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The Navy Department Library

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The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens

San Marino, CA

The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens
1151 Oxford Road
San Marino, CA 91108

Alden, Charles H.
Papers, 1841-1844

Journal of a cruise on USS Delaware.

1 volume


Allen, William H.
Papers, 1800-1838

92 items


Beach, Albert D.
Papers, 1870-1871

Journal of the Darien Exploring Expedition.

1 volume


Beaufort, Sir Francis
Papers, 1765-1953

2,143 items


Blair, James L.
Papers, 1845-1879

165 items


Bower, Lawrence F.
Collection, 1802-1904

Documents of the War of 1812 and Civil War collected by Lawrence Bower.

63 items


Bright, George A.
Papers, 1860-1932

Correspondence and journals of George Bright, a surgeon with the U.S. Navy. The two journals cover the period 1860-1899.

580 pieces


Destouches, Charles Rene Dominique Gochet
Papers, 1754-1804

117 items

Dudley, Thomas H.
Papers, 1843-1959

Includes documents on blockade running during the Civil War.

4,717 items


Dundas, Robert S.
Papers, 1812-1814

Robert Saunders Dundas was First Lord of the Admiralty.

42 items


Eaton, William
Papers, 1792-1829

William Eaton served as a Naval Agent.

42 items


Farragut, David G.
Papers, 1863-1880

102 items


Fox, Gustavus V.
Papers, 1861-1882

Gustavus Fox served as Assistant Secretary of the Navy from 1861-1866.

109 items


Glazier, James E.
Papers, 1861-1922

Includes material on hospital ships.

174 items



Harbeck, Charles T.
Collection, 1732-1915

Material collected by Charles Harbeck relating to the U.S. Navy.

539 items


Howe, Earl Richard
Papers, 1776-1799

Admiral Howe served in the Royal Navy and commanded British forces in North American waters during the American Revolution. 

408 items


Jenkins, Thornton A.
Papers, 1846-1892

59 items


Jennet, Pierre Joseph
Papers, 1776-1783

Livre de Bord kept by a French officer of Marines during six campaigns in the West Indies and Chesapeake Bay.

1 item


Jones, John Paul
Papers, 1776-1789

42 pieces


Lessing, Benson J.
Papers, 1880-1895

Letters to Edwin John Lossing, found in the Benson J. Lossing collection.

9 items


Maury, Matthew F.
Papers, 1755-1900

Commander Matthew Fontaine Maury served in the U.S. Navy until resigning his commission to serve in the Confederate Navy during the Civil War.  These papers are found in the Maury Family Collection.

165 items


U.S. Naval Office, San Francisco
Records, 1851-1858

1 volume


U.S. Navy
Records, 1853-1884

Official correspondence.

1 volume


Nelson, Horatio
Papers, 1777-1805

Admiral Sir Horatio Nelson served in the Royal Navy.

280 items


USS Olympia
Records, 1895-1899

275 items


Peshine, John H. H.
Papers, 1849-1903

John Henry Hobart Peshine served as an officer in the U.S. Navy and Army, and was Military Attaché to Spain.

800 items


Pocock, George
Papers, 1733-1793

Sir George Pocock served in the Royal Navy.

1,170 items


Poor, Charles H.
Papers, 1869-1870

Letters to the officers of the North Atlantic Fleet and to George Maxwell Robeson, Secretary of the Navy.

2 volumes


Porter, David D.
Papers, 1861-1866

750 items


Price, Rodman McC.
Papers, 1842-1890

256 items


Shovell, Cloudisley
Papers, 1690-1705

Admiral Shovell served in the Royal Navy.  These papers are found in the Shovell-Rooke Papers.

85 items


Smith, John H.
Papers, 1835

Papers concerning the Navy of Virginia in the War of the Revolution. Collected from the Journals of the Committee of Safety.


Smith, Richard T.
Papers, 1865

Journal kept by Union orderlyRichard Tyson Smith on USS Chenango from February to July 1865.

1 item


Smith-Spooner Collection

Charles William Spooner was a Union naval officer, European traveler, and New York City attorney. The collection contains material concerning Charles William Spooner and his service as an Ensign aboard the gunboat USS Reindeer in the Civil War. Also included in the collection is Informative Notes and Instructions for U.S. Naval Officers, ca. 1863.


Collection, 1740-1958

Includes material relating to Purser Keith Spence, the U.S. Navy, and the Tripolitan War.

321 items


Thompson, Charles P.
Papers, 1865-1870

Pay and tax tables of the U.S. Navy.


Truxton, Thomas
Papers, 1795-1817

13 items

Wells, Gideon
Papers, 1846-1902

Gideon Wells served as Secretary of the Navy from 1861-1869.

600 items


Woodworth, Selim E.
Papers, 1834-1947

1,600 items

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