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ZV- Variety  (Miscellaneous) Files Navy Department Library

Use and Reproduction Policy
List of Files


This series of files is comprised of 5.5 linear feet of material, and is a subject file for documentation not categorized under other file series. Among the contents are: (1) official Office of Naval Records and Library, and Naval History Division correspondence and reports; (2) manuscripts; (3) copies of material found in other depositories; (4) newspaper and magazine articles; (5) cross-reference sheets to records in Record Group 45 and 80 at the National Archives. The arrangement is alphabetical according to subject.

Use and Reproduction Policy
Z File materials are unavailable for loan and must be consulted in the library. Photocopying of manuscripts, as well as fragile items, is generally prohibited, though the use of digital cameras by researchers to reproduce non-copyrighted materials is permitted. Permission to photocopy a few pages may be granted by the reference staff, contingent upon the physical state of items. All photocopying of materials shall be done by the reference staff, or under their close supervision. The use of personal scanners by non-library staff personnel must be approved by the reference staff on a document-by-document basis (Reference: Naval Historical Center Instruction [NAVHISTCENTINST] 5070.1C.).

List of Files

Academy, US Naval Historical Center

Administration, Navy Department

Aides to President of the United States



              “Bluejackets on Parade”


Alcoholic Spirits

Farewell to Grog (Poem)

Almanac, Naval (Published on board USS Lexington)

Anti-Submarine Tactics, Warfare, etc. - See ONI Publications, World War I

Anton Lizardo Affair, 1860

Archives - Extract from Guide to the Archives of the Government of the US in Washington, 1904

Armistice, 1918; Paris Conference, 1919
     Armistice Day Dinner menu 1942

Army, US

Army, Organization of in 1789


ASW (Anti-Submarine Warfare)

Aviation, US Naval - General Histories

Aviation, US Naval - Misc. to World War I

Aviation, US Naval - World War I

Aviation, US Naval - Post World War I (Misc.)

Aviation, US Naval - NC-4 Transatlantic Flight, 1919

Aviation, Flight to Hawaii, 1925-1934

Aviation, Howard Hughes Round-World Flight, 1938

Aviation, "International Air Races", Dayton, OH 2-4 OCT 1924

Bands - US Navy and Marine Corps

Battenberg Cup


Bermuda Triangle

Bill of Rights

Blacks and Other Minorities

Birthday of the US Navy

Birthplace of the US Navy

Boards and Commissions (includes Strategy Board, Permanent Commission of the Navy Department, Naval War Board, General Board, War Industries Board, and Board of Naval Commissioner)

Books and Pamphlets

Year Book 1935 Navy Yard Mutual Relief Association

              “Navy Day” October 28, 1940

              The Significance of Aids to Marine Navigation US Coast Guard/GPO 1943

Botanical and Animal Collecting by United States Navy


Boy Apprentices in the United States Navy

British Navy

Bum Boatmen

Bureau of Construction, Equipment, and Repair

Bureau of Ordinance and Hydrography

Bureau of Yards and Docks

Burials - Ceremonies/Memorials By Ship/By Name of Deceased

Camels, Navy Connection with Army Use of

Casualties, Personnel

Celebrations - Navy Participation in

Cemeteries Containing Navy Dead


Chevaux-de-Fries in Delaware River, 1775

Chief of Naval Operations

Chief of Naval Operations

Chinese in United States Navy

Chronologies (various dates-including wartime) 

Chronologies  (Navy):1690-1969

Civilian Personnel (Navy)

Clipper Ships

Coast and Geodetic Survey

Coast Guard

Coastal Defense

Coat of Arms, Seal, and Flag of President of US; Treaty Seal

Colliers, Navy

Continental Navy

Convoys, World War I - See ONI Publications, World War I

Courts-martials - Unusual Sentences

Crossing the Line Ceremony

Customs and Traditions of the United States Navy

Definitions, Naval

Dental Corps

United States Navy 105th Dental Corps Birthday Ball  


Diaries - See ZB files:
          John J.A. Bissett (1863-1865)
          Benjamin Dutton (1905-1909)
          George R. Yost (USS Cairo, 1862 - filed in USS Cairo ZC file)
          Jonathon Goble (1853)
          Eugene P. Stone (1907-1911)
          Edward Vail (USS John Adams, 1835-1836)
          New York (1895-1909, by RAdm F. M. Bunce)
          Oneida (1862, by H. Preble)
          San Francisco (1891, by M. Grant (Wheel Book with life boat assignments, etc., not a proper journal.
          Several pages missing.)
          Tacoma (1903-1924)
          Vixen (1803-1813)
          Warrington (DD-30, World War I)

