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The Navy Department Library

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Independence Seaport Museum


Independence Seaport Museum
211 South Columbus Boulevard and Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106


Adams, Henry
Papers, 1841-1877

29 items


American International Shipbuilding Corporation
Records, 1919-1920

1 volume


Austin, Benjamin
Collection, 1800-1895

Benjamin Austin's collection of autographs includes U.S. Navy officers.

24 items


Bainbridge, William
Papers, 1829

1 volume


Barron, James
Papers, 1831-1836

10 items


Biddle, James

1 item


Bleyler, Thomas L.
Papers, 1901-1927

Thomas L. Bleyler was an engineer at Cramp Shipyard.

14 items


Decatur, Stephen
Papers, 1804

1 item


Hepburn Collection
Collection, 1780-1840

The collection includes papers of Captain John Barry and other naval officers.

6 boxes


Hull, Isaac
Papers, 1812-1825

The collection includes a journal of a cruise on board USS United States.

2 items


Joshua Humphreys Shipyard
Records, 1782-1799

1 volume


New York Shipbuilding Corporation
Records, 1958-1965

24 volumes


Potts, Robert
Papers, 1859-1901

1 volume


Stellwagen, Henry S.
Papers, 1842-1865

11 items


Stoddert, Benjamin
Papers, 1798-1800

Benjamin Stoddert was Secretary of the Navy from 1798-1801.

4 items


U.S. Shipping Board Emergency Fleet Corporation
Records, 1919

8 volumes


Vauclain, James L.
Papers, 1860

1 item


Whittaker, James
Papers, 1862-1875

11 items


William Cramp and Son Shipbuilders
Records, 1850-1940

5 boxes and 28 volumes

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