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Located in the Navy Department Library's Rare Book Room.

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ZB (Personnel) Files in the Navy Department Library

Dabney - Dyson


This series contains various documents and ephemera pertaining to US naval officers and some civilians, especially those serving during the 19th century. Coverage of a number of outstanding officers of the late 18th and early 20th centuries, as well as some enlisted personnel, also is provided. It is estimated that the careers of 35,000 separate individuals are documented to some extent in these files.

The contents of individual files can include such items as: (1) compiled service chronologies; (2) biographical summaries; (3) service data cards (Civil War period); (4) letters of recommendation for appointment or promotion; (5) pay vouchers (Civil War period); (6) fragmentary personal and official letters; (7) official Office of Naval Records and Library, and Naval History Division correspondence providing information on specific officers. The contents of individual files range from extensive to sparse, sometimes only containing a single piece of paper.

Use and Reproduction Policy

Z File materials are unavailable for loan and must be consulted in the library. Photocopying of manuscripts, as well as fragile items, is generally prohibited, though the use of digital cameras by researchers to reproduce non-copyrighted materials is permitted. Permission to photocopy a few pages may be granted by the reference staff, contingent upon the physical state of items. All photocopying of materials shall be done by the reference staff, or under their close supervision. The use of personal scanners by non-library staff personnel must be approved by the reference staff on a document-by-document basis (Reference: Naval Historical Center Instruction [NAVHISTCENTINST] 5070.1C.).


The NDL staff are in the process of inventorying and digitizing these files. The lists available below are incomplete and may not reflect current holdings. Updates will be made to these lists as the information becomes available.

Please note that we are also in the process of placing distinguishing identifiers (rank, rating, etc.) next to individuals with the same name.

* denotes personnel has one or more folders dedicated to their documents

Name List of Documents
Dabney, Albert J.  
Dabney, T. S.  
Da Camara, Joseph B.  
Dacres, James Richard  
Dade, Stephen L.  
Dade, Townshend  
Dagelman, Charles F.  
Daggert, William  
Dagett, Richmond  
Dahis, H.  
Dahlgren, Charles B.  
Dahlgren, John A. Biography
Dahlgren, Ulric  
Dahlheim, Olaf  
Dahns, Fredrick  
Dailey, Eugene  
Dailey, Francis  
Dailey, John J.  
Dailey, Thomas  
Daily, Peter  
Daily, Thomas  
Dainwood, John F.  
Daizley, William  
Dakin, Frank  
Dakin, James  
Dale, Charles Gideon  
Dale, Edward C.  
Dale, Frank C.  
Dale, Henry  
Dale, John B.  
Dale, John M.  
Dale, Richard Biography
Dale, Richard Sutherland  
Dale, Samuel  
Dale, Samuel Jr.  
Dales, James B.  
Daley, C.  
Daley, Dennis  
Daley, Edward  
Daley, John  
Daley, Joseph Wilmer  
Daley, Michael  
Daley, William A.  
Dallas, Alexander J.  
Dallas, Francis Gregory  
Dallas, Jones R.  
Dallery, Fredrick  
Dally, John R.  
Dalmon, Hippolyte  
Dalrymple, Joseph  
Dalton, Edwin B.  
Dalton, Hamilton H.  
Dalton, Joseph  
Dalton, Thomas  
Dalton, Thomas F.  
Dalton, William Robert  
Daly, Alexander  
Daly, J. W.  
Daly, John  
Daly, John Joseph  
Daly, John T.  
Daly, John, Jr.  
Daly, R. E.  
Daly, Thomas  
Dalzell, John  
Dalzell, R.  
Dam, Samuel  
Dame, Augustus  
Dame, Timothy  
Dameron, James William  
Dameron, John  
Damon, Alexander D.  
Damon, David  
Damon, Orison B.  
Dana, Bradford Young  
Dana, Edmund Troubridge  
Dana, Francis  
Dana, Francis Jr.  
Dana, George S.  
Dana, Richard Henry Jr.  
Dana, William Henry  
Dana, William S.  
Dance, Thomas L.  
Dand, William  
Name List of Documents
Dandreu, Mitchell  
Dandridge, Charles G.  
Dandridge, William A.  
Dane, Stephen  
Danels, Joseph D.  
Danels, Joseph D.  
Danenhawer, Charles  
Danenhower, John Wilson  
Danenhower, Sloan B (See ZO - Expeditions, Box 2A:  Wilkins Submarine Expedition to Arctic,  1931)  
Danenhower, William W. (See ZO - Expeditions, Box 2A:  Wilkins Submarine Expedition to Arctic,  1931)  
Danforth, Charles H.  
Danforth, James  
Danforth, William M.  
D'Angelo, John D.  
Dangerfield, Bathurst  
Daniel, Charles W.  
Daniel, R. P.  
Daniels, C. H.  
Daniels, D. S.  
Daniels, Daniel  
Daniels, Edward F.  
Daniels, Edward  
Daniels, Javed Waldo  
Daniels, John  
Daniels, John D.  
Daniels, Joseph  
Daniels, Joseph D.  
Daniels, Josephus  
Daniels, Thomas J. Mek  
Daniels, Thomas, Jr.  
Daniels, Washington  
Daniels, Wilkes  
Daniels, William  
Daniels, William  
Daniels, William  
Daniels, William  
Daniels, William A.  
Daniels, Wililam Thomas  
Daniels, Zadoc  
Danielson, William H.  
Danker, Heinerick  
Danner, John  
Dansbury, George M.  
