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Syracuse University

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Syracuse University 
E.S. Bird Library
Syracuse, NY 13244


Austin, Bernard L.
Papers, 1937-1966

Vice Admiral in the United States Navy. Held a succession of commands in the U.S. Navy, left retirement in 1964 to assume the chairmanship of the Inter-American Defense Board in Washington, D.C.

Speeches given as President of the Naval War College and as Chairman of the Inter-American Defense Board (1962-ca. 1966); photographs of Austin (1937-1961); biographical material; and memorabilia.

0.25 feet


Badeau, Adam

American soldier, diplomat, advisor to Ulysses S. Grant and author of Grant in Peace.  Undated manuscript, War Stories for Children: The Merrimac and the Monitor.

1 item


Bailey, Theodorus
Papers, 1828-1877

Correspondence (1828-1874), much of which relates to Bailey's Civil War service; naval orders, circulars, reports and directives, and personal memorabilia. Correspondence of greatest duration includes that of David G. Farragut, William Wister McKean, David D. Porter, William Grenville Temple, and Gideon Welles.

0.5 feet


Bancroft, George
Papers, 1844-1881

American historian, diplomat, Bancroft served as U.S. Secretary of the Navy under James K. Polk, and later as U.S. Minister to Great Britain (1846-1849), to Prussia (1867-1871), and to the German Empire (1871-1874). The collection consists of correspondence, chiefly outgoing, and includes recommendations for appointments, letters of introduction, responses to social invitations, and acknowledgements of receipt of books, historical documents, and various other items.

22 items


Connor, David P.
Papers, 1807-1889

Correspondence of an officer in the United States Navy with his wife, sister, and brother.

0.3 feet


Craven, Thomas T.
Papers, 1841-1869

170 items


Dahlgren, John A.
Papers, 1823-1945

Correspondence; 13 diaries; notebooks, memoranda, articles, and other papers relating to Dahlgren's naval career, including his pioneer work in naval ordnance, and the development of the Dahlgren gun. Includes a diary of his wife, Madeleine Vinton Dahlgren, and a Civil War journal of an unidentified person.

2 feet


Dewey, George
Papers, 1844-1912

Thirty-two outgoing letters to John W. Crawford, as well as incoming letters from William E. Chandler, John Schuyler Crosby, Loyall Farragut, Marcus A. Hanna, and Hilary A. Herbert.

46 items


Dufek, George J.
Papers, 1946-1971

The career of Admiral George John Dufek in the U.S. Navy included work with the U.S. Antarctic Service, Arctic Task Force 68, Antarctic Operation Highjump and Arctic Task Force 80. After 1955 Dufek commanded Operation Deep Freeze, which provided support for U.S. International Geophysical Year research programs, and in 1956 he became also U.S. Antarctic Projects Officer. After retiring in 1959 he became Director of the Mariners' Museum in Virginia.

The papers are arranged chronologically, following Dufek's naval career from 1938 through 1959. Included are clippings, photographs, official reports, draft speeches, personal and official correspondence, articles, and scrapbooks. The files relating to Operation Deep Freeze include chronologies, record books, reports, photographs and scrapbooks. There is also some material relating to Dufek's other Arctic and Antarctic expeditions, however these operations are less fully documented.

5.5 feet


Farragut, David G.
Papers, 1864-1870

10 items


Hale, Frederick
Papers, 1917-1940

Correspondence relating to Hale's term in the Senate, and published items. Correspondents include Albert J. Beveridge, Dennis Chavez, Calvin Coolidge, Stephen T. Early, Walter E. Edge, Allen Joseph Ellender, James A. Farley, Warren G. Harding, Herbert Hoover, Charles Evans Hughes, Hiram Johnson, Frank B. Kellogg, John Archer Lejeune, Henry Cabot Lodge, Medill McCormick, Porter J. McCumber, Truman Handy Newberry, Joseph E. Ransdell, Kenneth Roberts, Kermit Roosevelt, Theodore Roosevelt, Robert A. Taft, and Arthur H. Vandenburg.

1 foot


Harrington, Purnell F.
Collection, 1884-1919

American naval officer.  Correspondence of the Harrington and Ruan families relating to family affairs. The bulk of the collection is student letters from son, Samuel M. Harrington.

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Highland, William
Papers, 1860

Diary kept while Highland was serving in the United States Navy.

1 volume


Holloway Jr., James L.
Papers, 1930-1964

Personal correspondence; memoranda and reports; articles and clippings; photographs; and other memorabilia.

3.5 feet


Hyde, Frederick G.
Papers, 1867-1878

Official letters and orders tracing Hyde's assignments on board USS Kansas and USS Hartford from the Naval Academy on.

