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University of Illinois


University of Illinois 
University Archives
19 Main Library
1408 West Gregory Drive
Urbana, IL 61801


Armed Forces, Naval Science
Records, 1946, 1957, 1962, 1968-

Naval ROTC Issuances including The Navy's College Program (12 pp., 1946), Standardized Curriculum For NROTC Students (12 pp., 1946), Naval ROTC Unit Information Bulletin (ca. 1957), Organization and Regulations Manual (5/1/57), Midshipman Handbook (33 pp., 9/16/57), form letter to parents (4/11/62) and announcements (1968- ). Record Series Number 27/4/801.

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Biological Computer Laboratory
Records, 1946-1973

Biological Computer Laboratory (BCL) Contract and Conference File including material on contracts with the Air Force Office of Scientific Research (OSR), Aeronautical Systems Division, Aerospace Medical Research Laboratory and Systems Command; Office of Naval Research (ONR); National Science Foundation (NSF) (1961-63); Department of Health, Education and Welfare (1958-70); Army Research Office (1968-69); and National Aeronautics and Space Administration (1967-68). The series includes contracts on which director Heinz Von Foerster worked, including those for Air Force Air Material Command (1946-53), OSR (1954-58), Cambridge Research Center (1953-60), Army Air Forces (1946-51) and ONR (1947-55) and consulting projects with Westinghouse (1960-64), Army Research Office (1960-64) and NSF living systems cellular proliferation, mammalian auditory systems, cognition, cybernetics, visual perception, notation of movement, mechanization of cognitive processes and man-machine systems. The series includes material on conferences attended (1950-51, 1953, 1955-71) by Von Foerster concerning cybernetics, bionics, man-machine interaction, electrical engineering, computers, art and design and memory and meetings of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (1964-69), American Society for Cybernetics (1967-71), NATO Advisory Board (1965, 1968) and the Annual Review of Electronics (1963-69, 1971); lectures to seminars, classes, clubs, and religious foundations; the Graduate College Centennial Committee; television presentations and visits by contract supervisors.  Record Series Number 11/6/17.

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Dean of Student Personnel and Dean of Women, Office of
Records, 1943-1945

Army Specialized Training Program and Navy College Training Program Student Records, showing name, date of registration, college and course, home address, previous college education, fraternity and religious affiliation and class schedule. There are restrictions on the use of this collection.  Contact the University Archives for more information. Record Series Number 41/3/7.

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Hoit, Otis W.
Papers, 1873-1943

Papers of Otis W. Hoit, 1879 (1857-1936), Trustee (1910-1923), including correspondence (1879, 1884, 1894-1930), including with Fred Francis (1914, 1926); publications (1871, 1873-1931) relating to the Class of 1879, functions of the Board of Trustees, alumni activities, Alumni Council, German education, Student Army Training Corps, agricultural affairs, building construction and dedications, chemistry texts, university courses catalogs, the Saturnian, and the Sophograph; photographs (1879, ca. 1910-15, 1928-29, 1931, 1942-43) of faculty, students, student activities, campus scenes, President Chase's Installation, and the Navy V-12 program; class notes (1877-78); and Otis Hoit's Matriculation Certificate (1875). Record Series Number 1/20/1.

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Kappauf Jr., William E.
Papers, 1927-1981

Papers of William E. Kappauf Jr., (1913-83), professor of psychology (1951-80), including correspondence (1927, 1930-80), reports, course material (1930-80), manuscripts, building plans, publications (1937-78) and related material about psychology courses at Columbia (1930-34), Brown (1934-36) and Rochester (1937-40); military research on optics, perception and vision for the National Research Council (1949-55), Navy (1945-56), Air Force (1946-55) and Army Psychological Panel and Surgeon General (1948-63); research and teaching at Princeton (1941-51); Illinois Highway Research (1951-65); Psychology Department (1952-81); Psychology Building (1963-71); psychology courses (1951-80); American Journal of Psychology articles (1968-78); admissions (1968-71); honors and undergraduate research programs (1966-77); mathematics for psychologists; Teaching and Service Committee (1975-78); Transportation and Traffic Committee and parking reports (1966-70).  Record Series Number 15/19/24.