Diplomacy - Role of the United States Navy

Discipline/Punishments - See also courts-martials

Donner Party, Account of the Loss of

Draft, Military

Dry Docks


Dutch Navy

English Naval Operations, 1700-1805

Enlistment Oath & Contract

Enlisted Personnel

Equatorial Crossing Ceremony

Esther Award

Ethnic Data





Flags - Pamphlets/Informational Extracts

Flags - Pictures/News Clippings

Flags - NHC Correspondence

Fleet Exercises

Flying Boats

Foreigners Who Served With or In the US Navy or Army, 1775-1910

Forts and Coastal Defense

Founders of the US Navy

Founding Fathers of the United States

French Navy

French Spoliation Claims

Fuel - Conversion from Coal to Oil


Gender of Ships

General Orders and Directives

US Naval Hospital Orders for transfer of men May 20 1925

German Navy

German Spy Station in West Sayville, NY (Telefunken Wireless Station)

German Submarines, World War I - See ONI Publications, World War I

Gifts to Ships




Historical Units of Federal Agencies During WWI

Holidays of Countries

Hospital Corps

Hospital Corps Casualties

Hospital Corps Citations

Hospital Corps History

Hydrographic Office (Oceanography)

Impressment of American Seaman, 1803-1815


International Naval Reviews


Jefferson, Thomas - Navy Construction of Gunboats During His Administration

Judge Advocate General, Office of the

Kites, US Naval Use of - See also ONI Publications, World War I


P.G. Krynak label

            Sailor, tourist ad

            Shoe store ad

Landing Force & Small Arm Instruction Manual, 1912

Laws Relating to Navy (Senate Resolution 262)

Letters of Marque

Life Rafts

Lighthouses - See ZB Files for J.S. Biddle and George Dewey

Lincoln Sesquicentennial

Living Conditions in the US Navy


Lyceum, Naval

Marine Corps, United States

Marjorie Sterrett B.B. Fund Award


Medal of Honor

Medicine, World War I - See also ZO File for Misc. Convoy Information

Merchant Marine

Merchant Shipping - Company Regulations of P.M. Steamship Co.

Merchant Shipping, World War I


Military Governments

Mines (WWI)

Mines and Mineweeping

Miscellaneous Papers

Missing Vessels - See Bermuda Triangle

Missions, US Naval

Monitors in the US Navy



National Anthem

National Defense and Neutrality Proclamations

National Historical Publications Commission

National Navy Club

Naval Air Stations Pearl Harbor

Naval Attaches

Naval Commissioners

Naval Consulting Board

Naval Historical Foundational

Naval History Supplements (Including History of ships, discipline, Civil War, Russo-Japanese War, guns, early steam warships)

Naval Militia, Auxiliary, and Reserve

Fleet Naval Reserve Certificate for Albert Wilfred Johnston January 20 1920.

Naval Order of the United States

Naval Records and Library, Office of - A History, 1822-1946

Naval Records and Library, Office of - Misc. Data

Naval Supplies

Navies, State

Navigational Technologies

Navy Day, Origins of

Navy Department - Historical Data

Navy League

Navy Ordinance Lab

NOL report

              1944: October issue

              1945: Issues from January through December (2 copies of July)

              1946: Issues from January through December (photocopy of August)

  1947: Issues from January through December (2 Copies each of February, March , June, August, December, 3 copies of May)

1948: Issues from January through November (no December, 4 copies of August)

1949: Issues from January; January 31 special report on White Oak; February; March-April; June-July; November; December (2 copies each March-April and November)

1950: Issues from January; February; May; June; July-August; October; November; December

1951: Issues from January; February (2 copies; March (7 copies)

Copy of letter from Secretary Forrestal dated 10/26/1944 about NOL Report, and map of White Oak

August 1947 copy of the Explosure


 Address by Dr. Merle A. Tuve at laying of the cornerstone at White Oak 8/15/1946 (3 copies)

              NOL Community Day 9/29/1949 (3 copies)

              NOL Ordnance Days 5/16-17/1950 (2 copies)

              Aviation Writers Association 6/3/1949


 CBS “Adventures in Science” Radio Programs: 2/5/1949 (Magnetism and invention of Orthonol) 3 copies

  CBS “Adventures in Science” Radio Program 6/25/1949 (Supersonic speeds and NOL aeroballistics) 4 copies

              “The NOL Story” (undated)

Navy, US - General Historical Data

Nets, Anti-Submarine

News Articles

Aviation Week 8/1/1949: “Captured Tunnel Advances U.S. Research” (3 copies)

             Aviation Week 8/8/1949: “Navy’s New Aeroballistic Range” (2 pages)

Washington Post 10/25/1948: Full Page ad by Hecht Co. for 10/27/1948 Navy Day Open House