Dansey, William  
Danson, John  
Dant, Benjamin  
Darby, F. G.  
Darby, John  
Darcantel, Henry  
Darcy, John J.  
Darell, John  
Darley, Cashmon  
Darley, John  
Darling, Charles A.  
Darling, David  
Darling, George  
Darling, George  
Darling, Henry  
Darling, James Homer  
Darling, Jonathan  
Darling, Lewis  
Darling, Martin V. P.  
Darling, Thomas  
Darling, William Lee  
Darlington, B. S. B.  
Darlington, J. T.  
Darnell, A.  
Darnell, Isaac M.  
Darr, Benjamin L.  
Darragh, Alexander P.  
Dart, Ashbel  
Dart, John  
Darton, Mathais W.  
Darvey, Richard  
Darvie, Richard  
Dasey, John  
Dashiel,. J.  
Dashiell, B.  
Dashiell, Daniel  
Dashiell, Daniel  
Dashiell, Henry  
Dashiell, R.  
Dashiell, Richard  
Dashiell, Richard  
Dashield, Robert B.  
Dassell, Charles  
Dates, James B.  
Daugherty, H. H.  
Daugherty, Henry  
Daugherty, John William  
Daugherty, Michael  
Daughty, Thomas  
Daum, Ignatius  
Davenport, B. R.  
Davenport, C. K.  
Davenport, Edward R.  
Davenport, Francis O.  
Davenport, Henry K. *  
Davenport, Richard  
Name List of Documents
Davenport, Richard Graham *  
Name List of Documents
Davenport, Serena Hale  
Davenport, William  
Davey, Jems K.  
Davey, John J.  
Davey, Peter  
Davezab, DeC. G.  
Davezac, DeC. G.  
David, Eugene  
David, Joseph A.  
David, William  
Davids, David F.  
Davids, Edwin  
Davids, G. B.  
Davids, Henry Stephen  
Davidson, Agnes *  
Davidson, Basil  
Davidson, George  
Davidson, Hunter *  
Davidson, James  
Davidson, James  
Davidson, John  
Davidson, John  
Davidson, John Q. A.  
Davidson, Joseph  
Davidson, Robert  
Davidson, S.  
Davidson, T. D., Jr.  
Davidson, W. S.  
Davidson, Washington  
Davidson, William  
Davies, DeWitt G.  
Davies, George H.  
Davies, John C.  
Davies, John M.  
Davies, Thomas W. W.  
Davies, William  
Davis, A.  
Davis, A. J.  
Davis, A. J.  
Davis, Abraham  
Davis, Albert A.  
Davis, Alonzo B.  
Davis, Andrew Jr. *  
Davis, Andrew Jr.  
Davis, Andrew McF.  
Davis, Antonio  
Davis, Arthur B.  
Davis, Austin Rockwell  
Davis, Benjamin  
Davis, C. K.  
Davis, C. W.  
Davis, Casey Harford  
Davis, Charles  
Davis, Charles H.  
Davis, Charles Henry *  
Davis, Charles Henry Jr.  
Davis, Constant Freman  
Davis, D. A.  
Davis, D. G.  
Davis, Daniel  
Davis, Daniel  
Davis, Daniel O.  
Davis, Darvus  
Davis, David  
Davis, David  
Davis, David  
Davis, David, Jr.  
Davis, David A.  
Davis, David T.  
Davis, E.  
Davis, Edward D. *  
Davis, Edward M.  
Davis, Edwin L.  
Davis, Enos R. *  
Davis, F. B.  
Davis, Francis  
Davis, Francis B.  
Davis, Frederick E.  
Davis, George  
Davis, George (Atty. Gen. CSA)  
Davis, George  
Davis, George  
Davis, George C.  
Davis, George H.  
Davis, George S.  
Davis, George T.  
Davis, Gordon  
Davis, Greer W.  
Davis, Henry  
Davis, Henry T.  
Davis, Henry W.  
Davis, Isaac  
Davis, Isaac P. Jr.  
Davis, James  
Davis, James  
Davis, James C. *  
Davis, Jefferson *  
Name List of Documents
Davis, Jenkin  
Davis, John  
Davis, John  
Davis, John  
Davis, John  
Davis, John  
Davis, John  
Davis, John  
Davis, John  
Davis, John  
Davis, John  
Davis, John  
Davis, John  
Davis, John  
Davis, John  
Davis, John  
Davis, John  
Davis, John  
Davis, John  
Davis, John  
Davis, John *  
Davis, John A.  
Davis, John A.  
Davis, John C.  
Davis, John C.  
Davis, John J. *  
Davis, John L.  
Davis, John Lee *  
Davis, John S. *  
Davis, John T. *  
Davis, John W.  
Davis, John W.  
Davis, John W.  
Davis, John W.  
Davis, Jonathan  
Davis, Dr. Joseph  
Davis, Joseph  
Davis, Joseph  
Davis, Josiah  
Davis, Moses  
Davis, N. R.  
Davis, Nathaniel R.  
Davis, Nathaniel T.  
Davis, Nicholas  
Davis, Noel  
Davis, Obed R.  
Davis, Oscar S.  
Davis, Pennach  
Davis, Peter  
Davis, Reuben  
Davis, Richard William Equator  
Davis, Robert  
Davis, Robert  
Davis, Robert  
Davis, Roswell  
Davis, Richard William Equator  
Davis, Robert  
Davis, Robert  
Davis, Robert  
Davis, Roswell  
Davis, S.  
Davis, Samuel  
Davis, Stephen  
Davis, T.  
Davis, Theodore W.  
