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Dartmouth College

Hanover, NH

Rauner Special Collections Library
Dartmouth College
6065 Webster Hall
Hanover, NH 03755-3519


Bradford, Robert F.
Papers, 1852-1890

Papers relating to his career in the United States Navy from his application to the Naval Academy to his final assignment as Commander of the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Includes a long series of records and notes on naval ordnance, particularly the twenty-inch gun, and records and orders relating to his service at sea.

1.5 feet


Byrd, Richard F.
Papers, 1928-1936

Correspondence, photographs, and memorabilia related to Byrd's work in the Antarctic. Collection includes a letter from Byrd to Dorothy Bickum, which contains a flag he carried to the South Pole, letters from Byrd to other correspondents, and letters from Sir Douglas Mawson. Also includes a photograph album, now disbanded, with photographs of the Antarctic Expedition of 1928-1930, which Byrd presented to Arthur T. Walden.

3 boxes


Dartmouth College, Department of Military Science and Tactics
Records, 1953-1970

Collection consists of records relating to the Air Force, Army, and Navy ROTC programs at Dartmouth College. Includes material regarding curriculum, faculty, and students, reports, and general correspondence. Includes material regarding the Higher Education in the National Defense conference, which was held at Dartmouth College in 1958. Also includes Edward T. Chamberlain's memoranda, reports, and general correspondence regarding the ROTC programs.

34 boxes


Dartmouth College, Naval Training School (V-12) 
Records, 1942-1945

Collection consists of the records of the United States Naval Training School that was located at Dartmouth College during World War II. Includes enrollment lists and statistics for students from the Navy and the Marines, student records, and material regarding the curricula for the V-12 unit. Includes inventories, bills, shipping orders, code lists, and lists of textbooks and other purchases for the training school. Includes material regarding the status of the Navy V-12 students at Dartmouth College and the organization of a Dartmouth Navy Alumni Association. Also includes a questionnaire, which was sent to staff officers, students, and students' wives, regarding housing, shopping, recreation, laundry services, and general services available to Navy personnel in Hanover, New Hampshire during the war.

100.5 feet


Dunn, Robert S.
Papers, 1896-1955

Manuscripts of two published novels (Youngest World and Horizon Fever) and his autobiography; manuscript and printed copies of shorter works; and correspondence relating to his career as an arctic explorer, naval officer, and diplomat.

6.5 feet


Encyclopedia Arctica
Records, 1947-1955

Notes, correspondence, drafts and final manuscript for the Encyclopedia Arctica, a project conducted by Vilhjalmur Stefansson under a grant from the United States Office of Naval Research; the result of the project was a 16 volume encyclopedia of which this material forms the basis.

16 volumes and 15 boxes


Flaccus, William K.
Papers, 1942-1949


Hale, John P.
Papers, 1777-1904

Senator John Parker Hale was Chairman of the Senate Committee on Naval Affairs, 1861-1865.

600 items


Larson, Conrad S.
Papers, 1946-1973

Miscellaneous papers relating to his career as a naval aviator. Includes orders, operation plans, clippings, and photographs for Operation Deep Freeze, 1955-1957, for the International Geophysical Year in Antarctica. Also includes other clippings on Larson's career, including a 1955 plane crash in Antarctica, and 1951 helicopter accident.

0.5 feet


Laws, James
Papers, 1855-1866

Collection includes Dr. James Laws' diary, dated May 31-September 5, 1855, in which he describes his experiences and observations as member of the Harstene Relief Expedition in search of Dr. Elisha Kent Kane on board the ship Release. Also includes some reports for Arctic, companion ship of Release, as well as some correspondence concerning Dr. Laws' appointment to Release and some of his Navy commissions.

0.2 feet


North Pacific Exploring Expedition
Records, 1853-1855

Letter book (copies) of correspondence between George H. Ritchie, purser; Cadwalader Ringgold and John Rodgers, commanders of the expedition; and James C. Dobbin, Secretary of the Navy, and Jefferson Davis, Acting Secretary, relating principally to supplies and finances of the expedition.