The Maryland News 9/23/1949: Story anout upcoming NOL Community Day 9/29/1949

The Record of Montgomery County 5/19/1950: Cartoon, blurb about upcoming NOL open house

Nurse Corps

Oaths of Office

Observatory, Naval Historical Center


Officer Rotation

ONI (Office of Naval Intelligence)

ONI Publications, World War I:
          "Analysis of the Advantage of Speed and Changes of Course in Avoiding Attack by Submarine"
          "Anti-Submarine Defenses, Notes on"
          "Anti-Submarine Information, (Nov. 1918)"
          "Anti-Submarine Information, (Dec. 1918)"
          "Anti-Submarine Tactics"
          "Anti-Submarine Warfare. Notes for the Use of Naval Armed Guard"
          "Bombs, Incendiaries and Explosives Used by the Enemy, Illustrations & Descriptions of"
          "German Submarine Attacks"
          "German Submarines in Question & Answer"
          "Kite Balloons in Escorts"
          "Sloops and Torpedo Craft Employed on Antisubmarine Duties, General Instructions for"
          "Patrol Service Course Tables"
          "Protection of a Convoy by Extended Patrols, Remarks on"
          " Submarine Tactics Against Convoys, Remarks on"
          " Submarines: Military Characteristics, Tactical Use, and Methods of Defense Against Them"


Outstanding Events in Naval History

Pacific Fleet [1860s-1870s]

Paint and Paint Factories

Pay Rates

Peace Time, Navy

Pearl Harbor Attack, Court of Inquiry Findings


Personnel Strength Levels


Pirates and Piracy

Policy, U.S. Naval

24 January, 1947

              James Forrestall

              Policy of the United States Naval

              US Naval Policy poster

              General Board No. 420-2 2 copies

              Serial 1108 copy 2

              29 March 1922 copy 2

              Policy of the United States Navy Poster

              G.B. No. 420-2

              Serial No. 304

 23 January 1947 US Naval Policy Poster

              General Board No. 420-2

              Serial No. 1509

  1 June 1931    

 Navy Press Room-29 June 1933

              Navy Department- 1940

              Policy of the United States Navy-1947

POWs, Civil War

Presidents of the United States


Post Offices (Ship)

POWs, German prisoners in World War I in Georgia

Prize Money


Funeral Program for Gilbert C. Incerpi July 5 1945

Welcome to Mine Division Ninety-Two

Welcome Aboard Fighter Squadron Two

Promotion Exams

Property - First Piece Purchased by US Navy

Quonset Huts





Permanent Petty Officer's Appointment for Fredrick Lee Corbett March 29 1926

Receiving Ships, 1843-1888





Revenue Cutter Service



Salvage Operations

Samoan Hurricane

Seal, Navy

Secretaries of the Navy

Serial Numbers


Ship Captures

Ship Casualties and Wrecks, Lists & General Information

Ship Casualties and Wrecks, World War I

Ship Christenings and Launchings

Ship Design and Plans

Ship Equipment - Bells, Anchors, Fittings

Ship Force Levels, 1908-1973

Ship Models

Ship Names

Ship Sponsors

Ships, Bibliographies

Ships, Building, Naval

Ships, Historic (Location)

Ships, Wooden




South African Wars, Americans in

Special Events

Staffs of Farragut, Dewey, Evans, and Mayo


Submarines - Disasters, 1864-1921 (US & Foreign)

Submarines - General Histories & Bibliographies

Submarines - Individual Histories (C2-S51)

Submarines - Individual Histories (Hackleback-Triger)

Submarines - Silhouette Books, 1917

Submarines - New London Submarine School, "The Sub…Care & Operation," 1920

Submarines - Foreign

Submarines - Naval Historical Center Correspondence on - See also Expeditions ZO File for Wilkins Submarine Expedition to Arctic, 1931

Submarine Chasers

Submarine Qualifications


Tactics, Naval

Texas Navy

Timber, Naval

Time Balls

Torpedo Boat/Destroyer, Evolution of

Torpedo Flotilla

Torpedoes - Hammond Torpedo Board, 1916-1919

Torpedoes - Electrical (1874)

Torpedoe Histories Westinghouse MK-18, 19, 28

Training Schools, Stations, and Vessels

Training Schools - Apprentice School, Washington Navy Yard (Lessons for mechanical drawing)

Training, World War I - See World War I ZO file

Treasure, Transportation on Navy Ships

Trophies, Gunnery

Truxton - Decatur House and Museum

Uniforms - Misc. Information

Advertisement for uniform tailor

Uniforms - 1700s

Uniforms - 1800s

Uniforms - 1900s

Uniforms - Confederate

USS, Designation of

Washington Naval Conference

Women in the US Navy

Yachts, Presidential

Yarns, Naval



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