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Auburn University Archies

Auburn, AL

Auburn University Libraries
Ralph Brown Draughon Library
Auburn University, Alabama 36849-5606


Douglas, John A.
Papers, 1917-1982

Includes photographs, letters, a sound recording, slide rules, instructions, yearbook, 1917 class history, and miscellaneous items.

0.5 feet


Gayle, Gordon D.
Papers, 1994-1995

Contains drafts of Gayle's history of the Peleliu campaign that reach conclusions different from those in the official published history.

0.5 feet


Hart, Franklin A.
Papers, 1916-1954

The collection contains military papers such as correspondence, orders, appointments, citations, commendations, promotions, maps of stations, and documentation on Operation Flintlock and the Pacific Theater during World War II and the Korean Conflict.

0.5 feet


Manning, William N.
Photographs, 1939-1942

Photographs taken at Alabama Polytechnic Institute, now Auburn University, during World War II.  They include groups of naval trainees, encampment scenes, high school groups, and University buildings, cottages, and grounds.

56 items


Meigs, Harry K.
Papers, 1942-1960

Primarily correspondence, scrapbooks, photographs, and official documents relating to his wartime service.  The collection also contains a ship's organization manual for USS Pablo, Japanese propaganda materials, and miscellaneous items.

0.5 feet


USS Memphis
Collection, 1904-1916

The collection includes of an eyewitness account of the shipwreck, postcards of the ship and crew, and an announcement of a crossing-the-line ceremony.

12 items


Moore, Gabriel
Letter, 1836

A letter requesting that Secretary of the Navy Dickerson appoint Joseph M. McAffry as a midshipman.

1 item


Persons, Henry S.
Collection, 1938-1992

Consists of military and civilian citations and medals, correspondence, photographs, Persons' identification card as a member of the UN Armistice team in Korea.

0.33 feet


Sledge, Eugene B.
Papers, 1937-1996

Sledge's notes on Pelileiu and Okinawa and portions of the outline for his book, correspondence from Sledge to his parents dated 1944-1945, and correspondence, 1944-1996, from veterans, military scholars, and fans.

3.8 feet


Smith, Holland M.
Papers, 1905-1967

The collection contains biographical and personal material related to Smith's college days and his Marine service, news articles, notices of awards and promotions, and personal and official correspondence.

0.5 feet


Stewart, Joseph L.
Papers, 1936-1966

The collection documents Stewart's career as a Marine. Includes military and non-military correspondence; action reports, particularly from the Korean War era; diaries covering action from 1943-1944 and 1950-1951; and photographs.

4 feet


Stohrer, Andrew W.
Papers, 1942-1946

Papers consist of various official and personal documents and 255 letters Stohrer wrote to his wife and family from Quantico, Virginia and the Pacific Theater.

290 items


Taggart, Donald R.

Papers, 1944-1945

Contains letters from Taggart to his family describing his life in the service and duty stations during the final year of World War II.

385 items


Wellborn Family
Papers, 1836-1957

The collection includes biographical information on Commodore John Herbert Dent, who served on USS Constitution; correspondence and biographical information of Charles Iverson Graves, an 1857 U.S. Naval Academy graduate and officer in the Confederate Navy; and information on various other family members and the family farm.

1.75 feet


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