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Located in the Rare Book Room of the Navy Department Library.

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ZB (Personnel) Files in the Navy Department Library

McAdams - Myrtle


This series contains various documents and ephemera pertaining to US naval officers and some civilians, especially those serving during the 19th century. Coverage of a number of outstanding officers of the late 18th and early 20th centuries, as well as some enlisted personnel, also is provided. It is estimated that the careers of 35,000 separate individuals are documented to some extent in these files.

The contents of individual files can include such items as: (1) compiled service chronologies; (2) biographical summaries; (3) service data cards (Civil War period); (4) letters of recommendation for appointment or promotion; (5) pay vouchers (Civil War period); (6) fragmentary personal and official letters; (7) official Office of Naval Records and Library, and Naval History Division correspondence providing information on specific officers. The contents of individual files range from extensive to sparse, sometimes only containing a single piece of paper.

Use and Reproduction Policy

Z File materials are unavailable for loan and must be consulted in the library. Photocopying of manuscripts, as well as fragile items, is generally prohibited, though the use of digital cameras by researchers to reproduce non-copyrighted materials is permitted. Permission to photocopy a few pages may be granted by the reference staff, contingent upon the physical state of items. All photocopying of materials shall be done by the reference staff, or under their close supervision. The use of personal scanners by non-library staff personnel must be approved by the reference staff on a document-by-document basis (Reference: Naval Historical Center Instruction [NAVHISTCENTINST] 5070.1C.).


The NDL staff are in the process of inventorying and digitizing these files. The lists available below are incomplete and may not reflect current holdings. Updates will be made to these lists as the information becomes available.

Please note that we are also in the process of placing distinguishing identifiers (rank, rating, etc.) next to individuals with the same name.

* denotes personnel has one or more folders dedicated to their documents

Name List of Documents
McAdams, David G.  
McAdams, Francis  
McAdams, John  
McAdams, Sidney  
McAfee, John C.  
McAfee, Peter  
McAleer, John  
McAlinn, James  
McAllister, Guy  
McAllister, Isaac  
McAllister, Michael  
McAllister, Richard  
McAllister, Thomas  
McAllister, William S.  
McAlpin, Archibald W.  
McAlpin, James  
McAlpin, William J.  
McAlwee, George  
McAnney, Bernard W.  
McAnulty, James  
McArann, Robert M.  
MacArthur, Arthur  
McArthur, W. P.  
McAvoy, G.  
McAvoy, Thomas J.  
McBlair, Charles A.  
McBlair, Charles H.  
McBlair, Charles R.  
McBlair, Duncan  
McBlair, Thomas P.  
McBlair, William (Commander)  
McBlair, William  (Masters Mate)  
McBride, _____  
McBride, A. V.  
McBride, Cornelius  
McBride, Daniel  
McBride, Edward  
McBride, Henry  
McBride, Isaac  
McBride, James  
McBride, Samuel  
McBride, Thomas H.  
McBryan, Philip  
McBurney, Samuel H  
MacCabe, Charles Patrick  
McCabe, J.  
McCabe, James  
McCabe, John  
McCabe, William  
McCadden, Henry  
McCaffery, Mathew  
McCaffrey, Francis  
McCaffrey, Hugh  
McCall, _____  
McCall, Edward Rutledge  
McCall, James  
McCall, William C.  
McCalla, Bowman H.  
McCalla, Robert  
McCalm, J. H  
McCallum, John  
McCammand, Joseph  
McCan, Barry  
McCandless, Byron  
McCandless, John  
McCann, _____  (Capt.)  
McCann, _____  
McCann, Felix  
McCann, James  
McCann, John  
McCann, William  
McCann, William P.  
McCanndoes, James  
McCarrick, James W.  
McCarrick, Patrick  
McCarrick, Patrick Henry  
McCarthy, Anthony  
McCarthy, Brent  
McCarthy, Frank  
McCarthy, James  
McCarthy, James B.  
McCarthy, John  
McCarthy, John  
McCarthy, Justin  
McCarthy, Lawrence A.  
McCarthy, Nickolas  
McCarthy, P. John  
McCarthy, Patrick  
McCarthy, Patrick  
McCarthy, Peter  
McCarthy, Phillip May  
McCarthy, Stephen  
McCarthy, Timothy  
McCartney, Andrew J.  
McCartney, Daniel P.  
McCarty, Charles  
McCarty, Charles S.  
McCarty, Clarke  
McCarty, Dennis  
McCarty, Eugene  
McCarty, Gilbert M.  
McCarty, Gilbert M. L.  
McCarty, J.  
McCarty, J. A.  
McCarty, John  
McCarty, John  (Chaplain)  
McCarty, Joseph  
McCarty, Morris  
McCarty, Morris or Maurice  
McCarty, Patrick  
McCarty, Richard  
McCarty, Robert L.  
McCarty, Thomas  
McCarty, Walter  
McCarty, William  
McCarty, William D.  
McCarty, William W.  
McCauley, Charles Stewart  
McCauley, Edward  
McCauley, Edward Yorke  
McCauley, Francis G.  
McCauley, George  
McCauley, James B.  
McCauley, M.  
McCauley, Thomas  
McCaulley, John Calhoun  
McCauslind, James A.  
McCaw, John  
McCawley, Charles Grymes  
McCawley, James G.  
McChesney, George Coburn  
Name List of Documents
McClagan, John  
McClain, Andrew  
McClain, John  
McClain, Robert  
McClanahan, Rice K.  
McClane, _____ (Capt.)  
McClane, Andrew  
McClary, Andrew  
McCleagh, Francis  
McCleane, John  
McCleary, Andrew  
McCleary, Robert  
McCleary, William  
McCleery, Robert W.  
McCleester, William  
McClelan, Daniel  
McClellan, E. N.  
McClellan, Reuben, Jr.  
McClellan, S. C.  
McClellan, Samuel  
McClelland, E.  
McClelland, James  
McClenachan, William  
McClenahan, I.  
McClenahan, Spencer  
McClenahan, William E.  
McClennan, James  
McClesky, Thomas FO.  
McClincey, Francis B. or Frank  
McClintock, E.  
McClintock, William  
McCloskey, Frank  
McCloskey, George  
McCloskey, James D.  
McCloud, McLeod, McLoud  
McCloud, Alexander  
McCloud, Alexander Henderson  
McCloud, Curtis  
McCloud, George  
McCloud, John  
McCloud, John  (Boatswain)  
McCloud, John B.  
McCloy, John  
McClune, J. H.  
McCluney, William J.  
McClung, Charles L.  
McClure, David  
McClure, David  
McClure, George M.  
McClure, H. L.  
McClure, Henry  
McClurg, W. A  
McClymont, Alexander  
McColley, J. H.  
McCollom, _____  (Engineer)  
McCollom, Thomas C.  
McCollom, John Van  
McComb, Andrew  
McComb, David G.  
McComb, Henry A.  
McComb, William  
McComb, William T.  
McCone, Alexander  
McConnaha, John J.  
McConnell, Archibald E.  
McConnell, Charles J.  
McConnell, George E.  
McConnell, James  
McConnell, James  
McConnell, James H.  
McConnell, John  
McConnell, Joseph  
McConnell, Robert  
McConnico, Garner  
McConvil, Daniel  
McCook, John James  (Midshipman)  
McCook, Roderick Shelton (Lt.)  
McCool, Daniel M.  
McCord, Clinton F. A.  
McCord, Frank Carey  
McCord, Frank M.  
McCord, Henry  
McCorkle, Chandler P.  
McCorkle, David Porter  
McCorkle, James P.  
McCormack, Emmett  
McCormick, H. H.  
McCormick, Albert M.D.  
McCormick, Alexander A.  
McCormick, Charles  
McCormick, Christophore  
McCormick, Frank  
McCormick, James  
McCormick, John  
McCormick, John  
McCormick, John J.  
McCormick, John R.  
McCormick, Junius A.  
McCormick, Lewis  
McCormick, William H.  
McCourt, John  
McCowan, J.  
McCoy, Alexander  
McCoy, Andrew Jackson  
McCoy, Corneleus  
McCoy, Harrison  
McCoy, James  
McCoy, James S.  
McCoy, John  
McCoy, W. M.  
McCoy, William  
McCoy, William  
McCracken, Virgil  
McCracken, William C.  
McCracken, William W.  
McCracon, John  
McCrady, William Lysander  
McCray, Stuart B.  
McCrea, Edward P.  
McCrea, Henry  
McCready, Dennis Buckley  
McCready, William  
McCreary, James A.  
McCreary, Thomas  
McCreary, William  
McCreary, William  
McCreedy, Thomas  
McCreery, George M.  
McCreery, Stephen A.  
McCudden, James  
McCue, James F.  
McCullen, David  
McCullen, William  
McCulley, John  
McCullok, George B.  
McCullough, James  
McCullough, John  
McCullough, William  
McCully, John  
McCully, John Perry  
McCully, N. A.  
McCully, Newton A. (Vice Adm)  
McCune, H. H.  
McCurdy,  J.  
McCurdy, John N.  
McCurley, Felix  
Name List of Documents
McDaniel, _____  
McDaniel, A. E.  
McDaniel, Andy  
McDaniel, Charles H.  
McDaniells, Captain  
McDermett, Edward J.  
McDermot, Henry  
McDermott, Denis J.  
McDermott, Edward  
McDermott, George B.  