1 volume


Peary, Robert E.
Papers, 1889-1970

Correspondence, manuscripts, and photographs relating to his work as an Arctic explorer. Includes rough working draft of Northward Over the Great Ice and most of the photographs used in his monographic publications.

4.5 feet


Rand, Stephen
Papers, 1858-1869

Letters and papers of Stephen Rand, assistant engineer in the United States Navy. The collection includes Rand's orders to serve on various ships, among them USS Kearsarge, and letters of recommendation from his superior officers. Includes notes with engineer's drawings of machine parts related to ships. Also includes letters from Theodosia Stockbridge of Hanover, New Hampshire and pamphlets on religion.

0.2 feet


Roberts, Palmer W.
Papers, 1947-1948

Commander Roberts, USN, was Officer in Charge of Construction, Naval Petroleum Reserve #4, Alaska. The Navy was interested in improving the health and living conditions of the Eskimos in Point Barrow so that they could work at the petroleum projects in the area.

0.2 feet


Schley, Winfield S.
Papers, 1911

Recollections of his childhood, education, and service as a naval officer in the Civil War and Spanish-American War.

10 folders


Smith, Joseph B.
Papers, 1945

Series of personal letters, February-November 1945, sent to his parents describing his work as a pharmacist's mate in the U. S. Navy in the latter stages of World War II. Includes descriptions of his daily activities and life in Mindoro in the Philippines. Several letters note his desire to return to his studies at Dartmouth College.

71 items


Taylor, Isaac
Papers, 1948-1957

Papers relating to Dr. Taylor's work with hypothermia and with his clinical and research activities during Operation Deep Freeze in Antarctica. Includes correspondence, official documents, slides and photographs taken by Taylor. Among the correspondents are his children James and Livingston Taylor.

4.5 feet


Tuck, John
Papers, 1955-1956

The collection contains 140 Kodak stereo transparencies documenting the U.S. Navy's construction of the Amundsen Scott South Pole Station in 1955-1956, in preparation for the International Geophysical Year, 1957-1958. Also included are images of McMurdo Station, the South Pole and other Antarctic landscapes, dog sleds and other means of transportation, camps, and various fauna. 

0.5 feet


Warren, Alexander A.
Papers, 1849-1886

Papers of a sail maker in the U. S. Navy. Includes a private logbook detailing his 1849 voyage from Boston to Batavia and an 1854-1856 voyage on USS Decatur in defense of Seattle, Washington. Holograph memoirs include three voyages: 1854-1856 in defense of Seattle, Washington; 1871 in support of the Charles Francis Hall Arctic expedition; and 1880 along the coast of South America. Also included are letters to his family, his commission as a sail maker, sketches and drawings, and photographs of Warren, his wife, and child.

0.5 feet


Weeks, John W.
Papers, 1877-1926

Weeks was born in 1860 in Lancaster, New Hampshire He was graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1881 and was discharged from the U.S. Navy in 1883. He was an Assistant Land Commissioner for the Florida Southern Railroad, 1886-1888, and a partner in the firm, Hornblower & Weeks, 1888-1912. From 1890 to 1898 he commanded the 2nd Division, Auxiliary U.S. Naval Force on the Atlantic Coast. He served as a member of the Military Advisory Board of Mass. and the Military Board of Examiners, 1894-1900, and as a member of the Board of Visitors, U.S. Naval Academy during 1896.

Papers of the banker and politician, John Wingate Weeks. Includes correspondence, copies of speeches, newspaper clippings, photographs, and financial papers, and other papers related to his career in banking and in the government. Correspondents include Calvin Coolidge, Warren G. Harding, Henry Cabot Lodge, and Theodore Roosevelt.

20 boxes


Woodbury, Levi
Papers, 1811-1851

100 items

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