Davis, Thomas  
Davis, Thomas  
Davis, Thomas  
Davis, Thomas E.  
Davis, Vincent Cassien  
Davis, W. C.  
Davis, W. D.  
Davis, W. H.  
Davis, W. H.  
Davis, Washington W.  
Davis, William  
Davis, William  
Davis, William  
Davis, William  
Davis, William  
Davis, William C.  
Davis, William G. M.  
Davis, William J.  
Davis, William L.  
Davis, William P.  
Davis, Willis  
Davison, Wyeth  
Davison, Gregory Caldwell  
Davison, James  
Davison, Robert  
Davison, Pliny  
Davison, Robert  
Davisson, Joseph  
Davizac de Castre' Gaston  
Davol, George S.  
Davy, John  
Daw, Thomas  
Dawes, Edward  
Dawes, Richard Crauch  
Dawley, Daniel C.  
Dawson, F. W.  
Dawson, L. L.  
Dawson, Leroy  
Dawson, Lewis  
Dawson, Lucien Wingfield  
Dawson, Thomas G.  
Day, Andrew Jackson  
Day, Benjamin F.  
Day, E. M.  
Day, Elijah  
Day, George  
Day, H. A.  
Day, H. R.  
Day, Harvey  
Day, J.  
Day, James  
Day, James  
Day, Jared  
Day, John  
Day, Joseph  
Day, Joseph S.  
Day, J. S.  
Day, Murray S.  
Day, P.  
Day, Philip  
Dayers, Gerald  
Day, Ralph H.  
Dayley, Daniel  
Dayley, Thomas  
Dayton, Benjamin  
Dayton, Ebeneser  
Dayton, Ephraim  
Dayton, Gilbert  
Dayton, James H.  
Dayton, Smith A.  
Dayton, Thomas R.  
Dayton, William  
De Acevedo, Manuel Joseph Alves  
Deacon, David  
Deacon, John  
Deacon, William *  
Deacon, William E. *  
Deal, Daniel  
Deamer, Joseph  
Dean, Benjamin  
Dean, Benjamin  
Dean, Benjamin  
Dean, Benjamin C.  
Dean, G. Albert  
Dean, George  
Dean, George A.  
Dean, George W.  
Dean, James Robinson  
Dean, Jeremiah  
Dean, John  
Dean, John  
Dean, John J.  
Dean, Josiah Clarence  
Dean, Noah  
Dean, Richard C.  
Dean, Robert  
Dean, Samuel M.  
Dean, Stewart  
Dean, Thadius J.  
Dean, Thomas  
Dean, W. C.  
Dean, William  
Deane, Cunningham W.  
Deane, Edward L.  
Name List of Documents
Deane, Silas  
Dearborn, Edward  
Dearborn, Luke  
Dearborn, Samuel  
De Arbula, J.  
Dearin, Isaac  
Dearing, Henry L.  
Dearing, James  
Dearne, Robert  
Deas, Lt. Charles  
Deas, Fitz Allen  
Deas, Ralph J.Deasy, Patrick  
Deaver, William E.  
DeBlanc, Armana  
Deblois, Charles J.  
Deblois, James S.  
Deblois, John  
Deblois, Lewis  
Deblois, T. Ade  
De Blanpre, Aubin  
De Bougainville, Louis Antoine  
Debrech, William  
DeBree, Alex M.  
Debree, John  
Debree, John, Jr. *  
DeBrennan, Daniel O.  
DeBrito, Julias Nichols  
DeBussy, Mons. L.  
DeCamara, Joseph B.  
Decamp, Edgar A.  
Decamp, Edward  
Decamp, James W.  
Decamp, John *  
Decatur family  
Decatur, James  
Decatur, Stephen, Sr. *  
Decatur, Stephen, Jr. Biography
Decatur, Stephen, III  
Decatur, Stephen, IV  
De Chair, Dudley R. S.  
Dechamp, Lucien  
DeChant, Philip  
Decker, Egbert  
Decker, William H.  
DecCordy, Robert  
Dede, Lamont George  
Dee, John  
Dee, John H.  
Dee, Patrick  
Dee, Thomas W.  
Deerne, George  
Deering, Ebenezer L.  
Deering, Frederick  
Deering, G. A.  
Deering, James  
Deas, F. Allen  
DeForbes, William  
DeFord, Henry S.  
DeForest, James S.  
DeFrietas, John  
Degelman, Charles F.  
Degge, James Arthur  
Degge, Beverly  
Degnan, Henry James  
Degnan, James Henry  
DeGraff, Isaac *  
DeGrasse, Francois Joseph Paul Compte *  
DeGroot, W. H. H.  
DeGrosse, William H.  
DeHart, J.  
DeHart, W. H.  
DeHaven, Edwin Jesse *  
DeHaven, Joseph Edwin *  
DeHayes, Charles *  
Dehman, John  
Dehorsey, Jesse  
Deist, John H.  
DeJough, William F.  
DeJough, William T.  
DeKalb, Johann  
DeKay, George Coleman  
DeKay, James  
DeKaren, William  
DeKrafft, Frederick Cornelius  
DeKrafft, James C. P. *  
DeKraft, N. W.  
DeLacy, George F.  
De La Figaniere, Cesar Henri  
Delahanty, Daniel  
Delahanty, Daniel  
Delahanty, William E. B.  
Delahunt, William  
De la Mirthome, Capt  
Delan, Joseph R.  
Deland, Jonathan  
Delaney, Arthur Thomas  
Delaney, James  
Delaney, John  
Delaney, Michael G.  
