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Located in the Navy Department Library's Rare Book Room.

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ZB (Personnel) Files in the Navy Department Library

Gableman - Gwynn


This series contains various documents and ephemera pertaining to US naval officers and some civilians, especially those serving during the 19th century. Coverage of a number of outstanding officers of the late 18th and early 20th centuries, as well as some enlisted personnel, also is provided. It is estimated that the careers of 35,000 separate individuals are documented to some extent in these files.

The contents of individual files can include such items as: (1) compiled service chronologies; (2) biographical summaries; (3) service data cards (Civil War period); (4) letters of recommendation for appointment or promotion; (5) pay vouchers (Civil War period); (6) fragmentary personal and official letters; (7) official Office of Naval Records and Library, and Naval History Division correspondence providing information on specific officers. The contents of individual files range from extensive to sparse, sometimes only containing a single piece of paper.

Use and Reproduction Policy

Z File materials are unavailable for loan and must be consulted in the library. Photocopying of manuscripts, as well as fragile items, is generally prohibited, though the use of digital cameras by researchers to reproduce non-copyrighted materials is permitted. Permission to photocopy a few pages may be granted by the reference staff, contingent upon the physical state of items. All photocopying of materials shall be done by the reference staff, or under their close supervision. The use of personal scanners by non-library staff personnel must be approved by the reference staff on a document-by-document basis (Reference: Naval Historical Center Instruction [NAVHISTCENTINST] 5070.1C.).


The NDL staff are in the process of inventorying and digitizing these files. The lists available below are incomplete and may not reflect current holdings. Updates will be made to these lists as the information becomes available.

Please note that we are also in the process of placing distinguishing identifiers (rank, rating, etc.) next to individuals with the same name.

* denotes personnel has one or more folders dedicated to their documents


Over Sized

Box Number Name List of Documents
Over Sized George VI, King of Great Britain  


Name List of Documents
Gableman, Daniel  
Gabriel, George  
Gabriel, Jean  
Gabrielson, Erick  
Gadding, T. E.  
Gaedicke, Helmuth J.  
Gaffney, Dominique  
Gaffney, Frank  
Gage, Charles  
Gage, George S.  
Gage, Pearly Rounse  
Gage, Reuben  
Gage, Stephen  
Gage, Zebulon  
Gage, Zenas  
Gager, Edwin  
Gainard, Joseph  
Gaines, Archibald Swepston  
Gaines, James H.  
Gaines, James W.  
Gaines, John R.  
Gainsford, Charles  
Gairg, George  
Galbert R.  
Galbraith, William  
Gald, Jon  
Gale, Alpheus  
Gale, Anthony  
Gale, Anthony  
Gale, Anthony  
Gale, George W.  
Gale, J.  
Gale, John  
Gale, Joseph  
Gale, Joseph H.  
Gale, Lewis Julius  
Gale, Lloyd B.  
Gale, William  
Gale, William C.  
Galer, George  
Gallagher, Andrew  
Gallagher, B.  
Gallagher, Frank  
Gallagher, George  
Gallagher, James  
Gallagher, James  
Gallagher, James G.  
Gallagher, John  
Gallagher, John  
Gallagher, John *  
Gallagher, John N.  
Gallagher, Joseph P.  
Gallagher, Lawrence B.  
Gallagher, Patrick Henry  
Gallagher, S. C.  
Gallagher, William  
Gallagher, William F.  
Gallatin, Abraham G.  
Gallaway, John  
Gallop, William  
Galloway, Thomas  
Galt, Francis L.  
Galt, Nathaniel  
Galt, William W.  
Galusha Family  
Galusha, Jonas  
Galven, John  
Gamble, Francis B.  
Gamble, John M.  
Gamble, Peter  
Gamble, Robert M.  
Gamble, Thomas  
Gamble, Thomas T.  
Gamble, W. H.  
Gamble, William  
Gamble, William M.  
Gamble, William P.  
Gambrill, Amos G.  
Gamester, Evan  
Gammell, Alexander H.  
Gammell, Joseph  
Name List of Documents
Gamson, Israel  
Gandal, W.  
Ganger, Charles F.  
Gannon, B.  
Gansevoort, Guert *  
Gansevoort, Hunn *  
Gansevoort, Leonard  
Gansevoort, Peter L.  
Gansevoort, Stanwix  
Gantt, Benjamin S.  
Gardener, E. Watson  
Gardiner, A. F.  
Gardiner, C. A.  
Gardiner, Gideon  
Gardiner, Henry  
Gardiner, Henry R.  
Gardinghi, Luigi  
Gardner, A.  
Gardner, C. S.  
Gardner, Benjamin  
Gardner, Charles F.  
Gardner, Charles R.  
Gardner, E. W.  
