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Arnold, Thomas


Banks, Nathaniel P.
Papers, 1863-1864

Letterpress copies of official letters by Major General Banks from his headquarters, Department of the Gulf, New Orleans, during the fall of 1863 and early winter of 1864. Letters also comment on civilian life in Federal occupied New Orleans, the education and management of freed slaves, the cotton trade, the revolt of the Corps d'Afrique at Fort Jackson in Plaquemines Parish, and the Mexican Revolution against French invaders. Persons to whom Banks wrote include President Abraham Lincoln, U. S. Secretary of State William H. Seward, Brigadier General George F. Shepley, General William T. Sherman, U. S. Secretary of War Edwin M. Stanton, Chief Quartermaster Samuel B. Holabird, U. S. Provost Marshal General James Bowen, General-in-Chief H. W. Halleck, and General Cadwallader C. Washburn, among others. Some pages of the copybook are missing.

1 volume


Buckley, Nathaniel
Papers, 1846-1848

Official reports of officers on USS Dale.

1 volume


Caffery, John M.
Papers, 1897-1906

Papers of Ensign John Murphey Caffery, found in the Donelson Caffery Papers.


Connor, Lemuel P.
Papers, 1909

The Lemuel Parker Connor Family Papers contain letters concerning the visit of USS Mississippi to Natchez in 1909.

6 items


Cromwell, Bartlett J.
Papers, 1878

Letters of Rear Admiral Bartlett Jefferson Cromwell concerning USS Rio Bravo.

4 items


Daniels, Josephus
Papers, 1917-1936

Letters by Josephus Daniels relate to construction at the Boston Navy Yard and the American economy during World War I (1917); to Woodrow Wilson's role at the Versailles Peace Conference (1925); and to Roosevelt's Agricultural Adjustment Act and its effects on farm prices and the rural economy (1936). An excerpt of a speech by Josephus Daniels (1919) addressed to the graduating class of Georgetown Visitation Convent praises the school's program for the education of women, advocates the passage of the women's suffrage amendment, and discusses the service of women during World War I.

4 items


Freeman Jr., Foster
Papers, 1862

Freeman Foster, Jr. was a sailor in the Mississippi River Campaign.

3 items


Jahncke, Ernest L.
Papers, 1852-1960

Ernest Lee Jahncke was Assistant Secretary of the Navy from 1929-1933.

1,528 items and 6 volumes


Means, Edward J.
Papers, 1864

Lieutenant Edward J. Means served in the Confederate Navy.

1 volume


Miller, Alexander R.
Papers, 1861-1864


During the Civil War Alexander R. Miller served as a quarter gunner in the Mississippi Squadron of the United States Navy on board the U.S. steamers Baron De Kalb and Lafayette.

Typescript of diary records movement of troops, naval maneuvers, and encounters with Confederate gunboats, batteries, forts, and troops in Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Louisiana. Also noted are attacks upon forts and cities along the Mississippi River, subsequent acts of surrender, Confederate guerrilla action, and Union pillaging of cotton plantations.

1 volume


Peterson, Oscar E.
Papers, 1916-1944

Papers of Gunner's Mate Oscar E. Peterson

23 items


Post, Lauren C.
Papers, 1917-1920

Lauren Chester Post was a radioman during World War I.

100 items


Semmes, Raphael
Papers, 1866-1911

Raphael Semmes was an officer in the Union and Confederate navies.  These items are found in the Walter L. Fleming Collection.

21 items


Smith, William H.
Papers, 1862-1863

Papers of Acting Third Assistant Engineer.

5 items


Staples, Harold H.
Papers, 1916-1917

Typescript diary concerning USS Allen.

1 item


Welles, Gideon
Papers, 1878

1 item

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