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Location of Archival Materials

ZC (Ship) Files in the Navy Department Library U-97 - Vulcan



Name of ship Period Remarks
U-97 (German submarine) 1921 Correspondence.
U-117 (German submarine) 1919 Article.
U-151 (German submarine) 1917 History.
U-505 (German submarine) 1944-1954 News articles, top secret statements and reports.
UB-33 (German submarine) 1917 Log, 8 June - 10 september 1917.
Uhlmann (DD-687) 1943-1969 Anniversary & Welcome Aboard brochures.
Ulysses S. Grant (SSBN-631) 1975-1992 Welcome Aboard & Decommissioning brochures.
Umpqua (monitor) 1866-1874 History, data sheet, Service log.
Unadilla (gunboat) 1861-1869 Data sheet, service log.
Uncas (steamer) 1861-1863 Data sheet, service log.
Uncas (tug) 1898-1922 Service log, correspondence.
Underwood (FFG-36) 1982 Launching & Welcome Aboard brochures.
Underwriter (gunboat) 1861-1864 Data sheet, service log.
Undine (gunboat) 1863-1864 Correspondence, data sheet, service log.
Union (brig) Rev War Citation.
Union (ship) 1815 Citation.
Union (side wheeler) 1842-1848 Correspondence.
Union (screw steamer) 1861-1865 Correspondence.
Unit (tug) 1864-1865 Data sheet.
*United States (frigate) 1797-1864 History, correspondence, original documents.
United States (SS) 1959 Miniature deck plan.
Urdaneta (gunboat) 1898-1904 Correspondence, service log.
Usher 1894-1895 Correspondence - no information.
Utah (BB-31) 1911-1941 History, correspondence. Certifcate (Domain of Neptunus Rex, 24 January 1921).
Ute (ATF-76) 1972 Welcome Aboard brochure.
Utina (ATF-163) 1967-1970 Welcome Aboard brochures.
Uvalde (AKA-88) 1945 Katie-8 Log newsletter (10 April 1945).


Name of ship Period Remarks
V. F. Wilson (leased) Civil War Correspondence.
Valcour (AGF-1) 1965 Welcome Aboard brochure.
Valdez (FF-1096) 1976 Welcome Aboard brochure.
Valiant, USCG (WMEC-621) 1987 Welcome Aboard brochure.
Valley City (screw steamer) 1861-1865 Data sheet, service log.
Valley Forge (CV/CVS-45) 1950-1955 Welcome Aboard brochure. Regulations and Information for Wardroom Mess. Thanksgiving menu (1950).
Valley Forge (CG-50) 1984-2004 Christening, Change of Command & Welcome Aboard brochures. Decommissioning invitation.
Valparaiso (brig) 1862-1865 Data sheet, service log, correspondence.
Vance (DER-387) 1969 Decommissioning brochure.
Vancouver (LPD-2) 1960-1992 Keel Laying and Welcome Aboard brochures. Decommissioning invitation.
Vandalia (sloop) 1828-1863 History, data sheet, service log.
Vandalia (screw sloop) 1876-1889 History, service log.
Vandegrift (FFG-48) 1981-1986 Launching, Welcome Aboard & Adoption Ceremony brochures. Keel Laying invitation.
  1999 Change of Command, Forward Deployed Naval Forces, Yokosuka, Japan
Vanderbilt (side wheeler) 1862-1867 Correspondence, data sheet, service log.
Vanguard (T-AG-194) 1990 Commissioning & Welcome Aboard brochures.
Variag (Russian)   Citation.
Varina (revenue cutter) 1865 Correspondence.
Varuna (screw gunboat) 1861-1862 Correspondence, data sheet, service log.
Vasco (Spanish gunboat) 1899-1900 Service log.
Vega (AF-59) 1968-1977 Welcome Aboard and Decommissioning brochures.
Vella Gulf (CVE-111) 1945 Plan of the Day (1945).
Vella Gulf (CG-72) 1992-1997 Christening & Welcome Aboard brochures.
Velocity (schooner) 1862 Data sheet, service log.
*Vengeance (French vessel) 1801 Correspondence, document copies.
Verbena (screw gunboat) 1864 Data sheet, service log.
Vermilion (LKA-107) 1965-1977 Welcome Aboard brochures.
Vernon County (LST-1161) 1972 Welcome Aboard brochure.
Vermont (all)   History, correspondence.
Vermont (ship of line) 1848-1901 History, data sheet, service log, correspondence.
Vermont (BB-20) 1907-1923 Correspondence, history. Homeward Bound Entertainment program (1919). Wardroom Mess dinner menu (1919).
Vesole (DDR-878) 1947-1972 Ceremony & Welcome Aboard brochures. Presentation of the Arleigh Burke Fleet Trophy to USS Vesole booklet.
Vestal (collier) 1909-1946

History. Farewell Dinner menu (Capt. John J. Hyland 4 June 1923).