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National Defense Program Files
Records, 1940-1956

Files of the Physical Plant National Defense Program, consisting of correspondence relating to the military training programs at the University in World War II, including conservation of war materials and commodities; housing of Army, Naval ROTC, Navy Diesel School, Navy Signal School and Navy V-12 School units; training facilities, equipment and procedures; sabotage protection; remodeling of university buildings and financing of the programs.  Record Series Number 37/1/16.

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Naval Research Fatigue Studies
Records 1945-1958

Found in the Papers of Thomas J. Dolan (1906- ), professor of theoretical and applied mechanics (1937- ) including correspondence, reports, photographs and research data relating to the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (1940-54); American Society for Testing Materials (1947-65); metal fatigue studies (1948-64); size effect tests and torsional rapid loading project for the Air Force (1946-56); fatigue studies for the Office of Naval Research (1945-58) and pressure vessel research (1948-55). The series includes research publications (1929, 1935-68).  Record Series Number 11/11/23.

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Navy Contract Research Reports
Records, 1947-

Navy Contract Research Reports including status, progress, technical and final reports on contracts, projects and tasks undertaken by the Electrical Engineering Research Laboratory and its Electron Tube, Radio Direction Finding, Ultrasonic, Semiconductor Research and Radiolocation Research sections for the Navy relating to semi-conductors, broadband amplification in the microwave frequency range, direction of arrival of radio waves, Germanium surface states, biological computers, Wullenweber-type antennas and antenna design.  Record Series Number 11/6/813.

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Personnel Technology Technical Reports
Records, 1981-

Personnel Technology Technical Reports for "an examination of Hispanic and general population perceptions of organizational environments" by Harry C. Triandis and associates for the Office of Naval Research. The series includes non-numbered reports, "Hispanic Concerns about the U.S. Navy" and "Interpersonal Relations Among Hispanics in the United States." Record Series Number 15/19/824.

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Physical Plant, Housing Division
Records, 1941-1947

Scrapbooks containing newspaper clippings about the men's housing situation (1938), residence halls director and system (1941), taxation of residence halls (1942-44), Navy Diesel, ASTP and V-12 military training programs (1942-45), conversion of facilities for use by military and veterans, portable and prefabricated housing for veterans (1945-47), emergency housing for veterans, housing policy and financing. The series includes photocopies of residence halls and fraternities (1941-42) and holiday dinners (1944) and dance programs (1945-47).  Record Series Number 37/6/14.

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Psychology Department Research Reports
Records, 1950, 1952, 1975-

Research reports prepared by psychology department staff; including "human engineering" technical reports on the School Link trainer for Navy pilot training (1950) and air navigation (1952) and National Science Foundation research grant # EPP75-09139 and final report on "Policemen, Policewomen and Law Enforcement" (1975). Record Series Number 15/19/825.

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Ridenour, Louis N.
Papers, 1946-1950

Papers of Louis N. Ridenour (1911-1959), Dean of the Graduate College and professor of physics (1947-51), including correspondence, reports, publications (1935-40, 1946-50), book reviews and manuscripts relating to scientific research projects, military research and development, nuclear energy, atomic and hydrogen bombs, international understanding, loyalty and security, consulting work, scientific materials and equipment, research and development contracts, M.I.T. Radiation Laboratory series, appointments at Illinois, resignation (5/12/50), RAND consultant work (1949), metallurgy, solid state physics, libraries, Atomic Energy Commission, Office of Scientific Research and Development, Aberdeen Ballistic Research Lab, Office Naval Research, Air Force Scientific Advisory Board Research and Development Report (1949), and the Army Advisory Committee on Research & Development Contractual procedures. Record Series Number 7/1/20.