Delaney, William  
Delaney, William  
Delaney, William  
Delaney, William  
Name List of Documents
Delano family  
Delano, Abraham  
Delano, Ansel Allen  
Delano, Benjamin  
Delano, Benjamin F.  
Delano, Edward Hartt *  
Delano, Francis Henry  
Delano, Harrison  
Delano, James H.  
Delano, Marcus  
Delano, Samuel  
Delano, Timothy  
Delano, William  
Delanty, P. H.  
DeLauy, E. H.  
De Lanzac, Edward  
Delap, George  
De la Roche, George F.  
De Law, Lorenzo B.  
De Leon, J. A. H.  
De Leon, Perry Moses *  
Delesdernier, L. F. *  
De Leur, Albert *  
Delgado, Ignatio  
Delgado, Joseph  
Delgo, Emanuel Joseph  
Delius, Herman A.  
Delley, John  
De Long, Earl Rulif  
De Long, George W. *  
Delovisy, John B.  
Delphy family  
Delphy, Richard  
De Luce, Edmund S.  
De Luce, Theodore F.  
De Lunn, Lorenzo B.  
De Lunn, Lorenzo B.  
Demarest, Alex  
Demarest, Alexander  
Demarest, James  
Demarest, John  
DeMarsac, Rene  
Dement, A. Y.  
De Meritt, J. H.  
Demetry, D. G.  
Deming, James B.  
Deming, John  
Deming, Julius A.  
Demond, John  
Demorest, G. V.  
De Mott, Lewis J.  
Dempsey, John  
Dempsey, Lawrence  
Dempsey, Thomas  
Dempsey, William  
Dempster, Alexander *  
Denby, Charles  
Denby, Edwin 1870-1929 Biography
Name List of Documents
Denby, Edwin R. *  
Denby, James  
Denby, Nathaniel *  
Deneco, Anson  
Deneefe, J.  
Denhart, John  
Denig, J. Henry  
Denight, Samuel J.  
Denin, John  
Denio, Archibald  
Denio, Dexter  
Denio, Solomon  
Denis, Emile  
Denison, Charles Henry  
Denison, George  
Denison, Henry  
Denley, William  
Denman, William Henry  
Denn, Charles  
Dennett, John *  
Dennett, Joseph G.  
Dennett, Robert O.  
Dennett, Robert O.  
Denney, James  
Denning, Rotheus  
Denning, William A.  
Dennis, Daniel  
Dennis, Enoch  
Dennis, George H.  
Dennis, Henry  
Dennis, Henry  
Dennis, J.  
Dennis, James H.  
Dennis, Jared *  
Dennis, John  
Dennis, John S. *  
Dennis, Joseph  
Dennis, Thomas  
Dennison, James  
Dennison, William E.  
Dennison, William E.  
Denniston, G. V.  
Denniston, Henry M.  
Denny, E. W.  
Denny, Frank Lee *  
Denny, G. J.  
Denny, James  
Denny, John  
Denny, Thomas  
Denoon, Charles  
Denslow, Eliha  
Denslow, John  
Denslow, Roswell  
Densmore, Charles A.  
Densmore, Charles D.  
Denson, Thomas A.  
Dent, John H. *  
Dent, John Herbert * Biography
Denton, Charles A.  
Denton, Leonard  
Denton, Samuel  
Denvir, Robert  
De Palmstein, Adolph *  
De Payens, Hugh  
De Peyster, William S. *  
De Ponte, John  
Depue, Abraham  
Depue, Abraham  
Derby, Albigence N.  
Derby, Charles  
Derby, Elias Hasket, Jr.  
Derby, Owen  
Derby, Richard Jr.  
Derbyshire, Henry J.  
Derbyshire, Thomas  
Dereamer, George C.  
De Remer, Richard  
Deringer, Henry  
Dermody, John  
De Rohan, Eugen  
De Rohan, William  
Derr, Ezra Z.  
Derr, Martin  
De Russy, Thomas  
De Ruyter, Michiel  
De Sanno, Walter *  
De Sanno, William P.  
De Senicourt,  
Desha, Robert M.  
Deshields, John  
Deshon, Daniel  
De Silver, Robert  
De Silver, Thomas  
Deslonde, Adrien *  
Desmond, Charles A.  
Desmond, John  
Desmukes, D. E.  
De Solve, William  
De Sonza, Jose Pinto  
Despart, F. A.  
Despeaux, Joseph  
Desport, V. H.  
D'Estaign, Charles Henri Theodet Comte  
De Steiguer, Louis Rudolph  
D'Estimauville, Frederick Henri  
Destzel, Frederick A.  
De Sufferen, Pierre Andre  
De Surenne, Chavalier  
De Tracey, Herbert P.  
Deval, George Marcel  
De Vaudrevil, Louis Philippe Regaud  
Devault, Edwin Ruthven  
Deveaux, John  
Develin, John  
Devens, Edward F. *  
Devereaux, Eugene  
Deverell, Thomas  
Devereux, Eugene  
Devereux, John  
De Vesey, John Xantus  
De Villeroi, Brutus  
De Villiers,  
Devine, Bernard C.  
Devine, George  
Devine, James E.  
Devine, Terence  
Devine, Thomas  
Devinney, C. C.  
Devinney, Kendrick  
De Vinney, Pleasant  
Devins, E. S.  
Devirsney, Bial  
Devisnay, Real  
Devissnay, Real  
Name List of Documents
Devlan, William  
Devlan, William R.  
Devlan, William T.  
Devlan, William T.  
Devlan, William F.  
Devlin, Charles *  
Devlin, James  
Devlin, John S. *  
Devlin, William T.  
