugh  
Bevins, John T.  
Bevins, Seth  
Bey, George  
Beyer, Gustave M.  
Beyer, Julius F. *  
Beyse, Albert  
Bibb, Thomas  
Bibber, Charles J.  
Bibbs, Frank P.  
Bibrim, William F.  
Bickford, Henry  
Bickford, John  
Bickford, John F.  
Bickford, Thomas  
Bicknell, Charles E.  
Bicknell, George A.  
Bickerstaff, Samuel  
Bidault, Brustus E.  
Biddle, Charles  
Biddle, Clement *  
Biddle, James *  
Biddle, Nicholas *  
Biddle, William P.  
Bidwell, Benjamin  
Bidwell, Francis A.  
Bieg, F.C.  
Bielby, Porteus B.  
Bier, George H. *  
Bierbower, F.H.  
Bierer, B.B.  
Bigelow, Abraham  
Bigelow, Abraham  
Bigelow, Benjamin F.  
Name List of Documents
Bigelow, George A.  
Bigelow, William J.  
Biggin, Patrick  
Biggio, William  
Biggs, H.W.  
Biggs, Joseph  
Biggs, Joseph J.  
Bigler, Epaminodas L.  
Bigonesse, Jean  
Bigonesse, Joseph  
Bigonne, Joseph  
Bilisoly, Antonio  
Bill, Edward  
Bill, George  
Billenstein, I.J.  
Billings, H.C.  
Billings, Henry R.  
Billings, Luther Guiteau *  
Billings, N.  
Billingslea, Charles Clarence  
Billingsley, Amoss  
Billingsley, John Allen  
Billingsley, William D.  
Bills, Elijah  
Billups, G.W.  
Bimmister, G.W.  
Binford, William  
Bing, James  
Bingham, Edward  
Bingham, George  
Bingham, Hamilton  
Bingham, Hiram  
Bingham, John F.  
Binney, Amos  
Binney, David  
Binesse, Alfred  
Binswanger, M.  
Biondi, Eugene Napoleon *  
Birch, J. Douglas *  
Birch, James H.  
Birch, Kendall P.  
Birch, Richard E.  
Birch, Thomas  
Birch, Warren  
Birchard, William A.  
Birchmore, William  
Bird, Amos  
Bird, Derrick  
Bird, Edward *  
Bird, Francis O.  
Bird, George  
Bird, James *  
Bird, John H.  
Bird, Joseph R.  
Bird, Philip A.  
Bird, William E.  
Birdsey, Jonal Abel  
Birge, Walter F.  
Birkey, Henry W. *  
Birney, E.  
Birnie, Edward A. *
Birtwistle, James  
Bisbee, E.S.  
Bische, Henry  
Bische, Lawrence  
Bisco, James  
Bisel, Amos T.  
Bishop, Alexander McC.  
Bishop, Asa  
Bishop, Edward G.  
Bishop, Ichabod  
Bishop, J.  
Bishop, John  
Bishop, John  
Bishop, John  
Bishop, Joseph  
Bishop, Joshua *  
Bishop, Samuel C.  
Bishop, Theodore H.  
Bishop, William H.  
Bishop, William H.  
Bispham, John Elton *  
Bissell, Charles D.  
Bissell, Frank  
Bissell, George B.  
Bissell, George E.  
Bissell, John  
Bissell, O.J.  
Bissell, S. Sherwood  
Bissell, Simon  
Bisset, Eugene L.  
Bisset, John J.  
Bissett, Henry O.  
Bissett, John  
Bisson, Peter  
Bitchey, Olver J.  
Bither, Augustus F.  
Bittinger, Edmund C.  
Bixby, George H.  
Black, Alexander  
Black, Clarence E.  
Black, Duncan  
Black, James *  
Black, John  
Black, John  
Black, John A.  
Black, John H.  
Black, Mathew  
Black, Peter  
Black, Richard  
Black, Robert L.  
Black, Samuel  
Black, Samuel  
Black, Samuel  
Black, T.J.  
Black, Thomas  
Black, William  
Black, William  
Black, William  
Blackford, George D.  
Blackford, John T.  
Blackie, Andrew *  
Blackler, William T.T.  
Name List of Documents
Blackman, E. Thompson  
Blackman, J.B.  
Blackman, John  
Blackman, Robert  
Blackman, Samuel  
Blackman, Theodore  
Blackmar, Alfred Owen, Jr.  
Blackmer, Erastus  
Blackmer, John  
Blackmon, N.L.  
Blackmore, William F.  
Blacknall, George  
Blackwell, Benjamin  
Blackwell, R.S.  
Blackwell, William C.  
Blackwood, John G.  
Blackwood, Norman, J.  
Bladgen, William H.  
Blague, Edward P.  
Blaikie, Andrew  
Blaine, James H.  
Blair, Frank  
Blair, James  
Blair, James *  
Blair, James  
Blair, James Lawrence  
Blair, Joseph  
Blair, Moses Dickinson  
Blair, Nathan  
Blair, Robert  
Blair, Thomas W.  
Blair, William  
Blair, William  
Blair, William  
Blaisdell, John  
Blaisdell, Michael  
Blaisdell, N.J.  
Blake, Adam  
Blake, Andrew  
Blake, Charles  
Blake, Charles A.  
Blake, Charles A.  
Blake, Charles Follen *  
Blake, D.W.  
Blake, David  
Blake, David C.  
Blake, Edward  
Blake, Elliott C.V.  
Blake, Francis  
Blake, Francis B.  
Blake, Francis R.  
Blake, Francis O.  
Blake, Frederick W.C.  
Blake, George  
Blake, George S.  
Blake, George Smith *  
Name List of Documents
Blake, Henry  
Blake, Henry Jones *  
Blake, Henry T. *  
Blake, Homer Crane *  
Blake, John  
Blake, John  
Blake, John  
Blake, John B.  
Blake, John Bartholomew  
Blake, Joseph D.  
Blake, Joseph M.  
Blake, Joseph R.  
Blake, Josephus  
Blake, Joshua  
Blake, N.S.  
Blake, Peter  
Blake, Seneca  
Blake, William  
Blakeley, Johnston *  
Blakeley, Robert  
Blakely, James  
Blakely, Ubney  
Blakely, William  
Blakeman, A. Noel  
Blakeman, Robert S.  
Blakeney, William C.  
Blakesby, Abraham P.  
Blakey, William G.  
Blamer, D.W.  
Blamey, ______  
Name List of Documents
Blanc, Samuel D. *  
Blanca, Joseph  
Blanch, Henry  
Blanch, William A.  
Blanchard, A.S.  
Blanchard, Arthur Bailly  
Blanchard, Charles A. *  
Blanchard, Gilbert S.  