McDermott, Hugh  
McDermut, David A.  
McDevitt, James  
McDevitt, John  
McDevitt, J. F.  
McDevitt, William  
McDiarmid, Donald  
McDiarmid, John  
McDill, John D.  
McDonald, Alexander  
McDonald, Allister B.  
McDonald, Charles  
McDonald, Donald  
McDonald, E. A.  
McDonald, David Lamar, Admiral, CNO  
McDonald, Edgar S.  
McDonald, Edwin A.  
McDonald, Hugh  
McDonald, J. P.  
McDonald, James  
McDonald, James  
McDonald, Jarnes  
McDonald, James Acting m. m.  
McDonald, James  Acting Master  
McDonald, James  
McDonald, James E.  
McDonald, James P.  
McDonald, John  
McDonald, John A.  
McDonald, John D.  
McDonald, John Henry  
McDonald, John W.  
McDonald, Joseph  
McDonald, Levi  
McDonald, Malcomb  
McDonald, Michael  
McDonald, Mitchell G.  
McDonald, Thomas H.  
McDonald, Thomas W.  
McDonald, W.  
McDonald, William  
McDonald, William  
McDonald, William  Qr. Gunner  
McDonald, William H.  
McDonald, Wm. Henry  
McDonald, William Trout  
McDonaugh, James  Sgt. M. C.  
McDonaugh, Thomas  
McDonnell, James  
McDonnell, James  
McDonnell, James M.  
McDonnell, Wm.  
McDonough, Chas. S.  
McDonough, Henry  
McDonough, John  
McDonough, Thomas *  
McDonough, Thomas Jr.  
McDorman, James  
McDougal Family  
McDougal, Charles J.  
McDougal, David  
McDougal, Elizabeth (Bessie)  
McDougal, George  
McDougal, Isaac  
McDougal, Leonidas  
McDougald, John  
McDougall, Charles  
McDougall, W. D.  
McDowell, Dr. A.  
McDowell, John  
McDowell, John  
McDowell, William  (Revolution)  
McDowell, William  (C. S.)  
McDuffie, H. E.  
McDuffie, Thomas  
McDunn, Ezra  
McElhaney, J.  
McElmell, Edward F.  
McElmell, Thomas A.  
McElroy, Daniel R.  
McElroy, James  
McElroy, Thomas  
McElwee, Robert  
McElwell, Joseph  
McEltee, Maurice W.  
McEntyre, Tully  
McEvoy, Charles A.  
McEvoy, Thomas  
McEwan, Campbell  
McEwan, Francis E.  
McEwan, H. D.  
McEwan, Henry  
McEwan, James  
McEwan, John  
McFadden, _____  
McFadden, William J.  
McFaden, W.  
McFalls, Leander  
McFarlan, James  
McFarland, Alexander  
McFarland, D. B.  
McFarland, Daniel  
McFarland, James  
McFarland, John  
McFarland, John  
McFarland, John O.  
McFarland, John P.  
McFarland, Robert  
McFarland, Thomas  
McFarland, William B.  
McFarland, Wm. D.  
Mcfarlin, Daniel  
Mcfarlin, Elijah  
McFarson, Daniel  
McFaul, Saml.  
McFaul, Wrn.  
McFee, James  
McFeeley, James  
McFerren, ____  
Name List of Documents
McFerren, Wm.  
McField, John  
McGage, Daniel  
McGahey, William  
McGarrity, Thomas  
McGarvey, James  
McGarvey, Matthew  
McGarvey, Thomas  
McGary, Charles  
McGary, Charles P.  
McGary, James  
McGathey, James  
McGauphey, Edward  
McGaven, J. B.  
McGavock, John  
McGee, Alexander  
McGee, George  
McGee, John  
McGee, Joseph  
McGee, Patrick  
McGee, Theodore  
McGarritt, Michael  
McGhee, Edward  
McGiffin, Philo Norton  
McGill, Alexander  
MacGill, James  
MacGill, Peter Dr.  
MacGill, William A.  Capt.  
McGillan, John  
McGillicuddy, James Herbert  
MacGilver, Robert  
McGinnis, Edward F.  
McGinnis, James  
McGinnis, John  
McGinnis, Patrick  
McGinnis, Thomas Sr.  
McQirr, Michael  
McQirr, Owen  
McGinn, Rudolph  
McGivons, Michael  
McGlennan, J.  
McGlennan, James  
McGlensey, James  
McGloin, William  
McGlone, James  
McGlone, James  
McGlaughlin, Peter  
McGlue, James  
McGlue, Thomas  
McGonagle, James  
McGough, Thomas  
McGovern, John  
McGovern, Patrick  
McGowan, Barth  
McGowan, Dan  
McGowan, Francis  
McGowan, John  
McGowan, John Jr.  
McGowan, Sylvester  
McGrane, John  
McGrath, Fennel Jr.  
McGrath, J. W.  
McGrath, Owen  
McGrath, Samuel A.  
McGrath, Thomas  
McGrath, William W.  
McGraw, John  
McGraw, John  
McGraw, John Joseph  
McGraw, Moses  
McGraw, Walter  
McGray, James  
MacGregor, Charles  
MacGregor, Charles  
MacGregor, John  
MacGregor, Moses  
McGrew, James A.  
McGuire, Andrew  
McGuire, Dennis  
McGuire, Fred H.  
McGuire, James  
McGuire, James  
McGuire, John  
McGuire, John  
McGuire, John  
McGuire, John  
McGuire, Michael  
McGuire, Nicholas  
McGuire, Owen  
McGuire, Peter  
McGuire, Thomas  
McGuire, Thomas  
McGunnegle, Wilson  
McGurk, Patrick  
McHenry, Alfred  
McHenry, James  
McHenry, S.  
McHugh, John  
McIlhenny, C. A.  
McIlhenny, J. J.  
MacIlvain, Karl  
MacIlvaine, Bloomfield  
MacIlvaine, Bowes Reed  
MacIlvaine, William  
McIlwain, _____  
McIlwain, E.  
McIntee, Michael  
McIntire, Alex  
McIntire, Alfred F.  
McIntire, Benjamin F.  
McIntire, David  
McIntire, Sylvanus  
MaKabe, James  
Mackabee, William  
McKaig, Thomas  
McKain, Barney  
MacKall, Leonard  
MacKall, R. L.  
MacKall, Richard  
MacKall, Richard L.  
McKanna, James  
MacKay, Daniel  
MacKay, Donald  
MacKay, George  
MacKay, George Harry E.  
MacKay James T.  
MacKay, John  
MacKay, Lauchlan  
MacKay, Richard  
MacKay, Rowley S.  
MacKay, Warren D. *  
McKean, Barney  
McKean, Edward  
McKean, F. B.  
McKean, F. S.  
McKean, W. D.  Jr.  
McKean, William Wister  
McKee, Edward B.  
McKee, Hugh  
McKee, Nathaniel  
McKee, Samuel  
McKee, Warren  
MeKeefer, John  
McKeen, James  
McKeene, John  
McKeever, Edward S.  
McKeever, Edwin S.  
McKeever, F. H.  
McKeever, Isaac  
McKeever, James  
McKeige, Edward E.  
McKeitheh, George  
McKell, John McIntosh  
McKendy, William  
McKenly, John  
McKenna, John  
McKenna, John  
McKenna, John  
McKennee, Henry G.  
McKenney, George L.  
McKenney, John  
McKenney, Lewis W.  
McKenney, Thomas  
McKenney, William  
McKennow, Michael  
MacKentyre, Samuel  
Name List of Documents
MacKenzie, _____  
MacKenzie, Alexander  
MacKenzie, Alexander  
MacKenzie, Alexander D.  
MacKenzie, Alexander Slidell  1st Biography
MacKenzie, Alexander Slidell  2nd  
MacKenzie, Allen  
MacKenzie, Daniel  
MacKenzie, David B.  
MacKenzie, James  
MacKenzie, James B.  
MacKenzie, James H.  
MacKenzie, John  
MacKenzie, John  
MacKenzie, Thomas  
MacKenzie, William  
McKeon, John  
McKernan, Henry  
McKernin, Michael  
McKertis, Alexander  
McKewan, David P.  
McKim, John  
McKinley, Daniel  
McKinley, Isaac  
McKinley, William  
McKinney, L. M.  
McKinney, Wilson R.  
McKinny, Sam  
McKinnow, Neil  
Mackintyre, Samuel  
Macklin, Edgar  
McKnight, James  
McKnight, John  
McKnight, Robert  
McKnight, Williarn  
McKown, Franklin La Grange  
McNitt, James  
McKoy, William  
McKuen, James  
McKye, Colin  
McLachlan, Colin  
McLachlan, John  Jr.  
McLain, _____  
McLain, Augustus  
McLain, S. R.  
McLain, William P.  
McLairin, John  
McLanahan, Tenant  
McLane, Allen  
McLane, Alexander  
McLane, Arthur R.  
McLane, Louis Jr.  
McLaren, Donald  
McLaren, James  
Mclarin, John  
McLauchlin, William  
McLaughlan, James  
McLaughlin, A. D.  
McLaughlin, Augustus  
McLaughlin, Charles  
McLaughlin, Daniel  
McLaughlin, Edward  
McLaughlin, Elijah  
McLaughlin, Frank  J.  
McLaughlin, James  
McLaughlin, James  
McLaughlin, John  
McLaughlin, John  
McLaughlin, John  
McLaughlin, John  
McLaughlin, John T.  