Gardner, Edward  
Gardner, Edward Colston  
Gardner, Francis  
Gardner, Henry  
Gardner, Henry  
Gardner, Horatio  
Name List of Documents
Gardner, I. N.  
Gardner, Israel  
Gardner, James E.  
Gardner, James W.  
Gardner, John  
Gardner, John  
Gardner, John M.  
Gardner, John W.  
Gardner, Joseph M.  
Gardner, Lafayette  
Gardner, Nicholas Eston  
Gardner, Obed  
Gardner, R.  
Gardner, Richard  
Gardner, Robert  
Gardner, Robert M.  
Gardner, Samuel H.  
Gardner, Thomas M.  
Gardner, Volney  
Gardner, Walter  
Gardner, Welles J.  
Gardner, William  
Gardner, William  
Gardner, William F.  
Gardner, William H.  
Gardner, William R.  
Garerchi, P. Banday  
Garfield, James A.  
Garfield, W. H.  
Garfield, Walter H.  
Garfield, Willard  
Garfield, Garland A.  
Garfield, Francis  
Garfield, H. M.  
Garfield, Henry P.  
Garfield, Landon C.  
Garlick, George W. *  
Garner, Charles  
Garner, Edward  
Garner, John C.  
Garner, John N.  
Garner, Samuel *  
Garner, William L.  
Garnett, Algernon S.  
Garoutte, Michael  
Garrard, William, Jr.  
Garrard, William C.  
Garretson, Frederick  
Garrett, George  
Garrett, L. M.  
Garrett, Thomas G.  
Garrison, George W.  
Garrison, James C.  
Garrison, James H.  
Garrison, John  
Garrison, Peter  
Garrison, Samuel  
Garrison, Thomas  
Garrison, William Lloyd  
Garst, Perry  
Garten Family  
Gartton, Zachariah  
Garver, George W.  
Garvey, George W.  
Garvey, James  
Garvey, Mathew  
Garvey, Thomas W.  
Garvin, B. Franklin  
Garvin, John James  
Garvis, Andrew J.  
Gaskell, Vincent H.  
Gaskill, Abram B.  
Gaskill, W.  
Gaskins, D'Arcy M.  
Gaspard de Coligny, William  
Gasparilla, Jose *  
Gass, Adam  
Gassett, Percival  
Gassoway, Elmore G.  
Gaston, Hugh Alexander  
Gaston, Matthew M.  
Gatch, Edward J.  
Gatchell, Charles  
Gatchell, John S.  
Gatchell, William H.  
Gates, Bezaleel  
Gates, Charles  
Gates, George S.  
Gates, Horatio  
Gates, James L.  
Gates, John Coolidge  
Gates, John W.  
Gates, Nathaniel  
Gates, Noah  
Gates, Phinehas, Jr.  
Gates, Samuel  
Gates, William H.  
Gatewood, James D.  
Gatewood, Joseph  
Gatewood, Richard  
Gaugh, Isaac D.  
Gaul, Andrew K.  
Gauley, T.  
Gault, Archibald  
Gauntt, Charles *  
Gauthier, Jean Baptiste  
Gautier, Auguste  
Gautier, Thomas N. *  
Gavagan, Thomas  
Gavaret, Emile  
Gavet, J.  
Gavet, William  
Gavin, Bernard  
Gay, Charles A.  
Gay, Edward  
Gay, James W.  
Gay, Jesse  
Gay, John  
Gay, Nathaniel  
Gay, Thomas S. *  
Gay, Timothy  
Gayle, Columbus  
Gayle, John H.  
Gayle, Judson  
Gayle, Nathaniel G.  
Gayle, Richard H.  
Gaylor, John  
Gaylord, Aaron  
Gaylord, Charles  
Gazzau, Andrea  
Geagan, Timothy  
Gearon, Michael  
Gearson, Peter  
Gebhard, Leonard  
Gebhardt, Bernard  
Gebhardt, Louis A.  
Gebo, Joseph  
Geddes, Charles Wright  
Geddes, Eric Campbell  
Geddes, G.  
Geddes, George W.  
Geddes, Henry  
Geddes, Simon Wilmer  
Gedney, Henry  
Gedney, M. A.  
Gedney, Thomas R. *  
Gee, Charles  
Gee, David  
Gee, Nevil  
Gee, Samuel  
Geegan, Joseph  
Geer, Abram  
Geer, Jacob  
Gehegan, Thomas  
Geiser, John J.  
Geisinger, David *  
Geizer, Jacob  
Gelabert, Frederico R.  
Gelett, Joseph S.  
Gellison, Orsamus  
Gelzon, George  
Genet, C. C.  
Gensell, J.  
Genther, Samuel  
Geoghegon, John  
Geoltz, Lewis  
George, A. B.  
George, Benjamin  
George, Edward  
George, Frank A. R.  
George, Harry  
George, James M.  
George, Jesse  
George, John Jan  
George, Thomas  
Gerald, Garland S.  