Blanchard, Hollis H.  
Blanchard, Horatio S.  
Blanchard, Jeremiah F.  
Blanchard, John  
Blanchard, Lucier  
Blanchard, Thomas  
Blanchfield, John  
Bland, Elbert  
Bland, Thoedorie  
Bland, William  
Blandin, John J. *  
Blandy, William H.P.  
Blankenhern, Charles Henry  
Blankenship, Levi  
Blankton, William L. *  
Blasdell, Charles M.  
Blasdell, N.J.  
Blass, Gilbert  
Blatchford, John T.  
Blatchford, Richard  
Blauvelt, Charles F.  
Blazo, Michael  
Blekney, William C.  
Bleecker, Clarence  
Bleecker, John V.B. *  
Blen, Charles  
Blenkinsop, James  
Blenkinsop, Robert  
Blenny, Patrick  
Blesdale, William  
Blessey, Peter  
Blessing, Charles W.  
Blessing, James H.  
Blevny, Patrick  
Blish, George W.  
Blish, Owen  
Bliss, Frederick  
Bliss, Frederick Heindrich  
Bliss, Hendrich  
Bliss, James  
Bliss, Nathan  
Bliss, Owen  
Bliss, Owen  
Bliss, Peter  
Bliss, Sylvanus I.  
Blizzard, James C.  
Bloch, Claude C.  
Blocki, Franz  
Blockinger, Gatefield  
Blodgett, Phineas  
Blodgett, G.S.  
Blodgett, George M.  
Blodgett, John H.  
Blodgett, William
Blood, Charles A.  
Blood, John  
Bloodgood, Delavan *  
Bloodgood, George  
Bloodgood, James  
Bloodgood, Nathan  
Bloodgood, William A. *  
Bloom, John Frederick  
Bloomsburg, John *  
Bloor, William V.  
Bloos, Tilghman  
Blossom, Edward C.  
Blount, Alexander C.  
Blount, Charles Henry  
Blount, Irving  
Blount, Jacob A.  
Blount, John Gray  
Blount, McGregor  
Blount, Thomas H.  
Blount, William  
Blow, George P. Biography
Blow, Richard  
Blow, William H.  
Bloxopoulas, J.  
Bloxsom, Woodman  
Blue, Victor  
Blum, Frank L.  
Blumberg, Frank, ENC  (See ZO - Expeditions, Box 2A:  Wilkins Submarine Expedition to Arctic, 1931)  
Blume, F.M.  
Blume, Nils A. *  
Blumer, Otto  
Blumer, William F.  
Blumt, E.  
Blumt, Francis  
Blumt, John  
Blumt, John  
Blumt, Marks  
Blumt, Miles  
Blumt, Silas  
Blumt, William Sinclair  
Blunt, Edmund M.  
Blunt, Simon Fraser  
Bly, Isaac  
Bly, Nellie  
Blydenburgh, Benhamin B.  
Blye, Henry Clay  
Blyth, George  
Blyth, Samuel  
Blythe, Andrew  
Blythe, David  
Boam, George  
Boandman, Charles  
Boarman, Charles *  
Bock, Gustavo Adolfo  
Bock, William H.  
Bock, William N.  
Bocky, Adolph H.  
Bodaker, James  
Boden, Charles A.  
Boden, Charles D.  
Boden, William  
Bodfish, J.L.  
Bodfish, Mortimer L.  
Bodine, William A.  
Bodle, John  
Bodley, Thomas  
Bodman, H.A.  
Bodwell, Moses  
Boehner, H.E.  
Boerner, Gustavus  
Boerum, George C.  
Boerum, Martin  
Boerum, William  
Bogan, Charles H.  
Bogardus, A. Robert  
Bogardus, Peter C.  
Bogart, Edward S.  
Bogart, George M.  
Bogart, John H.  
Bogart, Robert D.  
Bogert, Jacob W.  
Bogg, Archibald G.  
Boggs, Charles Stewart *  
Name List of Documents
Boggs, Ely M.  
Boggs, George B.  
Boggs, J.S.  
Boggs, James J.  
Boggs, William  
Boggs, William Brenten  
Boggs, William C.  
Bogman, James  
Bohaman, Charles B.  
Bohen, Mike  
Bohen, Peter  
Bohrer, Julius, S.  
Boher, Julius S., Jr.  
Boies, David A.  
Boig, John Burns  
Bois, Frank  
Boivie, Adam H.S.  
Boivie, Alfred L.C.  
Boland, Andrew  
Boland, William F.  
Bolander, Amos *  
Bolejacki, Joseph  
Boler, Goerge P.  
Bolger, Joseph Francis  
Bolivar, Simon  
Bollard, Martin  
Bolles, C.P.  
Bolles, Henry S.  
Bolles, John  
Bolles, John A.  
Bolles, John M.  
Bolles, T.D.  
Bolovr, Richard  
Bolt, John  
Bolton, Michael  
Bolton, Samuel L.  
Bolton, Thomas  
Bolton, William Compton  
Bolton, William H.  
Bolton, William J.  
Bomgasnar, Jacob  
Bomford-Kelley Family  
Bonaparte, Charles Joseph Biography
Bond, Daniel D.  
Bond, James S.  
Bond, John M.  
Bond, Stephen  
Bond, William  
Bond, William C.  
Bondurant, Walter E.  
Bone, George W. *  
Bonewell, Michael  
Bonfil, Antonio  
Bonfils, S.F.  
Bonford, Lewis  
Bonlin, Patrick  
Bonneau, Francis Nathaniel  
Bonnell, William  
Bonner, James  
Bonner, James C.  
Bonner, John  
Bonner, John  
Bonner, John  
Bonner, Marrion Haines  
Bonner, S.L.  
Bonneville, Thomas N.  
Bonney, Joseph  
Bonsall, A.E.  
Bonsall, Edward  
Bonsal, Isaac  
Bonsal, Thomas W. *  
Bonsal, William R.  
Bonsteel, Daniel  
Bonticon, William E.  
Booby, Henry  
Book, George Milton  
Booker, E.  
Bookwalter, Charles S.  
Bool, William  
Boolwright, James B.  
Boomer, David  
Boomer, Ephraim  
Boomer, John N.  
Boomer, Joseph  
Boomer, Joshua  
Boone, Allen R.  
Boone, Noel T.  
Boone, William  
Boone, William C.  
Booraem, Henry  
Boorom, J.D.  
Booth, Alonzo G.  
Booth, Daniel *  
Booth, Edwin G. *  
Booth, George A.  
Booth, John Wilkes *  
Booth, Jonas T.  
Booth, Joseph  
Booth, Junius Brutus  
Booth, Mordecai *  
Booth, William Harris  
Boothe, A.J.  
Bopp, James H.  