50 items


Iris, HMS
Records, 1779-1780

Iris was originally the Continental frigate Hancock before it was captured and renamed by the British in 1777. Consists of two sections in a slipcase, "Harbour transactions on board His Majesty's Ship Iris, James Hawker, esq., Commander. Edwd. Gould; Aug.[u]st 18th, 1779"; and: "A journal of a voyage from Plymouth to New York."

1 item


James, Ralph K.
Papers, 1942-1968

Correspondence; speeches; a diary kept during a mission to French West Africa in 1942; and printed material.

4 feet


Massa, Samuel B.
Papers, 1861-1868

U.S. naval paymaster during the Civil War. Outgoing correspondence (about 100 items), mostly to Massa's family, about wartime naval operations; a diary; and memorabilia, including photographs.

0.5 feet

McDonald, David L.
Papers, 1930-1965

1.5 feet


Millman, Edward
Papers, 1921-1969

Correspondence, family, personal, and business (1921-1969); original artwork and reproductions, including photographs of the Federal Art Project murals in Illinois and St. Louis; research material, sketches, photographs of paintings of steel-works which Millman executed for the Gimbel Pennsylvania Art Collection; as well as sketchbooks, sketches, and photographs relating to Millman's combat paintings for the U.S. Navy; writings, which encompass essays and notes on art as well as combat journal entries; and memorabilia, including financial material, photographs of Millman, clippings, and exhibition catalogs and announcements.

3 feet


Montross, Lynn J.
Papers, 1923-1961

American military historian and author. The collection contains correspondence, scrapbooks, notes, manuscripts, and published material.

7 feet


Naval Architecture
Collection, 1918-1942

Scrapbooks containing photographs of interiors and exteriors of ships.

4 volumes


Pease, Barzillai
Papers, 1789-1826

Journals combining ship's logs and personal diaries concerning Pease's career as a merchant seaman and tenure as Commander of United States Transports on Lake Ontario during the War of 1812.

9 volumes


Porter, David D.
Papers, 1806-1890

Correspondence, 35 outgoing letters, and a number of third party letters which illuminate Porter's promotion of the use of the Fowler Wheel as a propulsion system on torpedo boats. Also, an engraved portrait of Porter, and one of his father, David Porter.

69 items


Raborn Jr., William F.
Papers, 1916-1963

Correspondence; speeches, calendars, photographs, scrapbooks, and audiotapes.

8 feet


Remey, Charles M.

The collection includes material on his father, Rear Admiral George C. Remey.

9 feet


Rice, James B.
Papers, 1865

Letters to Rice while a sailor in the U.S. Navy, from Emma W. Wilde, O. Wilkinson, E.M. Cary, and his sister Harriet.

14 items


Robinson, Horatio G.
Papers, 1866-1867

Letters to his mother written while Robinson was serving on board USS Powhatan in South America with Rear Admiral John A. Dahlgren's squadron.

20 items


Roscoe, Theodore
Papers, 1871-1992

American author of adventure and mystery stories and U.S. Navy historian. The collection contains correspondence with editors, publishers, colleagues, fans, and the U.S. Department of the Navy. Writings include fiction and non-fiction as well as notebooks, reviews, and scripts. Fiction contains manuscript drafts, manuscripts, and some printed examples of his adventure and mystery stories, which were written for pulp magazines. Non-fiction contains manuscript drafts, manuscripts, and published work, much of which pertains to the history of the U.S. Navy. Scripts include manuscript draft and manuscript dramatizations of some of Roscoe's fictional work. Memorabilia comprises financial material, printed material, and scrapbooks. Printed material consists of books owned by Roscoe, clippings that were about Roscoe or those which contained story ideas, publicity, and reviews. Many of the scrapbooks pertain to his writings on naval history.

22.5 feet


Sewell, John S.
Papers, 1850-1903

Journal of 'J.S. Sewall, Vagabonde', serving on board USS Saratoga as Captain's Clerk during a Pacific cruise, 1850-1853. Also a list of officers and deaths, and clippings.

1 volume


Thatcher, Henry K.
Papers, 1867-1868

1 letterbook


U.S. Navy
Records, 1812-1879

Letters of officers including J.M. Nicholson, Captain of the U.S. Frigate Potomac, to Commodore Daniel Patterson enclosing monthly crew reports, 1834-35; and I. Percival, Captain of the U.S. FrigateConstitution, to I.Y. Mason, Secretary of the Navy, requesting additional vessels for shallow water duty, 1844; also other reports and miscellany.

0.3 feet


Vandewater, Allen P.
Papers, 1833-1839

Journal kept on board USS Delaware during tours of the Mediterranean, West Africa, and South America, including drawings and watercolors.

2 volumes

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