Oral history interview with Joseph George conducted  5 August 1978 regarding his experience during the Japanese Attack at Pearl Harbor on 7 December 1941

Vesuvius (bomb ketch) 1801-1829 History, correspondence.
Vesuvius (bomb brig) 1846-1848 History.
Vesuvius (dynamite gun cruiser) 1888-1921 Correspondence, article, service log.
Vicksburg (screw gunboat) 1863-1865 History, data sheet, service log.
Vicksburg (PG-11) 1897-1944 Correspondence, service log.
Vicksburg (CL-86) 1944-1947 History.
Vicksburg (CG-69) 1991 Christening brochure.
Victoria (screw gunboat) 1861-1865 Data sheet, service log, article.
Victory, HBMS 1778-1812 History.
Victory (side wheeler) 1863-1865 Correspondence, data sheet, service log.
Vigilant (schooner) 1812-1830 Correspondence.
Vigilant (tug) 1898-1927 Service log, correspondence.
Viking (yacht) 1898-1899 Correspondence, service log.
Villa Lobos (PG-42) 1900-1928 Correspondence.
Ville de Paris (man-of-war)   French, no information.
Vincennes (sloop) 1826-1865 Correspondence, history, data sheet, service log.
Vincennes (CG-49) 1988-2005 Numerous reports, news and magazine articles, pamphlets regarding shoot down of Iran Air Flight 655. Welcome Aboard & Decommissioning brochures.
Vindicator (ram) 1864-1865 Data sheet, service log.
Vindicator (T-AGOS-3) 1984 Launching brochure.
Violet (tug) 1863-1864 Data sheet, service log.
Viper (all)   Correspondence.
Viper (brig) 1804-1813 History. Formerly Ferret.
Virginia (all)   History.
Virginia (sail vessel) 1607 History.
Virginia (frigate) 1777-1780 Correspondence.
Virginia (ship of the line) 1816-1874 Never completed. Service log, data sheet.
Virginia, CSS 1862 Correspondence, article.
Virginia (screw gunboat) 1863-1865 Service log, data sheet.
Virginia (BB-13) 1906-1923 History, correspondence. Smoker Programme - 1 April 1913. Transport Trip Number Five passenger list and happy hour entertainment program.
Virginia (DLGN-38/CGN-38) 1974-1978 Keel Laying, Launching, & Welcome Aboard brochures.
Virginia (SSN-774) 2003-2004 Christening brochure. Launching and commissioning invitations. Decal. Fact sheet.
Virginia (merchant steamer) 1910-1973 History.
Vital (MSO-474) 1955 Commissioning brochure.
Vittorio Emmanuelle III 1918-1919 Correspondence, history.
Vixen (all)   Correspondence.
Vixen (schooner/brig) 1803-1812 History, correspondence, journal.
Vixen (side wheel gunboat) 1846-1855 Cite, service log.
Vixen (side wheel gunboat) 1861-1864 Data sheet.
Vixen (yacht) 1898-1923 Correspondence.
Vizcaya (Spanish ship) 1891-1898 Correspondence.
Voge (DE-1047/FF-1047) 1975-1977 Welcome Aboard brochures.
Vogelgesang (DD-862) 1971-1972 Welcome Aboard brochures.
Volunteer (gunboat) 1864-1865 Correspondence.
Von Steuben (transport) 1914-1919 Article. Former German liner and auxiliary cruiser Kronprinz Wilhelm. Trident monthly magazine (1918 & 1919). Diary (24 October 1917 - 6 January 1918).
Von Steuben (SSBN-632) 1962-1963 News release of commissioning. Welcome Aboard brochure. Launching brochure.
Vreeland (FF-1068) 1975 Welcome Aboard brochure. Bumper sticker.
Vulcan (repair ship) 1898-1899 Correspondence, service log.
Vulcan (collier) 1909-1921 History, correspondence.
Vulcan (AR-5) 1973-1991 Holiday card. Change of Command, 40th Anniversary, and Decommissioning brochures.
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