Bor, Joseph H.  
Borchert, George A. *  
Bord, Harris  
Borden, Henry S.  
Borden, Isaac H.  
Borden, John  
Borden, John Frederick  
Borden, Nelson C.  
Borden, Prince S.  
Borden, William C.  
Bordley, John B.  
Bordley, Thomas H.  
Name List of Documents
Bordman, Charles  
Bordman, Charles D. *  
Bordman, Simon  
Boren, Coleman  
Borie, Adolph Edward * Biography
Borland, Thomas  
Borman, John  
Borres, Paul  
Bortas, M.  
Borhurck, John  
Borton, James D.  
Borum, Charles *  
Boshell, Charles  
Bosque, Agenor  
Boss, Robert P.  
Bossiere, Joseph S.  
Boster, Charles  
Bostick, Edward Dorsey  
Bostick, William  
Boston, Richard H.  
Bostram, John  
Bostwick, Davies  
Bostwick, John  
Bostwick, Robert C.  
Bostwick, Samuel  
Boswell, William  
Bosworth, Daniel P.  
Bosworth, Harlan P.  
Bosworth, Jeremiah  
Bosworth, John M.  
Bosworth, Nathaniel  
Bosworth, Thomas  
Botas, John  
Botsferd, William  
Boteler, Joseph C.  
Botten, Charles W.  
Bouchard, Cleophas L. *  
Bouchard, William C.  
Bouchelle, Benjamin Franklin  
Boucher, John Henry  
Boudet, Louis  
Boudinot, John  
Boudinot, William E. *  
Bouford, Lewis  
Boughton, David  
Boughton, Hezekiah  
Boughton, Napoleon  
Boulin, Patrick  
Boult, Thomas H.  
Boulton, Samuel L.  
Boulvare, Benjamin Franklin  
Bourk, Richard  
Bourke, E.J.  
Bourke, John A.  
Bourne, Benjamin C.  
Bourne, Edmund L.  
Bourne, George W.  
Bourne, Peter  
Bourne, William  
Bousch, Charles Sayer  
Bousch, Daniel  
Bousch, George R.  
Bousch, Wilson  
Bouschelle, Benjamin Franklin  
Boutelle, Charles Addison *  
Boutelle, Charles O.  
Boutwell, Edward B. *  
Boutwell, S.H.  
Bow, Michael  
Bowater, William  
Bowden, Benhamin A.  
Bowden, George  
Bowden, Isaiah W.  
Bowditch, Nathaniel  
Bowditch, William H.  
Bosdoin, Lloyd  
Bowdy, John A.  
Bowe, George A.  
Bowe, Michael  
Bowen, Aaton S.  
Bowen, Cornelius J.  
Bowen, Edwin F.  
Bowen, Frederick  
Bowen, George F.  
Bowen, George H.  
Bowen, George Henry *  
Bowen, James  
Bowen, John E.  
Bowen, John H.  
Bowen, Joseph  
Bowen, Joseph  
Bowen, Oliver  
Bowen, Robert J.  
Bowen, Sayles Jenks  
Bowen, Thomas Corwin *  
Bowen, Thomas J.  
Bowen, W.S.  
Bower, James H.  
Bower, Nelson  
Bowers, D.  
Bowers, Daniel G.  
Bowers, David  
Bowers, David  
Bowers, David Jr.  
Bowers, Edward C., Jr. *  
Bowers, Edward Carrington *  
Bowers, F.C.  
Bowers, F.O.  
Bowers, J.E.  
Bowers, J.L.  
Bowers, John L.  
Bowers, John Moore  
Bowers, Joseph *  
Bowers, Lawrence M.  
Bowers, Samuel  
Bowers, Wanten O.  
Bowers, William L.  
Bowers, William Lloyd  
Bowie, A.J.  
Bowie, Argyle Campbell  
Bowie, Henry  
Bowie, Wallace A.  
Bowland, J.P.  
Bowland, James W.  
Bowlen, John  
Bowler, John R.  
Bowler, Michael  
Bowles, James  
Bowles, John  
Bowles, R.C.  
Bowlin, John  
Name List of Documents
Bowlin, William M.  
Bowling, James T.  
Bowman, Andrew  
Bowman, Christopher  
Bowman, Daniel  
Bowman, Isaac  
Bowman, John  
Bowman, John W.  
Bowman, Robert  
Bowman, Robert H.  
Bowtell, Henry S.  
Boxley, James G.  
Boxley, Joseph J.  
Boxton, Thomas  
Boyce, Edwin F.  
Boyce, L.R.  
Boyd, Alexander  
Boyd, Barclay D.  
Boyd, Belle  
Boyd, Charles Harrod  
Boyd, David  
Boyd, George  
Boyd, James *  
Boyd, James  
Boyd, James T.  
Boyd, James W.  
Boyd, John  
Boyd, John  
Boyd, John C.  
Boyd, John Quincy Adams  
Boyd, Joseph  
Boyd, Joseph Johnson  
Boyd, Leonard  
Boyd, Louis M.  
Boyd, Robert  
Boyd, Samuel  
Boyd, Samuel Charles  
Boyd, Thomas  
Boyd, Thomas  
Boyd, Thomas Ducklit  
Boyd, Thomas J.  
Boyd, William *  
Boyd, William  
Boyd, William  
Boyd, William Stokes  
Boyden, J. Wesley  
Boyden, Jeremiah  
Boyden, Paul  
Boyden, Warren C.  
Boyer, Charles C.  
Boyer, Frederick  
Boyer, Samuel P.  
Boykin, Jerry  
Boylen, C.  
Boylen, Christopher  
Boyle, Daniel  
Boyle, Eugene  
Boyle, Francis  
Boyle, John  
Boyle, John  
Boyle, John  
Boyle, John  
Boyle, John  
Boyle, Julius  
Boyle, Junius J.  
Boyle, Llewellyn  
Boyle, Patrick  
Boyle, Peter  
Boyle, Thomas *  
Boyle, Thomas W.  
Boyles, Abram  
Boyles, Stiles E.  
Boylston, Zabdial  
Boynton, James V.  
Boys, Nathan  
Boyson, William  
Brackell, Richard  
Bracken, William  
Brackenridge, H.M.  
Brackett, Frank E. *  
Brackett, George F.  
Brackett, Horace W. *  
Brackett, John  
Brackett, Leonard  
Bracklin, John  
Bracknell, John  
Braconier, Gustav  
Bradburn, William R.  
Bradbury, David  
Bradbury, E.E.  
Bradbury, Edward E.  
Bradbury, George H.  
Bradbury, George H. *  
Bradbury, Isaac L.  