Geran, Thomas  
Geraughty, Lawrence  
Geraughty, Thomas  
Gerdis, Ferdinand H.  
Gerding, John G. W.  
Name List of Documents
Gerhardt, Rudolf  
Germain, Charles  
German, James B.  
German, Lewis  
Gerould, Martin L.  
Gerrand, George  
Gerrand, Henry  
Gerrans, Charles  
Gerrish, Alexander  
Gerrish, David F.  
Gerry, Charles M. S.  
Gerry, Elbridge  
Gerry, James T. *  
Gerry, John Oakes  
Gerry, Martin H.  
Gerry, Thomas R.  
Gerry, William  
Gettis, James  
Getty, ________  
Getty, Robert H.  
Getty, Robert  
Geyer, P.  
Gheen, Edward Hickman  
Gherardi, Bancroft  
Gherardi, Walter R.  
Gibbes, J. R.  
Gibbes,  P. Hamilton  
Gibbes,  R. H.  
Gibbes,  Robert R.  
Gibbons, Jacob  
Gibbons, James  
Gibbons, John  
Gibbons, John Henry  
Gibbons, Lardner  
Gibbons, Miles  
Gibbs, Caleb  
Gibbs, Charles  
Gibbs, Charles Isaac  
Gibbs, Charles S.  
Gibbs, George  
Gibbs, Henry L.  
Gibbs, John B.  
Gibbs, John M.  
Gibbs, Lucisus T.  
Gibbs, Paul C.  
Gibbs, R. L  
Gibbs, William C.  
Gibbs, William Perry  
Gibbs, William S.  
Giberson, Robert D.  
Gibney, James C.  
Gibson, A  J.  
Gibson, Alexander  
Gibson, S.  
Gibson, Beverly Tucker  
Gibson, Edward  
Gibson, K  
Gibson, George H.  
Gibson, Henry D.  
Gibson,  J. C.  
Gibson,  J. D.  
Gibson,  James  
Gibson,  D.  
Gibson, John D.  
Gibson,  Lardner  
Gibson, Otis W.  
Gibson,  Robert  
Gibson,  Robert C.  
Gibson, Robert M.  
Gibson, Samuel H.  
Gibson, Thomas  
Gibson, Thomas  
Gibson, M. M.  
Gibson,  William  
Gibson,  William C.  
Gilman, Joseph T.  
Gilman, O. B.  
Gilman, William H.  
Gilman, William P  
Gilmartin, Peter P.  
Gilmer, Thomas W.  
Gilmer, W. W.  
Gilmore, Fernando P.  
Gilmore, Howard Walters  
Gilmore, James  
Gilmore, John D.  
Gilmour ,John  
Gilpatrick, Charles  
Gilpatrick, Levi  
Gilpin, Joseph  
Gilson, Frederic W.  
Gilson, William  
Gilson, William H.  
Ginder, Samuel P.  
Ginn, Jacob  
Gipson, James P.  
Girard, ________  
Girard, Joseph  
Giraud, Henry E.  
Giraud, Pierre  
Girault, Arsene Napoleon  
Giraw, Auguste  
Girty, David L.  
Girty, Thomas  
Girvin, Howard W.  
Gitchell, Benjamin  
Gitchell, David  
Gittander, Alexander  
Gittinger, Peter  
Gittings, Philip  
Gittins, Robert  
Giveen, Robert  
Given, Charles C.  
Given, William G.  
Givens, James  
Name List of Documents
Gibson, William Seibert  
Giddings, ________  
Giddings, Hiram  
Giddings, J. E.  
Gideon, George  
Gideon, Joseph *  
Giet, George W.  
Giet, John N.  
Gifford, Archapus  
Gifford, Charles P.  
Gifford, George P.  
Gifford, James  
Gifford, John  
Gifford, John L.  
Gifford, Joseph  
Gifford, Lyman W.  
Gifford, Robert W.  
Gift, George Washington *  
Gignilliant, T. H.  
Gehon, Albert  
Gilbank, _______  
Gilbert, A. S.  
Gilbert, Abraham  
Gilbert, Caleb  
Gilbert, Daniel  
Gilbert, Foster B.  
Gilbert, George  
Gilbert, Harrison P.  
Gilbert, Jeremiah S.  
Gilbert, John  
Gilbert, John D .  
Gilbert, John Perrine  
Gilbert, Mariano  
Gilbert, Samuel  
Gilbert, Thomas  
Gilbert, Thomas * (Civil War)  
Gilbert, Timothy  
Gilbert, Timothy  
Gilbert, William  
Gilbert, William N.  
Gilbertson, Earl George  
Gilchrist; Archibald  
Gilchrist, Edward  
Gilder, W. H.  
Gilderdale, George D.  
Gildersleeve, Philip  
Gile, Ira  
Gile, William  
Giles, Alpha E.  
Giles, Eleazer  
Giles, Harry C.  