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Salogga, Frederick W.
Papers, 1940-1952

Papers of Frederick W. Salogga (1908-1994), BS 1932 in Architecture, served as a lieutenant commander in the U.S. Navy in World War II, on the faculty of the School of Architecture (1946-49), and with the firm of Charles Harris and Associates, Decatur, Illinois, including correspondence, memos, reports, course material, publications, charts, and photographs concerning his naval service in World War II and teaching work in recognition training for the identification of aircraft and naval vessels at Ohio State University (1942-43), U.S. Navy Pre-Flight School in Del Monte, California (1943), and the U.S. Naval Air Station in Hutchinson, Kansas (1944-46). Record Series Number 26/20/94.

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Seitz, Frederick
Papers, 1935-1965

Papers of Frederick Seitz (1911- ), professor of physics (1949-1968(, department head (1957-1964) and Graduate College dean (1964-1965), including correspondence (1948-1965), reports, publications (1936-1957), agenda, minutes and proposals concerning the administration of scientific organizations, programs and research activities; advisory service with federal agencies on planning scientific research; consultant service with industrial research programs; evaluations of research projects and personnel; education and training; publications; membership and research grants. The series covers Seitz's work with American Institute of Physics (board chairman, 1954-1959); American Physical Society (president, 1961); International Union of Pure and Applied Physics; National Academy of Sciences (president, 1962-1969); North Atlantic Treaty Organization (scientific advisor, 1959-1960); Department of Defense; Naval Research Advisory Committee; Office of Naval Research; Air Research and Development Command; National Science Foundation; Atomic Energy Commission; Argonne, Brookhaven and Oak Ridge National Laboratories; Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory; Midwest Universities Research Association; the University of Illinois Department of Physics and Coordinated Sciences Laboratory; academic institutions; contacts with federal administrators and congressmen concerning science policy and programs and industrial research for American Machine and Foundry, Bell Telephone, E. I. duPont, General Atomic and United Aircraft. The series contains general personal correspondence with physicists and science administrators concerning solid state physics, research projects, materials, positions, publications, lectures, meetings, travel and national science policy.  Record Series Number 11/10/23.

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War Committee Publications
Records, 1941-1945

Printed bulletins, announcements and reports relating to University wartime activities, including regulations, announcements, statistics and graduation programs of the Army Special Training Program; bulletins from the War Committee; applications, acceptances and information on the Navy V-1 Collegiate Course and reports on staff members on leave in service, war efforts of women, coordination of new curricular and extracurricular activities, War Training Courses, financing of war-time programs and a veterans' survey. Record Series Number 2/9/805.

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World War II Military Program File
Records, 1941-1943

World War II Military Program File concerning higher education and national defense during World War II, including selective service documents showing military induction scheduling for Illinois men and newspaper articles showing the role of "Illini and the war." Chief correspondents include President Arthur C. Willard, Dean Fred Turner, Military Band Director Austin A. Harding, and Army Air Corps General Harold H. Arnold. The National Association of Deans and Advisors of Men published a newsletter, NADAM, which was circulated on college campuses. Among the military bulletins are statements from Henry L. Stimson, Secretary of War. Civil Service, Coast Guard, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Marines, Maritime Commission, Navy and Army/Army Air Corps circulars promoted recruitment and military training for University students.  Record Series Number 41/1/15.

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World War II Military Training File
Records, 1943-1947

World War II Military Training File, including Associate Dean's correspondence and files relating to the Navy College Training Program (V-12) and the Army Specialized Training Program (ASTP) units at Illinois. The file includes curricula schedules, course descriptions, bulletins, lists, academic reviews and appraisals, lists of students transferred to or from the University, time tables and general correspondence relating to V-12 and ASTP units, University regulation, NROTC, graduation, transcripts, absences, trainee status, reclassifications, program goals and criteria and course evaluations. Record Series Number 11/1/15.

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