Bradbury, M. Simmone  
Bradbury, William  
Braden, Sprville  
Bradest, John  
Bradford, David *  
Bradford, Ebenezer  
Bradford, Gramaliel  
Bradford, John O. *  
Bradford, John S.  
Bradford, Joseph C.  
Bradford, Joseph M. *  
Bradford, Lawrence  
Bradford, Ofey *  
Bradford, Royal Bird *  
Bradford, W.L.  
Bradford, William  
Bradford, William L. *  
Bradfuts, O.B.  
Bradhurst, B.  
Bradhurst, John  
Bradish, Napoleon  
Bradley, Augustus L.  
Bradley, C.  
Bradley, Charles  
Bradley, Charles  
Bradley, David  
Bradley, E.R.  
Bradley, F.W.  
Bradley, Francis J.  
Bradley, Franklin  
Bradley, George  
Bradley, George H.  
Bradley, George P.  
Bradley, Isaac M.  
Bradley, James H.  
Bradley, John  
Bradley, John B.  
Bradley, Matthew  
Bradley, Michael  
Bradley, Samuel G.  
Bradley, Terry  
Bradley, Titus  
Bradley, William  
Bradley, William J.  
Bradley, William Thomas  
Bradling, L.  
Name List of Documents
Bradner, Thomas J. *  
Bradshaw, James A.  
Brady, Barnard  
Brady, Edward  
Brady, Edward  
Brady, Edwin  
Brady, Edwin L.  
Brady, George  
Brady, Harrison Graves  
Brady, James  
Brady, James T.  
Brady, James W.  
Brady, Jerrymiah *  
Brady, John  
Brady, John  
Brady, John  
Brady, Matthews  
Brady, Mathias  
Brady, Nicholas B.  
Brady, Patrick  
Brady, Peter  
Brady, Peter R.  
Brady, William N.  
Bragg, Calvin M.  
Bragg, Calvin P.  
Bragg, Charles P. *  
Bragg, Harold  
Bragg, Ira  
Bragg, John A.  
Bragg, William  
Bragonier, Oscar  
Braidwood, William  
Brain, John Clibben *  
Brainard, John C.  
Brainard, S.  
Braine, Daniel L. *  
Braine, John Clibben *  
Brainerd, Abijah  
Brainerd, W.F.  
Braisted, John M.  
Braley, George F.  
Bralich, Peter  
Braman, D.R.  
Braman, William  
Brame, John  
Brampton, Benjamin C.  
Branch, John 1782-1863 Biography
Brand, Alfred  
Brand, C.A.  
Brand, Frederick B.  
Brand, Johann  
Brandegee, D. & J.  
Brandon, Christopher  
Brandon, Gerard  
Brandon, Thomas  
Brandt, Richard Brooke  
Brandt, Thomas  
Brandt, William W.  
Brandt, William W.  
Branfuhr, A.F.G.  
Brann, John  
Brannan, Edward  
Brannan, James A.  
Brannan, John  
Brannan, Thomas  
Brannen, James  
Branning, Robert  
Brannock, William  
Brannon, H.  
Brannon, Hugh  
Brannon, Michael  
Bransby, John  
Bransford, John Francis *  
Branson, Henry  
Branson, Ware  
Brant, Joseph  
Brant, Thomas C.  
Brantingham, Charles H.  
Brantley, Beverly B.  
Brantz, Lewis  
Brash, James  
Brasher, Thomas M. *  
Brashers, W.C.  
Brashiers, Richard  
Brasie, Jacob  
Brasser, Louis  
Braswell, G.W.  
Bratt, Carbs  
Braunersreuther, William  
Brawley, Richard R.  
Braxtor, Albert  
Braxtor, Council  
Bray, Francis  
Bray, John  
Bray, John  
Bray, Oliver  
Bray, Stephen  
Bray, William  
Brayton, Daniel C. *  
Brayton, J.B.  
Brazee, John  
Brazell, John *  
Breakell, Richard  
Braker, C.W.  
Brecht, Frderick E.  
Brecht, Theodore C.  
Breck, Edward  
Breck, Joseph Berry *  
Breck, R.A.  
Breck, Samuel  
Breckinridge, Clifton Rhodes  
Breckinridge, John C.  
Breckinridge, Joseph Cabell  
Bredin, James  
Breed, Cyrus W.  
Breed, Edward D.  
Breed, George  
Breed, Holton J.  
Breen, Daniel  
Breener, Robert  
Breese, E. Marshall  
Breese, James  
Breese, James B.  
Breese, John  
Breese, Kidder Randolph * Biography
Breese, S. Livingston  
Breese, Samuel L. *  
Breese, Samuel Sidney  
Breese, Thomas  
Breeze, Theodore  
Name List of Documents
Breman, Frank A.  
Bremond, Dennis *  
Brenaman, Charles P.  
Brennan, Christopher  
Brennan, Dennis  
Brennan, Edward  
Brennan, Thomas  
Brennand, Edward E. *  
Brennen, Edward C. *  
Brennon, John  
Brent, Daniel G. *  
Brent, Francis Ferdinand  
Brent, George Lee  
Brent, Thomas W. *  
Brentnall, J.P.  
Brereton, John A.  
Brereton, Thomas  
Brereton, Thomas  
Breshwood, John G. *  
Breslin, Robert  
Breslyn, Jeremiah C.  
Bretelle, Richard  
Brett, Edmund  
Brett, Henry  
Brevoort, Henry Bergen  
Brewer, A.D.  
Brewer, Henry J.  
Brewer, James  
Brewer, John  
Brewer, Joseph  
Brewer, Lucy *  
Brewer, Silas  
Brewer, Stephen A.  
Brewer, Thomas  
Brewerton, G.D.  
Brewerton, George *  
Brewster, C.W.  
Brewster, Caleb *  
Brewster, Fred  
Brewster, Henry  
Brewster, James  
Brewster, N.  
Brewster, Nathaniel  
Brewster, Patrick  
Brewster, Robert R.  
Brewster, Samuel  
Brewster, W.  
Brewster, Wentworth H.  
Brewster, Zadock  
Brewton, Joseph  
Brian, E.F.  
Brian, Peter  
Briard, John  
Brice, Henry  
Brice, J.  
Brice, J.  
Brice, J.J.  
Brice, John J. *  
Brice, John William  
Brice, W.  
Brice, William Howard *  
Briceland, Isaac N.  
Brick, Warrant  
Brickell, D. Warren  
Brickell, Zachary  
Bricker, William F.  
Brickett, George F.  
Bride, Rufus W.  
Bride, Sanuel  
Bridge, Horatio *  
Bridge, William King  
Bridges, Charles P.  
Bridges, E.L.  
Bridges, Elisha Hall  
Bridges, John  
Bridges, William E.  