McLaughlin, Joseph  
McLaughlin, Michael  
McLaughlin, Moses Harry  
McLaughlin, Richard  
McLaughlin, Thomas  
McLaughlin, Thomas  
McLaughlin, Thomas J.  
McLean, Arthur E.  
McLean, A. C.  
McLean, Daniel  
McLean, Ephraim Rankin  Jr.  
McLean, John R.  
McLean, Norman J.  
McLean, Ridley  (RADM) *  
McLean, T. C.  
McLean, Walter  
McLean, William  
McLean, William B.  
McLean, William H.  
McLeane, John  
McLeave, J.  
MacLeish, Kenneth  
McLellan, Cary  
McLellan, Charles H.  
McLellan, G. M.  
McLellan, George  
McLellan, Joseph W.  
McLennan, Daniel  
McLeod, Alexander Henderson  
McLeod, Daniel Clark  
McLeod, John  
McLeod, John  
McLeon, Robert L.  
Mcloud, James  
McLouth, Peter  
McMahan, B. F.  
McMahon, F. T.  
McMahon, James  
McMahon, Jesse  
McMahon, John  
McMahon, Michael  
McMahon, Patrick J.  
McMahon, Robert C.  
MaMallon, James  
McManaman, Philip  
McMananay, Charles  
McMannus, Patrick  
McManus, _____  
McManus, James  
McManus, John  
McManus, Patrick  
McManus, William  
McMaster, James  
McMellen, James  
McMichael, Ephraim K.  
McMillan, A.  
McMillan, Augustus Charles  
McMillan, Donald Baxter  
McMillan, John  
McMillan, Roderick  
McMillan, Thomas  
McMillan, W. R.  
McMillen, Donald  
McMillin, Edward Watson  
McMullen, Alexander  
McMullen, Joseph  
McMurdo, Archibald  
McMurphy, Henry Knox  
McMurphy, Joseph  
McMurphy, ______ (6 brothers)  
McMurray, William B.  
McMurry, William  
McMurtrie, Daniel  
McMurtrie, Horace  
McMurtrie, William  
Name List of Documents
McNab, William F.  
McNabb, James  
McNaboe, Christopher M.  
McNair, Antoine Reihe  
McNair, David  
McNair, Frederick V.  
McNair, James  
McNair, Richard  
McNairy, W.  S.  
McNairy, William H.  
McNally, John  
McNally, John J.  
McNally, S.  
McNamara, Francis  
McNamara, Timothy  
McNamee, Luke  
McNamee, M.  
McNamee, Patrick  
McNary, Isaac P.  
MaNeely, Joseph  
McNeer, James  
McNeil, John  
McNeil, Lewis W.  
McNeil, Wilfred  
McNeill, Daniel  
McNeill, Daniel Jr.  
McNeill, Frederick B.  
McNeill, Hector  
McNeill, William Gibbs  
McNeilly, W. L.  
McNeir, William  
McNellis, Thomas  
McNelly, John  
McNelly, Michael  
McNeran, Malcolm  
McNerhaney, Francis  
McNichols, Archibald  
McNort, John  
McNulty, James  
McNutt, J. G.  
McNutt, W. F.  
MacPherson, Daniel  
MacPherson, Felix  
MacPherson, George E.  
MacPherson, J.  
MacPherson, John  
MacPherson, John  
MacPherson, John J.  
MacPherson, Joseph Stout  
McPherson, Victor  
McQuade, James  
McQuade, John  
McQueen, Donald  
McQueen, John  
McQuillan, Daniel P.  
McQuinn, James  
McRae, Archibald  
McRae, C. J.  
McRae, Donald L.  
McRea, Alex  
McRea, John  
McRea, Joseph  
McRea, William  
MacReading, Anthony  
MacReading, C. S.  
Macready, Thomas  
MacRee, Fergus *  
McReynolds, N. Dell  
McRitchie, D. G.  
McRitchie, D. J.  
McRitchie, David G.  
McRoberts, Jefferson *  
McSemple, Alexander  
McShane, Julian J.  
McShane, William  
McSweeney, Edward B.  
McSherry, W. Kilty  
McThorne, Henry  
McTurk, Andrew  
McVay, Charles  
McVay, J. A.  
McVay, James  
McVey, Archibald *  
McWhorter, Robert Liqon  
McWilkie, R. H. F. *  
McWilliams, Alexander  
McWilliams, Alexander S.  
McWilliams, J. G.  
McWilliams, James  
McWilliams, John  
McWilliams, Joshua  
Mabel, George J. W.  Jr  
Maben, John  
Mac, Otto  
Macann, Cornelius  
Macas, Antosion  
Maccoun, Robert T.  
MacDonough, Thomas  
Macer, Isaac  
Machen, E. C.  
Machesney, William  
Machesney, William  
Machette, Henry C.  
Mack, Eugene  
Mack, Eugene  
Mack, Jeremiah  
Mack, John  
Mack, Simon  
Mack, Thomas  
Mackey, Absalom  
Mackie, B. S.  
Mackie, George F.  
Macomb, David B  
Macomb, David G.  
Macomb, Henry A.  
Name List of Documents
Macomb, William H   (11 Folders incl. Personal Corres. (1843-69) & Official ltrs) *  
Macomber, Bradford  
Macomber, James H.  
Macomber, John  
Macomber, M.  
Macomber, Robert P.  
Macomber, Samuel P.  
Macondray, F. W.  
Macy, Henry C.  
Madan, M.  
Madden, Dr.  
Madden, Harry O.  
Madden, John  
Madden, William  
Maddock, John  
Maddock, Walter  
Maddox, Charles H.  
Maddox, William A. T.  
Maddy, William  
Madigan, John *  
Madison, Andrew  
Madison, Edward  
Madison, James J.  
Madison, John H.  
Madison, Nicholas  
Maffitt, Eugene  
Maffitt, John Newland *  
Maffitt, Thomas  
Maffitt, William  
Maffit, William R.  
Magaman, James R.  
Magar, B. S.  
Magaw, Samuel  
Magaw, William P.  
Name List of Documents
Magee, Alexander  
Magee, Andrew  
Magee, Edward A.  
Magee, George W.  
Magee, Samuel H. *  
Magers, Francis M.  
Magie, Theodore B.  
Maglenn, James  
Magness, James  
Magone, E. A.  
Magrath, Humphrey *  
Magruder, Alexander Fitzhugh  
Magruder, Charles Belford  
Magruder, George A. *  
Magruder, Lewis  
Magruder, Mason  
Magruder, Nathaniel Jones  
Magruder, Thomas C.  
Magruder, Thomas Pickett *  
Magruder, Thomas W.  
Magruder, Thomas W.  
Maguire, Francis  
Maguire, James  
Maguire, John  
Magure, James H.  
Magure, James W.  
Mahan, Alfred Thayer  (9 Folders) * Biography
Mahan, Dennis Hart  
Mahan, Robert  
Mahan, William  
Mahatha, Robert H.  
Mahe, Joseph A.  
Mahlman, William  
Mahon, John Montgomery  
Mahoney, Bartholemew  
Mahoney, Cornelius  
Mahoney, Florence  
Mahoney, Frank  
Mahoney, J. E.  
Mahoney, Jeremiah  
Mahoney, Richard  
Mahoney, Richard  
Mahoney, Samuel  
Mahoney, Timothy  
Mahoney, William P.  
Mahugh, John  
Maies, William H.  
Mailey, Charles Martin  
Mailey,  Nicholas  
Mailland, William  
Maillefert, Prof.  
Maillefert, B.  
Main, Herschel  
Main, James  
Main, James  
Main, John  
Name List of Documents
Main, Thomas  
Mane, John  
Mane, William A.  
Mans, James  
Maintaie, Anthony  
Mainwaring, John  
Maitland, Edward J.  
Maitland, William  
Maitland, William  
Maize, Matthew  
Major, Charles  
Major, David  
Major, John  
Maker, Robert  
Maket, James  
Makins, George B.  
Malbee, Jonathan  
Malbon, Thomas  
Malcolm, _____  
Malcolm, Henry  
Malcolm, Capt. James  
Maley, Crohan (or Malley, Crohan)  
Maley, Francis D.  
Maley, P. J.  
Maley, William  
Malin, Emery  
Mallaby, Francis  
Mallam, John  
Mallard, William H.  
Mallet, Onezime  
Mallett, Edmund B.  
Mallin, John  
Mallon, Aaron P.  
Mallon, Edward  
Mallon, John H.  
Mallory, C. H. *  
Mallory, Charles K.  Jr.  
Mallory, John  
Mallory, Stephen  
Malloy, William C.  
Malone, Dennis  
Malone, John  
Malone, Robert  
Malone, Samuel B.  
Maloney, Francis R.  
Maloney, John  
Maloney, Michael  
Maloney, Patrick  
Maloney, William  
Malony, _____  
Malony, Daniel  
Maloon, Solon H.  
Malpass, _____  
Malsan, Edward  
Malser, Benjamin  
Maltbie, Jonathan *  
Mammer, John H.  
Mammon, J. H.  
Manaks, Victor M., LT  
Manchester, _____  
Manchester, Albert A.  
Manchester, Jesse  
Manchester, Roswell  
Mandeville, William K.  
Mangoe, J. W.  
