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Adapted from "Captain Francis Alfred L. Vossler, U. S. Navy" [biography, dated 22 July 1941] in Biographies, 20th century collection, Navy Department Library.

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  • World War I 1917-1918
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Francis Alfred L. Vossler

6 August 1883 – 26 June 1970

Captain Vossler was born at Mount Storm, West Virginia, 6 August 1883, and was appointed to the Naval Academy from West Virginia in 1903. After graduation he served in USS Louisiana and USS Severn, in 1907; in 1909 he joined USS Stewart, and in 1910 was transferred to USS Virginia. He also had additional duty with the Navy Rifle Team in 1907, 1909, 1910, and 1911. In October 1913, he was ordered to San Francisco where he was in charge of the Navy Recruiting Station, with additional duty in connection with the Naval Militia. After assisting in fitting out USS Nevada he served in her after commissioning on 11 March 1916 until March 1917 when he was transferred to USS St. Louis. He served as Engineer Officer of USS ST. Louis during the World War, and for three years was on duty at the Naval Academy. 

Captain Vossler was in charge of the Midshipmen’s Rifle Team at Camp Perry, Ohio in 1921. He commanded USS Yarborough from October 1921 until August 1923, and after serving as gunnery officer, Destroyer Squadron 12, for a year returned to duty at the Naval Academy. After completing the Naval War College course he served on its staff from May 1930 until June 1932, and was Aide and Force Gunnery Officer on staff Commander Scouting Force from June 1932 until May 1933, when he became Operations Officer on that staff.

He served on the staff of Commander, Battle Force, from 1934 until 1935 when he went to duty at the Naval Academy, and for three years was in charge of Department of Seamanship and Navigation. He was detached from that duty in December 1937, and on 15 January 1938 assumed command of USS Northampton. From June 1939 until February 1940 he was Chief of Staff, Commander Cruisers, Scouting Force and on 19 March 1940 reported for duty as Commandant of Midshipmen, Naval Academy, Annapolis. Beginning 15 May 1941, he had been on duty in the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations, Navy Department. 

Captain Vossler had the Victory Medal, Escort Clasp, for World War Service.

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