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Adapted from "Captain Deane E. Carberry, Civil Engineer Corps, United States Navy" [biography, dated 25 July 1958] in Modern Biographical Files collection, Navy Department Library.

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Deane E. Carberry

29 August 1910 - [no death date]

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A Civil Engineer, Deane Edwin Carberry received the degree of Master in Civil Engineering in 1931 from the California Institute of Technology. He was subsequently employed, 1931-1941, by the US Reclamation Bureau, engaged in design work for the Boulder, Grand Coulee and Shasta Dams.

He was commissioned a Lieutenant (jg) in the Civil Engineering Corps of the US Naval Reserve in November 1937 and from that time until early in 1941 was a member of the Inactive Volunteer Reserve in the Twelfth Naval District. Called to active duty, he reported in January 1941 as Resident Officer in Charge of Construction at the Naval Supply Depot, Oakland, California, where he was serving when the United States entered World War II. Continuing duty in California, he served from November 1942 until June 1943 as CEC Procurement Officer in the Twelfth Naval District.

Following four months service as Officer in Charge of Construction and Public Works Officer at the Naval Air Station, Richmond, Florida, he was assigned, December 1943- October 1946, to the Aviation Facilities Division, Construction Department, Bureau of Yards and Docks, Navy Department. In connection with the work there he travelled to various facilities. Ordered next to point Mugu, California, he had duty in connection with the basic planning and design for construction at the Naval Air Missile Test Center.

He was Assistant Base Development Officer on the staff of Commander Naval Forces, Marianas, from November 1948 until September 150, after which he served as Public Works Officer at the Naval Air Station, Seattle, Washington. He next had duty, March 1953- August 1954, as Assistant inspector General, On-Site Survey Division, Officer of the Chief of Naval Operations, Navy Department. Assigned to the Ninth Naval District, Great Lakes, Illinois, he was Deputy District Public Works Officer and Deputy Officer in Charge of Construction until July 1956, when he became District Public Works Officer and Officer in Charge of Construction. In February 1958 he was designated Officer in Charge of Construction, Bureau of Yards and Docks Contracts, Madrid, Spain.

He is a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers and the Society of American Military Engineers.

Personal Data:

Born: 29 August 1910, Mansfield, Illinois

Parents: Ray S. and Bridie I. (Tillotson) Carberry, both now deceased

Education: California Institute of Technology, Pasadena (BS, 1930) (MS, 1931)


Appointed Lieutenant (jg), CEC, USNR, 12 November 1937

Lieutenant, CEC, USNR, 1 January 1942

Lieutenant Commander, CEC, USNR, 1 May 1943

Commander, CEC, USNR, 10 July 1945

Transferred from USNR to USN, 17 July 1946

Captain, CEC, USN, 1 July 19 5

Decorations and Medals:

American Defense Service Medal

American Campaign Medal

Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal

World War II Victory Medal

National Defense Service Medal

Chronological Transcript of Naval Service:

Nov 1937- Jan 1941 12th Naval District (Inactive, Volunteer Reserve)

Jan- Oct 1942 Naval Supply Depot, Oakland, Calif. (Resident officer in Charge of Construction)

Nov 1942- Jun 1943 Office Naval Officer Procurement, 12th Naval District, San Francisco, Calif. (CEC Procurement Officer)

Jul 1943- Nov 1943 Naval Air Station, Richmond, Fla. (Officer in Charge of Construction and Public World Officer)

Dec 1943- Oct 1946 Bureau of Yards & Docks, Navy Department (Aviation Facilities Div., Construction Department)

Nov 1946- Oct 1948 Naval Air Missile test Center, Point Mugu, Calif. (Officer in Charge of Construction & Public Works Officer)

Nov 1948 – Sep 1950 Staff, Commander Naval Forces, Marianas (Ass’t Base Development Officer)

Oct 1950- Feb 1953 Naval Air Station, Seattle, Wash. (Public Works officer) (addu. Naval Air Bases, 13th Naval District)

Mar 1953- Aug 1954 Naval Operations, Navy Dept. (Ass’t Inspector General On- Site Survey Division)

Aug 1954- Jul 1956 District Public Works Office, 9th Naval District, Great Lakes, Ill. (Deputy DPWO & Dep. OICC)

Jul 1956 District Public Works Officer & Officer in Charge of Construction, 9th Naval District (addu. District Civil Engineer)

7 Feb 1958 (orders) Officer in Charge of Construction, Bureau of Yards & Docks Contracts, Madrid, Spain


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