Mangum, Wiley Preston  
Manigault, _____  
Manigen, Henry  
Manigo, James  
Manley, Henry DeHaven  
Manley, John *  
Mann, Albert L.  
Mann, Allen A.  
Mann, Charles  
Mann, George R.  
Mann, George Washington  
Mann, Horace E.  
Mann, James W.  
Mann, John  
Mann, Samuel  
Mann, Thomas  
Mann, William  
Mann, William A.  
Mann, William B.  
Manney, Henry N.  
Manney, Henry Newman  
Manney, Jane  
Manney, John  
Mannin, D. Pratt  
Manning, Alexander  
Manning, Charles F.  
Manning, D. P.  
Manning, Edward  
Manning, Edward  
Name List of Documents
Manning, Edward Wilson *  
Manning, J.  
Manning, James D.  
Manning, John  
Manning, L. C.  
Manning, Peter  
Manning, Samuel  
Manning, T.  
Manning, Thomas  
Manning, Thomas  
Manning, William H.  
Mannix, Daniel P.  
Mannix, Patrick  
Manser, Edward  
Mansfield, Charles D.  
Mansfield, Duncan  
Mansfield, G.  
Mansfield, Gerritt S.  
Mansfield, Gilbert  
Mansfield, H. B.  
Mansfield, John  
Mansfield, Rufus  
Mansfield, Thomas  
Mansfield, W.  
Mansfield, Ward  
Manson, David W .R.  
Manson, John C.  
Manson, Luther  
Manter, Everett T.  
Manter, James  
Mantius, Augustus A.  
Manton, Benjamin D.  
Manton, Isaac  
Mantooth, John  
Manville, Amos  
Manwaring, Leonard  
Manzy, William M.  
Mapes, Daniel T.  
Mapes, Edward  
Maple, J. W.  
Maples, Isaac B.  
Mar, Edward  
Maraspin, Paul  
Maratta, James M.  
Marble, Charles H.  
Marble, Frank  
Marble, John  
Marble, Nathan  
Marcellus, Aaron  
March, Edward D.  
March, Francis  
March, John Howard  
Marchand. John B.  
Marchant, George W.  
Marchant, William B.  
Marcour, Raphael O.  
Marcum, _____  
Marcus, Arnold  
Marcy, Samuel  
Marcy, William G.  
Marden, Edwin F.  
Marden, John E.  
Mardin, Caleb C.  
Mare, Matthew  
Marer, Isaac  
Marfield, George W.  
Margart, Pernhart  
Margeson, John  
Marin, M. C.  
Marine, Matthias C.  
Mariner, Capt.  
Mariner, John  
Mariner, Silas  
Mariner, W.  
Marion, Henri  
Marion, John  
Marix, Adolph  
Mark, Eugene  
Markam, Elias  
Markey, Edward  
Markham, Albert  
Markham, Benjamin  
Markham, Claudius N.  
Markham, James  
Markham, T.  
Markley, Arthur D.  
Markoe, Peter J.  
Marks, Anthony  
Marks, George H.  
Marks, H. R.  
Marks, James  
Marks, Louis  
Marks, Peter A.  
Marks, Samuel Mendes  
Marks, Thomas H.  
Markwood, Clement  
Marlow, James  
Marmaduke, Henry H.  
Marmilstern, Adolphus F.  
Marmion, Robert A.  
Marmion, William V.  
Marns, H. C.  
Marsden, Charles  
Marselis, Harry Charles (& Marselis, Isaac)  
Maroney, Alexander  
Maroney, Philip  
Marot, William  
Marple, Charles  
Marple, Charles H.  
Marple, Charles R.  
Marr, Duncan  
Marr, George  
Marr, Robert A.  
Marrast, J. F.  
Marrell, Charles  
Marrow, Henry C.  
Mars, Edward (1836)  
Mars, Edward (1861)  
Mars, John  
Mars, Robert W.  
Marschalk, Francis  
Marsden, Charles  
Marsh, _____  
Marsh, Abel  
Marsh, Augustus M.  
Marsh, Cato  
Marsh, Charles F.  
Marsh, Charles V.  
Marsh, Edward T. T.  
Marsh, Erastus  
Marsh, Francis  
Marsh, Frank  
Marsh, Frederick  
Marsh, George R.  
Marsh, Hazard  
Marsh, Henry C. (& Marsh, Henry B.)  
Marsh, Isaac  
Marsh, Israel  
Marsh, James  T.  
Marsh, Joseph  
Marsh, Malcolm  
Marsh, Martin V. B.  
Marsh, Reuben  
Marsh, William Henry  
Marsh, William Prescott  
Marshal, Frank  
Marshall, Albert Ware  
Marshall, Alfred  
Name List of Documents
Marshall, Benjamin  
Marshall, C. C.  
Marshall, Charles  
Marshall, Elbert P.  
Marshall, George  
Marshall, George (Dr.)  
Marshall, George E.  
Marshall, J. W.  
Marshall, Joshua H.  
Marshall, James (1861)  
Marshall, James (1844)  
Marshall, James (1776)  
Marshall, James (1862)  
Marshall, James (1863)  
Marshall, Joshua H.  
Marshall, Jenifer  
Marshall, John (1809)  
Marshall, John (1838)  
Marshall, John (Sir)  
Marshall, John H.  
Marshall, Joseph  
Marshall, Louis J.  
Marshall, Nathan S.  
Marshall, Samuel R. (Dr.)  
Marshall, Thomas  
Marshall, Thomas R.  
Marshall, W.  
Marshall, William  
Marshall, William Alexander  
Marshall, William Alexander L.  
Marsilliot, M. C.  
Marston, Capt.  
Marston, D. H.  
Marston, George A.  
Marston, Nathaniel  
Marston, Samuel  
Marston, Ward  
Marston, John (RADM) *  
Martens, Adolph  
Marthon, Joseph  
Martin, _____  
Martin, A. A.  
Martin, Abijah  
Martin, Alexander Leach  
Martin, Benjamin  
Martin, Budd  
Martin, Byard  
Martin, Charles  
Martin, Charles (1837)  
Martin, Charles (1872)  
Martin, Charles A.  
Martin, Charles H.  
Martin, Clarence  
Martin, Daniel  
Martin, Daniel B.  
Martin, David  
Martin, Edward (1846)  
Martin, Edward (1862)  
Martin, Edwin M.  
Martin, Edwin S.  
Martin, Ezek H.  
Martin,  F. J.  
Martin, George  
Martin, George E.  
Martin, George M.  
Martin, George R.  
Martin, H.  Lawrence  
Martin, Henry  
Martin, Henry F.  
Martin, Henry W.  
Martin, J.  
Martin, J.  R.  
Martin, James  
Martin, James  
Martin, James C. (Martin, Joseph C.)  
Martin, John (1837)  
Martin, John (6/1839)  
Martin, John (12/1839)  
Martin, John (1868)  
Martin, John L.  
Martin, John M.  
Martin, Jones  
Martin, Joseph  
Martin, Julius  
Martin, P.  
Martin, Patrick  
Martin, Richard (17--)  
Martin, Richard (1838)  
Martin, Samuel  
Martin, Thomas  
Martin, William  
Martin, William (1855)  
Martin, William (1869)  
Martin, William (1890)  
Martin, William J.  
Martin, William L.  
Martin, William M.  
Martindale, Capt.  
Martindale,  F. E.  
Martine, Alfred H.  
Martine, William L.  
Marvel, G. R.  
Marvin, Frank Cecil  
Marvin, G.  D.  
Marvin, G.  H.  
Marvin, John Case  
Marvin, Joseph D.  
Marvin, Oliver H.  
Marxmiller, Chris  
Marybelle, Joseph  
Mase, Matthew  
Maskell, Joseph  
Maskill, Joseph  
Mason, Alexander Macomb  
Mason, Donald Francis  
Mason, Augustus E.  
Mason, Evenezer  
Mason, Felix  
Mason, Fred T.  
Mason, George  
Mason, Henry (1848)  
Mason, Henry (1864)  
Mason, Ira  
Mason, J. S.  
Mason, J. W.  
Mason, James  
Mason, James M.  
Mason, John (1814)  
Mason, John (1766)  
Mason, John M.  
Mason, John T.  
Mason, John Young  
Mason, Joseph  
Mason, Lucius M.  
Mason, Maynadier  
Mason, Murray  
Mason, Nathaniel  
Mason, Posey  
Mason, R. J.  
Mason, Randolph F.  
Mason, Richard  
Mason, Robert I.  
Mason, Thomas  
Mason, Wm.  
Mason, William  
Mason, William W.  
Mason, William Pinkney  
Massa, Samuel B.  
Name List of Documents
Masser, W. H.  
Massey, Arthur W.  
Massey, Ezekiel  
Massey, John  
Massey, Lee  
Massey, Patrick  
Massi, Antonio  
Massick, W. J.  
Masson, Noel Beverini  
Masson, William Robert  
Mastelloni, Giovanni  
Masten, John D.  
Masters, L.  
Matcham, Henry C.  
Mather, Henry W.  
Mather, Mason W.  
Mather, S. W.  
Matthews, Alex  
Matthews, Henry  
Mattews, J.  
Matthews, James  
Matthews, John  
Matthews, John P.  
Matthews, William  
Mathias, James  
Mathias, John W.  
Mathis, John W.  
Matlack, John N.  
Matmough, Pendleton G.  
Matson, Nathaniel  
Mattack, Edward  
Matteir, G. W.  
