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Adapted from "Rear Admiral Andrew Francis Carter, U.S. Naval Reserve, Deceased" [biography, dated 27 March 1950] in Modern Biographical Files collection, Navy Department Library.

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Andrew Francis Carter

17 January 1883 - 2 August 1966

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Rear Admiral Carter was born in Little Rock, South Carolina, January 17, 1883. He was appointed to the US Naval Academy from the Sixth District of South Carolina on June 8, 1901, and was graduated with the Class of 1905 on January 30, 1905. He served the two years then required by law before commissioning in USS West Virginia, and was commissioned Ensign from January 31, 1907. He continued duty in the West Virginia until October 1907 when he was transferred to USS Nebraska, making the world cruise with the fleet in that battleship.

From April 16, 1909 until April 29, 1910 he had instruction consecutively at the Equipment Office, General Electric Company, Schenectady, New York, and at the electrical school, Navy Yard, New York, NY. He was commissioned Lieutenant (junior grade) during that period. He joined USS North Dakota on May 2, 1910 and advanced to Lieutenant from July 1, 1910. In October 1911 he was detached from the North Dakota, and during the following two years was on duty in the Bureau of Steam Engineering, Naval Department, Washington, DC.

Rear Admiral carter reported January 9, 1914 at Shanghai, China, for duty as Inspector of machinery of USS Monocacy and USS Palos at the works of the Shanghai Dock and Engineering Company. He had charge of fitting out the Monocacy from May 11, 1914, and assumed command of that vessel when she was commissioned on June 24, 1914. He was detached from this command on September 29, 1916 and returned to the United States.

He was commissioned Lieutenant Commander from September 30, 1916 and on November 10 of that year became aide to Admiral William S. Benson, US Navy (now deceased), Chief of Naval Operations, Navy Department, Washington, DC, serving in that capacity throughout the World War, with the rank of Commander from July 1, 1918. In October of 1918 he accompanied Admiral Benson on a special mission to Paris, France, and other places.

For his World War service Rear Admiral Carter was awarded the Navy Cross with the following citation:

“For exceptionally meritorious service in a duty of great responsibility as Aide to Chief of Naval Operations, in suggesting and initiating plans, both of organization and of operation, and securing and tabulating information; for zeal, energy, and executive ability in the discharge of all his varied duties, and for tact and courtesy in his relation with officers and others, of our own and foreign nationalities.”

He was also awarded the decoration of the Chevalier of the Legion of Honor, grade of grand officer, by the Government of France, in 1919, for distinguished service in organizing the conduct of war against Central Empire.

After the World War, Rear Admiral Carter commanded USS Herbert from December 1, 1919 until January 3, 1920. He resigned from the Navy, effective January 7, 1920 and entered private business.

He was President of Texas Progress Oil, Inc., Houston, Texas, before enrolling in the USS Naval Reserve, in the grade of Lieutenant Commander on March 6, 1942. Since March 9, 1942 he has been Executive, Army-Navy Petroleum Board, Office of the Chief of Naval Operations, Navy Department. He was advanced to Captain on February 17, 1942 and to Commodore on July 10, 1943 and to Rear Admiral June 22, 1944.

Under orders of November 14, 1945, he was proceeded for separation at the Naval Personnel Separation Center, Washington, DC, and relived of active duty. For “exceptionally meritorious service to the Government… as Director, Petroleum and Tanker Division, Office of Chief of Naval Operations… from March 9, 1942 to August 31, 1945, and as Executive Officer of the Joint Army-Navy Petroleum Board from July 27, 1942, to August 31, 1945…” he was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal.

In addition to the Navy Cross and the decoration of the Chevalier of the Legion of Honor from the Government of France, Rear Admiral Carter has the Victory Medal.

He died 2 August 1966.



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