Giles, Henry Clay  
Giles, John H.  
Giles, Melvin P.  
Giles, Thomas  
Giles, William D.  
Gilkey, William  
Gill, C. C.  
Gill, Edward  
Gill, Edwin James  
Gill, Emmet F.  
Gill, J. W.  
Gill, J.  W.  
Gill, John  
Gill, John  
Gill, Nicholas D.  
Gill, Richard S.  
Gill, Thomas A.  
Gill,  William  
Gill,  William Lowry  
Gillan, David  
Gillander, Alexander  
Gillen, John  
Gillen, Joseph  
Gillespie, Archibald H. *  
Gillespie, Charles  
Gillespie, E. C.  
Gillespie, Edward  
Gillespie, William T.  
Gillet, Samuel T.  
Gillett, Albert B.  
Gillett, Francis T. *  
Gillett, S. P.  
Gillett, Samuel T.  
Gillette, Amos  
Gilley, Henry  
Gilley, Isaac T.  
Gilley, J. H.  
Gilley, J . T  
Gilley, William L.  
Gilliam, James S.  
Gillies, Daniel  
Gillies, John  
Gillies, John  
Gilligan, Robert  
Gilliland, Christopher C.  
Gilliland, Henry F.  
Gilliland, James  
Gilliland, James Samuel  
Gilliland, Samuel  
Gilliland, Samuel James  
Gillin, James  
Gillin, Mark  
Gillis, Claude V.  
Gillis, James H.  
Gillis, John P. *  
Gillis, Robert Stewart  
Gillis, Thomas  
Gillis, Walter V.  
Gillis, William  
Gilliss, Irving V. G.  
Name List of Documents
Gilliss, James Melville  
Gilliss, Thomas H.  
Gillmor, Horatio C.  
Gillmore, Hugh  
Gillmore, James Clarkson  
Gillmore, Theodore S.  
Gillon, Alexander  
Gilman, Augustus H.  
Gilman, Charles W.  
Gilman, David  
Givens, John  
Givens, Robert  
Gladden, William  
Gladding, John F.  
Gladding, W . H  
Glade, Peter  
Gladen, George  
Glading, T. E.  
Glasgow, John  
Glass, Carson  
Glass, Daniel  
Glass, George  
Glass, Henry  
Glass, John  
Glass, Thomas  
Glass, Thomas  
Glasscock, T. A.  
Glassell, William T.  
Glassford, Henry A.  
Glasson, Edmund J.  
Glasson, John  
Glasson, John J.  
Glathart, David  
Glazier, A. C.  
Gleason, John  
Gleason, Seth E.  
Gleason, William  
Gleaves, Albert *  
Glea, Simon  
Glendy, William M.  
Glendening, S. A.  
Glenn, _________  
Glenn, Barron  
Glenn, John  
Glenn, Patrick  
Glenn, Perry  
Glennon, James H. *  
Glenny, D. W.  
Glentworth, H. N.  
Glisson, Henry Y.  
Glisson, Oliver S. *  
Glisson, Oliver S., Jr.  
Gloss, Christopher  
Gloss, George  
Glover, Alfred  
Glover, Henry  
Glover, James P.  
Glover, Stephen E.  
Glover, Thomas  
Glynn, Anthony  
Glynn, Edward  
Glynn, James  
Glynn, James *  
Glynn, Anthony  
Glynn, John J.  
Goble, Aaron  
Goble, E. W.  
Goble, Jonathan   (See Box 89A)  
Goble, Samuel B.  
Goddard, Henry S.  
Goddard, John  
Goddard, John W.  
Goddard, Kingston, Jr.  
Goddard, Robert H.  
Godfrey, _______  
Godfrey, Augustine  
Godfrey, James E.  
Godfrey, John W.  
Godfrey, Jones  
Godfrey, Washington  
Godfrey, William  
Goding, Richard R.  
Goble, Jonathan (Journal)  
Name List of Documents
Godman, Hamilton  
Godman, John Davidson  
Godman, Robert  
Godman, Samuel  
Godman, Stewart A.  
Godon, Sylvanus W.  
Godon, Victor L.  
Godsey, John C.  
Godwin, Charles W.  
Godwin, Joseph  
Godwin, L. C.  
Godwin, William N. J.  
Goerte, Charles W.  
Goethals, ________  
Goff, Albert H.  
Goff, J. J.  
Goff, Nathan  
Goff, William F.  
Goforth, Z.  
Gogia, John  
Goicura, Domingo de  
Goin, John W.  
Goin, Thomas  
Gold, Abel Joseph  
Golden, Benjamin F.  
Golden, Charles N.  
Golden, James  
Golden, Joseph L.  
Golden, Lucas     E.  
Golden, Patrick *  
Golder, Hamilton  
Golderman, Charles J.  
Goldin, William H.  
Golding, Thomas  
Goldsborough Family  
Goldsborough, Charles  
Goldsborough, Charles W.  