Bridget, Fancis Joseph  
Brierby, Stephen  
Briett, William  
Briggs, Barney  
Briggs, Benjamin  
Briggs, Cary  
Briggs, Charles  
Briggs, Charles C.  
Briggs, David L.  
Briggs, Ezra  
Briggs, George W.  
Briggs, John D.  
Briggs, John G.  
Briggs, John L.  
Briggs, John P.  
Briggs, John W.  
Briggs, Orson  
Briggs, Robert  
Briggs, Thomas  
Briggs, W.H.  
Briggs, Walter  
Briggs, William  
Brigham, LeGrand Bliss  
Brigham, John C.  
Brigham, Joseph L.  
Brigham, Levi L.  
Bright, Jacob L.  
Bright, George A.  
Bright, George Franklin  
Bright, George Washington  
Bright, Washington  
Bright, William  
Brightman, P.O.  
Brighton, Jeremiah  
Brickhorst, Edward  
Name List of Documents
Brindley, John T.  
Brink, Benjamin H.  
Brink, Edward H. *  
Brinkerhoff, C.H.  
Brinkerhoff, I.  
Brinkerhoff, Philip  
Brinkley, John  
Brinkley, William  
Brinser, Harry L.  
Brintnall, Caleb  
Brintnall, John P.  
Briscoe, D.L.  
Brisleham, John  
Brison, R.  
Bristol, Mark L.  
Bristol, Nathan  
Bristow, John  
Britt, John  
Brittain, Carlo Bonaparte *  
Brilter, Levi T.  
Brittingham, A.P.  
Brinntingham, William F. *  
Britton, George *  
Britton, James *  
Britton, John  
Britton, R.F.  
Britton, Samuel B. Jr.  
Britzi, William  
Broadbent, Joseph  
Broadbridge, Hugh  
Broadus, W.S.  
Broadwater, Cavington  
Broakman, W.G.  
Broatch, J.W.  
Broce, George T.  
Brock, Jacob  
Brock, Oliver S.  
Brock, Osmond de Beauvoir  
Brock, Samuel  
Brockbank, Robert  
Brockenbrough, George L.  
Brockenbrough, John  
Brockett, William B. *  
Brockington, Samuel A. *  
Brocklinger, G.  
Brockwell, A.W.  
Brodell, Charles  
Brodhead, Edgan *  
Brodhead, Thomas W.  
Brodie, Andrew  
Brodie, Charles D.  
Brofey, William J.  
Brogan, John  
Brogan, Martin  
Brogan, Samuel H.  
Broker, John  
Bromback, Benjamin F.  
Bromedge, Hugh  
Bromhead, William D.  
Bromley, George  
Bronaugh, William V.  
Bronson, Abel  
Bronson, Amon  
Bronson, J.J.  
Bronson, Reuben  
Brook, D.  
Brooke, Benjamin E. *  
Brooke, George T.  
Brooke, John F.  
Brooke, John Mercer *  
Brooke, Lawrence *  
Brooke, Michael  
Brooke, Samuel B.  
Brooke, Walter *  
Brooke, William  
Brooking, William  
Brookings, Samuel  
Brooks, Alfred  
Brooks, David  
Brooks, Edward  
Brooks, Edward W.  
Brooks, Edwin C.  
Brooks, Edwin F.  
Brooks, Everett W. *  
Brooks, Henry  
Brooks, Horace  
Brooks, James C.  
Brooks, John  
Brooks, John *  
Brooks, John Jr.  
Brooks, John A.J. *  
Brooks, John D.  
Brooks, John L.  
Brooks, John M.  
Brooks, John S.  
Brooks, John T.  
Brooks, Leslie *  
Brooks, Nelson J.  
Brooks, Robert  
Brooks, Robert F.  
Brooks, Samuel  
Brooks, Samuel A.  
Brooks, Samuel B. *  
Brooks, Samuel F.  
Brooks, Samuel R. *  
Brooks, Samuel S.  
Brooks, Stephen  
Brooks, Thomas  
Brooks, W.B.  
Brooks, William  
Brooks, William  
Brooks, William  
Brooks, William *  
Brooks, William  
Brooks, William  
Brooks, William B.  
Name List of Documents
Brooks, William M.  
Brooks, William P. *  
Broom, E.L.  
Broom, James *  
Broom, John  
Broome, Henry C.  
Broome, James  
Broome, John  
Broome, John Lloyd *  
Brophy, John P.  
Brophy, W.  
Brose, Fred F. *  
Brosnahan, John G.  
Brosnahan, George W.  
Brosnahan, Nicholson  
Brouillette, Celestin  
Browder, George W.  
Brower, Edwin Tracy  
Brower, T. McCauley  
Brown, A.  
Brown, A.M.  
Brown, Abraham  
Brown, Adam  
Brown, Alanson  
Brown, Albert D.  
Brown, Alexander  
Brown, Alexander  
Brown, Alexander J.D.  
Brown, Alfred B.  
Brown, Alfred N.  
Brown, Allan D. *  
Brown, Amos *  
Brown, Amos  
Brown, Amos A.  
Brown, Antonio  
Brown, Arthur K. *  
Brown, B. Frank  
Brown, Benjamin  
Brown, Benjamin  
Brown, Benjamin F.  
Brown, C.C.  
Brown, C.G.  
Brown, C.H.  
Brown, Calvin  
Brown, Cephas  
Brown, Charles  
Brown, Charles  
Brown, Charles  
Brown, Charles  
Brown, Charles  
Brown, Charles  
Brown, Charles  
Brown, Charles  
Brown, Charles  
Brown, Charles  
Brown, Charles Franklin  
Brown, Charles H.  
Brown, Charles Henry  
Brown, Christian  
Brown, Curtis  
Brown, Cyrus  
Brown, Daniel  
Brown, Daniel Marshall  
Brown, David  
Brown, David  
Brown, David A. *  
Brown, David A.  
Brown, E.  
Brown, E.J.  
Brown, Edward  
Brown, Edward  
Brown, Edward Graham *  
Brown, Egert B.  
Brown, Eli *  
Brown, Eliphalet Jr. *  
Brown, Elisha  
Brown, Elisha Deering  
Brown, Enoch  
Brown, Ernest J.  
Brown, Eugene H.  
Brown, F.  
Brown, F.J.  
Brown, Francis Samuel  
Brown, Frank D.  
Brown, Frank O. *  
Brown, Frederic  
Brown, G.D.  
Brown, George *  
Brown, George  
Brown, George *  
Brown, George  
Brown, George  
Brown, George  
Brown, George  
Brown, George  
Brown, George  
Brown, George  
Brown, George A.  
Brown, George E.  
Brown, George H.  
Brown, George M.  
Brown, George M.  
Brown, George W.  
Brown, George W.  
Brown, Gustavus R.  
