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Adapted from "Fred A. Bantz, Under Secretary of the Navy"  [biography, dated 1 July 1959] in Modern Biographical Files collection, Navy Department Library.

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Fred A. Bantz

25 June 1895 - [no death date]

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Fred A. Bantz, nominated to be Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Material) by President Eisenhower on March 18, 1957, was sworn into Office on April 10, 1957, after being confirmed by the Senate on April 9, 1957.  Mr. Bantz succeeded Mr. Raymond H. Fogler, who resigned on January 12, 1957.  On June 8, 1959, he became Under Secretary of the Navy, succeeding William B. Franke.

Mr. Bantz was born in St. Paul, Minnesota, June 25, 1895.  His parents, Matthias and Louise Bantz, were both in the United States.  Received his education in the public and parochial schools of St. Paul, Minnesota.  On January 4, 1923, married Kathryn A. McDonald of St. Paul.

First employed in May 1912 by the firm of Lindeke Warner sons Company, Inc., St. Paul.  This company was engaged in the manufacturing of heavy outdoor clothing, and also as jobbers of apparel and dry goods.  Bought various lines of merchandise, and during last two years of service operated their factories.  Continuous employment, with the exception of service in World War I, until resignation in September 1922. This firm was liquidated some 20 years ago.

Entered employment if the J.C. Penney Company, Inc., New York City, November 1, 1922.  The Penney Company is a retail organization with approximately 1700 stores located in each of the states of the United States.  Their business is strictly retailing.  They do no manufacturing.  Their principal sales result from apparel for the family, as well as home furnishings.

Continuous employment with the J.C. Penney Company until retirement date July 1, 1955, under the Company’s retirement plan, which calls for retirement on July 1st of the year in which a individual reaches his 60th birthday.  Started in with this company as a buyer, and purchased many different lines of merchandise; in 1930 was appointed Head of one of their large buying divisions, and in 1932 assumed responsibility of a second large buying division.  Was elected Director in 1945; made Assistant Merchandise Manager in July 1950.  Included in responsibilities of General Merchandise Manager was the supervision of all buying, warehousing, distribution, and pricing at retail, of all merchandising sold in Penney stores.

A short time after retirement, at the request of the Penney Company, Mr. Bantz made an extensive study of markets in the Far East as well as Europe.  These are the only business activities since retirement.



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