Devoe, James B.  
Devoe, J. B.  
Devoe, S.  
Devoe, William  
Dew, Perry  
Dew, Philip  
DeWeese, Cornelius, Jr.  
Dewey, _________ *  
Dewey, E. B.  
Dewey, George * Biography
Dewey, George Goodwin  
Dewey, Samuel  
Dewey, Samuel  
Dewey, T. G.  
De White, J.  
Dewhurst, George  
De Witt, Augustus  
De Witt, Joseph D.  
De Witt, Thomas  
De Wolf, Allan  
De Wolf, Leon  
De Wolf, Mark Anthony  
De Wolf, William H.  
Dewsett, Thomas  
Dewey, Thomas  
Dex, Henry  
Dexter, Daniel Singer  
Dexter, Edward T.  
Dexter, George H.  
Dexter, Horace  
Dexter, John M.  
Dexter, T.  
Dexter, Theodore W.  
Dexter, William H.  
D'Hunoy, Faire Etienne de Bore=  
Diamond, John  
Diamond, John A.  
Dibble, George Melville *  
Dibble, Nathan  
Dick, Edward L. *  
Dick, John B.  
Dick, Robert B.  
Dick, Walter B. *  
Dickason, John a.  
Dickerson, Benjamin  
Dickerson, Hiel L.  
Dickerson, Ira  
Dickerson, Mahlon Biography
Dickey, John  
Dickey, Robert  
Dickey, William E.  
Dickins, Francis W.  
Dickins, Randolph  
Dickinson, Charles  
Dickinson, Daniel A. *  
Dickinson, Dwight *  
Dickinson, Hiram  
Dickinson, John R.  
Dickinson, John S.  
Dickinson, Mahlow  
Dickinson, P.  
Dickinson, Philip  
Dickinson, William E.  
Dickman, Charles B.  
Dickman, Ernest J.  
Dickson, Abner J.  
Dickson, James  
Dickson, John  
Dickson, John  
Dickson, John  
Dickson, Kirchen  
Dickson, Menzies  
Dickson, Samuel H.  
Dickson, William  
Diddolph, Owen  
Didner, Frederick B.  
Didlake, Junius c.  
Diehl, John H.  
Diehl, Oliver *  
Diehl, William  
Diemer, Clement  
Name List of Documents
Diermanse, Henry T.  
Digard, Maurice  
Digges, Thomas  
Diggs, Beverly  
Digro, John W.  
Dignon, Joseph H.  
Dilbert, Frank  
Dilkes, Charles Edward  
Dill, Elijah  
Dill, J. H.  
Dill, Raymond  
Dill, Rufus  
Dillard, Samuel  
Dillard, Thomas  
Diller, Amos  
Dillian, Mike  
Dillingham Family  
Dillingham, Albert C. *  
Dillingham, John  
Dillings, William  
Dillman, Jared W.  
Dillon, Arthur J.  
Dillon, Jessie  
Dillon, John  
Dillon, Patrick R. *  
Dillon, Peter  
Dillon, Wallace Myron  
Dilworth, Charles  
Dimmack, Charles W.  
Dimon, Edward M.  
Dimon, John *  
Dimon, Jonathan  
Dimond, George  
Dimond, John  
Dinneen, Dennis  
Dinneen, John  
Dinning, John  
Dinsmore, Jay  
Dinsmore, Robert  
Dinsmore, William  
Diron, Dominique  
Disbrow, Henry Clinton  
Discher, Henry  
Diserens, Albert D.  
Diserens, Charles M. *  
Disham, Edward W.  
Disham, James  
Disham, John  
Dishman, William  
Disney, George  
Disney, John  
Dissmore, William P.  
Ditto, W. S.  
Divine, Richard  
Divine, Thomas  
Divver, Charles  
Dix, Henry E.  
Dix, John  
Dixon, Daniel  
Dixon, David  
Dixon, Duncan A.  
Dixon, George  
Dixon, George E. *  
Dixon, H. L.  
Dixon, George W.  
Dixon, James  
Dixon, James W.  
Dixon, John W.  
Dixon, Michael  
Dixon, Robert  
Dixon, Robert  
Dixon, Samuel  
Dixon, William  
Dixon, William  
Dixon, William  
Dixon, William  
Dixon, William S.  
Dneefe, John  
Doak, Algernon Sidney  
Doak, Henry Melvil *  
Doak, John  
Doan, A. P.  
Doan, Frank M.  
Doan, Thomas C.  
Doan, William  
Doane, E.  
Doane, L.  
Doane, Uriah  
Doane, Willard  
Doane, William Henry  
Dobbin, James Cochrane  
Dobbin, John T.  
Dobbins, Charles H.  
Dobbins, Daniel  
Dobbins, James A.  
Dobbs, Thomas  
Dobell, William H.  
Doble, Henry  
Dobson, Phillip  
Dobson, William S.  
Dod, Daniel  
Dod, Stephen  
Dod, Thomas  
Dodd, Henry  
Dodd, James  
Dodd, Jeremiah  
Dodd, Matthew M.  
Dodd, Robert John  
Dodd, W. L.  
Dodge, Alvan  
Dodge, Charles J.  
Dodge, Edward  
Dodge, Edward R.  
Dodge, Edwin James  
Dodge, G. P.  
Dodge, George Pomeroy *  
Dodge, Israel A.  
Dodge, Richard Dispard  
Dodge, Thomas W.  
Dodrick, John  
Dods, George D.  
Dodson, C. Marion  
Dodson, Mathew  
Dodson, Nate  
Dodson, Robert D.  