Brown, Guy W.  
Brown, H.  
Brown, H.  
Brown, H.M.  
Brown, Harald T.  
Brown, Harry Fletcher.  
Brown, Hawley  
Brown, Henry  
Brown, Henry  
Brown, Henry  
Brown, Henry *  
Brown, Henry  
Brown, Henry  
Brown, Henry  
Brown, Henry B.  
Brown, Henry W.  
Brown, Hebert A.  
Brown, Hogan  
Brown, Horace F.  
Brown, Horace T.  
Brown, Hoeatio N.  
Brown, Hugh  
Brown, I.B. *  
Brown, Isaac  
Brown, Isaac H.  
Brown, Isaac T.  
Brown, Isaac Newton *  
Brown, Israel  
Brown, Israel  
Brown, J.  
Brown, J.M.  
Brown, J.M.M.  
Name List of Documents
Brown, Jacob  
Brown, James  
Brown, James  
Brown, James  
Brown, James  
Brown, James  
Brown, James  
Brown, James  
Brown, James  
Brown, James  
Brown, James  
Brown, James  
Brown, James  
Brown, James  
Brown, James  
Brown, James  
Brown, James A.D.  
Brown, James Freeman  
Brown, James J.  
Brown, James M.  
Brown, James W.  
Brown, James W.  
Brown, James Warren  
Brown, John *  
Brown, John  
Brown, John  
Brown, John  
Brown, John  
Brown, John  
Brown, John  
Brown, John  
Brown, John  
Brown, John  
Brown, John  
Brown, John  
Brown, John  
Brown, John  
Brown, John  
Brown, John  
Brown, John  
Brown, John  
Brown, John  
Brown, John  
Brown, John *  
Brown, John  
Brown, John  
Brown, John  
Brown, John  
Brown, John  
Brown, John A.  
Brown, John B.  
Brown, John B.  
Brown, John F.  
Brown, John H.  
Brown, John H. *  
Brown, John Hogan *  
Brown, John L. *  
Brown, John Mills *  
Brown, John Peter *  
Brown, John W.  
Brown, John W.  
Brown, Jonathan  
Brown, Joseph *  
Brown, Joseph Jr.  
Brown, Joseph F.  
Brown, Joseph S.  
Brown, Josiah  
Brown, Josiah Arnold  
Brown, Kenneth J.  
Brown, Lathem A.  
Brown, LaFayette J. *  
Brown, Laurence  
Brown, Lewis  
Brown, Lewis A.  
Brown, M.  
Brown, M.H.  
Brown, Marshall  
Brown, Martin  
Brown, Michael  
Brown, Michael  
Brown, Moses  
Brown, Moses *  
Brown, Nahum  
Brown, Nathan  
Brown, Nathan  
Brown, Nathen T.  
Brown, Nathen W.  
Brown, Nicholas  
Brown, Noah *  
Brown, P.H.  
Brown, P.S.  
Brown, Palmyra  
Brown, Patrick  
Brown, Peter  
Brown, Peter  
Brown, Philip  
Brown, Pike *  
Brown, Richard  
Brown, Robert  
Brown, Robert  
Brown, Robert  
Brown, Robert  
Brown, Robert H.  
Brown, Robert M.G.  
Brown, Robert W.  
Brown, Roswell  
Brown, Roger  
Brown, Ross  
Brown, Rowland B.  
Brown, S.  
Brown, S.T.  
Brown, Samuel  
Brown, Samuel *  
Brown, Samuel P. *  
Brown, Spencer H. *  
Brown, Stimpson J.  
Name List of Documents
Brown, Symmes E.  
Brown, Theodore E.  
Brown, Theodore J.  
Brown, Thomas  
Brown, Thomas  
Brown, Thomas  
Brown, Thomas  
Brown, Thomas  
Brown, Thomas  
Brown, Thomas  
Brown, Thomas *  
Brown, Thomas  
Brown, Thomas Benten  
Brown, Thomas G.  
Brown, Thomas H.  
Brown, Thomas R.  
Brown, Thomas W.  
Brown, Thompson  
Brown, Timothy D.  
Brown, Tony  
Brown, Uriah  
Brown, W.  
Brown, W.R.  
Brown, W.R.  
Brown, Weaver  
Brown, William  
Brown, William *  
Brown, William  
Brown, William  
Brown, William *  
Brown, William  
Brown, William  
Brown, William  
Brown, William  
Brown, William  
Brown, William  
Brown, William *  
Brown, William  
Brown, William B.  
Brown, William Edwin  
Brown, William G.  
Brown, William H.  
Brown, William H.  
Brown, William H.  
Brown, William J.  
Brown, William M.  
Brown, William R.  
Brown, William S.  
Brown, Wilson  
Brown, Wyatt  
Brown, Zachariah Taylor  
Browne, A.J.D.  
Browne, Alex  
Browne, Benjamin Franklin  
Browne, Daniel Rodney  
Browne, E.H.  
Browne, Francis  
Browne, Frank E.  
Browne, Frank S.  
Browne, George C.  
Browne, George W.  
Browne, George W.  
Browne, Henry R.  
Browne, John Mills  
Browne, Joseph Vincent  
Browne, Keyes Donforth  
Browne, Orris A. *  
Browne, P.H.  
Browne, Richard A.  
Browne, Richard A.  
Browne, S.E.  
Browne, Samuel T.  
Browne, W.  
Browne, William  
Browne, William B. *  
Browne, William Ross *  
Brownell, C.D.  
Brownell, Gideon V.  
Brownell, Henry H.  
Brownell, John  
Brownell, Stephen P.  
Brownell, Thomas  
Brownell, W.P.  
Brownell, William P.  
Browning, Montague Edward  
Browning, Oliver B.  
Browning, Oren F.  
Browning, Robert L. *  
Browning, Robert Lewright *  
Browning, Robert S.  
Browning, Thomas  
Browning, William A. *  
Brownlee, James J.  
Brownlee, John  
Brownlaw, Robert L.  
Brownridge, G.T.  
Brownson, Benjamin  
Brownson, Clarence G.  
Brownson, Erastus M. *  
Brownson, Reuben  
Brownson, Willard Herbert *  
Bruce, Amor  
Bruce, David  
Bruce, David *  
Bruce, Emery  
Bruce, Frank  
Bruce, Henry *  
Bruce, James *  
Bruce, John  
Bruce, John F.  
Bruce, Luther  
Bruce, Martin F.  
Bruce, Samuel R.  
Bruce, Thomas  
Bruce, W.G.  
Brum, James R. *  
Brum, William  
Brumback, Benjamin F.  
Brumby, Frank H.  
Brumby, Thomas M.  
Brundage, John  
Brunner, C.N.  