Goldsborough, John R. *  
Goldsborough, Louis M. *  
Goldsborough, Worthington  
Goldsmith, ________  
Goldsmith, Gilman H.  
Goldsmith, Gus  
Goldsmith, Issac N.  
Goldsmith, John  
Goldsmith, John  
Goldsmith, Martin  
Goldsmith, Nathan A.  
Goldsmith, Nathaniel  
Goldsmith, Thomas  
Goldstein, Emile H.  
Goliver, John  
Goll, Lloyd B.  
Golster, A.  
Name List of Documents
Goleto, Francis  
Gomas, Zachias  
Gomes, Frank  
Gomez, ________  
Gompers, Samuel  
Gondolpho, Joseph Raphael  
Gonzales, Francisco  
Gonzalez, Samuel L.  
Good, George  
Good, George V.  
Good, Jesse M.  
Good, William Drayton  
Goodale, John  
Goode, William D.  
Goodenough, Christopher  
Goodhue, David P.  
Goodhue, George  
Goodhue, John  
Goodhue, Joseph  
Goodhue, Joseph L.  
Gooding, George H.  
Gooding, Matthew Robert  
Gooding, William T.  
Goodloe, Green Clay *  
Goodloe, Joseph A.  
Goodman, John  
Goodman,  Joseph  
Goodman, Richard French  
Goodmanson, George H.  
Goodmanson, John P.  
Goodrow, Lewis  
Goodrell, Mancel C.  
Goodrich, D. H.  
Goodrich, David  
Goodrich, Isaiah W.  
Goodrich, Joseph  
Goodrich, Samuel Dainey  
Goodrun, John  
Goodsell, Thomas  
Goodwin, A. A.  
Goodrich, Benjamin  
Goodrich, Charles J.  
Goodrich, Charles M.  
Goodrich, Charles R.  
Goodrich, Daniel  
Goodrich,  David L.  
Goodrich, Edward M.  
Goodrich, Ezra Shaw  
Goodrich, Francis C.  
Goodrich, George  
Goodrich, George P.  
Goodrich, Henry B.  
Goodrich, James B.  
Goodrich, John  
Goodrich, John A.  
Goodrich, Joseph  
Goodrich, Joseph H.  
Goodrich, Joseph W.  
Goodrich, Nathaniel  
Goodrich, William Wallace  
Goodwyn, Matthew P.  
Gookin, Thomas  
Gookins, ________  
Gordon, Alexander George  
Gordon, Charles  
Gordon, Charles  
Gordon, Charles  
Gordon, Charles Calhoun  
Gordon, Charles F.  
Gordon, Churchill  
Gordon, Daniel E.  
Gordon, F. Edward  
Gordon, Henry M.  
Gordon, I. T.  
Gordon, J. B.  
Gordon, James  
Gordon, James H.  
Gordon, John  
Gordon, John  
Gordon, John  
Gordon, John  
Gordon, Joseph R.  
Gordon, Oliver W.  
Gordon, Robert  
Gordon, S. D.  
Gordon, Samuel  
Gordon, Thomas  
Gordon, Victor  
Gordon, W. P.  
Gordon, William  
Gordon, William H.  
Gordon, William L.  
Gore, John H.  
Gorgas, _________  
Gorgas, Albert C.  
Gorham, Barnabas  
Gorham, Seth  
Gorman, George James  
Gorman, John  
Gorman, John  
Gorman, Maurice M.  
Gormly, Crawford H. Henry  
Gorrie, John  
Gorringi, Henry Honeychurch *  
Gorton, William T.  
Gosler, Thomas R. B.  
Goss, Crawford Duncan  
Goss, Green  
Goss, John  
Gossage, ________  
Cossett, Percival  
Gossick, John P.  
Gothiel, E.  
Gotier, James  
Gott, James  
Gott, Stephen  
Gottheil, Edward  
Gotwald, Jacob H.  
Goudy, Jason  
Gough, George W.  
Gough, John  
Gough, Oliver P.  
Gough, William  
Gould, A. N.  
Gould, C. M.  
Gould, Charles  
Gould, Charles H.  
Gould, Edward A.  
Gould, Horace  
Gould, James  
Gould, James L.  
Gould, John K.  
Gould, N. Goddard  
Gould, Roland F.  
Gould, Samuel J.  
Gould, Stephen  
Gould, Talcott  
Gould, Thomas Christy  
Gould, William R.  
Goulding, Isaac D.  
Gounart, L.  
Gourley, J.  
Gove, Charles A.  
Gove, David  
Gove, Gilman D.  
Gove, Samuel A.  
Gover, Frederick J.  
Gow, John L.  
Gowans, James B.  
Gowdy, Alonzo  
Gower, John George  
Gowing, John  
Name List of Documents
Gowran, Henry I.  
Grace, Frederick J.  
Grace, George W.  