Doerflinger, John R. *  
Dogg, John Loftus  
Doggett, William F.  
Name List of Documents
Doherty, Charles  
Doherty, John  
Doherty, John  
Doherty, Michael  
Doherty, Patrick  
Doherty, Patrick  
Doherty, Robert  
Dohrman, Arnold  
Dohrman, James C. *  
Doig, George  
Dolan, Andrew  
Dolan, Edward  
Dolan, James T.  
Doll, Henry  
Dollenson, J.  
Dolliver, Samuel A.  
Dolliver, William  
Dolliver, William F.  
Dolly, Ruben  
Dolony, Francois  
Dolphin, Christopher  
Dolphin, John  
Domat, M.  
Domat, George W.  
Dominy, Cyrenius  
Domreso, William  
Domstrick, Theodore K.  
Don, Thomas  
Donaghy, James  
Donaho, Glynn R.  
Donahoe, Benedict J.  
Donahoo, Theodore V.  
Donald, J. E. W.  
Donaldson, Andrew  
Donaldson, Aris B.  
Donaldson, Edward *  
Donaldson, J.  
Donaldson, John  
Donaldson, Oliver  
Donaldson, S. C.  
Donaldson, Thomas  
Donaldson, William  
Donaldson, William  
Donaldson, William  
Donaldson, William  
Donavant, Michael  
Donelly, John  
Donivan, Jeremiah  
Donley, George  
Donlin, Michael  
Donlon, Edward  
Donnahoe, John J.  
Donnell, Thomas  
Donnelly, Albin  
Donnelly, James (USN)  
Donnelly, James (CSN)  
Donnelly, John  
Donnelly, John *  
Donnelly, John C.  
Donnelly, Patrick  
Donnelly, Peter  
Donnely, John  
Donnely, John  
Donner, Earl  
Donoghue, William D.  
Donohue, Henry W.  
Donohue, John J.  
Donohue, Patrick (USN)  
Donohue, Patrick (CSN)  
Donohue, Peter  
Donovan, Henry  
Donovan, John  
Donovan, Michael W.  
Donovan, P. L.  
Dooley, Edward *  
Dooley, Michael J.  
Dooley, Patrick  
Dooling, Fredrick  
Doran, Edward  
Doran, Edward C.  
Doran, Richard  
Doran, Richard  
Doran, Thomas  
Dore, James E.  
Dorety, John  
Dorey, Benjamin R.  
Dorgan, Andrew Jr. *  
Dorgan, Timothy  
Doris, Thomas  
D'Orleans, Pierre  
Dorman, James  
Dorman, James P.  
Dornett, George W.  
Dornin, Franklin Buchanan *  
Dornin, Thomas A. *  
Dornin, Thomas Laidner *  
Dorr, Herman  
Dorrance, Charles B.  
D'Orsay, Francis Harrison  
Dorsett, J. W.  
Dorsett, William  
Dorsey, Archibald  
Dorsey, Arthur  
Dorsey, Ely  
Dorsey, Greenberry  
Dorsey, John Sword *  
Dorsey, John W.  
Dorsey, Nace  
Dorsey, Nathan  
Dorsey, Thomas B.  
Dorsey, William  
Dorton, Henry F.  
Doss, Sylvester  
Doten, George S.  
Doten, Samuel  
Doten, Samuel Jr.  
Dotson, Jacob  
Dotten, James  
Doty, Ananias  
Doty, Edwin W.  
Doty, George W.  
Doty, Hull  
Doty, Stephen B.  
Doty, Webster  
Doud, Elihu  
Dougharty, Bernard  
Dougherty, Daniel  
Dougherty, Daniel  
Dougherty, Daniel  
Dougherty, George *  
Dougherty, Henry  
Name List of Documents
Dougherty, John  
Dougherty, Patrick  
Dougherty, Patrick  
Dougherty, Robert  
Dougherty, Robert  
Dougherty, Theodore  
Dougherty, William J.  
Doughty, Charles J.  
Doughty, David W.  
Doughty, Ezra T.  
Doughty, George M.  
Doughty, Isaac P.  
Doughty, James  
Doughty, James H.  
Doughty, John  
Doughty, John  
Doughty, Thomas  
Doughty, William *  
Douglas, Alexander  
Douglas, Edward  
Douglas, James R.  
Douglas, John  
Douglas, Jonathan  
Douglas, Nathaniel  
Douglas, Richard  
Douglas, Thomas  
Douglas, Timothy  
Douglas, William  
Douglass, Frank  
Douglass, J. A.  
Douglass, Samuel H.  
Douglass, Thomas  
Douthat, Fielding Lewis  
Douw, John de Peyster  
Dove, Benjamin More *  
Dove, Marmaduke  
Dovilliers, Leopold V. *  
Dow, Christopher  
Dow, George S.  
Dow, Jesse Erskine  
Dow, John  
Dow, Lyman  
Dowd, George W.  
Dowdall, John A.  
Dowden, J. B.  
Dowding, George e.  
Dowdy, Bannester  
Dowdy, J. E.  
Dowell, William D.  
Dowley, Dennis  
Dowling, Francis  
Down, John  
Downard, John  
Downe, C. W.  
Downe, Nathaniel H.  
Downe, Romanzo  
Downer, Washington  
Downes, Albert Edmund  
Downes, Charles  
Downes, Charles A. *  
Downes, Henry  
Downes, John (Revolutionary War)  
Downes, John (#1) *  
Downes, John (#2, 1822-1865) *  
Downes, John (#3, 1867-1909)  
Downes, Lyman  
Downes, Shuball  
Downes, Washington  
Downes, William  
Downey, Daniel  
Downey, Dennis J.  
