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The Navy Department Library

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U.S. Naval Academy Museum


United States Naval Academy Museum
118 Maryland Avenue
Annapolis, MD 21402-5034


Ackiss, Ernest L.

10 items 

Bayley, W.B.
Papers, 1864-1906 

Boston Naval Library and Institute
Papers, 1842-1885

13 volumes 

Boston (Charlestown) Navy Yard
Papers, 1800-1879 

Bradford, Joseph C.

47 items 

Brooklyn Naval Lyceum
Papers, 1833-1882

14 volumes and 150 items 

DeLong, George W.
Papers, 1861-1881

The collection includes the "ice-journals" for the Jeanette Expedition.

7 volumes 

Downes, John
Papers, 1814-1834

2 volumes 

Edison, Charles

Farragut, David G.
Papers, 1817-1879

The collection includes journals, letters, and an autobiography to 1848.

4 volumes and 100 items 

Fulton, Robert
Papers, 1809-1925

16 items 

Gauntt, Charles
Papers, 1812-1847

1 volume 

Gleaves, Albert
Papers, 1917

1 volume 

Gregory, Francis
Collection, 1811-

A collection of naval autographs. 

Harden, John F.
Papers, 1861-1868

69 items 

Jones, John Paul
Papers, 1778-1789

1 volume and 100 items 

Keeler, William T.
Papers, 1862-1865

900 pages 

Lanman, Joseph
Papers, 1869-1870

1 volume 

Marston, John
Papers, 1850

1 volume 

McDonough, Charles S.
Papers, 1835-1867

26 items 

Naval Consulting Board
Records, 1915-1919 

Navy Department
Records, 1870s

Intelligence memorandum book.

1 volume 

New York Navy Yard
Records, 1941

1 volume 

Panay, USS

Records of the Proceedings of the Court of Inquiry. 

Philip, Woodward
Papers, 1865-1899

3 volumes 

Pickering, Charles W.
Papers, 1828-1865

144 items 

Porter, David D.
Papers, 1863-1890

6 volumes 

Sands, Joshua
Papers, 1830-1879 

Schley, Winfield S.
Papers, 1884-1935

The collection includes the Winfield Scott Collection. 

4 volumes 

Sellers, David F.
Collection, 1784-1945

A collection of autographs. 

Stellwagen, Henry S.
Papers, 1852-1857

2 volumes 

Truxtun, Thomas

1 volume 

United States Naval Academy
Collection, 1845-1898

Includes correspondence file, log and letter books, autograph books, and other related material.

11 volumes 

Walker, John G.
Papers, 1851-1894

3 volumes 

Yancey, Charles K.

10 items



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