Matteson, John  
Matthews, Alexander  
Matthews, Alfred P.  
Matthews, Charles H.  
Matthews, Clarence H.  
Matthews, Edmund Orville  
Matthews, Edward L.  
Matthews, J.  
Matthews,  J.  L.  
Matthews, John (1865)  
Matthews, John (Doctor)  
Matthews, Joseph H.  
Matthews, Orrin  
Matthews, Samuel H.  
Matthews, Thomas  
Matthews, William M.  
Mattice, Asa M.  
Mattingly, Thomas  
Mattix, Edward  
Mattocks, Capt.  
Matzen, Martin  
Maulden, James  
Maull, John M.  
Maulsby, George  
Maunder, Samuel H.  
Maupin, Robert Washington  
Mauran, Antoine Joseph  
Mauran, Joseph  
Maurasse, Paulin  
Maurice, B.  
Maurice, C. Stewart  
Mauricio, Antonio  
Maury, Butler  
Maury, Jefferson  
Maury, John H.  
Maury, John M.  
Maury, John M. (2nd)  
Maury, John S.  
Maury, John W.  
Maury, William  
Maury, William Lewis  
Maury, Matthew Fontaine (5 Folders:  Folder 1-19th Century, 2-1906-1984, 3-Undated, 4-Writings, 5-Copies of Correspondence) Biography
Name List of Documents
Mauser, Charles D.  
Mausis, S.  
Mauson, David W.  
Mauzy, William M.  
Maverick, Sam  
Mawbry, Cornelius  
Mawson, Robert  
Maxfield, Jas. G.  
Maxson, Henry C.  
Maxwell, Addison W.  
Maxwell, Charles  
Maxwell, Charles D.  
Maxwell, Henry S.  
Maxwell, James  
Maxwell, James C.  
Maxwell, John  
Maxwell, Joseph  
Maxwell, Richard T. *  
Maxwell, W. J.  
Maxwell, William  
Maxwell, William H.  
May, Edward  
May, Eugene  
May, Fred J.  
May, George  
May, James R.  
May, John B.  
May, Nicholas  
May, Richard J.  
May, Robert  
May, Robert L.  
May, William *  
May, William  CDR  
May, William 1st  
Mayan, Henry  
Maybin, E. W. C.  
Maycock, George B.  
Mayer, C. F.  
Mayer, H. C.  
Mayer, Joseph  
Mayer, William G.  
Mayer, William G.  
Mayer, William H. *  
Mayers, Francis  
Mayes, William  
Mayhead, Robert  
Mayhugh, John  
Maynard, Charles W.  
Maynard, Elnathan  
Maynard, J.C.  
Maynard, Lafayette *  
Maynard, Robert (LT)  
Maynard, Stephen  
Maynard, Washburn *  
Mayne, Richard  
Mayo, Henry A.  
Mayo, Henry O.  
Mayo, Henry Thomas *  
Mayo, Isaac *  
Mayo, Jeremiah  
Mayo, John  
Mayo, Joseph  
Mayo, Thomas---see Jeremiah  
Mayo, William Kennon  
Mayo, W.R. *  
Mayrant, John *  
Mayrant, Robert  
Mays, Wilson  
Mayrant, W.H.  
Mayson, Felix G.  
Maza, Perry  
Meacham, Justin W.  
Meacham, Loring  
Mead, Edgar A.  
Mead, George V.  
Mead, James  
Mead, John  
Mead, Samuel  
Mead, Samuel Hartwell  
Mead, William  
Mead, William W.  
Mead, W.W.  
Meade, Henry M.  
Meade, Richard Kidder  
Meade, Richard P., Jr.  
Meade, Richard Worsham Sr.  
Meade, Richard Worsham Jr.  
Meade, Richard W. III *  
Meade, Robert L.  
Name List of Documents
Meader, Thomas  
Meaders, Edmund  
Meads, James *  
Meads, Richard P.  
Meady, William thomas  
Meagher, John  
Meagher, Martin B.  
Meagher, Thomas  
Mealy, William  
Meaney, Joseph *  
Means, Edward J.  
Means, John B.  
Means, Victor C.B. *  
Meany, Charles L.  
Meany, J.J.  
Meares, William Brownell  
Mears, Henry B.  
Meas, James  
Mease, Matthew  
Mecham, John T.  
Medaris, Frank  
Medill, R.H.  
Medlin, Milas  
Med-Rosse, James  
Mehan, John Silva  
Mehan, John Morrington *  
Meek, George Buxton  
Meek, J.V.  
Meek, John V.  
Meek, Thomas  
Meek, William  
Meeker, John H.  
Meeker, Joseph R.  
Meekin, James A.  
Meeks, William  
Meelins, -------  
Meffett, George  
Megathlin, Anthony S.  
Megerle, Frank *  
Meginis, John S.  
Megler, Joseph G.  
Mehan, John  
Mehegan, John  
Mehl, Frederick  
Mehl, John P.  
Mehle, Frederick  
Meier, Charles  
Meier, Matthew  
Meigs, E.S.  
Meigs, John B.  
Meigs, John F. *  
Meigs, Montgomery C.  
Meire, Julius  
Julius Ernest  
Meinerz, Frederick *  
Meinzies, George W.  
Meisel, Philip  
Meissett, James  
Meissner, John G.  
Melaley, Michael  
Melcher, Lewis M.  
Melcher, William F.  
Melchert, Albert J.  
Melish, John G.  
Millach, Emanuel  
Melledy, Francis E.  
Mellen, Francis  
Mellen, Francis  
Mellen, John William *  
Melling. William  
Mellon, James  
Mellon, Simon  
Mellor, James W.  
Melson, Thomas  
Melson, William H.  
Melson, W.R.  
Melville,-------(Rev. War)  
Melville, Andrew  
Melville, Berry S.  
Melville, George W. *  
Melville, Herman *  
Melville, Thomas W.  
Melvin, Henry B.  
Melvin, John  
Melvin, John T.  
Melvin, Peter  
Melvin, Peter P.  
Melvin, Philip  
Melvin, William G.  
Melzards, George R.  
Memminger, George  
Mencies, Thomas A.  
Mendenhall, Samuel  
Mendenhall, Thomas  
Mendenhall, Thomas C.  
Mengis, Morris  
Menhe, Henry  
Menocal, Anecito G. *  
Mentor, Thomas  
Mercer, Carroll  
Mercer, David  
Mercer, J.C.  
Mercer, John  
Mercer, John C.  
Mercer, John Drummond *  
Mercer, Joseph  
Mercer, Robert  
Mercer, Samuel  
Mercer, William R.  
Merchant, Robert  
Merchant Stephen  
Mercier, Henry James  
Mercier, W.F.  
Mercier, William  
Meredith, Gouverneur M.  
Meredith, John R.  
Meredith, Jonathan *  
Meredith, Peter  
Meredith, S.L.  
Meredith, Theodore John  
Meredith, William  
Meredith, William H.  
Meriam, F.B.  
Meriam, Henry W.  
Merian, William  
Meriwether, James A.  
Meriwether, Minor Jr.  
Meroney, Philip  
Merrell, John P.  
Merrer, Edward  
Merrick, Dennis  
Merrick, J. Vaughan  
Merrifield, Charles  
Merrifield, G.H.  
Merrihew, Stephen E.  
Merrill, A.S.  
Merrill, Abraham  
Merrill, Charles  
Merrill, James Amos  
Merrill, John (1854)  
Merrill, John (1838)  
Merrill, John (1812)  
Merrill, John M.  
Merrill, John M.  
Merrill, John Milton  
Merrill, Lonville H.  
Name List of Documents
Merrill, Orlando Bagley  
Merrill, Robert  
Merrill, Samuel  
Merrill, Samuel Bradbury  
Merrill, Samuel (C.S.N.)  
Merrill, Stephen Sewall  
Merrill, William  
Merriman, Edgar C. *  
Merriman, Edward  
Merriman, James  
Merrithew, William H.  
Merritt, David  
Merritt, Edward D.  
Merritt, Francis  
Merritt, Lovering  
Merritt, Samuel  
Merritt, Theron  
Merritt, Thomas  
Merrow, James  
Merry, Horatio N.  
Merry, J.F.  
Merry, William H.  
Mersereau, Joshua  
Mersereau Paul  
Mervine, Charles R.  
Mervine, William *  
Merwin, William H.  
Meryman, J.W.  
Merz, Frank---see March, Francis  
Meserve, Amos  
Meserve, Elijah B.  
Merserve, L.R.  
Merserve, Powers  
Merserve, William  
Messener, Hillary  
Messer, John P.  
Messner, Thomas  
Messersmith, John S.  
Messett, James *  
Messex, Wesley  
Messick, Edward R.  
Messick, N.M.  
Messick, Laderick W.  
Messimer, William H.  
Messinger, William H.  
Messler, Okey  
Messmer, W.H.  
Messner, Mathias  
Messner, Thomas  
Messo, W.T., Jr.  
Metcalf, Dr. ------  
Metcalf, Abijah  
Metcalf, Frank Johnson  
Metcalf, James  
Metcalf, Victor Howard  
Metz, William H.  
Metzer, John  
Metzger, Charles  
Meyer, Cassius *  
Meyer, George von Lengerke  
Meyer, Henry  
Meyer, P.  
Meyer, Philip Steuben  
Meyer, Thies N.  
Meyer, William  
Meyero, Andro  
Meyers, Charles H.  