Grace, Gilbert  
Grace, Henry P.  
Grace, James  
Grace, John P.  
Grace, John R.  
Grace, Patrick  
Grace, Thomas  
Gradwohl, Rutherford B.H. *  
Grady, C. I.  
Grady, Everett William  
Graeme, Maurice  
Grafly, Daniel W.  
Grafton, Edward C.  
Grafton, Prank W.  
Grafton, John J.  
Grafton, Joseph D.  
Gragg, Samuel  
Gragg, William F.  
Gragg, William F.  
Gragg, William F. , Jr.  
Graham, ________  
Graham, Adolphus 0.  
Graham, A. F.  
Graham, Alexander M.  
Graham, Benjamin F.  
Graham, Charles K.  
Graham, Findley  
Graham, Franklin A.  
Graham, George H.  
Graham, George R.  
Graham, Henry  
Graham, Hugh  
Graham, James  
Graham, James E.  
Graham, James E. N.  
Graham, James F.  
Graham, John  
Graham, John C.  
Graham, John Hodges  
Graham, John W.  
Graham, Joseph  
Graham, Middleton  
Graham, Newell  
Graham, Oliver  
Graham, Richard  
Graham, Richard W. M.  
Graham, Robert  
Graham, Robert S.  
Graham, Stephen Victor  
Graham, T. J.  
Graham, Thomas  
Graham, William A.  
Graham, William B.  
Graham, William C.  
Grame, Thomas  
Grandblomb, John  
Grandin, John Forman  
Granger, Brownell  
Granger, Charles H.  
Granger, George J.  
Granger, Lyman C.  
Granish, Larry  
Granso, John  
Grant, _________  
Grant, Albert Winston *  
Grant, Alexander  
Grant, Charles H.  
Grant, Edward M.  
Grant, Franklin  
Grant, George  
Grant, George  
Grant, George W.  
Grant, James O.  
Grant, Jaremiah  
Grant, John W.  
Grant, Justin  
Grant, M. J.  
Grant, Samuel  
Grant, Samuel B.  
Grant, Ulysses S.  
Grant, Vincent C.  
Grant, William  
Grantzou, F. A.  
Granville, ________  
Granville, Charles Henry  
Granville, Richard D.  
Graser, J. G.  
Grason, Alfred  
Grason, William  
Grasset, M. F. A.  
Grassie, Emanuel  
Grau, Charles C.  
Graulman, A.  
Gravatt, Charles U.  
Gravatt, Charles W.  
Gravel, Alexander  
Graves, ________  
Graves, A. W.  
Graves, Alexander  
Graves, Benjamin  
Graves, Charles Iverson *  
Graves, Daniel B.  
Graves, David Armistead  
Graves, Elisha  
Graves, George W.  
Graves, George W.  
Graves, Henry B.  
Graves, Henry L. *  
Graves, Hiram B.  
Graves, J. D.  
Graves, J. Francis (See ZE - South America, Pendleton Papers)  
Graves, J. H.  
Graves, James C.  
Graves, John  
Graves, John  
Graves, Orison  
Graves, Oscar H.  
Graves, Robert  
Graves, Robert A.  
Graves, Samuel  
Graves, Sewell F.  
Graves, Thomas  
Graves, Thomas  
Graves, William  
Graves, William A.  
Graves, William W.  
Gray, Alanson  
Gray, Andrew F. V.  
Gray, B. F.  
Gray, Benjamin  
Gray, Charles A.  
Gray, Charles C.  
Gray, D.  
Gray, Edward  
Gray, Edwin F.  
Gray, Elias  
Gray, Elisha  
Gray, Ezra  
Gray, George R.  
Gray, Harry C.  
Gray, Henry  
Gray, Henry W.  
Gray, Howard P.  
Gray, James  
Gray, James L.  
Gray, John  
Gray, John  
Gray, John  
Gray, John  
Gray, John A.  
Gray, John H.  
Gray, John J. *  
Gray, John J.  
Gray, Joseph B.  
Gray, Luther  
Gray, M. M.  
Gray, Nelson H.  
Gray, Robert  
Gray, Robert  
Gray, Robert F.  
Gray, S. C.  
Gray, S. N.  
Gray, Samuel  
Gray, Spence  
Gray, Spencer  
Gray, William  
Gray, William  
Gray, William  
Gray, William Augustus  
Gray, William H.  
Gray, William T.  
Graybill, ________  
Grayson, John R.  
Name List of Documents
Grayson, Spence  
Grayson, William  
Grazier, William U.  
Grazier, William W.  
Gredy, George  
Greely, Adolphus Washington  
Greeley, Alfred J.  
Greely, David H.  
Greely, J.  
Greely, John  
Greely, Jacob  
Green Family *  
Green, Andrew Heatley  
Green, Andrew Heatley, Jr.  
Green, Benjamin F.  
Green, Bennett W.  