Downey, Joseph T.  
Downey, Michael  
Downey, William  
Downing, Mahlon  
Downing, Oliver H.  
Downing, Samuel W. (See ZE - South America, Pendleton Papers)  
Downs, Daniel  
Downs, James  
Downs, John  
Downs, Robert  
Dowsett, Thomas  
Doxsteller, George A.  
Doyen, E. C.  
Doyle, Adolphus  
Doyle, Francis  
Doyle, J.  
Doyle, J. A.  
Doyle, Jeremiah John  
Doyle, John  
Doyle, John  
Doyle, John  
Doyle, M. I.  
Doyle, Michael  
Doyle, Patrick  
Doyle, Richard  
Doyle, Robert Morris  
Doyle, Rodman M.  
Doyle, Thomas  
Doyle, William  
D'Oyly, Nigil  
Dozier, J. H.  
Dozier, William G. *  
Drago, B. F.  
Drain, George  
Drake, Andrew J.  
Drake, E.  
Drake, Ebenezer  
Drake, Edwin E.  
Drake, Edwin E.  
Drake, Franklin J.  
Drake, George  
Drake, George W.  
Drake, James M.  
Drake, Nelson Henry  
Drake, Rivers  
Drake, Samuel  
Drakely, Robert  
Dran, Francis A.  
Dran, Francis A.  
Dran, James  
Draper, Edgar LeRay  
Draper, H. L.  
Draper, Horace T.  
Draper, Lemuel J.  
Drakyton, E. F.  
Drayton, Percival * Chronology of Naval Service
Drayton, Percival, Jr.  
Drayton, William  
Drayton, William S.  
Dread, Williams  
Drennan, Michael C.  
Drenning, Thomas G.  
Drescoll, William  
Dresser, Benjamin K.  
Dresser, James M.  
Dresser, Lemuel B.  
Drew, George H.  
Drew, Issac  
Name List of Documents
Drew, Jacob J.  
Drew, James  
Drew, James  
Drew, John  
Drew, John  
Drew, Richard  
Drew, Washington  
Drewry, A.  
Drewry, Samuel Davis  
Driesch, Peter  
Driggs, William H.  
Dring, Benjamin  
Drinker, Sandwith *  
Drinkwater, Albert  
Drinkwater, Edward  
Drinkwater, Perez J.  
Drinkwater, William  
Dripps, William A.  
Driscoll, Asa  
Driscoll, Darby  
Driscoll, Dennis  
Driscoll, John *  
Driver, John  
Drophart A.  
Drought, Richard W.  
Droun, B. P.  
Drouven, Louis Julius  
Drown, Benjamin  
Drown, Stephen  
Drummond, Smith  
Drummond, Stephen  
Drummon, Thomas M.  
Drury, Benjamin  
Drury, Clifford M.  
Drury, Hiram E.  
Drury, John  
Drury, John  
Drury, John  
Drury, John T.  
Drury, R. B.  
Drury, W. R.  
Dry, Vergil  
Dryden, David M.  
Duane, Martin  
Duarte, Don Pedro  
Du Barry, Franklin  
Dubel, John A.  
Du Bois, B. P.  
Dubois, Charles  
Du Bois, John  
Dubois, Joseph S.  
Du Bois, Theodore Bailey *  
Dubois, William T.  
Dubose, John  
Du Bose, William G.  
Ducamp, Francis  
Ducey, P.  
Duclos, F.  
Dudley, George  
Dudley, Daniel B.  
Dudley, George  
Dudley, James Allison  
Dudley, John  
Dudley, Leonard  
Dudley, Samuel  
Dudley, Samuel  
Dudley, Thomas  
Dudley, Thomas C.  
Duer, John K.  
Duer, William Alexander *  
Duer, William O.  
Duff, A. L.  
Duff, John  
Duffee, Henry Leonard  
Duffee, Michael  
Duffey, Jonathan  
Duffield, John James  
Duffield, Samuel  
Duffus, H. G.  
Duffus, James A.  
Duffy, Bernard  
Duffy, Charles  
Duffy, James  
Duffy, James  
Duffy, James G.  
Duffy, William  
Dugan, Cornelius  
Dugan, John  
Dugan, John A.  
Dugan, Peter  
Dugan, Thomas  
Dugat, Charles E.  
Duggan, Jeremiah  
Duggan, John A.  
Duggan, John Philip  
Dugger, John  
Duglas, James  
Duhig, John  
Duhrine, Frederick  
Duhrine, Frederick  
Duke, James  
Duke, James  
Duke, James  
Duke, James W.  
Duke, Nathaniel W. *  
Duke, Richard B.  
Duke, Washington  
Dukehart, Thomas M.  
Dulany, A. Forrest  
Dulany, Bladen  
Dulany, Daniel F.  
Dulany, L. B.  
Dulany, Tasker B.  
Dulany, William  
Duley, Nicholas  
Duley, Wilmot W.  
Dumenske, Ferdinand  
Du Mez,  
Dumford, James  
Dumont, Eugene A.  
Dumont, Frederick K.  
Dumont, William H.  
Dumont, William J.  
Dun, Thomas  
Dunard, George  
Dunbar, A. D.  
Dunbar, Ansel  
Dunbar, Asaph  
Dunbar, H. L.  
Dunbar, Mathew  
Dunbar, Nicholas  
Dunbar, Ruben  
Duncan, Arnold  
Duncan, Charles  
Duncan, Charles  
Duncan, Charles  
Duncan, Charles D.Duncan, Frederic Chandler  
Duncan, Frederick C.  