Meyers, John L.  
Meyers, John  
Meyers, Ray E.  
Meyers, Thomas  
Meyers, William H. *  
Michael, William H.C.  
Michaels, John  
Michaelson, Peter  
Michel, --------  
Michelson, Albert A. *  
Michener, Abram  
Mickle, John L.  
Name List of Documents
Mickley, Joseph P.  
Micon, W.B.  
Middendorf, William II *  
Middleten, James  
Middleton, James R.  
Middleton, John (1815)  
Middleton, John (1828)  
Middleton, Robert I.  
Middleton, William Gilbert--See Williams, Courtland P.  
Midwood, Benjamin  
Midlam, Samuel c.  
Miesbang, Nicholas  
Mifflin, Conrad  
Mifflin, Henry  
Mifflin, James  
Miginnis, James  
Migh, William  
Miklaszewiez, Feelix  
Milay, Nathaniel  
Milby, Robert  
Miles, Charles R.  
Miles, James W. (1812)  
Miles, James W. (1860s)  
Miles, John  
Miles, John D.  
Miles, John L.  
Miles, Orlando W.  
Miles, Richard Eldride  
Miley, Enoch M.  
Miliken, Jeremiah  
Milks, Ezra  
Millage, Abraham  
Millan, John  
Millar, Thomas---see Allan, Thomas  
Millard, Clifford I.  
Miles, Jonathan  
Miles, Lucius  
Millard, Timothy D.  
Millen, Richard D.  
Miller, ------  
Miller, Ensign -------  
Miller, Aaron  
Miller, Abraham (USN)  
Miller, Abraham (USMC)  
Miller, Adam  
Miller, Archibald  
Miller, Arthur--see Merritt, Lovering  
Miller, Asa P.  
Miller, Benjamin c.  
Miller, Charles (1866)  
Miller, Charles (1864)  
Miller, Charles W.  
Miller, Charles (CSN #1)  
Miller, Charles (CSN #2)  
Miller, Charles A.  
Miller, Christopher  
Miller, Cyrus R.  
Miller, Dabney  
Miller, Daniel G.  
Miller, David  
Miller, Dennis Jr.  
Miller, Dobbin  
Miller, Edwin H.  
Miller, Eugene  
Miller, Eugene T.  
Miller, Felix G. *  
Miller, Frank---see Megerle, Frank  
Miller, Frederick (1804)  
Miller, Frederick (1865)  
Miller, Frederick Augustus  
Miller, Frederick F.  
Miller, George (1830s)  
Miller, George (1860s)  
Miller, George A.Q.---see Warrington, James H.  
Miller, George D.  
Miller, George H.  
Miller, George T.  
Miller, Griffen T.  
Miller, H.J.  
Miller, H.W.  
Miller, Harrison  
Miller, Henry (1860s)  
Miller, Henry (1836)  
Miller, Horace Burwell  
Miller, Isaac  
Miller, J.N.  
Miller, J.W.  
Miller, Jacob  
Miller, Jacob S.  
Miller, James (QM, 1863)  
Miller, James (Engr, 1862-65)  
Miller, James (Actg. Master's Mate, 1864)  
Miller, James Ferguson  
Miller, James M.  
Miller, John (Engr. 1862-64)  
Miller, John (CSN)  
Miller, John (Actg. 3d Asst. Engr. 1863-      1869)  
Miller, John (1868)  
Miller, John (1876)  
Miller, John (1845)  
Miller, John (1838)  
Miller, John (1836)  
Name List of Documents
Miller, John F. (1862)  
Miller, John F. (1862)  
Miller, John F. (CSN)  
Miller, John H.  
Miller, John M.  
Miller, Joseph E.  
Miller, Joseph F.  
Miller, Joseph N.  
Miller, M. (CSA)  
Miller, M.A.  
Miller, Nicholas J.  
Miller, P. (1781)  
Miller, P.H.  
Miller, Peter  
Miller, Philip G.  
Miller, Philip J.  
Miller, Robert (1806)  
Miller, Robert (1823)  
Miller, Samuel (1814)  
Miller, Samuel (1836)  
Miller, Samuel (1837)  
Miller, Samuel A. (1842)  
Miller, Silas  
Miller, Stephen  
Miller, W.  
Miller, Warren H.  
Miller, Willard  
Miller, William (1831)  
Miller, William (1779)  
Miller, William (Rev. War--see Nicholas,   Samuel)  
William H. (1861-65) *  
Miller, William H. (1846)  
Miller, William (1800)  
Miller, William (1837)  
Miller, William (1838)  
Miller, William (CSN)  
Miller, William (CSN)  
Miller, William (CSN)  
Miller, William E. (1863)  
Miller, William H. (CSN)  
Miller, William O. (1863)  
Miller, William S. (1837)  
Miller, William W.  
Millet, -------  
Millet, William L.  
Millet, Joseph  
Millet, John Baptist--see MacDonough, Thomas Sr.  
Milligan, Charlie M.  
Milligan, James F.  
Milligan, John d.  
Milligan, Robert  
Milligan, Robert W.  
Milligan, William J.  
Milliken, Benjamin  
Milliken, Samuel *  
Milliken, -----(CSN)  
Milliner, Alexander  
Millner, Alexander  
Millner, Isaac B.  
Mills, David C.  
Mills, Eligood--see also Mills, John   (Rev. War)  
Mills, Gideon  
Mills, Jacob--see Mills, John (Rev. War)  
Mills, James  
Mills, John (Rev. War)  
Mills,  John (1864)  
Mills, L.L.  
Mills, Oscar B.  
Mills, Robert---see Jacobs, J. Elliott  
Mills, Samuel J. *  
Mills, Thomas B. *  
Mills, W. A.  
Mills, William (1863)  
Mills, William (CSN)  
Milne, Alexander Sir  
Milne, Andrew  
Milne, Andrew D. (1836)  
Milne, John  
Milner, William  
Milner, William Jr.  
Milton, John Brown *  
Minchin, Charles Warren  
Mindt, Richard W.  
Miner, James C.  
Miner, James G.  
Miner, L.D.  
Miner, William H.  
Minnigerode, James G.  
Minnix, John D.  
Minor, A.G.  
Minor, Ezekiel  
Minor, F.B.  
Minor, George *  
Minor, H.T. Jr. *  
Minor, John  
Minor, John C. *  
Minor, Lewis W. *  
Minor, Martin  
Minor, Phillip B.  
Minor, Robert D. *  
Minor, Samuel  
Minor, Stephen B.  
Mintinye, William L.  
Minturne, David  
Mintzas, James  
Mintzer, F.W.  
Mintzing, J.F.  
Minue, Eusebius  
Mirick, Charles  
Mirkil, ----  
Miscally, J.F.  
Mish, S.C.  
Misset, Edward *  
Missimer, H.  
Missimer, William H.  
Missud, Jeanne Marie  
Missroon, John Stoney  
Mitchel, John  
Mitchell, Captain ----  
Mitchell, A.J.  
Mitchell, Alexander  
Mitchell, Alexander J.  
Mitchell, Alexander Taylor  
Mitchell, Andrew C.  
Mitchell, Archibald N.  
Mitchell, Augustus  
Mitchell, Benjamin (Civil War)  
Mitchell, Benjamin (1838)  
Mitchell, Charles (1837)  
Mitchell, Charles (1862)  
Mitchell, Charles (1892)  
Mitchell, Charles E.  
Mitchell, Charles F.  
Mitchell, Charles M.  
Mitchell, Charles W.  
Mitchell, Edward  
Mitchell, Francis J.  
Mitchell, George  
Mitchell, Gunner's Mate  
Name List of Documents
Mitchell, H.W.  
Mitchell, Henry  
Mitchell, Henry A. (Paymaster)  
Mitchell, Henry A. (Clerk)  
Mitchell, Hubbard  
Mitchell, J.  
Mitchell, James  
Mitchell, Jerome  
Mitchell, John (1778)  
Mitchell, John B.  
Mitchell, John C.  
Mitchell, John G.  
Mitchell, John K. *  
Mitchell, Lincoln  
Mitchell, Lueco  
Mitchell, Maurice  
Mitchell, Nelson  
Mitchell, Oliver  
Mitchell, Philip  
Mitchell, Richard  
Mitchell, T. Mason  
Mitchell, Thomas (Rev. War)  
Mitchell, Thomas (Civil War)  
Mitchell, William G.  
Mitchell, William G.  
Mitchell, William M.  
Mitscher, Marc A.  
Mitts, William H.  
Mix, Elijah  
Mix, Mervine P.  
Mix, William B.  
Mix, William M.  
Mixer, Henry M.  
Moale, Edward Jr.  
Mockbee, William  
Mockobee, James C.  
Moddling, L.  
Moehling, A.A.  
Moeller, Bernard J.  
Moffat, Howard F.  
Moffatt, Edgar R.  
Moffett, Joshua  
Moffett, William  
Moffett, William A. *  
Moffett, William R.  
Moffit, H.  
Moffitt, Joseph  
Moffitt, William  
Mognah, John  
Moir, John  
Molazzo, Andrea  
Moley, W.  
Molineaux, Michael  
Molloy, Anthony  
Molony, Daniel  
Molony, Henry H.  
Molony, John H.  
Molten, Michael  
Molvey, John  
Monaghan, Henry  
Monaghan, John Robert  
Monaghan, Loftus  
Monahan, Charles  
Moncrieff, Archibald R.  