Green, Bill  
Green, Charles  
Green, Charles L.  
Green, Charles L.  
Green, Daniel S.  
Green, Edward H.  
Green, Elliott  
Green, Ezra  
Green, Ezra  
Green, Francis M. *  
Green, Frank C.  
Green, Henry  
Green, Henry  
Green, Henry B.  
Green, Henry D.  
Green, Isaac  
Green, J. N.  
Green, J. P.  
Green, James  
Green, James  
Green, James  
Green, James  
Green, James  
Green, James E.  
Green, James G.  
Green, James G.  
Green, Jesse  
Green, Jesse H.  
Green, John  
Green, John  
Green, John  
Green, John  
Green, John  
Green, John  
Green, John  
Green, John  
Green, John Arbuthnot  
Green, John Gilchrist  
Green, John H.  
Green, John W. *  
Green, Joseph  
Green, Joseph Foster *  
Green, Joseph S.  
Green, Joshua  
Green, Levi R.  
Green, Nathan  
Green, Nathaniel  
Green, Ned  
Green, Nehemiah  
Green, Paul  
Green, Paul  
Green, Samuel  
Green, Samuel H.  
Green, Samuel T.  
Green, Stephen S.  
Green, T. Richie  
Green, Thomas  
Green, Thomas Applewhite  
Green, Thomas B.  
Green, Thomas H.  
Green, Thomas H.  
Green, Timothy  
Green, W.  
Green, William  
Green, William  
Green, William  
Green, William  
Green, William  
Green, William  
Green, William  
Green, William  
Green, William  
Name List of Documents
Green, William G.  
Green, William H.  
Green, Willis M.  
Greene, Albert S.  
Greene, Benjamin F.  
Greene, Charles H.  
Greene, David M. Edward  
Greene, Edward  
Greene, Edward K.  
Greene, Elisha  
Greene, Francis E.  
Greene, Francis V.  
Greene, George M.  
Greene, George W.  
Greene, Israel  
Greene, J. F.  
Greene, J. M.  
Greene, James Foy  
Greene, James Montgomery  
Greene, John Rose  
Greene, May F.  
Greene, Paul  
Greene, Samuel Dana  
Greene, Theodore Plenney  
Greene, William A.  
Greene, William C.  
Greenfield, Archibald  
Greenhalgh, John  
Greenhow, James W. B. *  
Greenleaf, John  
Greenleaf, Robert  
Greenleaf, William  
Greenough, Horatio *  
Greenslade, Thomas  
Greenway, ________  
Greenway, W. W. F.  
Greenwell, Clifton *  
Greenwood, Charles H.  
Greenwood, Edwin L.  
Greenwood, George W.  
Greenwood, J.  
Greenwood, James Nelson  
Greenwood, John T.  
Greer, James  
Greer, James  
Greer, James A.  
Grieson, George  
Greeves, Thomas  
Gregg, J. S.  
Gregg, John  
Gregg, Thomas  
Gregg, W. F.  
Gregg, W. W.  
Gregg, William  
Gregory, David  
Gregory, Francis Hoyt *  
Gregory, Frank F.  
Gregory, George A.  
Gregory, H. M.  
Gregory, Henry S.  
Gregory, Iago  
Gregory, John  
Gregory, John H.  
Gregory, John Shaw  
Gregory, Justus E.  
Gregory, M . B  
Gregory, Moses  
Gregory, Samuel  
Gregory, Samuel B.  
Gregory, Samuel S.  
Gregory, Stephen  
Gregory, Thomas B.  
Gregory, William D.  
Gregson, Hugh  
Gregson, John P.  
Gregson, John P.  
Greher, William  
Greiner, George  
Greiner, John N.  
Greiner, William  
Grenell, Thomas  
Greni, Thomas B.  
Grenlick, Joseph  
Gresham, W. A.  
Gretorix, Henry  
Greulich, Joseph  
Grey, George W.  
Grey, James  
Grey, John  
Name List of Documents
Grey, Robert F.  
Grey, Thomas  
Gribble, Bernard Finegan  
Gribble, R. D.  
Grice, Francis  
Grice, Francis E.  
Grice, Joseph  
Grice, Samuel  
Gridley, Charles Vernon  
Grier, George W.  
Grier, Henry F.  
Grier, John W.  
Grier, William  
Grier, William P.  
Grieve, Charles  
Grieve, Charles  
Grieve, Charles Courtney  
Griffen, John T.  
Griffey, John  
Griffin, Charles E. L.  
Griffin, David Edward  
Griffin, F. J.  
Griffin, George Andrew Jackson  
Griffin, George B.  
Griffin, George W.  
Griffin, James  
Griffin, James  
Griffin, John  
Griffin, John  
Griffin, John B.  
Griffin, John R.  
Griffin, Joseph  
Griffin, Joseph  
Griffin, Kirtland  
Griffin, L. P.  