Brunner, Elias D. *  
Name List of Documents
Brunner, J.A.  
Brunner, J.P.  
Brunner, Josephus  
Bruno, Charles  
Bruns, John Henry  
Brute, Simon Gabriel  
Bryan, C.P.  
Bryan, Charles  
Bryan, George P.  
Bryan, Guy  
Bryan, H.F.  
Bryan, Henry W.  
Bryan, James  
Bryan, James Yeoman  
Bryan, John Randolph *  
Bryan, Joseph H.  
Bryan, Lloyd J. *  
Bryan, Samuel  
Bryan, Sudney Berwick *  
Bryan, Travis Bell  
Bryan, William A.  
Bryant, Henry  
Bryant, Henry Grier  
Bryant, J.D.  
Bryant, John  
Bryant, John L. *  
Bryant, John R.  
Bryant, Joseph  
Bryant, Leon  
Bryant, Martin  
Bryant, Nathaniel C. *  
Bryant, P.M.  
Bryant, Robert  
Bryant, Russell  
Bryant, Samuel E.  
Bryant, Seth  
Bryant, William  
Bryant, William M. *  
Bryee, J.W.  
Bryson, Andrew *  
Bryson, J.  
Bryson, Thomas  
Bubier, John *  
Bubier, Joseph  
Bubier, Joseph A.  
Buchanan, Charles  
Buchanan, E.M.  
Buchanan, Franklin *  
Buchanan, G.  
Buchanan, George  
Buchanan, James  
Buchanan, Joseph S.  
Buchanan, McKean  
Buchanan, Thomas McKean *  
Buchanan, Walter Washington *  
Buck, Charles H.  
Buck, Charles W.  
Buck, George  
Buck, George H.  
Buck, Isaac  
Buck, James *  
Buck, James  
Buck, James  
Buck, James F.  
Buck, Joseph P.  
Buck, Lymen  
Buck, Marcus Calmes  
Buck, Nicholas  
Buck, Samuel  
Buck, William A.  
Buck, William H.  
Buck, William T. *  
Buckelew, Charles H.  
Buckholdt, William  
Buckhout, John  
Buckhout, Nathan W.  
Buckingham, Benjamin H.  
Buckingham, Nathan M.  
Buckler, George  
Buckless, Henry S. *  
Name List of Documents
Buckley, C.  
Buckley, John  
Buckley, John  
Buckley, John T.  
Buckley, Joseph  
Buckley, N.  
Buckley, Thomas  
Bucklin, Daniel  
Buckman, Joseph  
Buckman, Robert L.  
Buckman, Samuel  
Bucknam, Albion K.P. *  
Bucknam, Ransford D.  
Buckner, Garrett D.  
Buckner, J.H.  
Buckner, Levi F.  
Buckner, S.R.  
Buckner, William  
Buckner, William *  
Buckner, William Perry *  
Budd, George  
Budd, John  
Budd, John  
Budd, T.M.  
Budd, Thomas (Dr.)  
Budd, Thomas A. *  
Budd, William *  
Buddendorff, Robert J.  
Buddington, J.  
Buddington, James M.  
Budson, Joseph *  
Buehler, William G.  
Buel, Jeremiah  
Buell, James W.  
Buell, Jephtha  
Buell, Jeremiah  
Buell, William  
Buell, William A.  
Buenzle, Fred J.  
Busing, John H.  
Buffington, William J.  
Bufad, John  
Buhlew, Matthew  
Buhner, Albert  
Buley, Henry D.  
Bulger, James  
Bulger, James  
Bulkeley, Francis H.  
Bukkley, Charles  
Bulkley, J.  
Bulkley, J. Henry  
Bulkley, Robert J. Jr.  
Bulkley, William N.  
Bull, Benjamin S.  
Bull, Charles  
Bull, Cornelius W.  
Bull, George H.  
Bull, Goold H. *  
Bull, James A.  
Bull, James Henry  
Bull, Thomas  
Bull, Wilfrid  
Bullard, A.F.  
Bullard, Cyrus  
Bullard, Joel A. *  
Bullard, John  
Bullard, William H.G.  
Bullen, Charles T.  
Bullen, Richard  
Buller, William  
Bullfinch, S.  
Bullis, Arnold  
Bullis, William H.  
Bullis, William H.  
Bulloch, Irvine S.  
Bulloch, James D. *  
Bullock, Charles H.  
Bullock, Ebenezer P.  
Bullock, John  
Bullock, Jonathen  
Bullus, Charles J. *  
Bullus, John *  
Bullus, Oscar  
Bullus, Robert T.  
Bulmer, Roscoe Carlyle  
Bulsen, Samuel  
Bultmann, Julius  
Bumpus, Elisha M.  
Bumpus, Owen  
Bumpus, Samuel S.  
Bumgarner, Jacob  
Bunee, Benjamin  
Bunee, Francis M. *  
Bunee, Israel S.  
Bunch, George  
Bundick, Marcellus  
Bundick, Pernell O.  
Bunicum, John  
Bunker, C.C.  
Bunker, Horace G.  
Bunker, Nicholas  
Bunn, Reuben  
Bunnel, David C.  
Bunnell, George Wallace  
Bunner, J.C.  
Name List of Documents
Bunner, John C.  
Bunner, John C.  
Bunten, Clinton  
Bunting, James H.  
Bunyen, James  
Bunyen, Paul Vallrie  
Burbage, Thomas I. *  
Burbank, Charles H.  
Burbank, John  
Burlage, Ephraim  
Burbidge, Robert  
Burch, Francis  
Burch, James  
Burch, John  
Burch, Levi  
Burch, Warren  
Burcham, George E.  
Burchan, John  
Burehard, Jaben  
Burehard, Moses  
Burehard, William A.  
Burchmore, John Henry *  
Burchstead, Benjamin B. *  
Burchum, George  
Burd, G.E.  
Burdein, John  
Burden, John  
Burdelt, Francis R.  
Burdelt, Henry D. *  
Burdelt, Henry D.  
Burdick, Family  
Burdick, Elnathen  
Burdick, Peleg  
Burdick, William E.  
Burditt, William *  
Burge, Michael  
Burge, William J.  
Burger, Theodore W.  
Burgess, Dempsey C.  
Burgess, Francis  
Burgess, George *  
Burgess, Nathaneil  
Burgess, William  
Burgess, William G.  
Burghardt, Garrett  
Burgin, John  
Burgis, J.  
Burgoyne, John R.  
Burgoyne, Leonidas R.  
Burhans, James E.  
Burham, Stephen  
Burk, Daniel  
Burk, John  
Burk, Joseph  
Burk, Richard  
Burk, William  
Burke, Alonzo  
Burke, Andrew  
Burke, Arleigh A. *  
Burke, Charles  
Burke, David  
Burke, Edmund  
Burke, James C.  
