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The Navy Department Library

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Lincoln Memorial University


Lincoln Memorial University 
Cumberland Gap Parkway
Abraham Lincoln Museum
Harrogate, TN 37752


Fox, Gustavus V.
Papers, 1864

Union naval officer. President Lincoln named Fox the First Assistant Secretary of the Navy, a post he held during the Civil War. The "cipher" from Fox to Major General Benjamin F. Butler was sent from the Navy Department, April 23, 1864.

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Meserve, Frederick H.
Photographs, 1913-1915

America's first great photograph collector, and New York textile executive. This extensive collection of photographs from the collection of Frederick H. Meserve was printed directly from both the original negatives and other negatives made from photographs. This multi-volume set is comprised of approximately 8,000 photographs, and was privately printed during 1913-1915. The portraits are mounted photographs, and each volume is arranged by subject area. Volumes I-III are comprised of portraits of Authors, Artists, Journalists, and Educators; volumes IV-VIII are portraits of Prominent People in Public Life; volumes IX-XVI are portraits of General Officers of the Union Army, War of the Rebellion (and Including Those Brevetted for Gallantry and Service); volume XVII, Regimental Officers, Union Army, War of the Rebellion; volume XVIII, Officers of the Union Navy; Caricatures; and Miscellaneous Portraits; volume XIX-XX, Confederate States of America; volume XXI, Confederate States of America; Miscellaneous; volume XXII, Clergymen; volume XXIII-XXV, Dramatic; volume XXVI, Celebrities of Other Countries; Miscellaneous; volume XXVII, Lincolniana; volume XXVIII, Index.

28 volumes


Robbins, Charles A. 
Papers, 1922

Robbins was the Paymaster on board the ironclad USS Montauk, and was on board when the body of John Wilkes Booth was received on their deck prior to the Surgeon General's post-mortem of Booth's corpse.

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Valuska, David L.
Papers, 1973

A typescript copy of his dissertation, The Negro in the Union Navy: 1861-1865, presented to the Graduate Committee of Lehigh University in pursuit of the author's Ph.D. In the abstract, Valuska states that new research demonstrated that a more realistic count of black enlistments into the Union Navy would be closer to an eight percent figure than the theorized twenty-five percent.

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Worden, John L
Papers, 1818-1897

Commander of the ironclad USS Monitor during the Civil War, continued to serve with the Navy in the post-war period, and retired in 1886 as a Rear Admiral in the U.S. Navy. The inscribed spine and cover title is "TheMonitor and the Merrimac: Capt. John L. Worden's Scrap Book." It includes the following: photos; published newspaper clippings; a military telegraph from Fort Monroe inquiring as to the condition of "the gallant Capt. Worden;" handwritten notes inscribed in the margins of the newspaper clippings; and an original letter, in poetic verse, dated February 22, 1864, to Captain Worden's son.

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