Griffin, Levi  
Griffin, M.  
Griffin, Montgomery  
Griffin, Patrick  
Griffin, Robert S.  
Griffin, Thomas Jefferson *  
Griffin, Timothy J.  
Griffin, William  
Griffin, William C.  
Griffin, William Cougley  
Griffin, William H.  
Griffin, William Preston  
Griffing, George H.  
Griffis, Montgomery P.  
Griffith, Daniel  
Griffith, David  
Griffith, David R.  
Griffith, Isaac J.  
Griffith, J.  
Griffith, John  
Griffith, John  
Griffith, Milton  
Griffith, Samuel Henderson  
Griffith, Thomas Jefferson  
Griffith, Thomas M.  
Griffith, W. P  
Griffiths, Dominick E.  
Griffiths, Herbert M.  
Griffiths, John T.  
Griffiths, John W.  
Griffiths, Montgomery P.  
Griffiths, Oliver W.  
Griffiths, Robert  
Griffiths, Walter B.  
Griffiths, William E.  
Griggs, Abel  
Griggs, Charles D.  
Griggs, George H.  
Griggs, Henry  
Griggs, Henry D.  
Griggs, John  
Griggs, Lee  
Griggs, Richard  
Griggs, Samuel S.  
Griggs, William O.  
Griggs, William W.  
Grimball, John  
Grimes, George T.  
Grimes, James  
Grimes, John  
Grimes, John  
Grimes, Josiah  
Grimke, Benjamin  
Grimke, Benjamin S.  
Grimshaw, William Henry  
Grindle, Isaiah H.  
Grinnell, Henry Walton *  
Grinnell, Thomas  
Grinton, Charles  
Grippin, Joseph  
Griscom, John S.  
Grissam, Thomas B.  
Grissam, Edgar A.  
Grisso, Clarence E.  
Grissom, Robert  
Grissom, W. J.  
Griswald, Benjamin  
Griswald, Edward  
Griswald, George R.  
Griswald, R. W.  
Griswald, William  
Griswald, William  
Gr'le, Blye  
Groce, George  
Grogan, _________  
Grogan, John  
Grogan, Roy V. R.  
Groomes, R. L.  
Grooms, Robert L.  
Grooves, J.  
Gros, Daniel  
Groser, J. G.  
Gross, Charles W.  
Grosvenor, George H.  
Groube, Beaumont  
Grouly, Joseph  
Grout, Edward  
Grout, Peter  
Grove, John R.  
Grove, Thomas G.  
Groveman, Frederick  
Grovenstein, Henry C.  
Grover, Edmund  
Grover, Elbridge Harison  
Grover, Henry F.  
Grover, William  
Groverman, Frank  
Groves, George  
Groves, W.  
Grow, Eugene J. *  
Grow, Artemus L.  
Grozier, William U.  
Grozier, William W.  
Grubb, Beaumont  
Grundy, Felix  
Gruntree, Luther  
Grunwell, Andrew G.  
Grymes, William F.  
Gudenrath, William  
Gudgeon, William H.  
Guerdon, J.  
Guernsey, David W.  
Guernsey, John  
Guernsey, Thomson  
Guertin, Frank  
Guest, John  
Guest, Robert A.  
Guffey, Robert Enon  
Guichard, Augustin  
Guidi, Manuel  
Guild, Charles F.  
Guild, Henry Albert  
Guilford, Henry M.  
Guilford, William  
Guillon, Charles F. B.  
Guinard, Henry  
Guinea, _________  
Guinn, Thomas Duval  
Guiteras, D. M.  
Gulick, Charles H.  
Gulick, John S.  
Gullifer, William  
Name List of Documents
Gulliver, James  
Gumphert, William  
Gunderson, Morgan F.  
Gunarson, Jon  
Gunderson, John  
Gunn, Cephas G. *  
Gunn, John  
Gunnell, Francis M.  
Gunnell, Robert H.  
Gunnerson, Charles  
Gunney, Andrew J.  
Gunnison, Benjamin  
Guptell, G. H.  
Gurley, Royal  
Gurney, Thomas  
Gurrelo, Bartolome  
Gusman, Alfred Valarie  
Guthery, William Thomas  
Guthridge, William  
Guthrie, ________  
Guthrie, B. W.  
Guthrie, H.  
Guthrie, James  
Guthrie, J  J., Jr.  
Guthrie, John Julius *  
Guthrie, John Julius, Jr.  
Guthrie, Wardell  
Gutierrez, Alonzo  
Gutter, George A.  
Guy, George T. Henry  
Guy, Wilson  
Guyger, Pulaski  
Gwathfley, Washington *  
Gweer, George  
Gwin, Benjamin  
Gwin, William  
Gwinn, Jacob  
Gwinn, John *  
Gwinn, Lenard  
Gwinnett, Jacob  
Gwynn, John E.  
Gwynn, H.  


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