Mondrow, John  
Monkhouse, Howard  
Monmere, Alexander  
Monmonier, George M.  
Monroe, Andrew  
Monroe, Andrew F.  
Monroe, Archibald T.  
Monroe, B.F.  
Monroe, James (West Point 1815)  
Monroe, James (Civil War)  
Monroe, John (1838)  
Monroe, John (Civil War)  
Monroe, John A.  
Monroe, John T.  
Monroe, Martin  
Monroe, Thomas J.C. Dr.  
Monson, Wilmot  
Montague, James A. (or P.)  
Montague, John  
Montague, Robert V.  
Montague, William (1837)  
Montane, Henry  
Montaldo, Perico  
Monteath, Walter N.  
Monteith, John  
Montell, F.M.  
Montgomery, Alexander M.  
Montgomery, Andrew  
Montgomery, Fitzallen  
Montgomery, George  
Montgomery, Hugh  
Montgomery, J.  
Montgomery, James  
Montgomery, John (Rev. War)  
Montgomery, John (1838)  
Montgomery, John (CSN)  
Name List of Documents
Montgomery, John Berrien *  
Montgomery, John Robert  
Montgomery, N.L.  
Montgomery, Robert S.H.  
Montgomery, Robert (et al)  
Montgomery, Samuel  
Montgomery, Thomas  
Montgomery, Wendal  
Montgomery, William H.  
Montgomery, William J.  
Montgomery, William S.  
Montgomery, William Slack (ENS, USN)  See ZC - PETREL (Gunboat No. 2)  
Mood, Robert  
Moody, Alexander  
Moody, George A.  
Moody, H.J.  
Moody, J.H.  
Moody, James  
Moody, John (1860s)  
Moody, John (Rev. War)  
Moody, John (1826)  
Moody, John (1838)  
Moody, Nat  
Moody, Richard  
Moody, William (1837)  
Moody, William (1864-68)  
Moody, William (1862)  
Moody, William Henry (SecNav 1902-04)  
Mooer, David--see Mooers, Samuel  
Mooers, Lewis M.  
Mooers, Samuel  
Moon, Richard  
Mooney, John  
Mooney, Joseph  
Mooney, Michael  
Mooney, Richard  
Moore, Henry  
Moore, Alfred F.  
Moore, Allen  
Moore, Andrew M.  
Moore, Augustus  
Moore, Benjamin (1812)  
Moore, Benjamin (1837)  
Moore, Benjamin D.  
Moore, Charles (1859)  
Moore, Charles (1862)  
Moore, Charles (1863)  
Moore, Charles Browne  
Moore, Charles D.  
Moore, Charles H.  
Moore, Charles M.  
Moore, Charles P.  
Moore, Christopher (1812)  
Moore, Christopher (1861)  
Moore, Cornelius  
Moore, Delaney S.  
Moore, Edward (1812)  
Moore, Edward (1861)  
Moore, Edwin Ward  
Moore, Frank K.  
Moore, Franklin  
Moore, Frederick  
Moore, G.T.  
Moore, G.W.  
Moore, George (1860)  
Moore, George (1862)  
Moore, George (CSN)  
Moore, Gilbert H.  
Moore, Harriet G.  
Moore, Henry (USN)  
Moore, Henry (CSN)  
Moore, Henry T.  
Moore, James (1812)  
Moore, James (1841)  
Moore, James (CSN)  
Moore, James C.  
Moore, James Duncan  
Moore, James G.  
Moore, James H.  
Moore, James O.  
Moore, Jesse  
Moore, John  
Moore, John (Rev. War)  
Moore, John (1837)  
Moore, John (1857)  
Moore, John C.  
Moore, John D.  
Moore, John S.  
Moore, John W.  
Moore, Jonathan  
Moore, Joseph  
Moore, Langdon  
Moore, Lewis  
Moore, Michael  
Moore, Nathan  
Moore, Nicholas E.  
Moore, Perkins  
Moore, Preston B.  
Moore, Risdon  
Moore, Robert  
Moore, Robert B.  
Moore, Samuel Whitmarsh  
Moore, Scipio  
Moore, Sharp Delaney  
Moore, Sheldes  
Moore, T.  
Moore, Thomas (Rev. War, Seaman)  
Moore, Thomas (Rev. War, Captain)  
Moore, Thomas (1862, on CONGRESS)  
Moore, Thomas (1862 on ROTAN)  
Moore, Thomas (1862 on PAWNEE)  
Moore, Thomas (1862 on CUMBERLAND)  
Moore, Thomas (1862, CSN)  
Moore, Thomas L.  
Moore, Thompson H.  
Moore, Virginia Lavallette  
Moore, W.B.  
Moore, W.J.  
Moore, W.P.P.  
Moore, W.S.  
Moore, Warren  
Moore, Washington  
Moore, William (Rev. War)  
Moore, William (1836)  
Moore, William (1843)  
Moore, William (1863)  
Moore, William (CSN)  
Moore, William (1812)  
Moore, William D.  
Moore, William E.  
Moore, William I.  
Moore, William J.  
Moore, William M.A.  
Moore, William T.  
Moore, Winchester E.  
Moores, Frederick W.  
Moores, Hiram  
Moores, John W.  
Moores, Robert  
Moores, William D.  
Moquon, John  
Mora, Julian  
Moran, Andre  
Moran, Benjamin  
Moran, Charles (Master)  
Moran, Charles (Gunner)  
Moran, Daniel  
Moran, Edward  
Moran, James  
Moran, James (CSN)  
Moran, James L.  
Moran, John  
Moran, John M.  
Moran, Patrick  
Moran, Thomas  
Moran, William (Rev. War)  
Moran, William (1842)  
Moran, William (1862, Engr)  
Moran, William (1864 Mate)  
Mordecai, Austin  
Mordecai, Solomon  
More, Merrit  
Moreau, August  
Moreau, John  
Morecocks, James  
Morehead, Frank C.  
Morehead, J.W.  
Moreland, Henry  
Moreland, Henry G.  
Moreland, James  
Moreland, W.W.  
Morey, Benjamin  
Morey, David  
Morey, Joseph  
Morey, Robert  
Morfit, Charles M. *  
Morfit, William L.  
Morgan, -----(Rev. War)  
Morgan, ------(1815)  
157 Note:  There is no Box 157.
Name List of Documents
Morgan, Alexander George  
Morgan, C.B.  
Morgan, C.H.  
Morgan, Charles J.  
Morgan, Charles O.  
Morgan, Charles W. (Mate, 1867)  
Morgan, Charles W. (Commodore)  
Morgan, Charles W. (Mate)  
Morgan, David H.  
Morgan, Edmund (1861 on CONESTOGA)  
Morgan, Edmund (1864 on MOOSE)  
Morgan, Edward  
Morgan, James  
Morgan, James Morris  
Morgan, John  
Morgan, John B.  
Morgan, Lewis H.  
Morgan, Mordecai  
Morgan, Nathaniel S.  
Morgan, Patrick  
Morgan, Paul  
Morgan, Peter  
Morgan, Stokely  
Morgan, Thomas (On EUTAW)  
Morgan, Thomas (CSN, on ISONDIGA)  
Morgan, Thomas (CSN, on CHICORA)  
Morgan, Van R.  
Morgan, Walter  
Morgan, William (1823)  
Morgan, William (1837)  
Morgan, William A.  
Morgan, William C.  
Morheiser, -------  
Moriarity, John  
Moriarty, -----  
Moriarty, William V.  
Morin, Stephen  
Morison, Samuel Eliot  
Morong, John C.  
Morong, John G.  
Morong, Joshua  
Morong, William  
Morrell, Benjamin  
Morrill, E. Webb  
Morrill, Ferdinand G.  
Morrill, Joseph S.  
Morrill, William T.  
Morris, -------  
Morris, Charles (1836)  
Morris, Charles (1863)  
Morris, Charles M.  
Morris, Charles V.  
Morris Charles W. *  
Morris, David  
Morris, F.  
Morris, Frank  
Morris, George U.  
Morris, Henry W.  
Morris, Isaac  
Morris, Jacob  
Morris, James  
Morris, James C.  
Morris, James Ludlum  
Morris, J.R.  
Morris, James T.  
Morris, John (1832)  
Morris, John J.  
Morris, Michael  
Morris, R.  
Morris, Richard Valentine  
Morris, Robert (1812)  
Morris, Robert (1864)  
Morris, Robert (1734)  
Morris, Robert K.  
Morris, Sabina D.  
Morris, Samuel  
Morris, Sullivan  
Morris, T.  
Morris, Theodore J.  
Morris, Thomas  
Morris, Thomas W.  
Morris, W.J.  
Morris, William  
Name List of Documents
Morris, William G.  
Morris, William Harrison  
Morris, William Henry  
Morrisey, Charles Albert  
Morrison, George F.  
Morrison, George Washington  
Morrison, J.A.  
Morrison, J.J.  
Morrison, James Harry  
Morrison, Jesse C.  
Morrison, John  
Morrison, John G.  
Morrison, Joseph  
Morrison, Patrick  
Morrison, Philip  
Morrison, Robert (1805)  
Morrison, Robert (1838)  
Morrison, Robert K.  
Morrison, Robert R.  
Morrison, Thomas  
Morrison, William  
Morrison, William H.  
Morrison, William L.  
Morrison, William W.  
Morrison, Zachariah N.  