Duncan, J. A.  
Duncan, Jacob S.  
Duncan, James Gill  
Duncan, James M.  
Duncan, Jesse E.  
Duncan, James Morris *  
Duncan, John  
Duncan, Lewis G.  
Duncan, Louis  
Duncan, Samuel  
Duncan, Silas *  
Name List of Documents
Duncan, William  
Dundas, William Oswald  
Dunderdale, Cleveland F.  
Dunderdale, John  
Dunderdale, Michael  
Dungan, Jacob S.  
Dungan, John  
Dungan, William Wierman  
Dunham, Andrew C.  
Dunham, Andrew Elliot  
Dunham, C. M.  
Dunham, Charles K.  
Dunham, Elijah M.  
Dunham, George H.  
Dunham, James  
Dunham, Josiah F.  
Dunham, Peleg K.  
Dunham, Thomas  
Dunham, William J.  
Dunigan, J. M.  
Dunkin, Albert H.  
Dunkin, William Huger  
Dunkly, George R.  
Dunlap, Andrew  
Dunlap, Charles W.  
Dunlap, F.  
Dunlap, James  
Dunlap, John  
Dunlap, John  
Dunlap, John  
Dunlap, Robert  
Dunlap, Robert Henry  
Dunlap, Samuel C.  
Dunlap, Thomas  
Dunlap, Thomas J.  
Dunlap, W.  
Dunlap, William  
Dunlavy, Charles  
Dunlevy, Lewis  
Dunlop, Andrew W.  
Dunlop, Robert  
Dunlop, William  
Dunn, Edward  
Dunn, Edward T.  
Dunn, Eli  
Dunn, Elisha W.  
Dunn, George  
Dunn, George E.  
Dunn, Henry  
Dunn, Henry J.  
Dunn, Herbert O.  
Dunn, James  
Dunn, John  
Dunn, John  
Dunn, John  
Dunn, John  
Dunn, John P.  
Dunn, Lafayette  
Dunn, Martin  
Dunn, Owen  
Dunn, Patrick  
Dunn, Peter  
Dunn, Peter  
Dunn, Robert  
Dunn, Samuel  
Dunn, T.  
Dunn, Thomas  
Dunn, Thomas  
Dunn, Thomas C.  
Dunn, Timothy  
Dunn, William  
Dunn, William  
Dunn, William F.  
Dunn, William G.  
Dunne, Ignatius  
Dunne, William  
Dunnean, Jack  
Dunnells, John B.  
Dunnells, Luke  
Dunnels, Henry F.  
Dunnet, Jesse  
Dunnigan, Edward  
Dunning, Arthur George  
Dunning, C. W.  
Dunning, William H.  
Dunnington, C. W. C.  
Dunnington, John B.  
Dunnington, John W. *  
Dunnivan, James  
Dunnivast, Michael  
Dunphy, Thomas  
Dunscomb, Charles S.  
Dunsmore, Daniel  
Dunstan, John  
Dunston, E. C.  
Duntley, Emerson  
Duntley, Isaac  
Dunton, Florence J.  
Dunton, Joseph  
Du Plains, Bevoni C.  
Du Plains, Edmund A. C.  
Dupont, de Nemours Company  
DuPont, Charles S.  
DuPont, Samuel F. *  
Duprees, Victor  
Dupuis, Jean  
Duprey, John F.  
Duran, William  
Durand, Colman  
Durand, George R. *  
Durand, Julius  
Durand, W. F.  
Durant, John  
Durell, Edward H.  
Duren, George H.  
Durey, P.  
Durflinger, John  
Durgan, Charles  
Durgan, John  
Durgen, William F.  
Durham, C.  
Durham, Charles  
Durham, D.  
Durham, Mark  
Durham, Samuel  
Durham, Thomas S.  
Durkin, Mark  
Durkin, William  
Durman, C.  
Durney, Austin Joseph  
Durney, Michael J.  
Durning, James  
Durst, William  
Duryea, George  
Duryee, Charles H.  
Dusenberry, Samuel I.  
Duston, James  
Duston, Jesse  
Dutch, John C.  
Dutch, William  
Dutcher family  
Dutcher, Charles  
Dutcher, Matthew J.  
Dutell, Edward  
Dutton, Benjamin, Jr. (See Box 70A)  
Dutton, Arthur H.  
Duty, M. J.  
Duval, George Marcel  
Dutton, Benjamin, Jr.  
Name List of Documents
Duvall, James  
Duvall, Marius  
Duvall, Marius Jr.  
Duvall, Robert  
Duvall, Robert C.  
Duykinck, Robert  
Dwelle, Charles W.  
Dwight, Henry  
Dwight, J.  
Dwight, Joseph F.  
Dwinniels, Josephy J.  
D=Wolf, John Landsdorff  
Dwye, Charles  
Dwyer, James  
Dwyer, Jeremiah  
Dwyer, John B.  
Dwyer, Joseph  
Dwyer, Joseph  
Dwyer, Richard  
Dwyer, Thomas J.  
Dwyer, Timothy  
Dyce, Charles F.  
Dyer, Benjamin  
Dyer, Charles  
Dyer, Eldridge  
Dyer, George L.  
Dyer, Henry  
Dyer, James Edward  
Dyer, Joseph  
Dyer, Nehemiah Mayo *  
Dyer, Thomas  
Dyer, Thomas K.  
Dyer, William  
Dyke, James H.  
Dykes, Francis M.  
Dykes, George T.  
Dyre, William M.  
Dyson, John  


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