Burke, James Pickens  
Burke, John  
Burke, Joseph M.  
Burke, Michael M.  
Burke, P.B.  
Burke, Russell  
Burke, Soran  
Burke, Thomas  
Burke, Thomas  
Burke, Thomas *  
Burke, W.E.  
Burke, William  
Burke, William C.  
Burke, William G.  
Burke, William P. *  
Burkelt, George W.  
Burkelt, Theodore F.  
Burkham, Lorenzo  
Burkhead, William O.  
Burkilt, Burgis  
Burleigh, Daniel Coffin  
Burlingame, Wilson D.  
Burley, Bennett G.  
Burn, Bernard  
Burn, Conrad  
Burn, Eugene  
Burnap, George J.  
Burnell, John  
Burnell, Michael  
Burnes, James  
Burnes, John  
Burnes, Samuel  
Burnet, James C.  
Burnett, James  
Burnett, James G.  
Burnett, N.  
Burnett, Peter  
Burnett, William  
Burnette, Jeremiah  
Burnery, E.  
Burnham, A.  
Burnham, Albion  
Burnham, Charles Curtis  
Burnham, Francis A.  
Burnham, J.  
Burnham, Johnson  
Burnham, Jonas  
Burnham, Josias  
Burnham, Lensing I.  
Burnham, Mortimer  
Burnham, R.J.  
Burnham, Richard  
Burnham, Richard Johnson  
Burnie, Thomas  
Burniece, William *  
Burns, Aaron  
Burns, C.  
Burns, Caeser  
Burns, Charles  
Burns, Charles M.  
Burns, Daniel  
Burns, Edmund  
Burns, Francis  
Burns, Francis  
Burns, Garrott  
Burns, George  
Burns, Harry W.  
Burns, Henry  
Burns, Henry  
Burns, James  
Burns, James  
Burns, James  
Burns, James  
Burns, James  
Burns, James  
Name List of Documents
Burns, James  
Burns, James A.  
Burns, Jereme  
Burns, John  
Burns, John  
Burns, John  
Burns, John  
Burns, John  
Burns, John Sr.  
Burns, John Lewis  
Burns, John S.  
Burns, Martin  
Burns, Michael  
Burns, Michael  
Burns, Michael  
Burns, Otway *  
Burns, Owen *  
Burns, Patrick  
Burns, Peter  
Burns, Peter  
Burns, Robert  
Burns, Robert  
Burns, Thomas *  
Burns, Thomas *  
Burns, Thomas *  
Burns, Thomas  
Burns, Thomas  
Burns, Thomas  
Burnside, Cameron *  
Burr, Horace C. *  
Burrage, Guy Hamilton  
Burrell, James  
Burrett, William  
Burris, William J.  
Burriss, James  
Burriss, Joseph N.  
Burraughs, Daniel W.  
Burraughs, Orran  
Burraughs, Sherman Everett Jr.  
Burraughs, William  
Burraughs, William  
Burrows, Benjamin  
Burrows, George W.  
Burrows, H.L.  
Burrows, J.  
Burrows, J.F.  
Burrows, James  
Burrows, James W.  
Burrows, John *  
Burrows, Rhodes  
Burrows, Stephen  
Burrows, Stephen H.  
Burrows, William *  
Burrows, William  
Burrows, William Ward  
Burrus, Edmund  
Bursley, Ira  
Burt, Charles H.  
Burt, Charles S.  
Burt, Cramer  
Burt, Edward C.  
Burt, Frederick A.  
Burt, George A.  
Burt, John Otis  
Burt, Nelsen  
Burt, Simeon  
Burtchaell, Nicholas  
Burthan, James  
Burton, D.F.  
Burton, Edward H.  
Burton, James H.  
Burton, John  
Burton, Joseph  
Burton, Richmond  
Burton, Rufus  
Burton, Thomas  
Burton, William H.  
Burtt, Thaddeus M.  
Burts, Wilbur F.  
Bushby, B.F.  
Bushby, Robert  
Busch, John  
Bush, George W.T.  
Bush, Leo B.  
Bush, Robert  
Bush, William Sharp *  
Bushbank, John  
Bushee, Leonard  
Bushnell, Charles  
Busnell, David *  
Busheng, Israel  
Bussey, James  
Bussie, Robert  
Buster, John M.  
Butcher, Henry  
Butcher, John  
Butcher, Thomas  
Butler, Cornelius  
Butler, Edmund  
Butler, Edward A.  
Butler, F.M.  
Name List of Documents
Butler, George  
Butler, George  
Butler, George  
Butler, George  
Butler, George  
Butler, Henry  
Butler, Henry V.  
Butler, James  
Butler, James  
Butler, James  
Butler, John  
Butler, John  
Butler, John  
Butler, John  
Butler, John F.  
Butler, John F.  
Butler, John H.  
Butler, John H.  
Butler, John J.  
Butler, John J.  
Butler, John M.  
Butler, John M.  
Butler, John O. *  
Butler, Joseph C.  
Butler, Levi  
Butler, Levi T.  
Butler, Reuben  
Butler, Richard  
Butler, Robert  
Butler, Robert  
Butler, Smedley D.  
Butler, Sprague J.  
Butler, Thomas  
Butler, William  
Butler, William  
Butler, William  
Butler, William  
Butler, William  
Butler, William  
Butler, William  
Butler, William Landen  
Butler, William Lee  
Butler, William R.  
Butler, William S.  
Butt, Francis F.  
Butt, James B. *  
Butt, James B.  
Butt, Josiah W.  
Butt, Walter Raleigh *  
Butterfield, John  
Butterfield, Samuel  
Butterfield, William  
Butters, Francis  
Butterworth, James  
Butterworth, James  
Butterworth, Thomas  
Buttman, Julius  
Button, James  
Butts, James  
Butts, Moses P.  
Butts, Robert  
Butts, William  
Buxtell, Henry  
Buxton, George W.  
Buxton, James H.  
Byard, Silas  
Byington, Thomas  
Byland, James  
Bynum, Henry  
Byram, Sydney W.  
Byrd, James  
Byrd, Richard Evelyn *  
Butterfield, William  
Byrd, Richard Evelyn * (Honors and Awards)
Byrd, Richard W.  
Byrens, Allen T. *  
Byres, William S.  
Byrn, Thomas  
Byrn, William H.  
Byrne, George  
Byrne, James  
Byrne, John  
Byrne, Morgan  
Byrne, Philip J.  
Byrne, William  
Byrne, William  
Byrnes, Edmund  
Byrnes, James  
Byrnes, James Carroll  
Byron, Edward  
Byron, George  
Byron, Thomas  
Byron, Thomas C.  
Byron, William  


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