Morriss, William P.  
Morrissey, George H.  
Morrissey, James J.  
Morrissey, John Jr.  
Morrissy, Henry  
Morrow, Hugh  
Morrow, James  
Morrow, James D.  
Morrow, Jerrie  
Morrow, Leslie G.  
Morrow, R.P.  
Morse, Albert (1839)  
Morse, Albert (1865)  
Morse, Charles A.  
Morse, DeWitt Clinton  
Morse, E.B.  
Morse, E.H.  
Morse, Edmund L.  
Morse, Edward A.  
Morse, Esrom  
Morse, Franklin A.  
Morse, George Bradley  
Morse, George F.  
Morse, George William  
Morse, Jerome E.  
Morse, John B.  
Morse, John M.  
Morse, John Wise  
Morse, Lewis R.M. *  
Morse, Martin S.  
Morse, Noah  
Morse, Stephen H.  
Morse, Stowell  
Morse, Thomas L.  
Morse, William  
Morse, William H.  
Morsell, R.A.  
Mortal, John  
Mortalunt, Alfred  
Mortimer, Frank  
Mortimer, George Jr.  
Mortimer, George L.  
Moses, James  
Moses, Joshua *  
Moses, Leonard *  
Moses, R.J. Jr. (Raphael) *  
Moses, Z.P.  
Mosher, William  
Mosier, Edward T.  
Name List of Documents
Moslander, William  
Moslander, William  
Mosman, A.T.  
Mosman, Daniel Frank  
Moss, Henry *  
Moss, Joseph H. *  
Moss, Stephen  
Mossington, Walter  
Motheral, John  
Motherall, John  
Motherell, John  
Mott, George B.  
Mott, Jesse  
Mott, Joseph  
Mott, William  
Mott, William H.  
Mott, William H.  
Mott, William H.  
Mottley, Erasmus  
Mouat, Andrew  
Mouat, Henry  
Moule, John J.  
Moulton, Charles H.  
Moulton, Michael  
Mouniere, Alexander  
Mountain, George B.  
Mountain, Thomas  
Mousan, Robert  
Mouveau, August  
Mowatt, Andrew  
Mowatt, Henry  
Mowbray, Fred  
Mowbray, William  
Mowry, Stephen  
Mowland, Winslow  
Moxley, Henry  
Moyer, Joseph  
Moyers, John  
Moylan, William  
Moyle, Samuel  
Much, George W.  
Mudd, John A.  
Mudd, J.H. Clay  
Mudge, Elisha B.  
Mudge, John E.  
Mudge, William C.  
Mugford, Henry  
Mugford, James *  
Muhlenberg, Peter  
Muhlenberg, John C.  
Muir, Henry  
Muir, James  
Muir, James  
Muir, James C.  
Muir, Robert  
Muir, Walter  
Muldaur, Alonzo W.  
Mulford, A.B.  
Mulford, James H., Jr.  
Mulford, Joseph W.  
Mulhall, John Francis  
Mulhearn, James  
Mulkey, G.W.  
Mulkey, John  
Mull, Alexander M.  
Mull, Jacob  
Mull, Thomas A.  
Mulla, Charles  
Mullan, Dennis w.  
Mullan, Horace E.  
Mullan, Horace  
Mullany, James Robert Madison *  
Mulledy, James  
Mullen, Arthur  
Mullen, Charles  
Mullen, Edward  
Mullen, Father James Ignatius--see Mullon  
Mullen, George  
Mullen, John W.  
Mullen, Stephen *  
Mullen, William Henry  
Mullen, William M.  
Muller, Enrique  
Muller, Frederick  
Mulligan, Barry D.  
Mulligan, James  
Mulligan, Richard  
Mulligan, William  
Mullin, Anthony T.E.  
Mullin, S.L.  
Mullin, Walter S.  
Mullins, J.P.  
Mullins, John  
Mullis, J.C.  
Mullon, Father James Ignatius  
Mullowny, John *  
Mulready, Robert  
Mulvehill, Thomas  
Mulvey, John  
Mulbore, Peter  
Mumford, J.B.  
Muncy, Milton B.  
Munday, William S. *  
Mundy, Deward  
Mundy, George  
Mundy, George H. *  
Munger, John M.  
Munger, J.W.  
Munn, Charles W.  
Munn, Hugh James  
Munn, James P.  
Munroe, Eben  
Munroe, Frank  
Munroe, Frank H.  
Munroe, Joseph  
Munroe, Joseph W. *  
Munroe, Phipps  
Munroe, Thomas  
Munroe, William  
Munroe, William C. Jr. *  
Munsey, James  
Name List of Documents
Munson, Charles A. Jr.  
Munson, Charles B.  
Munson, Edward L.*  
Munson, James  
Munson, Nathaniel  
Munson, Reuben L.  
Munson, Wilmot  
Munster, William  
Murch, Isaac  
Murch, John M.  
Murch, Josiah  
Murchie, William  
Murchison, Joseph  
Murden, Jeremiah  
Murdough, John W.  
Murdough William Henry *  
Murdoch, J. Campbell  *  
Murdoch, William  
Murdock, A.L.  
Murdock, J.B. *  
Murdock, James W.  
Murdock, T.  
Murfits, H.  
Murnane, John  
Murphey, Peter Umstead *  
Murphey, William  
Murphy, Andrew Oscar  
Murphy, Archie  
Murphy, Charles Henry  
Murphy, Charles J.  
Murphy, Daniel S.  
Murphy, Edward (Cavite, P.I. 1901)  
Murphy, Edward (captured by CSN, 1862)  
Murphy, Francis (1840-1847)  
Murphy, Francis (died 1849)  
Murphy, George  
Murphy, Harry  
Murphy, Henry C.  
Murphy, Henry K.  
Murphy, James  
Murphy, John (Captain, Civil War) *  
Murphy, John (Surgeon's Steward, CSN)  
Murphy, John--see Ireland, David  
Murphy, John (Private, CS Marines)  
Murphy, John (Landsman, CSN)  
Murphy, John (Seaman/Fireman, CSN)  
Murphy, John (USN, Civil War)  
Murphy, John (USN, 1807)  
Murphy, John (Landsman, Died 1863)  
Murphy, John (1846-1849)  
Murphy, John Edward (1898-1930)  
Murphy, John McLeod  
Murphy, M.M.  
Murphy, Michael (enlisted 1837)  
Murphy, Michael (Actg. Ens., Civil War)  
Murphy, P. (1837)  
Murphy, Patrick (Actg. Ens. 1862)  
Murphy, Patrick (1844-1885)  
Murphy, Patrick (Seaman, 1833-1845)  
Murphy, Patrick (Landsman, 1836)  
Murphy, Patrick (CSN)  
Murphy, Patrick (1838)  
Murphy, Patrick J.  
Murphy, Rufus B.K.  
Murphy, Terence P.  
Murphy, Thomas  
Murphy, Thomas J.  
Murral, Henry  
Murray, -----(Paymaster, 1861)  
Murray, A.  
Murray, Albert  
Murray, Alexander (Seaman)  
Murray, Alexander (RADM) *  
Murray, Alexander (Rev. War, War of 1812) *  
Murray, Allen  
Murray, Charles (Actg. Master's Mate,  Civil War)  
Murray, Charles (Purser) *  
Murray, Charles (Seaman, CSN)  
Murray, Daniel  
Murray, E.C. *  
Murray, Edward  
Murray, Edward J. (see also Murray,   Charles)  
Murray, Francis Key  
Murray, J.J.  
Murray, James  
Murray, James D.  
Murray, James Monro  
Murray, John (1838)  
Murray, John (CSN)  
Murray, John (Fireman, Civil War)  
Murray, John (Actg. Gunner, Civil War)  
Murray, Lawrence  
Murray, Peter  
Murray, Theodore  
Murray, Thomas  
Murray, Thomas A.  
Murray, Thomas W.  
Murray, W.B.  
Murray, William D.  
Murray, William H.  
Murrel, William  
Murrey, John A.  
Murry, Alexander  
Murry, Mathew  
Name List of Documents
Murry, Michael  
Murtagh, Dennis  
Muse, Hudson  
Muse, John B. *  
Muse, Joseph Ennalls  
Muse, W.S.  
Muse, William B.  
Muse, William T., Jr.  
Musgrave, Calvin  
Musgrave, Edward  
Musgrave, Linus  
Musgrove, Martin Verdey  
Musson, Lewis E.  
Mustin, Henry Croskey *  
Muteir, William W.  
Muzzelton, Richard  
Muzzy, John L. B.  
Myerle, F. A.  
Myers, Abraham L.  
Myers, Andrew G.  
Myers, Andrew J.  
Myers, Augustus  
Myers, Henry (& brother Julian) *  
Myers, James (CSN)  
Myers, Jairus--see Myers, James (CSN)  
Myers, John  
Myers, John C.  
Myers, John H.  
Myers, John K. *  
Myers, Julian--see also brother Henry *  
Myers, Lewis  
Myers, Peter  
Myers, Philip  
Myers, Ross M.  
Myers, T. (Asst. Surgeon)  
Myers, Thomas F.  
Myers, William (died 1876)  
Myers, William (USS VANDERBILT, 1865)  
Myers, William H.--see Meyers, William   H.  
Myers, William W. *  
Mygatt, Charles W.  
Mygatt, I.P.K.  
Mygatt, Richard  
Mynatt, William  
Myrtle, John  


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